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The Longines Record watch collection has impressed the global watchmaking community with their flawlessly combined vintage aesthetics and contemporary designs. The Longines Record watch pays tribute to their legacy of traditional timekeeping excellence. These watches are well-known for delivering reliable accuracy and remarkable longevity. Each piece features beautiful dial colors such as white mother-of-pearl, blue, and white matte. For highly-trusted, luxury chronometers consider the Longines Record watch line. Looking for Longines Record watches for sale can be difficult without the right help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Longines Record watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a Longines Record authorized dealer.Read More...Get a FREE Watch Winder with your purchase of selected Longines Record watches over $2,000. Learn More »

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Longines Record Blue Dial

Longines Record Blue Dial





Longines Record 30mm Automatic

Longines Record 30mm Automatic





Longines Record L2.821.4.11.6

Longines Record L2.821.4.11.6





Longines Record Review

The Longines watch brand has long been associated with quality. Known as one of the more affordable luxury brands, their watches are highly respected in the timepiece world for their design, accuracy, and elegance.

Starting from the early days, Longines has aimed to put out some of the best watches in the luxury world. Their popular collections such as the Longines Elegance Collection, Longines Watchmaking Tradition Collection, etc. have helped prove this point. Therefore, one of their most recent collections, the Longines Record Collection is only keeping in line with their tradition.


The History of the Longines Record Collection

In 2017, the Longines brand celebrated its 185thanniversary by releasing the Longines Record Collection. This collection, unveiled at Baselworld, was created to commemorate the company’s legacy and tradition over the years. What makes it so cool is that it is the first Longines COSC-certified collection – a pleasant surprise to many of the brand’s loyal customers.

While this collection is a mixture of Longines vintage excellent and classic design, it also caters to the need of contemporary watch enthusiasts. 


What is so Special About the Longines Record Collection?

The Longines Record Collection is in a different class among the luxury chronometers in the market. Each watch in this collection comes with a certificate of accuracy from the COSC. This has led it to become the driving force behind the brand’s resurgence in recent years. 

When thinking of chronometric performance, we usually think of old watches as most new watches barely tell precise time over a decent period of time – except smartwatches, of course. However, the Longines Record Collection is one of the new watches that defies that stereotype.

As you know, the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) certification is a guarantee that a watch runs accurately. To meet this accreditation, a watch has to run daily between -4 to +6 seconds a day. It must also have a mean variation in rate, rate variation due to temperature as well as great variation in rate. All of these criteria were met by every watch in the Longines record collection.

But that is not all. The Record collection is characterized by two separate sized calibers for better accuracy and longevity of the watches. Longines also included silicon balance springs for movement. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Longines record automatic chronometer is that unlike previous collections such as the Heritage 1945 and the Flagship, it has a date window at 3 0’clock.

Lastly, this collection comes in different sizes that cater to both the ladies and gents.


The Longines Record Collection

  • Overall Outline: The Longines Record Collection is a selection of stainless-steel watches. The cases are designed to be water-resistant for up to 30m with sapphire display case backs for you to admire the chronological movement of your watch.

They are elegantly made with scratch-resistant polished surfaces. In addition, you can also get to choose between a steel bracelet and leather strap.

There are also new variations released in 2018. The Longines rose gold which adorns in full rose gold color or mixed with stainless steel and features a transparent back.

  • Sizes: It is available in four sizes. These sizes are 26mm, 30mm, 38.5mm, and 40mm. The two smaller versions are designed especially for Longines record ladies while the larger ones, which are the Longines 40mm & Longines 38.5mm are made for men. Also, the larger versions come in that vintage Calatrava shape.
  • Dial Options: There are 6 dial options to choose from for the larger versions while the Longines record ladies’ watches have more. Although each one is equally as elegant as the other, we all will have a personal favorite.

Mine is the Longines record blue sunray with a mixture of Arabic and triangular bar indexes dial. The blued steel hands change to black, depending on how the light falls on them. The color of the date window also exquisitely matches the dial.

The other dial options for the larger versions are:

  • White matte dial with roman numerals
  • Black lacquered with diamond indexes
  • Sunray black dial with a mix of Arabic numerals and triangular indexes
  • Sunray silver dial with a mix of Arabic numerals and triangular indexes
  • Sunray silver dial with baton indexes

The Longines record ladies’ version has an additional white mother-of-pearl with diamond indexes option.

  • Power: The two larger watches in the collection, which are the 40mm & 38.5mm model, are powered by the Caliber L888.4 (ETA A31.L11). On the other hand, the 30mm and 26mm models are powered by the Caliber L592.4 (ETA A20.L11).

Running at 25,200 VPH, these babies also have a power reserve of 64 hours. Although the movement is manufactured by ETA, they are done specifically for Longines. 


Longines Record Collection Price

The price range of the watches in the collection are as follows:

  • The Longines Record Automatic White Dial (L2.321.4.87.6):

Made with stainless steel, this 30mm with a white mother of pearl dial color is exquisitely fitted with a blue hand. The bracelet strap is made of stainless steel. It comes with a diamond dial marker and has a full factory warranty.

This Longines record lady watch goes for about $2,225+.

  • The Longines Record Blue Dial (L28214966):

This 40mm stainless steel Longines Record Blue dial is one of the most popular watches in this collection. With Arabic numeral dial markers, stainless steel bracelet strap, and silver hands, it is just the right combination of color.

This Longines Record watch goes for about $2,025+

The average price range of the other watches in this collection is: Longines Record Automatic - $1700+ in the market, Longines Record COSC automatic for $1,800+, Longines Record 38.5mm L2.820.4.76.2 for $1,600+, etc.


Wrap Up: Longines Record Review

The Longines Record collection is their first collection of chronometers that are specifically designed for high-precision timekeeping. However, a more noteworthy aspect of this collection is that there is something for the ladies as well. The above Longines record review shows that the brand is serious about creating watches at great prices. 

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