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Caliber 507DR has been designed for watch enthusiasts who want to see the motion of their watch at work without having to remove the watch. Most of the sapphire crystal on the front is clear. The entire gear train is readily visible, including the screw balance and Breguet balance spring. The dial is set at 12 o'clock off the center embellished with a crafted guilloché. On and back of the watch, the power reserve is shown twice. An unconventional shock absorber which looks much like the equipment of Abraham-Louis Breguet, dating back to the late 18th century, protects the pivots of the balance staff. The balance has a frequency output of 21,600 vph, instead of the usual 28,800 vph, so the wheel rotating is easier to see. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Breguet Tradition collection. You can find Breguet Tradition watches for sale here.

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Breguet Tradition Watch Collection Review

To be sincere, I dare to point out another watch with such elegance and refinement that reveals its entrails and all its technical elements. The Breguet Tradition relates to traditional tribute and the fine art of horology, which is surprisingly well known, as well as to Abraham Louis Breguet (essentially the one who developed so much for the watch world) who is surely one of the most known watchmaking figures. Here's a comprehensive review of a true Breguet Traditional collection.

Breguet Tradition Collection: History and Development

10 years ago, in 2005, the concept of Breguet Tradition was born with a remarkable retrospect the Breguet Tradition 7027, a piece of 37 mm, which was a stunning evolution at that stage. The reinterpretation of an ancient trend blended with conventional Breguet design, such as fluted cases, welded lugs, hollowed hands and guilloché dial. It was also the first watch the company placed the mechanics of the movement on top of the base plate a split that was a good thing considering Breguet's very classical range of watches.

The whole idea of the series of tradition was to celebrate early watches made in Switzerland in the French Revolution in the mid-1790s by Abraham Louis Breguet: the watches on the Suscription. These pocket watches were very popular in approximately 700 instances, mainly since their relatively low prices and the first man to produce them (Breguet was already well known at the end of the 18th century). Breguet had found a useful way of financing its production through customers.

In 2005, Breguet had the idea of presenting his vision of a vintage watch. While other manufacturers released watches from the 1950s or 1960s, Breguet opted to use these ancient subscription watches as a basis in a contemporary watch collection. In the first set, Breguet tradition 7027, these old pocket watches were based on a mechanism imitating the same design. Now, the company has produced several editions: one bigger with a 40 mm case (Breguet tradition 7057), one with a GMT feature or a fantastic fusée-chaining Breguet tradition tourbillon. Such editions were not historically accurate, but still similar to the definition of the whole tradition set. Breguet marked the 10th anniversary of this series in 2015 with three innovations: the Breguet 7097, an automatic retrograde edition, the Breguet tradition 7077, a very fascinating chronograph, and the complex and exclusive Breguet tradition 7087, a minute-tourbillon repeater. Here are some of the watches in the tradition collection.

Breguet Tradition 7057 Watch

If I say the Breguet Tradition 7057 is a horological lesson, it could be considered a sort of random declaration because every other skeletonized or open-working watch, or even any watch showing a bit of its womb, could be described as a 'horology lesson'. Nevertheless, choosing watches that accurately represent all technical elements is something uncommon with a detailed view, beginning with the regulating organ to the barrel and in the meantime, the rest of the gear train. It is even more unusual to have such an elegant, sophisticated product and a movement built with this in mind rather than just a classic movement that has opened up. That is why Breguet stands out and the history of the brand as well as the correlation with the name printed on the dial must be applied to the equation.

Despite the sophistication of its dial, the Breguet tradition 7057, is a simple watch. Though, Breguet decided to introduce two power reserve indicators, one on the dial side, the other on the side of the movement.

The dial is pure Breguet (even when the mechanical sections are so detailed). This dial displays the actual Breguet turned engine finish (Abraham Louis Breguet used this tactic for in watchmaking for the very first time). These dials in Breguet tradition 7057 are made of a solid gold plate on which skilled craftsmen apply a guilloche by hand (their hands guide the machine). The style of Breguet tradition 7057 includes three different patterns: based Clou de Paris, circular graining and a barley-grain (barley-grain) pattern, which distinguishes the dial regions. The dial is lacquered in black on this model.

For strong contrast, numerals and emblem are colored in white here. The hands are also a hundred percent Breguet with its eccentric tips for the moon however, they're not blue here since in this sense it would be odd. Time reading is easy and intuitive, despite the small volume of this set (estimated half the dial). A power reserve display on the left side of the hour/minute dial is the only external indicator noticeable. It is a simple, straight hand that runs over a kind of small bridge that slightly invades the dial.

The case size of the Breguet tradition 7057 is 40mm. The whole movement has been created and designed to look like the ones in the Breguet pocket watches. The structure is identical. However, The balance wheel echoes the center wheel on the left, this movement is balanced and beautiful. The design is also incredibly close to those of antique pocket watches. due to the increasing, sharp and bulging bridges.

Breguet Tradition 7027 Watch

The Breguet Tradition 7027 is available in two color versions. The 507DR caliber, which is now celebrated, can be seen on either side of the main plate, though mostly on the front. The anthracite grey treatment of motion parts emphasizes its bridges and bars with its famous old-style "parachute" in beveled stainless steel, in particular, the escapement. This symbolic feature of the collection Tradition safeguards the balance of staff against shocks. It supports all of the shock protection devices currently in use, such as the system of Incabloc.

The visual contrasts between the anthracite motion and the pink gold case contribute to the modern feel of the watch, not least when the time of the day is shown in the off-centered at 12 o'clock black dial. The watch is offered in a 37 mm case in pink gold with a pink gold main plate, bridges and bars or in a white gold version, fitted with modern anthracite. It has a power reserve of 50 hours, has Breguet specific numbers and Breguet secret signature.

Breguet Tradition 7067

This watch reflects the Tradition collection's first time-zone design. The sophistication is stylistic concerning its simplicity of service. At 10 o'clock, a key on the dial determines the time zone, which can be seen at 12 o’clock on the off-center dial At 8 o'clock, a second engine-turned dial displays the reference time, with its day/night indicator, alternating at 10 o'clock between silver and black. The watch remains loyal to the identity of its collection with its anthracite-colored motion, which highlights the balance wheel at 4 o’clock. Although it has more functions.

The manually wound motion is mounted in a rose or white gold case with a power reserve of 50 hours in a 40 mm diameter case The power-reserve display can be viewed at the back of the watch via the sapphire-crystal case back, as in the first Tradition version, which also shows a portion of the motion that is normally concealed. The sensitive liquid dial, the moon-cut hands of Breguet, welded lugs and an exquisite movement-driven dial are other standard features. It is Breguet numbered and signed.

Breguet Tradition 7047 Watch

A fusé tourbillon mechanism is the spectacular part of this grand complicated watch that enhances time accuracy over and above ordinary complex watches.

Breguet Tradition 7077 Watch

It is a rare watch, where two independent gear trains have completely delinked the chronograph mechanism from the timekeeping mechanism. It guarantees that time remains constant when the chronograph is used to calculate elapsed time, which is a challenge that traditional chronographs encounter.

Breguet Tradition 7097 Watch

This model, Breguet 7097 derives its name from the 10 o'clock retrograde second hand, which supports the open-tipped hands in blued steel demonstrated by Breguet-style hours and minutes. The complexity can be seen using a circular polished semicircle that also makes it easy to decipher the other indications The parachute is at 4 o'clock to retain the uniformity. The 40 mm case in white gold has a self-winding motion with an inverted inline lever with silicon pallets and an overcoil balancing spring, which ensures excellent speed stability. The dial is made of 18 kg of gold, silver, and engine, switched off by hand, at 12 o'clock. Also produced in 18 K rose gold, with a power reserve of 50 hours.

Breguet Tradition 7038 Watch

Breguet has succeeded in perfecting the Tradition collection with this model. Visible in the front and middle of the watch, the barrel is adorned with a rosette pattern and overlapped by a small and pretty offset dial in natural white mother-of-pearl at 12 o'clock, beautifully designed with hand-crafted' Clous de Paris ' hobnailing. Although the key motion gear trains, as well as the bridges holding them, stay adequately discreet to guarantee that the hours and minutes are read smoothly and immediately, pointed out by Breguet's rose-gold hands In order to create a good contrast with the 37 mm, 18k rose gold case the sandblasted main plate and bridges are rhodium plated.

The bezel is decorated with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds, while the perfect finishing touch is set by a watch jewel to the crown. Also evident on the gold oscillating weight, graced with the same pattern as the barrel, is the exquisite craftsmanship lavished on this design. The self-winding motion features a silicon horned lever escapement and a silicon-made Breguet balance spring. Has a power reserve of 50 hours.

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