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The Chronoswiss Sirius watch collection is a prime example of Chronoswiss’s skilled artisanal craftsmanship. The Chronoswiss Sirius watch line features a smooth stainless steel casing and moon phase technology. Each masterful chronograph demonstrates a true passion for watchmaking as illustrated in its creative, complex, and striking designs. Each watch in this series is built with multi-dial displays and automatic mechanical movements. It can get stressful looking for Chronoswiss Sirius watches for sale when you do not know where to begin. Let us help you. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Chronoswiss Sirius watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Chronoswiss Sirius authorized dealer.


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Chronoswiss Sirius Collection

Chronoswiss was founded in 1983 during the peak of the infamous quartz crisis; a time when it was dangerous to be different in the watch industry. Today they continue to innovate and refuse to conform to standards with the captivating designs and flawless execution of their Sirius product line.

About Chronoswiss Sirius Watches

The Chronoswiss Sirius line of timepieces is a stunning collection of chronographs that embody style and precision. Cases in the Sirius line are crafted from a variety of materials such as gold, titanium, and stainless steel and finished to the highest standards. Enthusiasts can also choose from a variety of dial colors and movement complications, including a moonphase. It is hard to deny the timeless beauty of this collection, as the Sirius line seamlessly continues the design traditions of Chronoswiss inspired by their earlier timepieces in a modern and elegant package.

Chronoswiss Sirius History

Founded in Munich by watchmaker and horological connoisseur Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, Chronoswiss have a history of divergence in the industry. The early 1980s was undoubtedly a turbulent time for luxury watchmakers. As a brand-new company in the industry, Chronoswiss survived the influx of battery-powered timepieces in the market with innovative designs and remarkable attention to detail. The Sirius line was launched in 2020 with the same goal, to captivate and inspire, and to defy industry norms. These timepieces are crafted with inspiration from the mid to late 90s and Chronoswiss's famous Opus and Kairos lines that thrusted the young brand to stardom.

How Much Do Chronoswiss Sirius Watches Cost?

Prices for the Sirius line of Chronoswiss timepieces hover in the $10,000 to $30,000 range, and enthusiasts will be impressed by the value to be had in this sector. All of these remarkable chronographs are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and with the finest materials.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Chronoswiss Sirius Chronograph Moon Phase $10,300 Guilloché dial, Breguet lacquered white hands
Chronoswiss Sirius Skeleton Chronograph $27,900 18k red gold case, skeleton dial displays decorated movement
Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph $10,300 Moon phase complication, thermally blued hands
Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph Red Gold $23,900 18k red gold case, Caliber C. 755 automatic movement, display case back
Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph Titanium $14,600 Grade 5 titanium case, skeletonized green CVD dial
Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph $13,600 Stainless steel case, Solid sterling silver dial, Skeletonized and rhodium-plated rotor

What's Unique About Chronoswiss Sirius Watches?

The Chronoswiss Sirius Collection possesses numerous unique traits that separate it from the competition. Each timepiece is highly complicated, but also highly functional. These timepieces are crafted with inspiration from the mid to late 90s and Chronoswiss's famous Opus and Kairos lines that thrusted the young brand to stardom. The traditional style analog date complication is an elegant feature of the Sirius product line, and spans around the dial diameter of each model with a moon phase, forming a pleasant and continuous symmetry in design. Timepieces without a moon phase have a date wheel in the rightmost sub-dial that is undoubtedly more elegant than a date window. Each piece has a central chronograph function that is simple but overly satisfying to use, and remarkable fit and finish as expected from the Chronoswiss brand. The Sirius line combines contemporary watchmaking with modern materials and design influence to create a collection of pieces that ooze the creative swagger of the late Gerd-Rüdiger Lang himself and the brand's vision as a whole.

Chronoswiss Sirius Movements

Each Chronoswiss Sirius timepiece possesses an in-house automatic C. 741 or C. 745 movement, depending on whether the watch has a moon phase or not. The C. 741 and C. 745 movements are 25 jewels and have 46 hours of power reserve, beating at 4 Hz. Each movement is decorated beautifully by expert craftsmen and created with the highest quality of materials such as rhodium, gold, silver, and titanium to add to its luxury appeal. It is easy to get lost in the elegant complication of these movements, and there is good reason for Chronoswiss to choose skeletonized dials and display case backs for these stunning marvels of horological engineering.

Chronoswiss Sirius Watch Colors

The Chronoswiss Sirius collection offers a wide array of color options depending on the individual's preferences. For cases, the Sirius collection is available in Chronoswiss's proprietary 18k red gold case, titanium, or stainless steel. Dial colors include sterling silver, galvanic blue, green CVD, and skeletonized which displays the gorgeous decorated movement beneath. Hand colors include thermal-treated blue, or Breguet lacquered white.

Chronoswiss Sirius Watch Materials

It is without surprise that Chronoswiss chooses the highest quality materials for the Sirius line of chronographs. Cases are available in 18k red gold, grade 5 titanium, and stainless steel. Dials are crafted in sterling silver, green CVD, or sterling silver galvanic blue, and most possess a Guilloché style of decoration; the exception being skeletonized examples. The hands are hand-finished and are available in a thermally treated blue or Breguet lacquered white. The movements are crafted and finished with precious metals such as gold, silver, and titanium, and the rotors are finished with rhodium. Each timepiece comes on a Louisiana alligator leather strap, or for the green CVD version, hand-sewn Cordura. Buckle options include a pin-buckle or a folding clasp.

Chronoswiss Sirius Watch Complications

Every Chronoswiss Sirius watch comes standard with a chronograph function, and three of the six available at Exquisite Timepieces have a moon phase. Each watch also has either a date complication that spans around the perimeter of the dial, or a traditional seconds and minutes style that compliments the hour markers, as well as regular hours, minutes, and seconds. Sirius collection watches have 4 subdials; for moon phase watches this includes chronograph minutes and hours, standard seconds, and the moon phase function. For watches without a moon phase, this includes the date function, chronograph minutes and hours, and standard seconds.

Buying Chronoswiss Sirius Watches

In general, your best option for purchasing high-end luxury watches from Chronoswiss include the brand's website along with authorized dealers worldwide. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for all Chronoswiss watches and we have a wide selection of Sirius models, as well as other collections, like the Delphis line. You can shop for your favorite Chronoswiss Sirius watches on our online store, or visit or boutique in Naples, Florida.

Caring for Chronoswiss Sirius Watch

Acquiring a new Chronoswiss watch undeniably marks a significant and oftentimes sentimental investment in one's life. With diligent and careful maintenance, you can ensure your timepiece has great longevity. Nevertheless, unforeseen circumstances beyond your control may pose threats to your efforts of preservation and compromise the value of your watch in the long term. Luckily, Exquisite Timepieces offers comprehensive servicing available for all watches purchased on the site. The team is proud to extend premium services to safeguard your new Chronoswiss watch and ensure that your timepiece is serviced by a professional from the brand. Exquisite Timepieces partners with the best watch service professionals in the industry to provide our customers with the utmost quality of maintenance, and peace of mind that their beloved timepiece is in good hands.

Chronoswiss Sirius FAQ

When was the Chronoswiss Sirius released?

The Sirius line of timepieces debuted in 2020 and draws on inspiration from designs of Chronoswiss watches of the past. Today the line is still hard to get your hands on, and sought after by collectors due to its unique design language.

How much is a new Chronoswiss Sirius watch?

Watches in the Sirius line of Chronoswiss timepieces cost anywhere from $10,300 to $27,900 depending on materials, complications, etc.

Find your new Chronoswiss Sirius Watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Exquisite Timepieces is your destination for all things Chronoswiss. Our devoted team takes pleasure in guiding you to the Chronoswiss timepiece that is perfect for you. Within our online collection, you'll find an expertly curated selection that goes beyond mere timekeeping, with each piece designed to captivate and inspire. As an authorized dealer for Chronoswiss, Exquisite Timepieces is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience. Every purchase from the Sirius collection comes with the assurance of a full warranty, and free insured shipping on all acquisitions, ensuring that your timepiece reaches you safely. At Exquisite Timepieces, we don't just sell watches; we curate an experience that reflects the luxury, precision, and passion embodied by Chronoswiss.

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