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Longines Ultra-Chron

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Longines, a pioneering Swiss watchmaker established in 1832, has long represented the crossroads between affordability and quality in Swiss watchmaking. Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of modern timepieces, Longines introduced the Ultra-Chron collection, which today stands as a pinnacle of technical innovation and refined craftsmanship among Longines watches.

About Longines Ultra-Chron Watches

The Longines Ultra-Chron watches embody the essence of precision and sophistication, representing a harmonious fusion of technical excellence and timeless design.

At the core of the Ultra-Chron collection lies its high-frequency, super-precise movements, showcasing an exceptional oscillation rate that surpasses conventional standards. This characteristic ensures unparalleled accuracy, elevating these watches to the zenith of precision timekeeping.

Renowned for their superior engineering, Longines Ultra-Chron watches are celebrated for their technical prowess. They boast intricate mechanisms meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, setting them apart as horological masterpieces.

Beyond their technical finesse, these timepieces exude an unmistakable aura of elegance and sophistication. The designs reflect a timeless aesthetic, marrying classic elements with contemporary sensibilities, making them suitable for diverse tastes and occasions, from deep dives and racing circuits to afternoon strolls and office lunches.

The collection's heritage is steeped in a legacy of innovation. Longines continually pushes boundaries, introducing advancements that redefine the standards of precision in watchmaking. Each Ultra-Chron model echoes this commitment to technological progress while honoring the brand's rich heritage.

Coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike, Longines Ultra-Chron watches possess an inherent allure stemming from their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship. Their stark design and esteemed reputation contribute to their desirability among connoisseurs.

Longines Ultra-Chron History

The Longines Ultra-Chron collection traces its lineage to the 1960s, marking a pivotal era in horological history with the release of the original Longines Ultra-Chron Diver in 1968. Its advent heralded a groundbreaking innovation in the form of high-frequency movements, setting new benchmarks for precision timekeeping. Esteemed for its technological advancements, the Ultra-Chron series swiftly gained acclaim for revolutionizing the watch industry's standards of affordability and accuracy.

This collection's legacy embodies Longines' commitment to pioneering advancements while paying homage to traditional craftsmanship. Over the years, the Longines Ultra-Chron watches have become emblematic and revered for their historical significance, technical excellence, and unwavering popularity among discerning aficionados worldwide.

How Much Do Longines Ultra-Chron Watches Cost?

Longines Ultra-Chron watch prices can vary based on factors such as materials, complications, and the specific model's accessories. For those who prefer leather straps, the entry point is slightly lower than for the steel bracelet editions, for example. Generally, Longines Ultra-Chron watches range from $3,350 to $3,850, depending on the model and add-ons.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Longines Ultra-Chron (ref. L2.836.4.52.6) $3,600 High frequency movement, Steel case and bracelet, Rotating bezel
Longines Ultra-Chron Box Edition (ref. L2.836.4.52.9) $3,850 Steel bracelet and nato strap, watch tool

What's Unique About Ultra-Chron Watches?

Longines Ultra-Chron watches stand out for their distinctive blend of technical innovation and sporty design. Although they're modeled after a dive watch, one wouldn't be off the mark in saying that the Ultra-Chron range has subtle racing watch characteristics. If you're after a dedicated dive watch, consider the Hydroconquest collection from Longines. Their hallmark feature lies in high-frequency movements, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Furthermore, finding a 300m water resistance at this price point is no easy task and one that the Ultra-Chron steps up to with aplomb! Combined with refined aesthetics, these timepieces exude sophistication and hardiness, boasting classic designs that seamlessly merge with modern sensibilities.

The collection's ability to harmonize cutting-edge technology with enduring style sets it apart, making Longines Ultra-Chron watches an embodiment of modern horological excellence.

Longines Ultra-Chron Watch Movements

Longines Ultra-Chron watches invariably incorporate a mechanical automatic movement, namely the in-house L836, which beats at 36,000 vibrations per hour. Despite their high-revving nature, these movements still boast a surprisingly lengthy power reserve, maintaining a steady pulse for up to 52 hours.

Characterized by their self-winding mechanism powered by the wearer's motion, these movements are both sensitive enough to be practically accurate and hard-wearing enough to relieve any fears that one may have about breakage or damage.

Longines Ultra-Chron Watch Colors

The Longines Ultra-Chron collection offers a timeless palette of classic and contemporary colors to suit various tastes. Predominantly, the collection is made up of timeless hues such as silver, black, and white dials paired with stainless steel or brown leather straps.

These colors exude sophistication and complement the collection's elegant designs. Sporty touches of red and the beige tint provided by luminous inclusions further set the Ultra-Chron range in the world of fast-paced splendor.

Longines Ultra-Chron Watch Materials

Stainless steel is the predominant material for cases and bracelets in the Ultra-Chron range, known for its robustness, corrosion resistance, and classic appearance. This makes total sense when you consider the adventurous underwater heritage of the collection.

Elements such as rhodium and double-coated sapphire crystals adorn the models, imparting durability, scratch resistance, and complete legibility to the Ultra-Chron timepieces.

Of course, each Ultra-Chron watch comes with Super-LumiNova touches that make reading the time in the dark a breeze. The meticulous selection of materials ensures a harmonious balance between functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal across the collection.

Buying Longines Ultra-Chron Watches

Longines Ultra-Chron watches are available for purchase through various channels, including the brand's official website and authorized Longines dealers, such as Exquisite Timepieces. The latter offers the full scope of Longines Ultra-Chron watches, providing everything enthusiasts and collectors could want from the range.

Through the Exquisite Timepieces platform, customers can easily explore and access different iterations and variations of the Ultra-Chron series, ensuring a seamless and trusted purchasing experience with a diverse range of choices.

Caring For Your Longines Ultra-Chron Watch

Owning a Longines Ultra-Chron watch is an investment in world-class craftsmanship and unparalleled precision at the given price point. As with any upmarket timepiece, to preserve the allure and functionality of your Ultra-Chron for years to come, proper care is essential. Routine maintenance, such as regular cleaning and servicing, ensures longevity and optimal performance.

Exquisite Timepieces offers a dedicated watch service catering to the meticulous needs of your Longines Ultra-Chron. Their expert technicians provide comprehensive care, from ground-up maintenance to complex repairs, safeguarding your watch's integrity.

Exquisite Timepieces' watch service upholds the highest standards, utilizing industry-leading techniques and employing genuine parts to uphold your watch's excellence. In case of any issues, Exquisite Timepieces' repair service is equipped to address concerns promptly, restoring your cherished Ultra-Chron from whatever state it may be into its pristine condition.

Longines Ultra-Chron FAQ

What is an Ultra-Chron watch?

The Ultra-Chron is a collection of Longines watches based on a heritage 1960s model, known for their high-frequency movements, which ensure exceptional accuracy and precision timekeeping.

When did Longines release the Ultra-Chron?

Longines introduced the original Ultra-Chron collection in the 1960s and re-released the updated watch in 2022, marking a significant advancement in high-frequency movement technology within the watchmaking industry.

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