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Chronoswiss Skeltec Watches

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The Chronoswiss SkelTec watch collection features highly technical, contemporary timepieces. The Chronoswiss SkelTec wristwatch line boasts a new level of skeletonized style. These radically designed luxury watches perfectly blend a technical, sleek look with handcrafted, artful excellence. This head-turning watch series features a carefully embellished casing that comes in steel or gold. The dial color comes in a radiant galvanized black with a smooth matte finish. The visual elements of the inner mechanisms make this series quite popular on the global stage. Finding Chronoswiss SkelTec watches for sale can get a bit overwhelming without the right help. Let us assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Chronoswiss SkelTec watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Chronoswiss SkelTec authorized dealer.


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Chronoswiss Skeltec Collection Page

While under the radar to some, Chronoswiss remains one of the most intriguing and captivating watch builders since their genesis in 1983. The Chronoswiss SkelTec range embodies these unique attributes like no other, combining Swiss mechanical engineering with contemporary design.

About Chronoswiss Skeltec Watches

Founded by Gerd R. Lang in 1983, Chronoswiss is an extremely high-level Swiss watchmaker that only makes a few pieces per year - estimated at around 7,000. With keen attention to detail and a focus on finishing, Chronoswiss has solidified itself as a brand to be reckoned with in a sea of heavy hitters. Setting it apart from other brands is the fact that each watch is hand-finished combined with in-house movements.
Since its inception in 1983, the brand changed hands in 2012 when Oliver Ebstein and his family purchased it, and Oliver became the CEO of this valued independent watchmaker, a dream he has held for some time. Today, the brand is known for combining its unique design codes and attributes with exceptional mechanical engineering, sparking the interest of collectors and enthusiasts alike.
Some of the most recognizable models include the Lunar from the Sirius collection. It's a gold chronograph from the early 1990s featuring a moon phase display to add a touch of celestial beauty. Contemporary designs have since been the primary approach of the brand, as presented in the fully skeletonized Chronoswiss Skeltec.

Chronoswiss Skeltec History

The SkelTec was initially released in 2020 and presented with a new in-house movement, the caliber C.304 in particular. The Skeltec features a fully skeletonized design, taking inspiration from the brand's history of this design spanning back to the 80s. Featuring unique attributes like a CNC-machined case, Chronoswiss elected to produce only 50 of each of the four models, making the Chronoswiss Skeltec one of the rarer pieces you can get your hands on.

How Much Do Chronoswiss Skeltec Watches Cost?

Buying a hand-finished watch created by an independent watchmaker is something some of us could only dream of, but perhaps with the Chronoswiss Skeltec, it doesn't need to remain a dream. Most models are priced reasonably well, with prices ranging between $22,000 and $26,000.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Chronoswiss Skeltec Pitch Black $22,200 All-black DLC-coated design, limited to 50 pieces
Chronoswiss Skeltec Azur $24,700 A fully skeletonized hand-wound movement featured in a blue DLC-coated case
Chronoswiss Skeltec Gold $26,000 A luxurious rose gold plated variation of the avantgarde designed SkelTec limited to 50 pieces

What's Unique About Chronoswiss Skeltec Watches?

What isn't unique about the Chronoswiss Skeltech watches? Your attention is initially drawn to the skeletonized caliber C.304, which, despite the sparsity of real estate, displays the hours and minutes in a rather elegant manner. Not only is the movement skeletonized, but so are the lugs and hands.
The other defining feature is the case, which isn't constructed in a regular manner like other steel cases. These cases consist of five distinct pieces, each CNC milled, allowing Chronoswiss to express their dreams of design with far better accuracy and uphold their standards of quality.

Chronoswiss Skeltec Movements

While Chronoswiss was known for using quartz movements in the past, contemporary designs feature mechanical movements. The Chronoswiss Skeltec collection features a manual wound movement known as the caliber C.304. Designed specifically for the Chronoswiss Skeltec range, the C.304. is a fully skeletonized movement with 166 components.

Chronoswiss Skeltec Watch Colors

Since the range is rather rare, there are not a ton of color combinations to discuss. However, the ones that are present are rather alluring. The 'Pitch Black' variation features a black DLC-coated case, creating an understated look. From there, the rose gold DLC-coated case version dials up the luxury tones, whereas the blue DLC-coated version doubles down on a sporty look.

Chronoswiss Skeltec Watch Materials

Each Chronoswiss Skeltec watch features a steel case that is DLC-coated in a distinct material. The skeletonized movement is also constructed in steel, whereas the straps are finished in calfskin and textile. Of course, each Chronoswiss Skeltec watch is protected by a sapphire crystal.

Buying Chronoswiss Skeltec Watches

Chronoswiss is known as an independent watchmaker, meaning coming across their offerings would be a bit harder than some of the mainstream brands. You can book an online consultation with Chronoswiss on their website, or you can perhaps find them at one of the few boutiques that stock Chronoswiss models. Alternatively, you could look at online retailers such as Exquisite Timepieces, which is an authorized dealer of all Chronoswiss models.

Caring for Your Chronoswiss Skeltec Watch

As you may know, buying a high-horology piece comes with a sense of responsibility. The need to take care of this investment piece is bestowed onto you as soon as you open the outside sleeve. Apart from the regular mechanical watch service, you will need to ensure your watch is polished from time to time, tested, or perhaps even refurbished. As an authorized dealer of Chronoswiss timepieces, Exquisite Timepieces offers several such services, including servicing, refurbishing, waterproof testing, and much more.

Chronoswiss Skeltec FAQ

When was Chronoswiss Skeltec released?

The Chronoswiss Skeltec is a pretty young model, only seeing daylight in 2020.

How much is a new Chronoswiss Skeltec watch?

There are several different versions of the Chronoswiss Skeltec, each with its defining attributes. Most models are priced reasonably well, with prices ranging between $22,000 and $26,000.

Find your new Chronoswiss Skeltec watch with Exquisite Timepieces

If the idea of owning such a limited model has sparked interest in your mind and/or heart, then look no further than Exquisite Timepieces. As an authorized dealer of all Chronoswiss models, you're certain to find a Chronoswiss Skeltec model that suits your style.
Each Chronoswiss watch costing more than $2,000 is presented with a watch winder, and all orders over $1,000 come with free shipping as well. In case you prefer purchasing your Chronoswiss Skeltec in person, you're more than welcome to visit the in-person Exquisite Timepieces boutique to make your purchase.

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