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At the beginning of 1954 for the French military agency Centre d'Essais en Vol that approves new aircraft, three generations of a Type XX Chronograph were built. Breguet's first wristwatch chronograph was used to support the stopwatch which was first released in 1935. The characteristics of its were a rotating, easy-to-grab bezel and a flyback mechanism, which reacts to a single press of a button by reverting to zero and restarting the hand of the chronograph's elapsed seconds. For the French Air Force pilots, Breguet produced similar devices. In every lighting setting, the dial and hands were built to be visible. The 14-ligne caliber 22 from Valjoux was used in model XX. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Breguet Grand Complications collection. You can find Breguet Grand Complications watches for sale here.

More on Breguet Grand Complications

Breguet belongs to a close-knit family of high horology, excelling in creating signature timepieces for royalty and VVIPs. At the peak of watchmaking craftsmanship sits the Breguet Grand Complications and only a few other horology houses.

About Breguet Grand Complications

The Breguet Grande Complication collection is a family of super-complicated watches boasting at least three functions. Its history is steeped in mystery as complicated as the functions themselves. It's dubbed the Mona Lisa of watches.
The No 160 watch, the first Grand Complication, is also known as "the Marie Antoinette" or "the Queen". It was stolen in 1983 from a Jerusalem museum but resurfaced in 2007 when the wife of the thief pawned it off alongside 39 other watches.
Breguet created a replica of the Marie Antoinette called the No. 1160 and exhibited it at the 2008 Baselworld.
The guilloche pattern seen in the majority of Grand Complication watches has been perfected by Breguet for over 200 years. It's not aesthetic but indicates different zones on the dial for different complications, such as the chapter ring, small seconds, power-reserve indicator, and different counters.
Breguet uses mostly solid gold to construct the dials of its Grand Complication watches. They are then beat down to form the desired color. The dial is made from solid gold, and all Breguet watches have a unique case number engraved by hand on the dial.

History of Breguet Grand Complications

The exact date of the first Breguet Grand Complication watch is shrouded in mystery. But what's certain is that it's the Marie Antonette watch. Its beginnings are traced to 1783 when an officer of the Queen's Guard ordered a watch with the latest functions, technology, and complications. His order had no restriction on the price and time of delivery.
Abraham-Louis Breguet dedicated himself to finishing the watch after fleeing from Paris to Switzerland during the French Revolution. Even after returning to France, he continued working on the No. 160 but couldn't complete it till he passed away in 1823.
His son, Antoine-Louis, completed the famous multifunction timepiece in 1827.
This pocket watch had an automatic movement with a platinum oscillating weight. It also featured a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar that displayed weekday, date, month, and leap-year cycles, an equation of time, a power reserve display, a metal thermometer, and a stopwatch function without a reset ability.

How Much Do Breguet Grand Complications Watches Cost?

Below, you can find some popular models from the Breguet Grand Complications collection:

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Breguet Classique Grande Complication (ref. 3358BB/2P/986/DD0D) $123,900 Diamond set bezel and lugs, tourbillon cage at 6 o'clock
Breguet Grand Complications (ref. 3795BR/1E/9WU) $252,900 Manually wound movement with tourbillon and perpetual calendar
Breguet Classique 5377BR/12/9WU $157,700 Small seconds on tourbillon, Acute-angled power reserve indicator
Breguet Classique Complications 3357BA/12/986 $106,900 Separate hour and minute and seconds, 18-carat rose gold case and around tourbillon cage
Breguet Classique Complications 3477PT/1E/986 $192,200 Perpetual equation of time, perpetual calendar
Breguet Classique Grande Complication 3657BA/12/9V6 $129,400 Power reserve and 24-hour indicators on each side of the dial
Breguet Classique Grande Complications 3797BR/1E/9WU $174,100 Retrograde date indicator at 12 0'clock and perpetual calendar
Breguet Classique Grande Complication 3477BR/1E/986 $180,900 Month subdial around the intersection point of the hour-minute hands
Breguet Classique Complications Tourbillon Automatic Power Reserve 5317BA/12/9V6 $145,200 Self-winding tourbillon, 5-day power reserve
Breguet Classique Grande Complication 5347PT/11/9ZU $616,400 18-carat silvered gold dial, 950 platinum case

What's Unique About Breguet Grand Complications Watches?

Unique is an understatement when Breguet Grand Complications come into consideration. These timepieces are one-of-a-kind, with price tags to reflect this fact.
Dial engineering in Breguet Grand Complications watches is classical, analog, and exquisite. If it's not a skeleton dial, they're usually made with luxurious material like enamel or solid gold.
Some of the watches also use beautiful and highly functional pattern art on individual subdials. It's easy to attribute a certain function, like a date window, to an art pattern you cherish and develop a higher sense of attachment to your watch.
Breguet Grand Complications, as their name implies, also feature super-complicated movements only top watchmakers can afford the time, manpower, or expertise to produce. For this reason, Breguet Grand Complication watches have restricted production.

Breguet Grand Complications Movements

There are a handful of movements in the Grand Complications collection. Most of them are manual winding mechanical movements, and only a few are self-winding. Breguet, as a tradition, never dabbles in quartz watches.
Here are some of the movements seen in the collection:

  • Caliber 558 - seen in the 3357 and 3358 complications, has 50 hours of power reserve, 21 jewels, and a slower-than-average 18,000vph beat rate.
  • Caliber 588N - seen in the classic double tourbillon with 50 hours reserve, 69 jewels, and 18,000vph.
  • Caliber 558QP2 - seen in the 3797 features 50 hours power reserve and perpetual calendar with a leap year function.
  • Caliber 567/2 - seen in Minute Repeater complications.
  • Caliber 581DR - seen in Extra Plat complications
  • Caliber 587DR - five days power reserve

Breguet Grand Complications Watch Colors

The color variants in the Classic Grand Complications collection are simple and classic. Breguet makes the watches look as traditional and mechanical as possible by maintaining color variants that maintain the hue of their material components.
The most common dial color is engine-turned silvered gold. However, it's a by-product of beat-down gold or platinum. Some models also have a blue, red, or diamond-encrusted dial.
The case color Breguet Grand Complications typically depends on the materials, ranging from rose gold to silver. Watches in this collection also feature Breguet's famous blued steel "pomme hands" with "moon tips" almost exclusively.
Straps also come in matching calm colors predominantly, like black, blue, brown, and red, while bracelets take their material colors.

Breguet Grand Complications Watch Materials

Breguet uses only luxury materials throughout the Grand Complications family. Case materials with silver color are white gold or platinum rather than stainless steel. Other materials are yellow gold, rose gold, or diamond-set bezel.
It's the same culture that's incorporated into the design of the dials. Breguet Grand Complications watches are predominantly silvered-gold dials. Some models also feature other high-end materials like yellow gold or enamel or are diamond-paved.
The strap materials are polished alligator leather, crocodile leather, or precious metal bracelets.

Breguet Grand Complications Watch Complications

The main complications in the Grand Complications collections are the tourbillon and the perpetual calendar showing day, month, and year independently. In most models, the tourbillon escapement is visible and is golden.
Some Grand Complication models, like the Classique Double Tourbillon, have two tourbillons. Another complication featured in some perpetual calendar models is the leap year function, as well as the equation of time feature.
A small collection of Grand Complication watches also have a minute repeater function. This feature can tell time in the dark or assist the visually impaired by chiming in the accurate time.

Breguet Grand Complications Sizes

Grand Complication watches are built compact and actively wearable despite the plethora of functions.
Breguet makes dressy Grand Complication watches like the model 3357, which is only 36mm in diameter and less than 9.15mm thick. It's more impressive, considering it has a tourbillon escapement.
The Swiss watchmaking giant makes models available in sportier sizes like 41mm or 42mm cases. Breguet Classique Tourbillon 5367BR/29/9WU, for instance, has a 41mm case diameter but manages to be only 7.2mm thick.
The largest Breguet Grand Complication is a pocket watch, the Breguet Pocket Watch Grande Sonnerie 1907. It measures 56mm across the dial and is almost 22mm thick.

Buying Breguet Grand Complications Watches

Buying a Breguet Grand Complications is a huge investment with an appreciative resale value. As you may know, new Breguet Grand Complication watches are only available for sale officially at a Breguet boutique or authorized dealer. They have boutiques in Beverly Hills and New York.
As an authorized dealer, Exquisite Timepieces saves you the hassle of scheduling an appointment or traveling. We sell authentic Breguet Grand Complications online and in-store with warranties, freebies, and swift after sale services.

Caring for Your Breguet Grand Complications Watch

Ordinarily, it takes little effort to keep a mechanical watch in good shape over the years. But it's harder when it comes to a Grand Complication watch. The plenty of moving parts powering the functions asserts greater friction in the movement. This means the watch will require more frequent servicing than the regular mechanical watches to continue running smoothly.
Simple DIY maintenance with a Breguet grand complication includes rewinding before each wear. It ensures it works on the highest power reserve and guarantees optimal performance.
If you use the grand complications for water activities, pay attention to the crown being locked in before nearing a water body. It's focused on servicing yearly; accidental water damage isn't covered in the Breguet warranty. Minute Repeater Grand Complication models are not waterproof.
Breguet recommends a servicing frequency of three to four years. You should take the grand complication every other year. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized service center that offers professional cleaning, repair, and servicing services.
Normally, we recommend doing the cleaning by yourself; however, it's better to give a grand complication to a service professional.

Breguet Grande Complication Collection FAQ

When was the Breguet Grand Complication made?

The first Breguet Grand Complication was commissioned by a supposed lover of Queen Marie Antoinette in 1793. It's not clear when it was finished; his son, Louis-Antoine Breguet, dedicated himself to finishing the project after his father's demise in 1823.

How Much is a Breguet Classique Complications Watch?

The price of a Breguet Classique Complications watch varies deeply by the variant you're shopping for. A Breguet Classique Grande Complications 3797BR/1E/9WU with a rose gold case and alligator leather strap costs $174,000.

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