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The 12 Best Frederique Constant Watches For Men

Have you gone to a Starbucks or to the mall recently? Are you like me—keenly aware of the “watches” that adorn the wrists of the masses? Next time you go out in public, pay attention. You’ll see loads of Apple Watches, Casio G-Shocks, Invictas, and the other usual suspects. What do these all have in common? 

They are sporty and wouldn’t necessarily match well with a tuxedo. But, we are in an ever increasingly “casual” world, with work-from-home changing the fashion dynamic as we know it. Watches have followed suit, but one company has managed to remain true to its DNA in offering dressier options that somehow, amalgamate perfectly with our modern world. Enter Frederique Constant.

The History Of Frederique Constant Watches

Founded by Aletta and Peter Stas in 1988, with their first collection being released in 1992, Frederique Constant is a relatively new player in the game of Swiss watches. Though they had humble beginnings, they continuously innovated and released timepieces that punched far above their weight in terms of price to quality. 

They were, and are, well known for watches that draw inspiration from the likes of Breguet, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and other titans of the Swiss Watch industry who focus on classic designs and dress pieces.

And for the first decade of business, Frederique Constant did everything right. They sold out of department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, in airport boutiques, and expanded their network of authorized dealers. 

Within ten years, they acquired the historic Alpina watches, which helped diversify their offerings from solely dressier options to a younger and sportier collection. Such was their success that in 2016, they were acquired by Citizen Watch Company, the Japanese titan known for Eco-Drive technology and their famed Miyota movements. 

12 Best Frederique Constant Watches For Men You Can Buy Today

In the age of smartwatches and digital distractions, to make it as a newcomer in Frederique Constant’s price bracket is worth mentioning—heck, it’s worth going to a brick-and-mortar store and slipping a few of their timepieces on. But here at Exquisite Timepieces, we are happy to do the legwork for you. Below are twelve of the best Frederique Constant watches for men!

1. Frederique Constant Highlife Automatic COSC X Felipao (ref. FC-303F4NH6B) 

Frederique Constant Highlife Automatic COSC X Felipao (ref. FC-303F4NH6B) 

Ah, yes—the integrated steel sports watch. The brainchild of Gerald Genta, these watches have maintained their popularity throughout the years but have seen an unprecedented resurgence in the past decade. Usually relegated to more expensive maisons—we’re talking about you, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin—integrated steel sports watches have literally become a “category” in any enthusiast’s collection. 

When I purchased my integrated steel sports watch, the FC Highlife had not yet been released, but if it had been, it would have certainly been at the top of my list. With superb wearability, unique dial designs, and a bulletproof chronometer movement, this is an enticing and sporty offering. Do yourself a favor: Go to a boutique and take a look at the watch, feel the bracelet, and get lost in the dial. This is more so the case with the Felipao limited edition. 

Felipao is one of the most recognized pop artists in Spain, and this specific reference, with its gorgeous blue, polyhedral dial design, along with its unique indices, would be a phenomenal conversation starter and timekeeper, an heirloom piece to be handed down to the next generation! Oh, did I mention it has an MSRP of just over $2000?

2. Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Worldtimer (ref. FC-718NWM4H6) 

Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Worldtimer (ref. FC-718NWM4H6)

Imagine carrying a piece of the world on your wrist, able to—without the aid of digital technology—instantly check the time in 24 zones. Mechanical marvels such as this, especially from Swiss manufacturers, are often in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

But somehow, Frederique Constant continues to impress, offering superb finishing, gorgeous dial design, and an in-house movement for $4495. Such a complicated piece may necessitate larger-than-life dimensions, but not with the FC Classic Worldtimer; at 42mm with a thickness of only 12mm, this timepiece will easily slide under a cuff. 

This piece is available with a blue or a white dial, and the in-house movement, visible through the caseback, is truly a wonder to behold. I would make the argument that it is one of the best-looking, if not the best-looking, movements in its price bracket.

3. Frederique Constant Classics Slimline Gents Small Seconds (ref. FC-245M5S6)

I own three small seconds watches; it is probably my favorite complication in all of horology. Allow me a moment to explain myself: there is something mesmerizing about wristwatches—the intimate knowledge that you have a “partner” fastened onto your wrist that you can glance at for familiarity, timekeeping, and artistry. 

This is multiplied, for me, when there is a small seconds complication. It is like “watchception,” a watch within a watch. We measure hours, days, and months, and on and on, but most of us don’t have the “time” to stop and consider living in the moment, enjoying life second by second. That’s precisely what a small seconds complication does for me, and for under $1000 (MSRP of $950), the Frederique Constant Classics Slimline Gents Small Seconds is an incredible bargain.

With looks that pay homage to the classic styling of Breguet—Roman numerals and Breguet-style hands and a stamped guilloché dial—this is an incredible timepiece! The dimensions are also, for lack of better words, perfect for 95% of the wrists out there. It is 39mm with only 5mm of thickness, which means it will be virtually invisible on the wrist. With its Swiss quartz movement, this is a watch you can set and forget for decades to come—actually! 

4. Frederique Constant Classics Carree Automatic (ref. FC-303N4C6) 

Frederique Constant Classics Carree Automatic (ref. FC-303N4C6) 

In 1917, Louis Cartier created the tank watch, which would inevitably go on to capture the hearts of many a celebrity, athlete, and watch aficionado. Imagine a wristwatch that wasn’t circular, a statement piece that was subdued yet elegant. At only $1095, Frederique Constant undercuts Cartier by thousands and thousands of dollars, but they don’t cut corners in doing so.

With a finely decorated and reliable Selita SW-200, this automatic timepiece will look great with a suit, or jeans and sneakers. The indices are applied, the date is at the 6 o’clock position for easy legibility, and the case finishing is superb, with a vintage-style onion crown (one of my favorite types of crowns!) and crisp polishing. 

This watch is also extraordinarily wearable, at 33x30mm, which should wear like a regular, non-rectangular 36mm wristwatch. The timepiece is available in multiple configurations, with a silver or navy blue dial and with stainless or rose gold plating. Frederique Constant continues to impress with such diverse offerings, and the Classics Carree Automatic is no exception! 

5. Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Flyback Chronograph (ref. FC-760NS4H6) 

Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Flyback Chronograph (ref. FC-760NS4H6) 

The flyback chronograph is an impressive mechanical feat of ingenuity. Patented by Longines in 1936, the flyback chronograph can use the reset function without the need to first stop the chronograph. In today’s world of horology, especially hailing from Switzerland, acquiring a flyback chronograph can be a costly endeavor. There is a recurring theme here of Frederique Constant breaking this stereotype. 

With an MSRP of $4795, the Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Flyback Chronograph offers an in-house caliber, flyback function, and incredible finishing. At 42mm in diameter, with a thickness of under 14mm, this will wear much like an Omega Speedmaster, which is often the “gold standard” for wearability in a mechanical chronograph. With a sunray blue dial and silver subdials, this chronograph has a classic and elegant design language that is timeless in its execution. 

I am not a chronograph guy—I never have been, but I recently tried this watch on at the boutique. It fit surprisingly well on my 6.5-inch wrists (which are considered on the smaller side of average). If you are in the market for a mechanical marvel of a timepiece at an approachable price, the FC Constant Manufacture Classic Flyback Chronograph must be on your shortlist! 

6. Frederique Constant Classics Premiere (ref. FC-301SWR3B6) 

Frederique Constant Classics Premiere (ref. FC-301SWR3B6) 

Another dress watch that pays homage to horological titans such as Cartier and Breguet, the Frederique Constant Classics Premiere is a slim automatic dress watch that exudes quality. The Roman numeral indices are raised and applied, offering a dynamic three-dimensionality to the timepiece. 

If you are looking for a dressier watch that will go nicely with any suit, in any boardroom, at any black tie event, you can’t go wrong with this watch, coming in at under $2000 MSRP ($1895). Did I mention it has a 68-hour power reserve? So even if you use the watch Monday through Friday for work, it’ll still be ticking and set come Monday, or even Tuesday, for that matter!  

And, in terms of size, this piece offers Goldilocks wearability, coming in at 38.5mm and under 11mm thin (which is super impressive for an automatic). The watch can be purchased in two dial colors—silver or black. I myself am more partial to the silver! 

7. Frederique Constant Classics Runabout Automatic (ref. FC-303RMB5B6) 

Frederique Constant Classics Runabout Automatic (ref. FC-303RMB5B6) 

Do you like the idea of a watch that goes well with formal or corporate attire? Are you also looking for something that can be easily dressed down? Enter the Frederique Constant Classics Runabout Automatic. 

Here, we have a watch with a bit more wrist presence at 42mm but still coming in at a svelte 11.5mm in thickness—thin enough to slip under any cuff. Applies indices, Super-LumiNova for low-light legibility, and a design language that screams, “I can be worn anywhere anytime!” 

I really like this watch. In fact, my friend recently asked me for a good daily driver for work and going out, and this was on the shortlist I sent him. You can’t go wrong with the black or navy blue dial, but I am partial to the latter. With an MSRP of $1895, you would be hard-pressed to find a more versatile and well-built Swiss timepiece. 

8. Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic (ref. FC-391SB4NH6B) 

Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic (ref. FC-391SB4NH6B)

The Frederique Constant Highlife line would be incomplete without a chronograph, and FC doesn’t disappoint here. With a gorgeous “silver” panda dial, a 60-hour power reserve, and approachable wearability (41mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness), the Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph exceeds expectations for an integrated sports chronograph. 

The watch is also available in a cream dial with blue subdials, which is actually my favorite of the two. This is the type of watch that has to be seen in person to truly appreciate. The bracelet is the best I’ve seen under $10,000—a true marvel of engineering. The H-Link design with polished center links has marvelous light play, and the bracelet easily hugs the counters of your wrist. 

With an MSRP of $3895, this FC stands head and shoulders above the competition at the sub $5000 price point.

9. Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase (ref. FC-705S4S6) 

Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase (ref. FC-705S4S6)

Not long ago, my family was searching for a suitable watch for my father’s 60th birthday. He was always a dressier guy, working a corporate job for most of his life. He also appreciated classical design language. With that in mind, I knew there was only one watch for him, a watch that offered superb value for the money and that looked and played the part of a watch many times its price. In 2021, we purchased the Frederique Constant Manufacture Slimline Moonphase.

With a gorgeous white dial, moonphase complication, pointer date framing the moonphase, and a subtle simplicity that is both alluring and calming, the watch has barely left his wrist these past two years. And as gorgeous as the dial is, undoubtedly inspired by the likes of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ultra-thin line, the party continues on the back, with an absolutely stunning manufacture caliber. 

At 42mm in diameter, with a thickness of 11.5mm, this is a watch that has nothing to hide, but also can blend seamlessly with any shirt, sweater, or jacket. The MSRP of $3695 is telling of what FC continues to achieve: approachable luxury without compromise. 

10. Frederique Constant Classics Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph (ref. FC-397HDGR5B6) 

Frederique Constant Classics Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph (ref. FC-397HDGR5B6) 

When I think of cars and watches, I envision a green Aston Martin, brown leather seats, riding gloves, and a tasteful chronograph. The allure of vintage-inspired timepieces continues with the Frederique Constant Classics Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph, a nod to the golden age of motorsports. 

Evoking the spirit of the iconic Healey cars, this chronograph seamlessly blends elegance and sportiness. The vintage charm is palpable, from the racing-inspired chronograph subdials to the tachymeter scale on the bezel. The Rally Healey Chronograph boasts a striking green dial that pays homage to the British racing heritage, while the stainless steel case exudes robust craftsmanship. 

With a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14mm, it strikes a harmonious balance on the wrist. Powered by a robust automatic movement, this timepiece captures the essence of a bygone era, making it a compelling choice for those who appreciate both horological precision and automotive nostalgia. Priced competitively at an MSRP of $3195, it stands as a testament to Frederique Constant’s commitment to delivering timeless style with a touch of vintage flair.

11. Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture (ref. FC-775BL4NH6B) 

Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture (ref. FC-775BL4NH6B) 

One of the pinnacles of horology is the perpetual calendar—a complex timepiece which accounts for leap years and can advance the day, date, and month, without adjustment, for longer than any of us reading this will be alive. It’s startlingly complex, and when I typed Perpetual Calendar into Google just to see what came up, one of the first “suggested searches” to come up was “Why are perpetual calendar watches so expensive?” I chuckled, reading it, because they are expensive, prohibitively so. 

But not the FC Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, that is, when compared to its peers. It comes in at a hair under $10,000 ($9895), or a full 1/12th the price of a comparable Patek Philippe. Hey, now—put the pitchforks away. I’m not saying an FC is comparable to a Patek, but I am insinuating that you can obtain a mechanical marvel from Switzerland for the price of a Rolex Submariner, which is pretty cool if you ask me. And the wearing dimensions are perfect, too, mirroring the first watch on this list of twelve. Impressed? You should be…

12. Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Tourbillon (ref. FC-980G3H9) 

Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic Tourbillon (ref. FC-980G3H9)

I first got into watches in 2010 or thereabouts. I was waiting in a dentist’s office—which, for me, is at times akin to purgatory—and I was browsing their collection of magazines. Amidst the seemingly endless Botox and cruise ship advertisements was a full-page watch ad. It was a Ballon Bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon, and from that day forward, I became completely and totally transfixed by all things horology. 

I soon realized that a Swiss-made tourbillon would never happen, that is, unless I hit the lottery. And then, several years ago, Frederique Constant announced the cheapest Swiss tourbillon, and to this day it is an incredible bargain. Available in an array of dial colors and even precious metal options, the FC Manufacture Classic Tourbillon is a bewildering juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity. 

The dial is clean and legible, with beautifully applied indices, and beneath, you have a mechanical marvel that is the envy of any maison that considers itself a competitor of Frederique Constant. And the dimensions are perfect: 39mm and only 11mm thick. I want to go back and pat that young man in the dentist’s office on the back. I want to tell him that anything is possible with Frederique Constant, even a tourbillon with an MSRP of $15,695.


Watches and watch manufacturers come and go. In the 20th century alone, hundreds of maisons closed shop or were absorbed by larger companies. As I write this, I have a yearning desire to get on a plane to Switzerland, climb the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps, which just so happens to be Monte Rosa, cup my hands around my mouth, and scream for all the world to hear: “Frederique Constant is here to stay. They are a constant and dominant force in the world of horology. Now and into the foreseeable future.” 

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