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Itay Noy is one of a few dozen independent timepiece makers throughout the world. Itay Noy has been creating high-quality timepieces since 2000 and has helped design many collections including Droog Design Gallery - Amsterdam, C. Bronfman Collection - NY, The Israel Museum - Jerusalem. With its studio in Old Jaffa, Itay Noy designs limited-edition collection of hand-made watches and clocks, producing only about 150 watches a year.

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Brand Review: Itay Noy Watches

Itay Noy watches are created with a sublime blend of unique design and functional perfection. All of them are built around ETA calibers, among them are the ubiquitous 2824 and 6498. Here are two of the most appreciated recent collections:

1. The Part-Time

Displayed at Baselworld 2015, Itay Noy’s Part-Time watch was available in four color schemes, limited to 24 pieces each. The concept behind the watch is simple yet interesting: The dial is divided by a verticle line into two temporal segments, one for day and the other for the night. During the daytime, only the ‘day’ side is active and vice versa. It was priced at $4,800.

2. Reorder Watch

Launched this year only, the Reorder watch series consists of a dial which is reorganized into two contrasting displays. There are traditional analog hands in the center and around them there are 4 triangles of 12 digits indicating the hours. The digits seem scattered randomly over the dial but are logically revealed in counter-clockwise order. Apparently, this new order of display challenges the traditional way to read the time. The watch is available in 3 colors and priced at $6,800.

Who is Itay Noy?

Born in 1972, Itay Noy is a contemporary Israeli artist and timepiece-maker. He is graduated in fine arts with a BFA degree from the jewelry department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, followed by an M.Des. degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

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