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Berdvaye Horological Sculptures

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The beauty of the watch movement featured in these modern art creations preserves and magnifies the highest quality vintage watch parts that are meticulously collected from around the world. Each work of art is completely unique and one of a kind. The process of creating a Berd Vaye sculpture takes 3-4 weeks of meticulous design work, part sorting and polishing for each piece. Berd Vaye sculptures are made of a clear, shatter-resistant, high-end precious resin that showcase carefully selected mechanical watch components. Explore the Berd Vaye master collections and experience the tremendous intricacies and human ingenuity involved in fine watchmaking.

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Berd Vaye Horological Sculptures Review

Manufacturers use to make watches and clocks with different and unique designs. These designs are also related to horology where the shapes of gears and pinions are different. The loop of spring seems like a snake. All the parts of the watches were collected and kept inside a transparent box usually made up of Lucite blocks. The name of the brand was embedded in the Lucite box. These designs are known as Berd Vaye.


Founder of Berd Vaye Sculptures

The founders of Berd Vaye are two partners whose names are Eduard Kurayev and Albert Akbashev and they founded it in the year 2014. Both of them loved to make watches and Edward, at the age of 10, first saw the horological design in the watch of his grandfather. In the same way, Albert got such a watch at the age of 13. Both of them came into contact with each other when they were in high school. They started working in a watch and jewelry shop in New York City. They showed a lot of interest in this sculpture and presented it to the public.


Berd Vaye: Shapes and Size

There are a variety of shapes and sizes in which these sculptures are available. They are used on making the parts of clocks and watches. The process starts with pouring the Lucite, which is a type of polymethyl methacrylate. Unit is a type of plastic but it is also known as acrylic glass. Other names of this compound are Plexiglass and Perspex. After pouring the Lucite, the next process starts and that is embedding the parts of the clock or watch. After that, another layer of Lucite is poured. The angle has to be checked while pouring the liquid as the layers may either be clearly visible or can be found in random distribution. A structure is used to give influence to the pieces.

The design of the structure looks in the same way as the design of the universe made by cosmologists. It seems like there are tendrils and filaments, which are attached to each other with the gravity of each other. It can also seem like frost have been patterned on a windowpane. These designs appear due to the arrangement of the parts of the clock between the two layers of Lucite.


Berd Vaye Price

It can be said that depending on the design and manufacturing process, level of detail, the price is decided. One of the main features is that it is light in weight as the weight is around 20 lbs.


Berd Vaye Models

Currently, four models of horological sculptures are available and these include

  • The Horosphere
  • Time Squared
  • Lost in Time
  • Time Frame

The horosphere model is available in small and large sizes and is in the form of a 360-degree sphere. The time squared model is available in the form of a cube while the lost in time model is available in the form of a translucent human skull. The time-framed model is available in the form of a picture frame and is in the form of a square.


Wrap Up: Berd Vaye Horological Sculptures Review

These are a few details of Berd Vaye sculptures, which are used in making watches and clocks. They look beautiful and are available in various models and designs.

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