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15 best champagne dial watches

15 BEST Champagne Dial Watches That We Totally Love!

When thinking of Champagne: class, elegance, and sophistication come to mind. These themes were reiterated through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 in Wines Certificate that I took. Discovering the complexities of the notes of lemon and subtleties of brioche bread when sampling two Champagnes struck a chord with me.

However, there is more than one kind of bubbly out there. There is Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, and Crémant from France (yes, different types of sparkling wine exist in France.) Each of these wines, they carry different flavors, tones, and prices. That’s exactly what we are going to be exploring today, The 15 Best Champagne Dialed Watches.

Looking at this list of watches we will explore the varying tones of the dials, the quality, and price of these respective watches. Even though the list brings in a broad variety of timepieces, like the variety of sparkling wine out in the market, it is adequate to compare them all under the umbrella of Champagne Dials. And I can guarantee you, all these watches will age like fine wine.

What is a Champagne Dial Watch? – Picking the Perfect Bottle

When going to the store to get a bottle of wine to celebrate an occasion it can be overwhelming. Isle headers with “Country” or “Types” are often floating over thousands of selections. What typically draws someone into purchasing a bottle? The label. A survey in 2016 stated that 80% of consumers buy their wine solely based on how the label looks. This is truly how this list was compiled, mainly on the look of the shimmering Champagne dials below.

Added into the mix is the variety of price points and a quick insight into the movement that helps each timepiece function. A “Champagne” dial watch is typically a gold-colored hue that stretches the face of the dial and reiterates its namesake. This can vary from a light eggshell or an off-white tone all the way to a heavily saturated yellow or sherry tone.

This gold color can be achieved through gold-plated dials, silver plated with gold, the texture of the dial, or even a paint or lacquer finish. The Champagne tone of the dial typically carries a sunburst material which is a brushed metal following a radial pattern instead of the prototypical brushed parallel lines giving it a highly reflective effect.

Now let’s pop this bottle and raise a glass to The 15 Best Champagne Dial Watches.

15. The Longines Master Collection

The Longines Master Collection

This beige dial makes it easy to see why diamonds are a girl’s (and watches,) best friend. This Longines may be as cliché as proposing to someone with a diamond ring in a Champagne flute. But as cheesy as it is, there is something charming about it.

This watch carries a classic feel as the size comes in at 34mm, with a stainless-steel case and holds the Longines Caliber L888.5 self-winding movement with an approximate 72-hour power reserve. The dial holds 12 diamonds (2 located at the 12 o’clock indices as the date window is at the 3 o’clock position) amounting to a total of 0.055 carats. This watch is priced at 2,250 CHF.

14. Zodiac Olympos Automatic

Zodiac Olympos Automatic

The Zodiac Olympos has one of the best dials on this list for three reasons. The first, it is segmented into four quadrants embracing the era of old 1950s vintage Omegas with their crosshair dials. Second, the radial finishing of the dial makes it shimmer in different ways giving it a pie-pan effect. Finally, that Champagne dial is gleaming. The positioning of the crown at two o’clock and a blue typeface on the date wheel is also something to take note of.

The case shape is something you do not see every day being pentagonal in design. Under the different case shape is an automatic Calibre 1-11 produced by Swiss Technology Production that will give this Zodiac a 44-hour power reserve. If you are interested in adding a modern brand with a classic feel, put this Olympos into your rotation from Exquisite Timepieces for $895.

13. Omega Speedmaster 38 Co‑Axial Chronometer Chronograph 38mm

Omega Speedmaster 38 Co‑Axial Chronometer Chronograph 38mm

The dial of this watch is a silvery-Champagne tone that is offset by the warmth of this Omega’s Sedna Gold™. This Speedmaster can be classified as a Sparkling Rosé in the world of sparkling wines. The case diameter comes in at 38mm with an Omega calibre 3330 powering this watch, giving it 52-hours of life. The dulled matte alligator strap plays into the monochromatic feel of this watch highlighting the one-of-a-kind blend of gold and the light Prosecco-esque dial. This watch is priced at $17,400.

12. Oris Divers Sixty-Five

Oris Divers Sixty-Five

The Oris Divers sixty-five may not be your typical Champagne dial, but it carries some of the characteristics of one. The case itself is bronze and stainless steel that measures in at 40mm with a brown dial that embodies the idea of sparkling wine.

The bronze case exterior will begin to patina over time adding characteristics and personalization to the watch. This bronze patina will complement the dial colors while embracing the sparkling wine theme through the Super-LumiNova hands in light old radium.

The movement powering this Oris is a movement based on the Sellita Caliber SW200-1, which Oris coins the Caliber 733 that has a 38-hour power reserve. Oris is a brand that is often associated with being a watch collector’s watch brand. They are able to show this through such a high-quality timepiece at the great price of $1950.

11. The Longines Spirit

The Longines Spirit

Longines lists this dial as a true Champagne color. This can be debated as the spectrum of color is displayed across the list and there is no correct definition of the color. The neutrality of this watch is the charm that pulls in the wearer.

The applied Arabic numerals and the PVD gray polished hands contribute to the objective of highlighting the intricacies and subtleties of the Champagne dial. Like many other Longines this has the L888.4 movement enshrouded by the stainless steel case measuring at 37mm. The Longines Spirit has a price of 2,250 CHF.

10. Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time” Star bar Limited Edition

Seiko Presage “Cocktail Time” Star bar Limited Edition

This limited edition Seiko Cocktail Time is a definite head turner. The honeycomb shape splattered across the dial gives the depiction of bubbles floating across the watch. This Cocktail Time is coined the “Star Bar” and is limited to just 6,000 pieces. The automatic with manual winding movement has a power reserve of approximately 41-hours.

One eye-catching aspect is the skeletonized porthole that allows the wearer to see part of the movement from the front, and if that’s not enough the wearer can turn over the watch and see the displayed caseback with the engraved serial number and the number of the allocated limited edition. The diameter of this timepiece is 40.5mm of pure class. This watch is incredibly priced at $595.

9. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date Desert Edition

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date Desert Edition

Blancpain is a sleeper brand that deserves more attention. This limited edition fifty fathoms could be one of the reasons why. The bathyscaphe day date desert edition shows a sandy Champagne-colored dial that features day and date complications. The red tip of the second hand adds the perfect contrast across the neutral-toned dial. Behind that gorgeous dial lies the Caliber 1315DD movement that boasts a 120-hour power reserve.

A unidirectional satin-brushed steel bezel with a mocha-colored ceramic insert makes the dial pop even more. The sail-cloth strap compliments the ruggedness of this watch. At 43mm in diameter, it will sit hefty on the wrist, but with a Champagne dial as unique as this one it is worth the extra real estate. This Blancpain will set you back $12,700.

8. Seiko 5 Sports

The dial of this Seiko Five Sports is a matte beige tone that is lighter in the middle and dissipates to a darker matte style towards the edges of the dial. The SRPD67’s dial paints the picture of a light bottle of sparkling wine. Underneath that dial is the Automatic Seiko caliber 4R36 giving this watch approximately 41 hours of power reserve, however, it may not be the most accurate timepiece to add to your collection.

The movement can run at +45 to -35 seconds per day. A Seiko 5 is a great gift-watch to those just entering the world of watches as they are conducive to most budgets and provide indisputable quality. This model also would match well with a glass of Champagne in hand or as a celebratory gift for an important life moment. Priced on Amazon at $195.98

7.5. Seiko 5 Sports BAIT Collaboration

Seiko 5 Sports BAIT Collaboration

This watch is a sneaky addition to the list. Maybe I should have called this article “The Top 16 Champagne Dial Watches”? The reason that this watch gets a decimal listing is that it is so similar to the previous Seiko 5. This watch has the same technical specs as the prior with some additional flare.

This is a limited edition collaboration that is done with BAIT and was previously available on the Exquisite Timepieces’ website. The creamy Champagne dial does have the sunburst or reflection that a glass of bubbly produces but it does share the same color palette. This watch was priced at $440 and is limited to 300 pieces.

7. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 White Grape 116000

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 White Grape 116000

To make wine you gather some grapes and through the process of fermentation you can  create that beloved beverage we all love. I had to include the Rolex Oyster Perpetual White Grape in this list because this grape carries a Champagne tone. One thing that pleases me about the Oyster Perpetual models is the symmetry of the dial.

The stainless steel case back encloses the Rolex calibre 3130 automatic movement with 42-hours of power. This Oyster Perpetual 36mm has been discontinued but was on Exquisite Timepieces. Keep your eyes on the website for full sets of watches like this one.

6. The Longines Flagship

The Longines Flagship

As you can tell by the third Longines on this list, I may hold some favoritism to the brand. The simplicity of the indices of the Longines Flagship is what makes it wonderful. The size of the case at 40mm makes it slightly big for a dress watch, yet coming in at 8.7mm thickness makes it feel smaller than it actually is.

This beige-champagne tone dial is contrasted by the silver hands and indices. Similar to the Longines L2.357.4.07.6 this uses the L888 movement that is based on the ETA A31.L11 movement. This handsome Champagne dialed watch is priced at 1,650 CHF and is an incredible value at this price point.

5. Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 – Limited Edition

Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 - Limited Edition

This dial may be an off-Champagne tone but the texture is what embodies the theme on this watch. The dial is made of solid gold and is solid plated in silver by friction, replicating the texture that you may find in Champagne or the microbubbles found in different ages of sparkling wine. And of course Champagne and Tourbillon share many of the same synonyms of class, elegance, and success.

The Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 – Limited Edition uses a manual wind Calibre 54-01 which has a running time of 100-hours and hosts a flying Tourbillon through its display caseback. This Glashütte Original is the priciest of this list, coming in at $121,800.

4. Nomos Minimatik Champagne

Nomos Minimatik Champagne

Nomos is a brand that brings value to the forefront of every single model that they release. The Minimatik in champagne is what I picture when people describe a champagne dial watch. Bauhaus design and the excellence of German manufacturing resonate from the typeface all the way to the minimalist-inspired clasp. The dark numerals add a bold contrast to the light shade stretching across the dial.

Nestled between the contrast of light and dark, the neon orange accents compose the dichotomy of colors together. The Minimatik’s galvanized dial is accented with Champagne gold minute markers.

Nomos continues to amaze by adding their in-house built caliber DUW 3001 which uses Nomos’ proprietary swing systems that promises outstanding accuracy. All of these features and beautiful aesthetic is priced at $3,800.

3. The Grand Seiko

The Grand Seiko

This watch exudes the fizziness of Champagne dial watches. As we all know, Grand Seiko’s dials are masterpieces and this one surely lives up to those expectations. The muted tones on the dial are contrasted by the stunning blue tempered steel hand. This watch is powered by the Caliber 9R65 Automatic Spring Drive movement.

The movement has a 72-hour power reserve and has a power reserve indicator in the bottom left corner of the dial. Grand Seiko is known for the accuracy of their watches and time keeping ability. The SBGA373 comes in at +/- 1 seconds per day (+/- 15 seconds per month.) This Grand Seiko will cost $5200.

2. Rolex Day-Date President

Rolex Day-Date President

When you think of a quintessential Champagne dial watch, this Rolex Day-Date immediately comes to my mind. This pristine example of a Day-Date President 18238 from 1990 comes as a full set with an original box and papers.

This set has been stored in a safe and has the original Rolex sticker on the back of the watch and is in new-old-stock (NOS) condition. The bright 18k dial with date and day complications in champagne-colored gold only adds to the allure of this watch.

This is the watch that is associated with success and celebration. Whether it is a big business deal, retirement, or another celebration of importance; this 36mm piece of perfection pairs well with a bottle of Champagne like Dom Pérignon. The watch and the complete set can be yours for $36,000 found on the Exquisite Timepieces website.

1. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Co‑Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42mm

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Co‑Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42mm

This watch is truly breathtaking. The dial uses a sun-brushed version of Omega’s proprietary 18K Moonshine Gold™. This may not be an exact Champagne color dial but we can get away with calling it a sparkling Rosé. This Speedmaster Professional is less of a tool watch and definitely embodies the “pop bottles” mentality being shrouded in 18k gold. However, this watch is not just a pretty face. It has the technical specs to back itself up.

This Speedy is a Certified Master Chronometer, approved by METAS, and resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss, (which is actually 15x the magnetic resistance of the Rolex Milgauss)! If this is not enough to convince you that this is a celebration watch, you can flip this timepiece over and see the sophisticated workings of the manual wind Calibre Omega 3861 through the sapphire caseback that has a 50-hour power reserve. This watch is well worth the price coming in at $39,700.

Time to put a cork in it!

Throughout this list of 15 (I guess 16!) watches, I hope everyone found some Champagne that appeases their palate. There is a watch for every Champagne lover and these ones are worth celebrating with. Cheers!

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