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10 BEST Gucci Dive Watches (Water-Resistant Beauties!)

Gucci is a luxury fashion house front runner in pop culture, known for its stylish contemporary designs and iconic logo. Their watches are no exception if you’re looking for fashionable luxury dive watches, and surprisingly on an affordable budget. 

The Gucci Dive collection models are also functional. They are designed to withstand underwater exploration with durable and eco-friendly materials, water resistance, and luminous parts – and in style.

This guide will look at the top 10 Gucci dive watches available today. We’ve also included a range of styles and features to suit different preferences and needs. From classic designs to socially-acceptable bio-based models, these watches offer something for everyone.

As a plus, we’ve included a short history of Gucci dive watches and a brief overview of the collection. You’ll surely find a Gucci that suits your style and budget. Let’s dive in and explore the 10 Best Gucci Dive Watches.

Classic and Eco-Based Gucci Dive Watches

The Gucci Dive Watch is the star luxury watchmaker’s collection of sporty timepieces with classic and contemporary styles. They each have a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet), making them suitable for aquatic sports like swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. These watches are relatively affordable as they fall under $2,000.

Gucci Dive Watches come in two major designs: bio-based and classic. The bio-based designs were launched as part of Gucci’s efforts to reduce their environmental impact. These divers used sustainable materials like rubber, fabric, and steel straps. 

In addition, authentic classic Gucci dive watches carry stunning dials – with the brand’s symbolic heads – snake, bee, or tiger, luminous hands and indexes, a date indicator, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and solid case backs. The hands have an elegant movement across the dial, thanks to the Swiss Quartz movement they run on.

The Bio-based designs are similar except for a skeleton dial design and open case back. Gucci did a pretty good job of making open case backs look good on a quartz movement. Remember, they are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, such as bio-based plastic and recycled steel.

History Of Gucci Dive Watches

For decades, Gucci, an Italian high-end fashion brand, has established itself as a reputable designer. Riding on this reputation, the brand ventured into the watchmaking business in 1972. However, it only thrived as a watchmaker once it collaborated with Swiss engineers in the 1990s.

The Gucci Dive watch was first introduced in 2013 as a limited edition wristwatch powered by a Girard-Perregaux movement. The limited edition was high-priced and sold for around $8,600. In 2015, the company, as a pre-BaselWorld introduction, added the Dive line permanently to its watch collection after it attracted the interest of collectors and watch buffs. This time, however, it was easily accessible and affordable.

The Best Gucci Dive Watches

1. Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Rubber Strap (Style ‎633001 I16X0 1000)

Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Rubber Strap (Style ‎633001 I16X0 1000)

First on our list is the Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Rubber Strap (Style ‎633001 I16X0 1000). 

It’s a classic black diver with an elegant design to brave waves and occasions. The watch features a black stainless steel case with PVD coating, a matte black dial, Rolex-like indexes, and a big date at 6.

Its black rubber strap is a masterpiece for a sporty watch, providing comfort and durability. But the Gucci engraving across the band transforms it into a luxury everyday watch. It’s adjustable between 140mm to 200mm to fit small and larger wrist sizes. 

Further, this Gucci dive watch has an artistic connection between the lugs and strap. The strap has metal ends that connect to the lugs in a simple but sophisticated interlocking. Plus, its oversized clasp with Gucci engraving adds a luxurious touch to the watch. The watch is sensationally water resistant to 200 meters with a screw-down crown and quartz movement.

Starts from approximately: $1,600

2. Gucci Dive Watch 40mm Silver Dial Steel Bracelet (Style 663937 I1600 1108, also available on a white rubber strap)

Gucci Dive Watch 40mm Silver Dial Steel Bracelet (Style 663937 I1600 1108, also available on a white rubber strap)

Well, here’s another classic watch in the Gucci Dive line. It’s a fancy dive watch with an impressive silver dial and a stylish link bracelet. It’s an astonishing dial with a guilloche-type finish and multi-icon indexes. 

The renowned Bee icon, which signifies love and community, sits at 12 o’clock and on the case back. Then a vibrant mix of stars, circles, triangles, and a date indicator at 6 o’clock comes to life in the dark. 

The bracelet is made of durable steel with a polished finish that highlights the contemporary design of the watch. It adjusts 110mm to 195mm, perfect for wrist sizes under 8 inches. The unidirectional rotating bezel is both adds functional and stylish. It’s numbered in 5-minute increments to 60 minutes with bolder fonts at the four cardinal hours.

A scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating is included in the 40mm case for enhanced protection. The case is also water-resistant and can withstand a depth of 660 feet.

This watch also has a white rubber strap add-on but with a different reference number (Style ‎663938 I16X0 8526). It has the same features as the steel bracelet model except for a white rubber strap and a more limited adjustment range of (150mm to 195mm).

Starts from approximately: $1,600 (note that the white rubber strap version of the watch goes for $1,450)

3. Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm White Transparent (Style 704332 I16H0 9880)

Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm White Transparent (Style 704332 I16H0 9880)

A relatively affordable eco-friendly dive watch with an open case back, who can say no to that?  Well, this is definitely one Gucci Dive model that you do not want to say no to, especially if you are an environmentalist. It is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to make a statement while positively impacting the planet. 

Its 40mm case is made of steel and bio-based plastic. The biodegradable rubber strap has a unique translucent aesthetic and a bold silver Gucci-embossed butterfly clasp. Aside from its eco-friendly appeal, the watch is a testament to beautiful horology.

The skeleton dial with shapely index icons and open case back shows an attention to detail in craftsmanship. This Gucci Dive watch has an icy aura that will turn heads – at 40mm; you can rock it under a suit and stay dapper. 

Starts from approximately: $1,850

4. Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Silver Snake (Style 559810 I1600 1402)

Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Silver Snake (Style 559810 I1600 1402)

The Gucci Snake is a symbol of luxury, fashion, and style in pop culture. Dive Watch 45mm Dial Silver Snake model on your wrist speaks this truth. 

The snake motif slithers through the dial over the dial and rests its head beneath the iconic Gucci logo at 13 o’clock. It’s the symbolic icon of Gucci’s House: the Kingsnake. But framed with a 45mm case, edgy lug-to-lug, oversized screw-down crown, and a colored bezel, it’s a sporty luxury watch.

That’s not all. The steel bracelet is classy and graceful, and very comfortable to wear. It is designed with room for adjustment from 146mm to 221mm.

The Gucci Dive Style 559810 I1600 1402 watch sports an anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass and highly legible round indexes like other classic Dive designs. And as expected, it is water resistant for up to 20 meters, and it features the precision and reliability of the Swiss Quartz movement.

Starts from approximately: $1,700

5. Gucci Dive Watch 40mm Green Dial Nylon Strap (Style ‎663954 I18M0 6421)

Gucci Dive Watch 40mm Green Dial Nylon Strap (Style ‎663954 I18M0 6421)

If you want a contemporary designer watch that stands out in the crowd, this Gucci Dive Watch Style ‎663954 I18M0 6421 does it remarkably. It’s logo-clad from the dial to the case, bezel, and strap down to the crown in the Italian designer’s popular green and red.

A striking green dial adds a touch of personality but is particularly beautified with the bee and star indexes. Also, its red and green nylon strap complements the unidirectional bezel of the same color. 

Wearing for extended periods for wrists sizes between 150mm to 200mm is comfortable. As part of Gucci’s efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of designer houses, the nylon strap is constructed from ECONYL, recycled polyester from waste materials like fishing nets.

Essentially, it’s not a barrage of colors but an artistically put-together Gucci designer watch with quartz movement. At its finest, this watch is a uniform for a Gucci fanboy and has the appeal of a luxury water sports watch.

Starts from approximately: €1,250

6. Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm Aquamarine (Style ‎704337 I16H0 4009)

Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm Aquamarine (Style ‎704337 I16H0 4009)

This is another one of Gucci’s colorful bio-based Dive models with an open case back and a skeleton dial. This means you can see the movements, oscillating weights, and discs front and back. 

This eco-friendly model has a blend of steel and aquamarine plastic case and a green aquamarine plastic strap. The material is produced from the same components sea shells are made from. 

As with the other Dive watches, it’s emblematic and comfortable for sweaty or water activities. The strap also adjusts from 150mm to 200mm, and the 40mm case gives you versatility as it can fit under arm cuffs comfortably for a dressy pairing. 

The Gucci Dive Aquamarine should be a staple in you have a daring fashion sense that combines bold colors.

Starts from approximately: £1,650

7. Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Yellow Gold Snake (Style ‎559817 I8610 8757)

Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Yellow Gold Snake (Style ‎559817 I8610 8757)

The Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Yellow Gold Snake (Style ‎559817 I8610 8757) is the watch you watch when you want to make a statement – and boy, does it make a statement. 

The snake motif from Gucci’s House Kingsnake is covered in yellow gold, as well as the PVD case. Its black dial also joins the party with yellow gold applied hands and indexes with golden egg – Gucci GG logo – at 12 o’clock. 

Its golden case and clasp accentuate the brand-name embossed rubber strap for a sporty but classy look. It’s more suitable for casual and semi-formal wear because of its 45mm case and large bezel. But it will slay under large coat cuffs or dressy outfits.

The Gucci Yellow Snake is one of the most affordable gold-plated timepieces from a major luxury brand. It’s not flashy, but it sure emphasizes the good life. 

Starts from approximately: $1,750

8. Gucci Dive Watch 40mm White Dial Feline Head (Style ‎559821 I8610 8504)

Gucci Dive Watch 40mm White Dial Feline Head (Style ‎559821 I8610 8504)

Nothing screams “doyenne” or “feminine domination” louder than this watch. It is simply the epitome of luxury, elegance, grace, and sophistication.

For one, the choice of colors is indeed intriguing and well thought out. The strap, which comes in white rubber, the black dial, and the yellow gold case, give the watch a sleek and polished look.

However, the most intriguing aspect of the Gucci Style ‎559821 I8610 8504 is the brand’s use of one of its symbolic motifs – the feline head. The feline head is a three-dimensional sculpture sitting at the dial’s center that nods to the craftsmanship that goes into the watch. 

Additionally, to sustain the watch’s femininity, the case is made in a 40mm size, perfect for persons who want a look that’s neither too big nor too small. But this design can pass as a unisex timepiece. 

Starts from approximately: $1,650

9. Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm Green Transparent (Style ‎704340 I16H0 3020)

Gucci Dive Watch Bio-Based 40mm Green Transparent (Style ‎704340 I16H0 3020)

The Gucci Dive Bio-based 40mm Green Transparent Watch (Style ‎704340 I16H0 3020) is made from bio-based materials derived from renewable resources and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional watch materials. 

The slimy green hue is also a nod to Gucci’s commitment to sustainability, as the brand strives to reduce its environmental impact in every aspect of its operations. This watch is no different from the other eco-based Gucci Dive watches, except for its leafy green color. 

It’s a stylish instrument watch, like the G-Shock, but it can also complement dress watches reasonably well. Its green translucent design gives the watch a distinctive and contemporary feel, and the 40mm case size is ideal for individuals who desire a medium-sized watch.

The green plastic strap is comfortable to wear (suitable for wrist sizes 5.9″ to 7.9″) and reinforces the watch’s eco-friendly credentials.

Starts from approximately: $1,850

10. Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Multi Color Indexes (Style ‎663940 I16X0 8489)

 Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Multi Color Indexes (Style ‎663940 I16X0 8489)

The Gucci Dive Watch 45mm Black Dial Multi Color Indexes is a fun and vibrant timepiece perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their wardrobe. 

It’s a beautiful stainless steel silver watch that retains the typical features of the classic Dive collection on a frosted black dial. It’s good to see Gucci’s green-and-red one, the star and round indexes, and the bee replacing the GG logo at 12 o’clock.

It’s framed in a 45mm black steel case and the typical unidirectional rotating bezel for divers in 5-minute intervals written in Arabic numerals. This Gucci Dive is bulky, with an equally large link bracelet with a brush and polished finish. But its dark face transforms it into a fashionable casual timepiece. 

Like most dive watches, this watch retains 200 meters of water resistance and the Swiss Quartz movement. However, it has a slightly different wrist size as it is only suitable for wrists that are 135mm to 190mm wide.

Starts from approximately: $1,700


Gucci Dive Watches are the ideal fusion of fashion and functionality. But they’re more glorified as a statement or style piece, not their horological advancement. All the watches in the Dive collection are quartz, and Gucci fails to explain or expressly mention the technical details of their making. 

Regardless, Gucci Dive watches are still an excellent choice for recreational diving and/or fashion statement piece. Want to appear casual, stylish, elegant, powerful, and luxurious? You name it; there’s a Gucci Dive Watch that suits your purpose.

We’ve highlighted some of the best models currently on the market in our 10 Best Gucci Dive Watches list. Hopefully, this guide will connect you with your next contemporary water-resistant timepiece. All the best!

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