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Brand Review: Kubik Watch Winder

About Swiss Kubik Watch Winders

Swiss Kubik is an exclusive brand of Watch Winder, experts in Swiss watchmaking. Founded in 1998, Swiss Kubik has quickly established itself as the benchmark for high-end range simulators. Products 100% "Swiss Made" very popular with fans. But it was only in 2007 during the Basel show that the brand unveiled a collection intended for a wider audience: the Startbox. This model retains the iconic design of the brand, but with slightly larger dimensions, 11.2cm against 10cm. Larger size, so synonymous with adaptability to larger watches.

Kubik Watch Winder Features

The rotating box offers you a better view of the clock. This rotating showcase comes with finishes in aluminum, wood, and acrylic. A beautiful rotating display case that allows a number of automatic predetermined turns throughout the day. This box is shaped like a cube, with high-quality pads to put on the watch and protect it.
Showcases of movement for watches with intervals. Alternate rotation for 950 revolutions per day. Made in Switzerland with an LED-Battery control indicator. They usually work with two batteries.
It is a rotating box of low consumption. You can display automatic, modern watches and even old watches. You can also program the turntable from the computer or directly in the box.
Spins programmed to optimize your watchWith the schedule of the turns that Swiss Kubik will give daily, you don't have to worry about that aspect anymore. And whenever you want, you can change the amount of turns, if you have a watch that presents special needs. The automatic turns of the Swiss Kubik can go clockwise, as they can also go counterclockwise, so the exhibition route is not boring. The base where you wind the watch automatically adjusts to it.
The boxes Kubik Swiss automatic watches are totally silent. You will not have annoying noises caused by it during the day. In addition, its low consumption allows the rotating box to work all day if you wish.

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Watch Winder

The Swiss Kubik Masterbox Collection is a classic symmetrical Swiss cubic clock winding system, to keep your favorite watch rolled up and configured. Made in Switzerland, the SK01.AE012 is a module virtually silent, battery-operated, and fully programmable to match the wristwatch that is specific to your brand. This modern and contemporary one-unit Winder is housed in an anodized aluminum frame. MasterBox is available in various sizes and configurations according to your specifications. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and finishes between 13 colors of anodized aluminum, various designs of wood, granite, carbon, and leather. Reliable the Swiss Kubik MasterBox Collection offers fresh and contemporary options and options for your watch winding needs.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Watch Winder

This perfect Swiss cube watch winder is made of polyamide, a plastic material with several interesting features: moisture absorption, fast-drying, high strength, and almost indeformable. It is covered with a "soft touch" paint on its walls, giving it an appearance and a rather pleasant rubbery touch, which explains the many colors available: red, orange, yellow, blue, black, and white. The inner module it remains black. It is clipped/unclipped by manual pressure and is available in two sizes (small and standard).
Its engine is identical to the high-end models of the brand but does not offer different adjustment options. It is powered by 2 alkaline batteries (so no power cable), giving it more than 3 years of autonomy. It is surprising. Its triggering is done by pressing the button on the back of the case, which integrates flashing LEDs, one green and one red, to indicate the start or stop. Two months before the batteries are fully discharged, this same button alerts the user with a red light. The rendering is very successful: vibrant colors and a progressive flicker at the height of our expectations.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Watch Winder - Wireless

The first thing you notice is that the Swiss Kubik Startbox has no wires. It works with LR14 batteries (remember?), And so you can put it where you want, whether you want to hide your precious collection of watches in a closet (like yours) or show off proudly on a wall visible from your house.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Watch Winder - Modular

The cubic shape that gives the brand its name also means that individual units can be assembled to fit the exact number of watches you have in your collection and in an unlimited way. The possibilities are endless, and the brand offers a range of luxurious furniture and chests that can accommodate different configurations of boxes. Finding a beautiful crown of pure design is a difficult task. Too often they are old-fashioned or with a futuristic touch of bad taste. This is the first thing that marked us in the Startbox: its simple and modern design. Not to mention the many colors available to facilitate the wedding with the decoration of its interior. The build quality is excellent, but it pays, hence a price that can frown. But it's the right price.

Innovative Properties of Swiss Kubik Watch Winder Boxes

These motion showcases are made in Switzerland. So they respond to the highest quality demands. The design of its Swiss engine with the name of Portescap is exclusive and patented by the brand. This works with two alkaline batteries that keep the clock moving for up to three years. No need for annoying cables in between.High-quality materials such as aluminum, ABS-plastic, leather, or solid wood highlight the exclusivity of this movement showcase. Thanks to the practical size as well as the reduced energy consumption, the motion showcase is also adapted for use in your safe.

Advantages of the Rotating Case for Automatic Watches

Safety rotary high end. Made with the best materials and excellent Swiss technology. In it, you can display your best watches at a very affordable price. The rotating boxes for watches can use at home or in your watches. It is a simple and very innovative way to display your automatic watches. It works with batteries or with a power line. So you can choose the way to feed it that suits you. You can use the rotating cases for automatic watches, both for women's watches and for men's watches. It works for both. The turn cycles turn on and off automatically; you don't have to be aware of it at any time. You have the advantage of being able to program the turns of the clock in the rotating box and their speed. In this way, they will not suffer any damage.

Why Buy Swiss Kubik Watch Winders?

Swiss Kubik is manufactured by Swiss watchmaking experts Watch Winder. So the revolving boxes for automatic watches are guaranteed by them. Buying Swiss Kubik is a very smart investment; its affordable cost allows it.

Buy Swiss Watch Winder Kubik

Due to its affordable cost, you can purchase several rotating boxes for automatic watches. In this way, you can display all the watches you have in your home or display the best watches you have in your jewelry or watches.

Protect Your Best Watches in a Safe Place

You don't have to worry about annoying noises; the Swiss Kubik watch winder is highly silent. Its small size does not take up space, and you can put it on very small tables. It is a great benefit to have this rotating box to display the watches. The rotating Swiss Kubik boxes are designed to protect watches. Its pads adapt to the width of the wrist. It is a luxury case that will protect your watches with maximum quality. The perfection of Swiss technology is also applied to rotating boxes. With a rotating box, you avoid that your automatic watches suffer from breakdowns. You don't have to keep them on time, and so you get the watches to have a much longer life. The shafts and the crown of the clocks do not wear out so much. And when the watch is in constant motion, it prevents the lubrication grease inside it from becoming caked, causing damage to the watch.
The finishes of each box are excellent and luxurious. For example, lacquered boxes have an excellent finish, both the box and its hardware. The aluminum boxes are spectacular, and, in addition, they are very durable.
Even the acrylic with which some of the rotating boxes are manufactured have great finishes and are of great quality. These Swiss Kubik turntables are very convenient. Its unique, super silent engine is one of its main features.

Decorate Your Home With a Swiss Kubik Box Watch Winder

The rotating boxes are so beautiful that they can be part of the decoration. Best of all is the affordable price they have. Thus, you can purchase several boxes and display your favorite watches, those of which you are proud.
The appearance of Swiss Kubik turntables is very clean. This is allowed by its top-quality finishes. In addition, with its compact size, you can locate these rotating boxes in any small space. And if you have old watches or watches that need special care for how delicate they are, you don't have to worry; you can also display them in one of the Swiss Kubik watch winder boxes. They will be spectacular.