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The Bremont Supermarine watch series continues to impress divers watch admirers on the global stage. Bremont Supermarine wristwatches are high-performance divers watches inspired by the rich tradition of underwater exploration. The Bremont Supermarine watch collection is water-resistant and crafted with anti-magnetic and anti-shock properties. It can withstand water depths of two-thousand meters and features a Super-lumina tail which enhances the readability for the user. No matter how dark the environment is when diving, you can trust this luxury timepiece will keep you aware of the hour. Let Exquisite Timepieces help you look for Bremont Supermarine watches for sale. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Bremont Supermarine watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Bremont Supermarine authorized dealer.


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Bremont Supermarine Watch Collection Review

In the modern world, watches have surpassed the essentiality of just being a timepiece that keeps man updated to time. They have established themselves as a part of his everyday life. There are casual watches, formal watches, sports watches, watches for general as well as specific purposes. The result is the presence of many brands that produce a different variety of watches to meet man’s insatiable need. The presence of many watches producing brands leaves us with the question of choosing from a wide variety and collection. For an exquisite watch with superior quality in specification and aestheticism which is precise, durable, easy to wear, and beautiful as humanly possible, there is no better lookup place than the Bremont Watch Collection.


About Bremont

Bremont is an award-winning British company producing beautifully engineered watches at its headquarters in Henley on Thames, England. Bremont is built on precise timekeeping achieved via an assembly of high-quality components used in its movement so that every core watch bearing the Bremont name is chronometer-tested and pass well when subjected to a rigorous quality control program. Bremont watches offer a lot more than the commonplace timepiece you find out there. Their watches are luxury mechanical machines carefully constructed in line with an uncompromising principle of durability, legibility, and precision. Far from that, they are enduring classics designed to look just as elegant on the wrist in a decade to come just as they look today. The inspiration behind the consistent delivery of topnotch, special function wrist watches comes from the fundamental principles and interest in aviation, military, engineering, and adventure that drives the brand. These elements are celebrated through their core collection and exclusive range of exceptional, uniquely made, and limited-edition timepieces of which the Supermarine is a collection.


The Bremont Supermarine Collection

The Bremont Supermarine diver watches are inspired by the brand aviation principle but had since gained popularity among the top lists of dive watches through the incorporation of important models and finishes into its watches that take the concept of modern dive watch to new places entirely.
The Bremont Supermarine comes with a Bremont Trip-Tick case construction that offers a water resistance of 2000 m, beautifully finished chronometer-tested movement, a rotating bezel driving time indicator which allows super high resolution reading of time, clearly distinguishable bright-colored minute markings on the face, a Super-lumina tail which enhances its readability and legibility in total darkness as well over 40 cm, anti-magnetic Faraday cage that provide high magnetic resistance, sapphire finish that serves as anti-scratch, wear and tear resistance, chemical resistivity, strap/band solidity and possess an End of Life (EOL) indicator.
The Supermarine range is available in 3 case sizes suitable to fulfill any professional diving requirements. There are several series of the Bremont Supermarine collection. This includes the earliest S300 and S301 series available in White, Blue, and Black dials, the S500 series as well as the latest S2000 series available in Yellow and Red. Every item in the BremontSupermarine series is peculiar in its functionality and technical specifications but still maintains its typical Bremont Supermarine DNA and offers all the deliverable qualities in the preciseness of time, high water resistance, and suitability of use in the harshest possible conditions. This makes them the best choice of watches for high-impact water sports and scuba diving at depths not requiring mixed-gas.
The most intriguing thing about the Supermarine watches is that while they are designed specifically to pass the litmus tests involved in deep-sea diving, they're also incredibly good-looking, exquisite, and relatively inexpensive for the qualities they possess, with many of the watches in the collection costing lower than $5000. It's entirely reasonable to fall in love with these watches purely for their dry-land aesthetics. If you prioritize sophistication and quality, your interest is already aroused, and can’t wait to delve into a peculiar feature of each item of the Supermarine series, let me remind you that picking just one favorite will always be tough and the user experience included under each series is always a guild.


Bremont Supermarine S300 Black Watch

The Bremont Supermarine s300 sub-collection houses some of the most attractive timepieces in the whole Supermarine collection. The s300 Black is a unique part of this by all measures and derives its name from the 1930s aircraft company, Supermarine, whose Spitfire prototype led to one of Britain’s most iconic aircraft.
Supermarine s300 Black features a 40 mm case, an overall height of 13mm from the sapphire crystal making it one of the slimmest in the entire collection, and features a one-directional rotating bezel. The case is made from a Stainless Trip-tick making it water-resistant and providing adequate protection against corrosion, the sapphire crystal is anti-reflective and enhances its anti-scratch properties. It has an automatic chronometer, rated frequency of 28,800 A/h with a 38-hour minimum power reserve. A metal dial ring, easily identifiable minute hand, and self-lighting Super-Luminovacoated numerals which allow its readability underwater and low light are a few of its exciting attributes.
The highlight of the s300 Black collection like every other item in the Supermarine 300 series is water resistance to 30 ATM and 300 meters. The s300 is available as a bracelet where it is exclusively called an s300 Black /Br priced at $4,695.00 and a black watch strap, the s300/Black priced at $4,095.00


Bremont Supermarine S300 White Watch

The new Bremont Supermarine S300 White shares a lot of technical similarities with its S300 predecessors. The dimensions remain the same at 40 mm x 13 mm, as does the BE-92AE chronometer-grade caliber with a 38-hour power reserve. The stainless-steel case features Bremont proprietary Trip-Tick construction. Water-resistance is specified to be 300 meters. The sapphire crystal is domed and has gone through an anti-reflective treatment. There’s a color-matching date aperture at 3 o’clock. The numerals and indexes are coated in Super-Luminova, as are the nickel-satin hands.
Matching the overall ability of the S300 line, the new colorway should appeal to those interested in dive watches as daily wearers compared to those looking at them as a professional investment. The Bremont Supermarine S300 White is priced in line with previous S300 entries at $4,095.00 and comes on a blue Temple Island rubber strap and an additional blue and white striped NATO strap.


Bremont Supermarine S301 Blue Watch

The Bremont Supermarine s301 dive watch shares the same specification and functionality as the s300 Black collection but the material specification of the strap and the finish of the dial.
With a dial made of faux-aged Super-LumiNova and traditional Sub-like use of dots and hashes for the markers, a brown vintage leather strap, the S301 is a nod to the early dive watches of the ’50s and ’60s. The s301 Blue is priced at $4,095.00 with the S301 Blue /Br tagged at $4,695.00.
If you want your vintage appeal in a somewhat stronger flavor, the S301 should do the trick. Overall, any of the three versions can be had on your choice of a two-stitch calf leather strap, a striped heavy-duty NATO, or Bremont’s steel bracelet.


Bremont Supermarine S500 Black Watch

The Bremont Supermarine dive watch Collection has registered itself as a mainstay in the watch business and the brand has the s500 to thank for this. The first diving watch Bremont ever produced was the 43 mm Supermarine 500 dated back to 2009. The s500 collection was named as a tribute to the English brothers’ love for the iconic British aircraft manufacturer responsible for the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane. The s500 series was borne out of the intention of the brothers to build a robust but beautifully engineered diving watch that was very practical in design but also tied into the brand’s strong aviation heritage. The watch had to also hold its own against any other mechanical professional diving watch in terms of engineering style and worth purpose.
It features a case diameter of 43 mm, an overall height of 16 mm with a strap lug width of 22 mm, and a one-directional rotating bezel. The case is a stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick case construction with scratch-resistance. It has an automatic chronometer, rated frequency of 28,800 A/h with a 38-hour minimum power reserve. The dome-shaped anti-reflective sapphire crystal and the super-Luminova coating of the dial are just as present in the Supermarine s300 collection. There is also an inner soft iron anti-magnetic Faraday cage to protect the movement.
The highlight of the Supermarine s500 is the ability to offer water resistance to as high as 50ATM and 500metres. The Supermarine s500 has four models to its name. The models are available in two pairs namely the s500 Black and s500 Blue. These are made of the integrated rubber strap and the same in all respect only distinguishable by the color of their dial. They are both priced at $4,695.00. The s500 Blue /Br and s500 Black /Br are made of a metal bracelet with each priced at $5,295.00


Bremont Supermarine S2000 Watch

Since the beginning, the Bremont Supermarine vary has had a particular look and feel. The strong diver’s measuring instrument options a bigger case size at 45 mm. Bremont developed the additional technical Supermarine S2000 enabling it to face up to additional depths and creating it the deepest diving watch among the complete assortment. The new S2000 styles also feature an updated sapphire one-directional rotating edge with a 20-minute red marker, that ties within the red tip at the top of the hand. The knurled impact on the dial’s center teamed with clean and crisp linear markings on the edge and inner dial ring supply a recent look. Turning the measuring instrument over reveals its updated case back style showcasing a sealed submarine screw. In addition to this, it has an automatic chronometer with a 38-hr power reserve, an anti-shock and Faraday cage as well as a super-Luminova field index and hands that make it readable in low light.
The Supermarine s2000 has overwhelming water-resistant to 200ATM and 2000 m earmarking it as the hallmark of all the Bremont Supermarine collection for obvious reasons. The s2000 is available in a rubber strap or bracelet and may have a tinted red or yellow dial finish. The s2000 Red & Yellow sub-series made of rubber strap is worth $52950.00 while those with bracelet costs $5,595.00


Bremont Supermarine Terra Nova Watch

Modified caliber eleven ¼''' BE-93-2AE automatic clock with 42-hour power reserve. cloth and polished metallic element case with the bi-directional rotating edge with Super-LumiNova. waterproof to 50 ATM, 500 meters. Integrated rubber strap with pin buckle additionally obtainable with metallic element bracelet. restricted to three hundred items. The terra nova is priced at $6,195.00


Wrap Up: Bremont Supermarine Watch Collection Review

The Bremont Supermarine collections are bespoke and exquisite timepieces that are built in compliance with the ISO standards exclusively to withstand high altitude or undersea depth. They are suitable for high-impact water and scuba diving at depths not requiring mixed-gas. That is beside the fact that they have the feel, look, design and functionality that make them fit for everyday use.
Bremont understood that its users were a vast diversity and designing its watches to suit a particular audience would not do. Over the years they have invariably managed to reach out to each aspect of the world through their watches. For any man searching for a suitable Supermarine dive wristwatch, the shortlist above is a great place to start as it features some of Bremont Supermarine’s best products ever. And as sentimental as it may sound, there is a Supermarine watch for everybody out there.

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