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Pre-Owned IWC Watches

The roots of Schaffhausen gave birth to a fascinating watchmaking brand known as IWC in 1868. The International Watch Company has been a top choice for innovation lovers. The brand represents a combination of innovation and brilliant designs. Sleek, excellent, bold, and premium, IWC watches are a great source of satisfaction for all the world's watch enthusiasts. The name beats in the hearts of thousands of fans who have used IWC for years as their top-choice watch brand.

While he had the most excellent craftsmen crew and impeccable overseas timepiece machines at his disposal, American engineer and watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones already became famous for having an eye for manufacturing premium watches for the American market. He was working with the E. Howard Watch and Clock Company, a firm based in Boston.

Jones' luck played an important role when he met Moser,  who created a power supply station that he installed in Schaffhausen through Rhin Waters. Johann Heinrich Moser was a talented pocket watch manufacturer who was intelligent to see and accept Jones's business idea at that time. The cheap energy production that Moser had been working on provided limited supply.

However, Jones took no time to establish his company in 1875 due to having a cheap energy source. Jones believed in the artistry that was an outcome of the combination of time-tested Swiss craftsmanship and American technology. The equipment that Jones was planning on using was high tech and required more power & energy. Consequently, having a cheap but limited option to cater to his needs was all he wanted at that time.


Extraordinary Values, Rich Leadership & History

“Probus Scafusia” was the IWC watches brand's motto since the beginning, and it has lived up to the billing. The term is Latin for “Good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen.” Jones’ pocket watches were already a mark of finesse that contained cutting-edge mechanisms. Pre-owned IWC pocket watches are very famous amongst collectors due to their fine finishing. In the 21st century owning a used IWC that includes the “Jones Movement” is a privilege for the collectors.

The diversification in the ownership over the years has been a talking point about this brand. Changes in the leadership have made the brand see its ups and downs in the business, just like every other industry. The year 1880 proved to be a vital one in the brand's history as the Rauschenbach family started owning and continued to lead the brand for decades to come. The company succeeded under the Rauschenbach leadership as they were pioneers in engine manufacture. IWC prospered under the Rauschenbach family for four generations. Moreover, having digital displays in pocket watches in the later years of the 18th century was a treat for enthusiasts provided by IWC watches, a brand known for its innovation.

Rauschenbach had two daughters who were bound to marry Ernst Jacob Hombeger, an industrialist, and Carl Jung, a famous psychologist. In 1903, they took ownership of the company until a complete shift came when Hombeger bought all the shares from Carl Jung in 1929. Homberger never fell short of releasing unique designs and innovative watches from the brand. The watches released in those years became iconic for the brand and made the brand reach new heights. Moreover, even the world war didn't stop Hombeger’s brand from releasing exquisite timepieces. Some of the brand’s releases created a mark for themselves. Famous leaders used IWC watches to fill their pockets with a piece of premium craft.

In the early 1900s, people knew IWC for its brilliant pocket watches. However, the year 1899 had already seen the launch of a wristwatch line. By the year 1915, the company had started producing movements for wristwatches already. A dedicated team was put to work to bring out some of the most excellent calibers of that time from the Schaffhausen headquarters. The brand took off to a great start in wristwatches when IWC watches launched two of its most famous collections in the wristwatch line. Today, as part of the Swiss luxury goods company Richemont, IWC has continued to flourish. IWC watches for sale are available at incredible prices. Even the used IWC watches are a great deal to have as your dress suit companion.


Important Moments in IWC History

  • The 1955 Ingenieur watch came with the first automatic mechanism that enabled a timepiece to wind up both sides. At that time, there was nothing more revolutionary in watchmaking than the said winding.
  • Water sports had already become famous during the late 1960s, which resulted in the first Aquatimer, specially made for sports. 1967 saw a water-resistant watch up to 200 meters with a ring that revolved around for indication of immersion time.
  • In 1969, IWC Watch Company released a watch with the most talked-about technology in those times, quartz. The Da Vinci quartz contained the famous Beta 21 caliber.
  • The audacity of taking complicated tasks to make watches didn't stop, and IWC watches created the world's first-ever titanium watch case and bracelet.

Pre-owned IWC models from these years are still loved by enthusiasts worldwide and are a treat to own.


Popular IWC Collections

IWC watches are dedicated to date toward its six premium watch collections. They call the six of them "watch families." What makes IWC watches stand out is its effort to stay up-to-date with the latest features and tech while keeping alive each family's spirit to create harmony among each and thrive as a brand. The dedication to make all collections worth wearing is immense and requires relation and attachment to understand what each watch family of IWC watches represents.


Pilot Watches 

Swiss watches are famous for their sophisticated mechanisms and technical windings. The Pilot range results from the company engineering the "cockpit instrument look," specially made for aviators. As a proud regular presenter of innovations worldwide, the Pilot watch series was nothing less in 1936. There are many complications during a flight, such as a temperature, impact resistance, and air pressure, and these watches sustain quite well in different conditions. You can find several pre-owned IWC Pilot watches at the Exquisite Timepiece store. IWC pre-owned Pilot models are available at prices starting from just $4,500.


Portugieser Watches

This watch line has a fanbase of its own, and an enthusiast can recognize it by its bold Arabic numbering, delicate Feuille hands, and "railroad track" charter rings. You can find Portugieser watches under the pre-owned IWC watches for sale section in immaculate condition at Exquisite Timepieces.


Ingénieur Watches

This family represents sports, athletics, and passion. Watches that fall under this collection are made ready for any wear and tear situation and are very durable. From severe weather to grinding impacts, these IWC watches can hold out against anything.


Your Money Spent Right

Jones found the brand in the late 1800s with incredible inventions, which kept on improving steadily. If you want to invest in yourself, there is no better investment than this. The IWC watch has all the features that keep you up to date. This 150-year-old brand never disappoints with its products and stands out with its prevailing legacy. From including all recent technologies and elegant designs, IWC has always produced supreme timepieces.

A big reason to buy an IWC watch is the versatility in each fob watch regarding color, design, and material. IWC watches give such a powerful first impression that it increases the buyers' interest. Buying an IWC watch will provide you with years of excellence. The vibrant styles, classic colors, and royal looks are what everyone wants to have in a watch, and IWC is always there to fulfill such desires. IWC has spent more than a century and a half promoting its reliability and building trust among consumers, and the effort pays off. These delicately handcrafted watches undergo many different tests to assure the functionality and quality of timepieces. IWC has select command of Swiss movements and produces superb watches with pinpoint movements.

Moreover, IWC watch special editions are astonishing and innovative designs with some extraordinary features. IWC watches are a symbol of class, elegance, and royalty. However, if you are looking for a fully-oriented timepiece, there is no better choice than pre-owned IWC at Exquisite Timepieces, with timely delivery and fantastic payment options. The premium IWC brand never fails to impress watch lovers, so purchasing used IWC watches will add the same quality to your watch collection as you would expect from a new one.

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