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Chronoswiss is a small independent watchmaker that produces statement timepieces for a select few watch enthusiasts who appreciate mechanical prowess or can afford them. The Swiss brand is known for its open-gear watches and three-dimensional dials with unique themes. The Tourbillon collection holds through to this culture with semi-skeletonized dials themed after metaphorical objects and an in-house flying tourbillon at its core.

About Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watches

Chronoswiss is a surprisingly young expert watchmaking company. It was established by Gerd R. Lang in 1983 to create mechanical watches at a time when traditional watchmakers were shutting down due to the Quartz Crisis.
The most appealing features of the Chronoswiss Tourbillon are the open gear and color-conscious designs of models in the collection. It has a polished bezel with a full thread prominently knurling on the side and an oversized onion crown.
Most Chronoswiss lines, including the Tourbillon models and Skeltec collection, among others, are ultra-limited in production. The majority of Chronoswiss Open Gear Tourbillon models are limited to 15 pieces.
It has an exceptionally high-quality alligator leather strap based on the dial tone.

Chronoswiss Tourbillon History

The Chronoswiss Open Gear Tourbillon is a remake. It's a "glorified" version of the popular Chronoswiss Regulateur Tourbillon released in 2000. It was first introduced in 2020 with the release of the "blued-out" Open Gear Tourbillon CH-3126-BLBL.
This version is unskeletonized with a classic guilloche dial and the regular layout famous to Chronoswiss. However, unlike modern-day Chronoswiss Tourbillons, it had a crocodile strap.
The latest version of the Chronoswiss Tourbillon is the Underworld model. Driven by a small production capacity of 15 watches per model, only the Underworld, Sunset, and Meteor models are officially available from the Chronoswiss Tourbillon collection.

How Much Do Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watches Cost?

Chronoswiss Open Gear Tourbillons cost around $44,000 apiece. This collection has no precious metal adorned model.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Chronoswiss Open Gear Flying Tourbillon Meteor $44,400 Hand-guilloched dial, limited to just 15 pieces
Chronoswiss Open Gear Flying Tourbillon Sunset $44,400 Orange dial and alligator leather strap, dark blue caliber
Chronoswiss Open Gear Flying Tourbillon Paraiba $44,400 Chronoswiss-only color-changing Paraiba-colored diale

What's Unique About Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watches?

The Chronoswiss Tourbillon Open Gear style is a unique coin-edged style timepiece with a mesmerizing dial.
It's an embodiment of the Lucerne-based watchmaker's commitment to making extravagant dials. This Open Gear Tourbillon has a 47-part construction dial with multiple levels to achieve its beauty.
The base level features a Cotes de Geneve-finished caliber, the middle is hand-guilloched while hand-engraved, and the uppermost level features cylindrical indexes, skeletonized train wheels, hands, bridges, and an hour display.
Chronoswiss focuses on aesthetics for this Tourbillon collection. That's why its open-gear dial design maximizes the visual effect and mechanical beauty of its flying tourbillon.

Chronoswiss Tourbillon Movements

The Open Gear Tourbillon uses a caliber C303 hand winding movement. It's the same movement powering every watch in this collection.
The C303 is manufactured in-house at the Chronoswiss facility. Synonymous with its name, it has a flying tourbillon, which is located underneath the 12 o'clock positioned hour disc.
It has a strong power reserve of 60 hours, 4-hertz frequency, and exquisite CVD coating with the color of the specific model. You can see the bridges of the C303 movement with their distinctive satin finish and polished screws.
Covered in the 17-part construction stainless steel case, watches in this collection can reach 100 meters.

Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watch Colors

This collection focuses on bright colors like orange, purple, and blue across models and occasionally uses black and blue as an accent color. Except for the Underworld model with a black and purple colorway, blue is a recurring background color in Chronoswiss Tourbillon watches. White is a constant color for the indexes and hands when they aren't in their theme SuperLumiNova colors in low-light environments.
All the colors allude to metaphorical feelings of bliss, harmony, or peace from certain times or cities. For instance, the blue Paraiba model represents the prized Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones or the blue coasts of the Brazilian state.

Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watch Materials

Watches in this collection have a total of 59 parts, excluding the strap. This includes 17 parts for the case and 42 parts in the dial, which features the movement, tourbillon, and indicators.
The case is coin-edged stainless steel with a half-and-half satin and vertically polished finish. It has an open caseback with a satin finish and sapphire crystal.
On the dial, materials like the brass plate with colored CVD coating of the movement are evident at the base level. The middle level of the dial has a prominent guilloche finish with varying motifs depending on the model.
Chronoswiss offers strap options of hand-sewn alligator leather or cordura textile with a folding clasp.

Buying Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watches

The Chronoswiss website is the only way to get the Tourbillon collection straight from the source. However, chances are you'll join a waitlist, or your design choice is sold out. Except for newer models like the Meteorit and Underworld, this collection is sold out from Chronoswiss.
Another option is to buy from authorized dealers, like Exquisite Timepieces. If your Tourbillon is available, you'll enjoy a faster delivery and no wait period.

Caring for your Chronoswiss Tourbillon Watch

The Chronoswiss Tourbillon is a relatively durable watch, especially for its aesthetic open-gear design. With simple and observant care, this masterpiece can survive several generations, even with an active lifestyle.
However, owing to its flying tourbillon complications, the timepiece requires more frequent servicing than a regular watch. That's why at Exquisite Timepieces, we offer free service or repair estimates for your Tourbillon or any watch in your collection. We also offer prepaid shipping to help you send it over to our workshop.
Exquisite Timepieces is a proud official partner of Chronoswiss. Rest assured, our team of expert watchmakers can repair your watch or expedite its shipping to their Lucerne-atelier if need be. Your Chronoswiss Tourbillon will be in safe hands with us.

Chronoswiss Tourbillons FAQ

When was the Chronoswiss Tourbillon released?

The first Chronoswiss Tourbillon, the ref CH-3126-BLBL, with an all-blue design, was released in 2020.

How much is a Chronoswiss Tourbillon watch?

A new Chronoswiss watch retails for around $45,000 from an authorized dealer or the brand's website.

Find Your New Chronoswiss Tourbillon watch with Exquisite Timepieces

If you're ready to purchase a Chronoswiss Tourbillon, Exquisite Timepieces is the way to go for your safety and utmost satisfaction. Our catalog features classics like the Sunset and new releases like the sold-out Parabia.
As an authorized dealer, ETP offers a full factory warranty on all Chronoswiss Tourbillon watches. Shop in-store at our Florida boutique or from our online store and get free insured shipping, assuring your watch reaches your doorstep. We also offer trade-ins and financing options on the Tourbillon.
Exquisite Timepieces is a trusted and leading luxury watch dealer and an official retailer of over 40 esteemed brands. Check out our website to learn more about our payment, repair, and other offerings. For further inquiry, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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