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The Squale watch line has earned a reputable background as an elegant, trust-worthy divers watch. Squale watches are crafted to withstand the unpredictable conditions of underwater treks. These sports watches feature stainless steel casings and SuperLuminova coated hands and dial markers. This is a versatile combination to provide durability, legibility, and professional performance no matter your environment. Looking for authentic Squale watches for sale can be difficult when you do not have help. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Squale watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in connecting people with the top luxury sports watches available. Exquisite Timepieces is a Squale watch authorized dealer.

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About Squale Watches

Squale Watches

Imagine a watch brand that serves only a select few and makes them feel special. Well, Squale is the one brand that caters to deep-sea lovers with a passion. They’ve been making professional-grade dive watches with distinction for over six decades while still offering value.
From robust models with insane water resistance of up to 120 meters to models with the iconic blue-red Pepsi-like bezel, it takes absolute disinterest to dislike Squale.

Squale History

Squale is a family-owned watch started by two lovers — Charles and Helene Von Büren — of diving and water sports in 1959. They started off as case makers for other brands, and this was enshrined into their culture with the “Shark” on their dials and case backs.
With a history of making diving watch cases that prominent brands trusted and wanted, Squale ventured into making their own models in 1962. This includes a prototype for the SUB-39, which is still in production today.
Squale has been a consistent manufacturer of dive watches with superior quality and technical innovation ever since.
However, in 1982, Charles von Buren sold the brand to the Maggi family to retire.
Squale has earned and maintained acclaim for its innovative case designs and depth resistance. Unsurprisingly, they now partner with the best individuals and organizations in the diving world. Alongside becoming sponsors of national organizations like the Italian Navy, "Folgore" Paratroopers Brigade, and Italian State Police Divers, Squale is a brand to be trusted.

Squale Collections

Squale's esteemed collections are a symphony of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.
Each collection is a tribute to the brand’s illustrious heritage and pursuit of perfection in creating exquisite dive timepieces. And you’ll see why soon as we explore Squale’s most epic instrument watch collections.

Squale 1521 Collection

The Squale 1521 manifests a harmonious balance between aesthetic elegance and robust functionality, echoing a rich maritime legacy. Thanks to the expert craftsmanship of the watch’s stainless steel case and subtle sunray dial, it reflects light and shadows beautifully.
It depicts refined sophistication despite the “toolsy” appearance of their round case with a knurled bezel.
Watches in this collection also use the typical unidirectional bezel that helps divers safely record dive time in murky or stark black waters. And they are exceptionally bright in the dark, with some models featuring fully luminous dials. Plus, the function at depths reaching as far as 500 meters underwater.
All in all, Squale 1521 is the collection serious divers turn to for a nuanced diver’s watch with style, professional-grade functionality, and value

Squale Matic Collection

The Squale Matic line is a beautiful conversation starter and fashionable dive watch. It features round steel case models with non-numbered dials and bezel markers. You can effortlessly style this collection while still functioning as a diver’s watch.
Like most Squale collections, the straps are functional and comfortable. The mesh bracelet, for instance, is very appealing and also breathable. Also, the leather options portray a vintage appeal with holes for breathability—an exception for many leather straps.
The 4 o'clock crown is a subtle yet impactful deviation from the norm, allowing for smooth wrist interaction, especially underwater or in active sports. This is present in all Squale collections. Not to mention, they have a water resistance rating as deep as 600 meters, with domed sapphire crystals to facilitate visibility at every angle.

Squale 2002 Collection

The 2002 collection is one of the toughest and most reliable dive watch collections that Squale offers. Squale 2002 watches have an astounding water resistance rating of up to 1000 meters, thanks to their beefy 44mm cases that can reach up to 16mm in thickness.
The collection also comes with robust bezels and bezel inserts made of ceramic and sapphire, which feature large Arabic numerals aiding legibility. What’s more interesting is that the entire watch markers (bezel and dial) are luminous.

Squale Sub-39 Collection

This is perhaps the most iconic Squale collection, as it was their earliest release. It even has a 150-limited edition anniversary model in 2019 to celebrate the Swiss watchmaker’s 60th anniversary.
All the models in this collection are unique and have designs that nod to the past.
What they do have in common is a chic 40mm case diameter, but they have slight variations in either dial construction or bezel material and marker.
All in all, the Sub-39 is a perfect candidate for your collection if you want to add vintage appeal.

Squale Super Squale Collection

The Super Squale Collection is another popular choice from Squale and is one of the brand’s originals. It was released in 1960 by Charles Von Büren himself, and not much has changed in terms of the design.
This timeless collection has models built to be lightweight, comfy, and functional. Typically, it comes in a 38mm diameter case that sits pretty and wears comfortably on the wrist.
It features Squale's typical applied indexes but with a combination of round and baton shapes. The bezel has indicators every 10 minutes and Arabic numbers at every 15-minute interval except on the hour mark. The triangle hour marker has a divisive minute-by-minute indicator up to the 15th minute for timing short dives underwater.

Squale T-183 Collection

The T-183 collection is notable for carrying a forged carbon case. Each watch starts its life as a single block of carbon and is cut and molded into the masterpiece shape of the T-183.
It’s this surgical process of engineering that leaves random smears and “scars” on the case. They are especially prominent on the edge case and the lugs, giving the T-183 a refined look. Ultimately, the carbon case provides premium durability – lightweight but rugged.

Squale Periscope Collection

As its name suggests, the Periscope collection by Squale is geared towards submarine operators. In fact, the collection was actually born out of a partnership between Squale and Drass.
What makes Periscope watches stand out is their all-black design and overall functionality. The black color prevents light reflections from the watch, so submarine operators don’t reveal their position in the field. It’s also treated with an IP (Ion plating) black coating to protect the inner components from shocks and corrosion.

Squale Marina Militare Collection

Another special feature of the Periscope is the removable black rubber bezel cap. It prevents accidental signal interference on a submariner (which can happen with a metal bezel), but can also be taken off at will.

This collection is an homage to maritime heritage, with pieces reflecting naval precision and durability, attracting those who admire nautical excellence and design.
This collection was designed to track long hours spent underwater by military divers, not minutes like regular dive watches. That’s why it has a “bund” rubber bezel with only a triangle marker in SuperLumiNova.
In short, the Marina Militare was created based on the specifications of the “Marina Militare” (Italian Navy), with roots tracing back to the 80s when Squale became the official watch supplier of La Spezia Scuba Diving Corp.
It’s no surprise that the watches in this collection are water-resistant up to 1000 meters.

How Much Do Squale Watches Cost?

Squale offers an array of timepieces with varying price points to cater to a wide range of watch enthusiasts and collectors. Below is a table encapsulating the unique features and starting prices of selected models:

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Squale 1521 Classic Blue Sand Blasted on Bracelet $995 500m water resistance, powered by Sellita SW 200-1 Elaboré
Squale Blue Red 2002 SS.BLR.BL.ME22 $1,440 1000m water resistant, pepsi bezel
Squale Matic XSG $1,283 Mesh stainless steel bracelet, 4 o'clock crown
Squale SUB-39GMTBL.BR22 $1,769 Second timezone function, domed dial
Squale Super-Squale Sunray Black on Strap $990 Silver stainless steel bezel, vintage-inspired leather strap
Squale T-183 Forged Carbon T-183FCBL $1,000 Forged carbon & steel case, 600m water resistance
Squale Periscope $1,340 Rubber cap, matte black steel case
Squale Master Marina Militare $1,500 1200m water resistant, built in partnership with the Marina Militare

Best Selling Squale Watches

Among the dozens of available Squale watches, there are a few that stand out and are very popular among watch collectors. Here are a few of the best-selling Squale watches you can find at Exquisite Timepieces:

Squale 1521 Ocean Blue on Bracelet (ref. 1521OCN.ME20)

The Squale 1521 Ocean Blues embodies the spirit of the ocean in its compact 42mm case. This sublime stainless steel case features an ocean blue bezel and a dial that’s reminiscent of a clear water body.
Its blue sunray dial with printed indexes equipped with SuperLumiNova C3 makes it the perfect diver’s watch. The grooves on the case back, coupled with its mesh bracelet, transform the overly themed sporty face of the Squale Ocean Blue into a versatile dress watch.
Confidently engage in aquatics with its 500-meter water-resistant screw-in case back and screw-in 4 o‘clock crown protection. And running on Squale’s go-to Sellita SW 200-1 with 30 hours of power reserve.

Squale SUB-39 GMT Vintage on Bracelet (ref. SUB39GMTV.BR22)

The SUB-39 GMT is one of Squale’s best sellers for its classic look and dual timezone function. Its moderate 40.5mm case exudes style with its domed black dial and black bezel.
The watch features faux patina on the hands, indices, and 24-hour markets on the bezel, which adds to its vintage appeal. Coupled with a multi-finished (brushed and polished) bracelet, this watch can easily pass as a dressy timepiece with tool watch capabilities.

Squale 2002 Blue-Red Bezel (ref. 2002.SS.BLR.BL.ME22)

It’s no surprise why this Squale is a best-seller. The red and blue “Pepsi” bezel insert is one of the most iconic designs of all time, and this one’s even made of sapphire, which adds to its durability.
The luminous hands, indices, and bezel markers make for a very legible watch, even in the darkest conditions. To top it off, you get to style this beauty with a mesh bracelet that Squale has perfected as a brand.

Squale Movements

Squale utilizes Elaboré-grade Sellita movements for all its watches. Its simple timepieces primarily use the SW200-1, while its GMT watches are powered by the SW330-1.
The SW200-1 operates at 28,000 vibrations per hour (vph) and has approximately 38 hours of power reserve. With 26 jewels, it can withstand the rigors of daily wear and keep time accurately.
The main differences between the SW200-1 and SW330-1 are the slightly increased power reserve (42 hours instead of 38) and the additional GMT complication.

Squale Watch Colors

Squale’s palette predominantly features shades of blue and black, reflecting its marine inspiration. The ocean is blue on the surface and turns pitch black as you go deeper, and it can no longer absorb light.
The brand also experiments with a spectrum of unique and eclectic colors, like yellow, orange, gray, and red. Technically, these are still colors the ocean takes on as light bounces off different sediments.
One of the more functional Squale colors is black on Periscope models. Squale chose all-black for these watches as an anti-reflective color to keep military divers from accidentally revealing their positions. This includes a black rubber bezel cap and IP black coating on the cases to prevent signal interference. The 2002 collection arguably has the most colorful models from the Swiss watchmaker.

Squale Watch Materials

Squale crafts its watches using premium materials like stainless steel, titanium, gold, and ceramic, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal.
Squale also offers exotic materials like forged carbon for improved durability and comfort. Forged carbon creates more lightweight and robust cases than stainless steel, offering a unique look.
Meanwhile, physical vapor deposition (PVD) is applied on the cases and bracelets for enhanced resistance to scratches. The 1521 PVD, for example, has a PVD finished case back for immunity to the rigors of daily wear in marine environments.
Furthermore, the incorporation of sapphire in Squale’s designs enhances the resilience and allure of its pieces. Sapphire crystals prevent scratches and are reserved for use in only premium watch models. Squale goes a step further to make its sapphire glasses domed to allow wearers to read the dial at any angle.

Squale Watch Types

Squale is primarily a dive watch producer and nothing more. However, the brand offers different collections with varying water resistance and case sizes that can be styled anyway.
They are especially waterproof, with models starting from 200 meters to the limited edition Master Palombari Comsubin, which can go as deep as 1200 meters.
And they come in the most comfortable straps that can support an active lifestyle in style. The Palombarii Comsubin, for instance, has a unique camouflage fabric strap of the Comsubin - Italian Navy’s special operations unit.
They also carry multi-functional watches like the GMT watches of the SUB-39 collection and anti-magnetic Periscope watches.

Squale Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Squale is a god in the diving industry. They’ve partnered with big names in the sub-aquatics world, including individuals and organizations.
Squale’s first brand ambassador is most likely Italian freediver Enzo Maiorca when he set the world diving record of 67 meters in a Squale Master. This was in 1967, two years before the official release.
Jacques Mayol, another freediver, wore a 2002 model when he achieved a Japanese diving record of 67 meters wearing a 2002 model.
Squale has also been the official supplier for the Italian Navy and Paratrooper Brigade in the 70s. And recently, in 2017, they supplied the Italian Police Divers Unit with special edition 2002 models.
In a more recent individual partnership, Squale became the official sponsor of famous and decorated Italian freediver Vincenzo Ferri.
Their latest partnership is with Drass to make the Periscope collection for underwater technology operators.

Buying Squale Watches

Squale is a niche and accessible watchmaker that allows watch fans to purchase all their watches from its official website. Alternatively, you can look through its massive network of authorized dealers and find one near where you live.
Since Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for the Squale brand, it offers a wide selection of models from its different collections, including special collaborations and limited edition timepieces. Plus, you can be sure your watch will come with all its original paperwork and a full manufacturer warranty.

Caring for Your Squale Watch

Caring for your Squale watch is crucial, as acquiring one is a significant investment, symbolizing a commitment to quality and a passion for exceptional timekeeping. These timepieces, renowned for their precision and durability, deserve meticulous attention to maintain their pristine condition and ensure their longevity.
Entrusting your Squale watch to the Exquisite Timepieces exclusive watch service is a proactive step in preserving its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The specialized service provided by Exquisite Timepieces not only guarantees top-notch maintenance but also offers comprehensive repair services, addressing any potential issues with the utmost expertise.
Our commitment to excellence in watch care ensures that every Squale watch continues to reflect the brand’s heritage in superior craftsmanship and innovative design, providing the owner with lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.

Squale FAQ

Is Squale made in China?

No, Squale watches are Swiss-made and have strong ties with the Italian Maggi family.

Who is the owner of Squale Watches?

Squale Watches is owned by the Maggi family. They were their brand distributors in Italy before Charles Von Buren sold it to them in 1982.

Did Squale make cases for Blancpain?

Yes, Squale made dive watch cases for Blancpain and other reputable brands like Doxa and TAG Heuer.

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Squale watches are the symbol of perfection when it comes to aquatic timekeeping in style, robustness, and value for money.
If you want to get your hands on a robust, reliable, and affordable dive watch, Squale should be one of your go-to options.
Have a look through our huge online selection of Squale watches, or visit our boutique in Naples, Florida, to have a better look and try on these exquisite timepieces.
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