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With its roots traced back to the late 18th century, Breguet is one of the oldest and most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Ile de la Cité in Paris, Breguet survived countless hardships in Europe, such as the French Revolution and both World Wars.
While ownership of the company changed hands throughout its history, Breguet has remained true to its roots and, to this day, continues to make high-quality timepieces that embody everything a man needs in an elegant and timeless wrist-worn companion. Known as the original creators of the tourbillon and the famous hollow tip "Breguet Hands" seen so commonly on dress watches today, Breguet has a knack for innovation.
Today, Breguet male watches continue to impress in the luxury market, offering timeless and elegant designs and excellent finish quality. Offered in an array of sizes and complications, there is a Breguet timepiece for every man. Exquisite Timepieces has a plethora of men's Breguet watches for sale and is an authorized dealer and a preferred destination for all things Breguet. The entire mens collection can be found on the website or in our boutique.

Men's Breguet Gold Watches

One of Breguet's most commonly used materials is its proprietary gold compounds. Most of Breguet's gold watches come in either white or rose gold, with some yellow gold options available as well. These are some popular Breguet watches crafted using gold:

  • Breguet Marine Hora Mundi, ref. 5557BR/YS/RW0
  • Breguet Classique, ref. 7337BR/15/9VU
  • Breguet Marine Alarm Musicale, ref. 5547BR/12/9ZU

Men's Breguet Diamond Watches

Breguet uses baguette-cut diamonds in certain models to create timepieces that catch the eye like no other. The precious stones curated by Breguet's expert craftsmen beautifully complement the already elegant designs in the catalog, and add yet another layer to their already deep repertoire. Some popular Breguet diamond timepieces include:

  • Breguet Classique Grande Complication, ref. 5349PT-11-9ZU-DDOD
  • Breguet Classique, ref. 7788BR/29/9V6/DD00

Men's Breguet Stainless Steel Watches

Along with their precious metal offerings, Breguet produces some models in stainless steel for a more understated look. In this material, their usual offering of tourbillons and dress watches look stunning, but Breguet also produces more purpose-built watches that should not go unnoticed. Timepieces such as the Type XX, Type XXI, and Type XXII chronographs come in stainless steel, and these sportier designs are tailored to men seeking a more adventure-ready timepiece that is sure to last for generations.

  • Breguet Type XXII Transatlantique Flyback Chronograph, ref. 3880ST-H2-SX0
  • Breguet Type XX Flyback Chronograph, ref. 2067ST/92/3WU
  • Breguet Marine, ref. 5857ST/12/SZ0

Men's Breguet Dress Watches

Dress watches are unquestionably Breguet's forte, and for nearly two hundred and fifty years, their timepieces have graced the wrists of royalty, celebrities on the red carpet, and watch enthusiasts alike. Breguet has endless offerings of timepieces suitable for any formal occasion, and these are a few exemplary options:

  • Breguet Tradition, ref. 7597BR/G1/9WU
  • Breguet Classique Power Reserve, ref. 7787BR/12/9V6
  • Breguet Heritage, ref. 8860BR/11/386

Breguet Men's Watches Price Range

Prices for Breguet watches range from $15,000 to over $800,000. The brand's sportier chronographs and entry-level dress pieces are priced around $20,000-$40,000. Watches with precious metals and more complications vary in price from $50,000 to around $250,000, depending on complications and materials used. Pieces crafted with diamonds can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $817,000, depending on the model and number of stones.

Breguet Men's Collections

Breguet has curated numerous product collections that work seamlessly together to encapsulate its identity as a watchmaker. Below is a brief overview of the collections offered by Breguet, along with a few exemplary pieces from each.

Men's Breguet Tradition

The Tradition collection is inspired by Breguet watches of the past, but with an undeniably modern and refreshing appearance. This line is categorized by round case shapes and elegantly complicated movements and design elements. It is hard to overlook the Breguet Tradition collection in the tourbillon and high horology market, and this collection is a prime example of perfect execution by the brand.

  • Breguet Tradition Chronographe Independant, ref. 7077BR/G1/9XV
  • Breguet La Tradition Fusee Tourbillon, ref. 7047PT/11/9ZU
  • Breguet Tradition Tourbillon, ref. 7047 7047PT/1Y/9ZU

Men's Breguet Heritage

The Heritage line is a collection of mens Breguet watches with a curved tonneau case. These pieces are extremely understated in their looks and are smaller than most offerings by Breguet, sized at 35mm. They are categorized by their boxy looks and sleek dial designs, and one would be hard-pressed to find a better dress watch for any occasion.

  • Breguet Heritage, ref. 5410BR/12/9V6
  • Breguet Heritage Tourbillon, ref. 5497PT/12/9V6
  • Breguet Heritage Chronograph, ref. 5400BB/12/9V6

Men's Breguet Classique

The Classique line of watches by Breguet is a traditional and understated collection that encapsulates the brand's core design values. Inspired by vintage Breguet watches from earlier eras with their characteristic round case and hollow tip "Breguet Hands", the Classique collection is a classy and timeless selection of watches suitable for any formal occasion.

  • Breguet Classique, ref. 7147BR/29/9WU
  • Breguet Classique, ref. 7337BB/1E/BV0
  • Breguet Classique, ref. 5277BB/12/9V6

Men's Breguet XX

The Type XX line of men's chronographs by Breguet is a well-executed synergy of performance and elegance in design. At 42mm, these timepieces fill the wrist well and give off a strong presence. Inspired by the vintage chronographs of the 1950s designed for the French Naval Air Army, the Type XX collection is sure to fill all of your retro chronograph desires.

  • Breguet Type 20 Flyback Chronograph, ref. 2067ST/92/3WU
  • Breguet Type 20 Chronograph, ref. 2057ST/92/3WU

Men's Breguet Marine

Like many of Breguet's collections, the Marine line incorporates traditional company design language with modern and sporty performance and looks. The Marine collection is one of the largest offered by the brand and stays true to Breguet's classic horological roots. Inspired by Breguet's aquatic heritage with the French Navy, the Marine collection is ready for both the red carpet and the marina.

  • Breguet Marine Titanium, ref. 5517TI/Y1/5ZU
  • Breguet Marine, ref. 5857ST/12/SZ0
  • Breguet Marine Alarme Musicale, ref. 5547BR/G3/RZ0

Men's Breguet XXI

Similar to the Type XX line of Chronographs, the Type XXI is inspired by vintage military chronographs of the mid-20th century. Sized at 42mm like its brother, the Type XX, it is perfect for many wrist sizes and built to be both elegant and tough. The main difference between the XX and XXI collections is that the Type XXI is more modern in its appearance, and either choice is perfect for those searching for a go-anywhere and do-anything timepiece.

  • Breguet Type XXI Transatlantique, ref. 3817ST/X2/3ZU
  • Breguet Type XXII Transatlantique Flyback Chronograph, ref. 3880ST/H2/SX0

Men's Breguet Classique Complications

The Classique Complications collection by Breguet is the focal point of the brand's ultra-luxury offerings. Crafted with nearly incomprehensible precision and beauty, these timepieces are truly something to behold. Enthusiasts are greeted with a multitude of options and plenty of complications and designs to choose from, and it is hard to beat the elegance and class offered by this collection.

  • Breguet Classique Complications, ref. 5447BB/1E/9V6
  • Breguet Classique Grande Complication Openworked, ref. 3755PR/1E/9V6
  • Breguet Classique Grande Complication, ref. 3477BR/1E/986

Men's Breguet XXII

Similar to the Type XX and Type XXI, the Breguet Type XXII line of chronographs has deep military roots. Inspired by watches designed in the 1950s for the French Navy, this line of chronographs is slightly larger than the XX and XXI and is available in precious metals.

  • Breguet Transatlantique Type XXII, ref. 3880BR/Z2/RXV
  • Breguet Type XXII Transatlantique Flyback Chronograph, ref. 3880ST/H2/SX0

Breguet Men's Watches Size Guide

Many Breguet men's watches are available in the 40-42mm size range, perfect for most men with medium to larger wrist sizes. The Heritage collection of timepieces comes in at the smallest available from the brand at 35mm, and some models are sized at up to 44mm; an example would be the Type XXII line of chronographs.


Is Breguet a luxury mens watch brand?

Breguet is the pinnacle of excellence in luxury watch brands. Founded nearly 250 years ago, the company has had centuries of experience creating some of the most elegant and innovative timepieces seen in history.

Why are mens Breguet watches so expensive?

Besides the use of precious metals like gold in their design, Breguet timepieces are also hand-made in their central watch-making centers. The meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship naturally fetch a far higher price than mass-market pieces.

Why are mens Breguet watches so expensive?

The high price tags on Breguet timepieces reflect the tireless dedication and attention to detail required to craft such watches. Breguet cuts no corners and refuses to compromise on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. It is safe to say that one gets what they pay for when they choose a Breguet.

Are Breguet men's watches worth the money?

If an heirloom that can be shared amongst generations is what you seek in your luxury timepiece, Breguet is the brand for you. As one of the oldest and most prestigious watchmakers on Earth, one does not simply own a Breguet; they own a piece of human and horological history whose legacy can be passed on for centuries.

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