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Brand Review: Underwood Watch Winders

Do you have a product idea that you want to create or customize for your watches? A bracelet, a storage box, or a safe with a design and an original color interests you? Thanks to the tailor-made service offered by Underwood, you finally have the opportunity to leave room for your imagination and create the object of your dreams.

About Underwood Watch Winders

Since 1926, the Underwood brand (London) has been a family-run company that includes a classic style and state-of-the-art patented designs that make luxury leather goods, accessories, watch rollers, and storage cases. About the detail, incorporating traditional leather tanning techniques, Underwood (London) builds all of its leather items by trained master artisans.

Underwood's story started when Edgardo Rustioni opened his first leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy, a century ago. Skilled in the ancient traditional art of Italian fine leather craftsmanship, Mr. Rustioni started designing luxury leather items motivated by his Tuscan Homeland. In 1948, Rustioni gained a business partner with the Englishman Michael Underwood and built a workshop in London dedicated to the creation of custom-made hunting and riding accessories. In 1990, Alessandro (the son of Rustioni) honors the memory of his father with a completely new line of leather products of high quality, now made in Italy and known throughout the world as Underwood.

Choose from Underwood Watch winders to more intricate storage cabinets, safes, and multiple-unit winding systems with a variety of styles and configurations for your valuable watches. From the unique "classic" designs to the most modern "Evo," all watch rollers use the patented high-performance Maxon a-max DC motors, a reliable low-noise output system with minimal energy consumption. These same Maxon engines were used in the Mars Rover by NASA and the European Space Agency for their exploration, making Underwood one of the most advanced in today's market. With state-of-the-art high-tech technology, Underwood offers secure design options such as key lock, biometric fingerprint scanning, and pin button closings in its versatile cabinets, jewelry cases, multi-purpose storage, and safety boxes. Offer your valuables an adequate and majestic home to store and secure your priceless treasures.

Today, the Underwood brand still utilizes the same natural vegetable staining process with traditional leather tanning methods to make each piece a timeless and quality product. Each item is handmade and carefully created by a trained artisan master with luxurious materials from fine Italian furs, carbon fibers, and exotic woods. Polished chrome accents, fine jacquard silks, polishing microfibre interiors, and embossed finishes are just some of the additional details that make the Underwood (London) Collection a coveted property.

Underwood Watch Winder Quality

Everybody knows the right roller has a good engine. Underwood uses the high-end Engines of Maxon, a Swiss company specializing in engines for many purposes. More leading watch winder brands use these engines. Alongside the engines, the gear is also essential. The equipment is between the driver and the rotating plate and ensures that the engine power is transferred to rotate the rotating plate.

Underwood Watch Winders: Design and Exterior

The design of Underwood watch rollers can be described as modern and functional. The designs are compact, making smaller models attractive for travel or holiday use. External materials are wood or leather. Especially orange leather attracts us! But you can also choose a wooden roller that looks more classic. Underwood watches rollers can be used with batteries and a power adapter. Therefore, these coils are extremely practical and easy to use.

When we look at the Underwood London watch rolls, we see similarities with some other brands. Many brands of roller watches have a modular system, suitable for those consumers who want to roll a single automatic watch and perhaps expand their collection in the future. Underwood London offers not only modular clock roller systems, but also storage compartments to store all systems. Therefore, you can build your collection of coils very quickly. One advantage is that in case a modular clock roller system is defective, it can be replaced or repaired fairly quickly.

The Underwood London watch rollers are quite similar to the Tempo Orbita and Scatola models. In our view, the brand should do more to offer a unique style and design to distinguish itself from other watch brands. The quality is solid with the Maxon engines, but we expect more from the Italians, with beautiful brands like Ferrari, Versace, Ducati, Armani, etc.

Do we like Underwood London's viewpoints? Yeah, we love the passion of this Italian brand, and the views really look good. But in this kind of price, the consumer can expect a little more than a simple modular winding system, with basic characteristics that are very common. This way, when Underwood London can produce high-end winding machines with its own style and modern features, they can compete more easily with other famous brands.

Among the best watch brands in the world is Orbita, from the USA. UU. Orbita is a high-end brand that produces beautiful coils with the best materials and a reliable technique. We contacted Orbita and soon received a complete package with information about Orbita and the beautiful coils they produce.

Underwood Watch Winder: High-end Materials

Orbita's website says the company is aiming for the best. This results in coils with natural materials such as wood and leather. They also claim to focus on state-of-the-art winding technology based on new ideas, innovative systems, and superior units, gears, and control components. When we take a look at the collection, we must say that Orbita did a great job. Reels combine quality with a classic design. The orbiting coils are handmade and are therefore quite exclusive.

Orbita Competes With Other High-end Brands

In Europe, Orbita is less known than in the United States. But with a new strategy, Orbita will try to gain market share in Europe to present and promote its observers. Of course, there is a lot of competition from brands such as Elma Motion, Büben & Zorweg and Underwood London, and some others. But Orbita has a significant advantage; her reputation is excellent in the United States and they've already proven that they produce perfect coils for the real watch collector. The orbiting coils are not for the average owner of an automatic watch; they are neither cheap nor standard. On the other hand, if you prefer quality and a high-end watch brand, Orbita is certainly a brand worth considering. It offers supreme winding machines for winding automatic watches.

Underwood Clock Storage Box

The Underwood Storage box watch leather for ten watches lined inside with a special lining in microfiber to prevent oxidation and can be closed with a closure especially designed. It is elegant, useful, leather-covered watch storage for ten Watches extra space to store warranty certificates and instruction brochure for your watches and additional space for the set of Watch accessories.
This luxurious custom-made Underwood leather box is good protection for our precious watches. To contain them at home or on trips, meetings, holidays, wherever you want to bring more than one watch. This box is an excellent way to protect your watches and could be a special gift for a special person.

Underwood Briarwood Watch Winder

The cases of three-module with jewelry box watch winder three-module with storage for jewelry on top. This luxurious triple-timepiece roller is housed in a beautiful Heather wood veneer and features a protective sliding glass door with a lock. The upper compartment stores twins, rings, and other jewelry items. The Underwood Briarwood watchmaker: the three-module jewelry case module stores and protects up to three of its expensive automatic watches. The winding modules run on batteries or CA and use reliable Maxon Swiss engines. It includes a leather travel cover. This reliable three-timepiece roller Briarwood is also an exquisite decorative accessory.

Alternatively, individual modules can be programmed using a system developed by Underwood Tool (available in the store) according to the individual customer. Using this tool, you can distinguish between left, right, or alternatively chosen rotation. The number of shifts per day is between 600 and 3600 revolutions. The winder is connected to an easy USB programming with the tool.

The Underwood London MODULE

Single black watch winder combines the ultra-refined Swiss technique (Maxon's engine, which also works for NASA), and the art of Italian leather goods. Front window with aluminum frame. Ultra-modern fuzzy logic control, turn for 30 minutes in a clockwise direction, then 30 minutes in the opposite direction, followed by a 3-hour pause. Works on the power supply (supplied) or on battery. Display (LED) on / off and battery status display. Dimensions approx.: 10 x 12 x 12cm. Perfect for home, travel, and safety.

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With a finely crafted attention to craft, every Underwood (London) product is marked by meticulous detail and intricate art that you can expect from almost a century of experience. Experience the exemplary quality of the items and accessories of the leather luxury of Underwood (London) and sort our collection of watch boxes, cases, and storage reels clock in Exquisite Timepieces. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with a full 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.