Orbita Avanti Three Rotorwind

Orbita Avanti Three Rotorwind



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Orbita Avanti Three Rotorwind

Our most popular winder

can grow as your watch collection increases.

The Avanti 3 is designed to wind three watches with three storage drawers. However, it can be factory upgraded to become the elegant six watch winder pictured, or you can order it as a six right from the start. The six version has a single drawer for lay down storage of strapped watches. Each winder level has its own power switch but individual stations can also be turned off when not in use. Combining exotic Macassar veneer and genuine carbon fiber trim results in an impressive cabinet that will retain a great look forever. These cabinets can be placed anywhere you wish in your home because they are powered by long-lived lithium batteries; no electrical cord is needed. The movements employed are our patented self-programming Rotorwind® system and the glass doors are lockable.
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Country of Manufacture Switzerland