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Brand Review: Orbita Watch Winders

Orbita Watch Winders was launched in 1996 when the ORBITA Corporation became for the first time a single device patented by Orbita's founder, Charles "Chuck" Agnoff, to keep the clocks tuned unused. This unique device, called the "clock roller," has been developed to meet the needs of a particular customer. Like Day, date, month, lunar phase, etc., something challenging. The reason Orbita continues to make the state-of-the-art watch roller Technology her business? They love watches, and they want to help them keep moving. Like all watch customers, they are fascinated by the masterpieces of traditional watchmaking.
Therefore, they have set a goal: to develop devices that keep them moving, safely, and reliably. To make sure they keep time, all the time and when it comes to valuable times, only the latest in technology is good enough. The exclusive product range offers the best quality. Orbita has combined the best Italian design and exquisite materials with high precision technology and excellent craftsmanship, producing masterpieces of sophistication. ORBITA products are a perfect choice: to enjoy and appreciate. Today, ORBITA watch rollers are proud to be the leader in the international market for the production and sale of premium watch rollers.

ORBITA Winder Basics Concepts

Mechanical wristwatches use spring drives because of their driving force. These watches should usually be hand-rolled every two or three days to ensure continuous function. An advanced variant of the mechanical wristwatch is the mechanical "automatic" clock that uses a built-in rotating pendulum mechanism to roll the spring. The rotating movement that is generated is the random movement of the user's wrist when performing normal daily activities while using the watch. In general, the rotating pendulum mechanism oscillates through an arc of 30 to 60 degrees as the user works or walks and swings his arm.
As long as the watch is used, the mainspring remains rolled, and the clock works continuously. The mainspring stores enough energy to power the clock and maintain the perfect time. However, when not used, after about forty-eight hours, the main spring is completely unrolled, and the clock stops.
Many automatic watches not only keep time, but they also provide "complexities" such as day and date (clock calendar) or, in automatic watches, more sophisticated, showing the month, year, leap year, moon phase, time of tide, time elapsed, time zones world, etc, Generally, each additional complication also consumes some of the energy of spring and further reduces the operating time between windings. All these clocks, when completely unrolled, must be restarted in order to use them. Just reset the time, date, and day can be annoying. As the number of difficulties increases, it performs the task of completely restoring the clock. Automatic Watch owners often have more than one watch. They can have a stainless steel watch that is used for sporting events, swimming, diving, etc. they can use another watch for normal office or business activities during the day and another watch for formal or night social events (often a gold watch). Clearly, the task of keeping several watches continuously rolled can be a challenge, and many owners of multiple watches employ one or more coils to perform the task.
A watch winder is a powered device that is designed to keep an automatic clock fully rolled, eliminating the need to rewind and restart manually. It generally uses electric motor drives and gearboxes with one or more spindles ending in a clock Assembly arrangement of some kind; a metal spring device formed in the form of a "C" on which the clock is set, a latex or leather cushion or some type of screw or spring tensioner device to hold the clock. The clock, when mounted, rotates in one direction or another with the axis of rotation as the centerline of the clock (more or less). Therefore, the clock rotates in the same plane as the hands of the clock. Some versions also use timers or programmable controls so that the winding action is not continuous.

The continuous rotation of an automatic watch increases the wear on the components of the winding mechanism. The movement of the user's wrist when walking or working is usually only intermittent. Obviously, some watch winders do not replicate this human movement.

The ORBITA winder uses a concept of unique and safe design for the winding of watches. ORBITA design uses a solid-state microprocessor that controls a battery-or CA-powered CC gear engine that intermittently drives a rotating Cup. The Cup carries the clock mounted on the cushion and rotates for a short period of time (one or two minutes) and then "goes to sleep". The user easily programs the sleep period according to the mark of the clock. Time usually controls shifts per day (TPD) of 650, 800, 900, and 1300 TPD. This provides sufficient movement to maintain the wound of the watch and, at the same time, eliminates any concerns about excessive winding.
In addition, ORBITA watch winders have several unique features that differentiate them from the products of winding of watches in the competition:

  • Automatic clock size: no adjustment necessitated
  • Simple and handy watch placement
  • Easy extraction of the clock winder
  • Natural winding action
  • Remarkably quiet operation
  • Safety: the clock cannot fall off the cushion

For watchmakers or collectors of multiple watches, the ORBITA watch winder can also be supplied with several independent motors and man drills. In general, each station has its own separate control. Ask for more technical information from our factory.
Distinctive features/winding for big heavy watches
The current trend favors ever larger and heavier watches, which becomes problematic for the majority of winders. Our suggestions are based on solid experience and tests on more than 1000 products: a medium quality winder can support a watch of up to 100 g (which no manufacturer mentions). For watches weighing more than 100 g, there are few products equipped with a high-end micro-motor, with the optimal transmission of movement and durable.
The Orbita watch winders are very popular in the United States. For years, this brand has been designing watch winders with traditional designs and modern technology. Each Orbita watches winder designs in the United States on the basis of several patents in the technology of winding. The combination of elegant wooden cabinets and high-quality workmanship makes every Orbita watches winder eye-catcher. Orbita watch winders have amazing Swiss motors that wind any automatic clock without any problem. Orbita watch winders have a wide selection with many different designs, such as Sparta and Avanti series. The lover of passionate watches always chooses the best watch winder for their automatic watches. A watch winder Orbita is a perfect choice!

Orbita watch winder is one of the oldest watch winder brands In the USA. This brand has been delivering high-quality watch winders for many decades. Most watch lovers know Orbita well. In the United States, Watch rollers are made with Swiss engines. Orbita focuses on a good mixture of traditional design and high-quality Swiss technology. The decorative wood in the cabinets furnishes the clock rollers with a modest design. The use of carbon in some Orbita watch models gives watch rollers some modern accents. The orbiting clock coils that are suitable for a large number of automatic watches have glass doors that protect the collection of watches from dust, condensation, and other influences.

Orbita Sparta Bold Watch Winder

A basic need, these basic level winders are compact and light. They are perfect for use in safes without the need for a plug-in adapter. Equipped with long-lasting lithium D cell Orbita batteries operating in the 8-minute winding cycle, the batteries will last many years without replacement. You can even achieve a longer life using the extended winding cycle or 12 minutes, which is easily selected with the lever switch located behind the mounting Cup.

Orbita Sparta Deluxe Watch Winder

Fully enclosed in wooden boxes with chamois lining, with a balanced lift top, these Orbita Sparta Deluxe coils provide complete protection for valuable watches. Choose from an elegant Burl or a beautiful teak finish. These Orbita Sparta Winders come factory equipped with high-energy lithium batteries that will provide up to five years of battery life.

ORBITA watch winder cushions

Orbita uses soft cushions on which you can place the watch. Flexible cushions are suitable for any automatic watch.
ORBITA watch winder also has cushions that are smaller, making them suitable for small watches for men or women. The cushions are furnished with the Orbita logo and are made of a type of foam. This makes cushions not only flexible and soft but also watch protectors. The soft foam prevents automatic watches from scratches.

Patented Orbita Rotorwind Winder

Orbita watch winders are known by several patents. Patents, such as the Rotorwind system, assure that only Orbita can use this technique on their watch winders. The watches on an Orbita Winder with a Rotorwind system are shaken gently instead of spinning.

Official ORBITA distributor

The materials, the Swiss engines, and the beautiful finish justify the price. As an official Orbita distributor, Exquisite Timepieces not only supply each Orbita watch winder in its original box but also with a complete manual and a 2-year warranty. If you like the traditional design combined with the best swiss technology, then you must have an Orbita watch winder.