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Are you looking for another exquisite brand to add to your coveted collection of high-end watches? As a luxury watch enthusiast, you might like both Seiko and Timex, globally renowned brands, but you also might want to know which is the better option. Both are top brands with a rich history and remarkable innovations that changed the landscape of horology. Let’s find out which timepiece is the better option, Seiko vs Timex, by comparing them on various parameters.

Seiko vs. Timex: History

Seiko History

Seiko is an incredibly renowned Japanese company that started manufacturing high-quality wristwatches in 1924. Seiko is one of the most consistent brands in the watch industry that has held people’s attention across the globe with innovative technology and created a huge name for itself. It is credited with introducing the quartz movement watches in 1969 by launching the Astron series. Further, with the introduction of solar-powered watches in 1977 and Spring Drive movement technology meant for space travel, the company pushed the innovation boundaries like never before. Seiko’s foresight is commendable as its innovation has laid the future of the ever-growing watch industry.

Seiko has been associated with Tokyo Games in 1954 and international sports with its world-class technology. The brand has become a name synonymous with reliability and has provided timing systems to several international class events, including ten world championships and five indoor championships. It continues supporting an array of international sports.


Timex History

Timex, a famous US watchmaker, was established in 1854, and the company started manufacturing beautifully designed watches that instantly became popular. The brand holds the feat for manufacturing the first sports watch, Ironman, designed for triathlon. It is a highly durable and excellent timepiece. It is embedded with great functionalities, including 330 feet water resistance, and is highly durable, making it an ideal watch for athletes.


Seiko vs. Timex: Models

Seiko Models

Seiko has held on to the tag of exclusivity with the best watches in its few collections, which includes Spring Drive watches, GPS solar-powered watches, a fabulous range of mechanical watches. It also sells quartz watches and Kinetic and Kinetic Drive watches. Whatever it offers is a complete masterpiece in itself. The Astron, the world’s first GPS solar watch, or the Prospex, a highly durable and rugged watch, is a perfect device for athletes and adventure sports enthusiasts. Every collection is brimming with innovation that meets global standards. The Presage collection is a fine amalgamation of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and advanced mechanical engineering. The result is a timepiece that transcends time and becomes a matter of pride for the owner.

The Seiko 5 Sports has redefined the parameters for manufacturing sports watches. With 50 years of commendable history, the collection is dedicated to sports lovers who need a perfect companion to withstand adversity and last for a lifetime. Another fabulous collection is the Seiko Premier for men and women that can be described as a thoughtful collection of prestige, style, and innovation. The Premier collection is the Grand Seiko, the perfect luxury watch that offers a beautiful and harmonious amalgamation of advanced technology and refined craftsmanship that’s here to stay forever.


Timex Models

Timex has an extensive collection of watches for men and women in different types ranging from chronograph watches, military watches, leather and sports watches, and so on. The beautiful and sturdy collection is available such as Ironman, Standard, Navi, Command, Easy Reader, Expedition, Fairfield, and Waterbury. An equally fascinating range of watches is available for women: Celestial Opulence, Easy Reader, Expedition, Ironman, and Waterbury. Timex offers watches for kids as well.


Seiko vs. Timex: Innovation

Seiko Innovations

Watches with mechanical caliber are much more appreciated as they are considered a real revelation of traditional craftsmanship that speaks volumes about the brilliance and dedication that goes into manufacturing them. But a keen watch collector or an eager watch enthusiast will always welcome an innovative timepiece that can offer mechanical movement and the swiftness of a quartz crystal. Seiko has achieved this incredible feat with its Grand Seiko Spring Drive collection that delivers the best of both worlds. The Caliber 9RA5 is a natural progression of the brand towards exploring technology and creating history in horology.


Timex Innovations

The Timex brand has proved its technological advancements with the introduction of refined timepieces. But it can be said that Seiko is much ahead in the race to innovation in terms of form, function, and precision with cutting-edge technology.


Sports Watch: Seiko or Timex?

Seiko has created a benchmark when it comes to manufacturing watches dedicated to sports. The Grand Seiko collection is an example of how well technology can be leveraged to bring out the best in timepieces.

Grand Seiko, Seiko vs. timex
Grand Seiko Watch

The Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Drivers’ 600 M offers a better version of the Spring Drive Technology, paving the way for a technologically superior future in the arena of dive watches. The exquisiteness and leading-edge technology in the watch are significant attractions for people who love to keep pace with time and technology.

Timex Ironman, Seiko vs. timex
Timex Ironman

The Timex Ironman is packed with several features that make it an ideal timepiece for athletes. It acts as a personal running coach providing you all the stats you need to keep a watch on your fitness journey. A rugged watch preferred by athletes, runners, it is a decent player in the high-end sports watch category.

Perception Value

Seiko Brand Perception

Seiko is considered a high-end luxury watch tailor-made with perfection and precision. It boasts of sophistication meant for a particular section of the society.

Timex Brand Perception

Timex has cemented its place in the watch industry with its high quality, superb craftsmanship, and accessibility. It is a high-end luxury watch that meets everyone’s requirements looking forward to buying a luxury watch at affordable prices. It can be safe to assume that Seiko has a better-perceived value compared to Timex.


Seiko Price

Seiko watches come with a tag of exclusivity. It’s not an affordable option for everyone, so it has selective buyers who love to buy timepieces that rank higher in quality, exclusiveness, and prestige.

Timex Price

Timex, however, is also a luxury brand but is also known for accommodating the affordability factor. Their watches are accessible for most people and allow many people to buy high-end watches. It is undoubtedly good news for anyone interested in purchasing luxury watches, but the affordability factor certainly takes away from the prestige factor, and thus Seiko gains an upper-hand when it comes to high-end luxury watches.


Brand Recognition

The brand value of Seiko is undoubtedly higher than that of Timex. The former continues to enjoy immense popularity as one of the leading luxury watches in the world. It’s a name synonymous with prestige and luxury, and it is frequently compared to Rolex.

Timex is a luxury timepiece, but Seiko has a distinct perception of being a brand that sets itself apart in watchmaking art and is known for pushing boundaries in technology and innovation.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Seiko introduced Japan’s first diver’s watch, and it is used worldwide by divers. The watch is made of specialized material and uses Japan’s first hi-beat caliber. It is the world’s first watch manufactured using titanium to meet the requirement of corrosion resistance, which also makes it ultra-light. It is embedded with an outer case protector that provides shock resistance.

The trust in Seiko technology and its focus on innovation can be gauged because the company enabled the establishment of the standard for the diver’s watches in the International Standard Organization and Japan Industrial Standards. If you are looking for an ultra-rugged watch, then Seiko’s Diving watch is the perfect timepiece.
Timex offers a wide range of water-resistant watches, which provide water resistance capacity up to 100 meters. Timex’s Ironman 300GPS collection is an excellent example of technological advancement. When it comes to innovation, Seiko earns more points than Timex.


Seiko Warranty

Seiko provides a certificate of limited warranty. The first-year warranty is applicable worldwide, and the second and third-year warranty is valid for service only in the United States. With the proof of a limited warranty certificate within three years from the date of purchase, the company provides free repair and adjustment service against any defects on the watch head, including the movement and the case, along with the metallic service. It offers an extended warranty on the Seiko watches from the fourth year of the purchase’s original date. If there’s any defect in material or artistry, the company is liable to repair the watch. The warranty applies to replacement parts or movements and is subject to certain conditions.


Timex Warrenty

Timex offers a warranty for one year from the original date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The warranty is subject to specific terms and conditions.


Final Verdict

With the factors mentioned above and taking the history into account, which focuses on innovation and detailed artistry, it is clear that Seiko wins the debate hands down and is a better option than Timex in the luxury brand watches category. Go ahead and buy this exquisite brand that’s going to be a prestigious part of your timepiece collection!

This is an interesting comparison as Seiko and Hamilton cannot be more different when it comes to their watch designs and constructions. This article will give a clearer picture of how each brand compares to one another regarding their watch construction and design. Seiko is a more prominent brand and certainly earns its reputation as one of the world’s best timepiece manufacturers. On the other hand, Hamilton is considered by many as a versatile all-around watch brand that covers a lot of bases. In this comparison guide, we will compare Seiko vs Hamilton.

Both brands are well-respected in the industry, each offering a unique take with their timepiece craftsmanship. Can Hamilton surprise us by one-upping Seiko, or will Seiko prove once again why it is among the top companies in this industry?


Seiko vs Hamilton: History of the Brands

History of Seiko

Seiko is a world-famous Japanese watch brand. Even casual fans will no doubt be familiar with Seiko watches. Seiko has a proven track record of revolutionizing the industry with its innovative technology. The company is probably one of the most influential in the industry as its innovations managed to shift the global market into new territories.

One of their most important innovations is their introduction of the quartz movement back in 1969. Quartz movement watches quickly gained popularity and jumpstarted the quartz watch revolution of the ‘70s. Leading the charge is the Seiko Aston, the very first quartz movement wristwatch in the world.

With this achievement level, you would think that Seiko would take it slow and enjoy the praise they gained with their quartz watches. But within a decade, Seiko once again revolutionized the industry. By 1977, Seiko unveiled its solar-powered watch technology to the public. With Seiko’s already highly precise quartz movement, the inclusion of solar-powered batteries further boosted the company’s overall standing in the industry to new heights.

In the late ‘90s, Seiko took the industry by surprise by introducing another new watch technology, called the Spring Drive movement. The rather Star Trek-sounding moniker was chosen deliberately. Spring Drive movement watches were designed to withstand the strain of space travel while also providing accurate time to the wearer.

Seiko is a giant in the industry, and it manages to deliver more awe-inspiring timepieces like clockwork. Expect more from the Japanese watchmaker soon.

History of Hamilton

The American-based watch company (now with a Swiss connection), Hamilton, has been in the watchmaking business since 1892. Hamilton watches have always been connected to American history. One of their more prominent eras came during the Second World War when Hamilton shifted its focus from making consumer timepieces to developing military-grade watches. They partnered up with the American military exclusively during this tumultuous period.

Once World War II ended, Hamilton once again returned to crafting watches for the consumer market. By 1969, Hamilton migrated to Switzerland and began operating and manufacturing from there. The reason for this significant change is due to their acquisition of the Buren factory. From this point on, Hamilton included Swiss quartz movements into their watches, improving upon their already impressive craftsmanship.

In 1974, Hamilton was picked up by the Swatch Group and has since been a subsidiary of the mega-conglomerate. This acquisition helped improve Hamilton’s sales by expanding its reach to a broader audience.

Until today, Hamilton has maintained its reputation as one of the more trusted brands in the watch market. Their models come in a wide range of prices, allowing more people to enjoy their fantastic looking timepieces.


Seiko vs Hamilton: Specs

Seiko Specifications

Let’s start with chronograph watches. This type of watch must provide excellent reliability and accuracy to the wearer.

Comprising of Seiko’s two popular features, the quartz movement and solar-powered technology, the Seiko SSC143 is a beast of a chronograph that few other watches can touch. The SSC143 features the standard three sub-dial functionalities. Main features include an alarm, a 60-minute timer, and a second timer.

As with all Seiko watches, the SSC143 incorporates the ever-reliable Japanese quartz movement with an analog display. The hands are all coated with Lumibrite to provide legibility even in low-light environments.

Whether you need a rugged tool for underwater or a stylish tool for wearing on dry land, Seiko’s Prospect collection has everything to offer from its Sea models. This collection is equipped with quartz movements and impressive water resistance (assisting with saturation diving), and it includes limited-edition models with cermet bezels. The Land series of the Prospex collection supports adventure seekers of every kind. Characterized by their legible day-date features and bold Arabic numeral hour tracks, they offer the explorer instant access to the time whenever it is required.

This Seiko chronograph watch comes with a two-tone black ion and silver design. An apt description for the SSC143 is that it’s a stylish watch with a mysterious edge to it. This is a timeless design that will still be turning heads even after a decade. The Seiko SSC143 is also surprisingly sleek with its 42.5 mm diameter case. Overall, not only is the SSC143 an extraordinarily reliable and well-made chronograph watch, but it is also one stylish timepiece that fits all occasions.


Hamilton Specifications

Hamilton watches are exceptionally accurate with its Swiss-automatic movement. The analog display is encased in a sturdy sapphire crystal window. The sapphire crystal used is tough and scratch-resistant, making this watch ideal for outdoor use. In regards to functionality, Hamilton is one of the company’s most exceptional timepieces. As for its aesthetics, Hamilton exudes an air of adventure with its tough cow leather strap and silver and black casing.

Additional features of note include a date display located over at the 9 o’clock position and a 100 m water resistance rating. If you are looking for a reliable chronograph watch for the outdoors and even looks the part, you might want to check out the Hamilton. The Hamilton comes with a slightly larger 44 mm diameter case. It comes with the primary three sub-dials with a three-hand analog display.  One major deciding factor for most buyers will be the price as this Hamilton comes in at several times the price of the Seiko SSC143.


Seiko vs Hamilton: Warranty

Seiko offers a four-year warranty with additional features, and Hamilton offers a two-year warranty with additional features.


Seiko vs Hamilton: Conclusion

At the end of the day, it seems like Seiko is the better watch brand. Seiko has proven time and time again to deliver excellent timepieces that encompass a full price bracket. No matter the watch’s price, if Seiko made it, you can expect it to be a highly reliable timepiece to have.

Seiko and Orient are Eastern watchmakers. Both are famous for their craftsmanship in terms of creating excellent timepieces. While Orient is now below the Seiko emblem, they can still be considered separate entities as both operate independently. This article will discuss the important variations between Seiko and Orient and evaluate a number of their top-of-the-line timepieces. However, before we head onto the comparison of Seiko vs Orient, let’s have a quick overview of each business’s history and achievements.


History of Seiko

Seiko began as Jewelry Keep in Tokyo, Japan, and first opened its doorways in 1881. It took at least ten years until Seiko first dipped their toes into the watchmaking industry with their Seikosha clocks. It wasn’t until 1924 that Seiko first produced wristwatches.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Seikosha Midget Submarine Bulkhead Clock
WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Seikosha Midget Submarine Bulkhead Clock

If there is one thing Seiko is known for, it’s innovation. Seiko became the first enterprise to introduce the revolutionary quartz movement powered watches in 1969. Their Astron watch collection changed the enterprise’s landscape as it’s by far the primary wristwatch of its type. The quartz motion supplied the Astron watch with impeccable and excessive precision time-preserving.

Seiko made another great innovation with another progressive watch era that they introduced in 1977, the solar energy watch generation. This new technology gave Seiko’s watches indefinite operation time.

Vintage Seiko Astron
Vintage Seiko Astron

1999 showcased Seiko’s focus on revolutionary technology as they unveiled their patented spring force motion. This technology was designed explicitly for astronauts as it is constructed to withstand space journeys while keeping time-keeping precision.

Even now, Seiko is continually trying to re-invent the wheel. It isn’t always a stretch to expect that Seiko will again make ripples in the watch industry soon.


History of Orient

Orient is another well-known and revered Japenese watch corporation. In 1901, with the aid of Shogoro Yoshida, Orient specialized in time-keepers and started out as a wholesale business. Orient was known as the Yoshida watch and bought imported pocket watches.

Vintage Orient Advertisements
Vintage Orient Advertisements

Yoshida then expanded its repertoire by adding wristwatches to products in 1912. The Yoshida watch was then re-christened as the Toyo token production and began their in-house development of table clocks and gauges. In 1934, the organization started manufacturing wristwatches.

Unfortunately, the enterprise went through a rough patch and became pressured to close down in 1949. This was because of the Japanese monetary disintegration caused by the events and results of World War II. The organization once again attempted to revive itself a year later and was reintroduced as Tama Keiki organization. A year after that, they yet again changed their name to the Orient Watch Company.

Orient then started their constant climb as one of the world’s finest watchmakers. The organization showed a steady increase in its following. Orient has additionally determined its niche as one of the most relied on diver watch manufacturers within the marketplace.

In 2001, Orient became a subsidiary of the Seiko watch organization. In 2009, Orient became dominated by Seiko but retained its unique emblem. Orient has demonstrated itself to be one of the pinnacle watchmakers of diver timepieces to this day.


Seiko vs Orient: Complications

Seiko: Seiko isn’t known for complications at decrease rate factors, but we can see them strategically put into effect. The Seiko brand is famous for controlling reserve indicators.

Orient: Even in the less expensive range, Orient is notorious for its complications. In particular, you could discover Orient watches below $200 with a power reserve indicator, which is generally only observed in luxurious watches. When it comes to Orient Star, the implementation of hundreds of complications continues. The Orient celebrity GMT has each a power reserve indicator and a GMT indicator. Different fashions, including the Orient Celebrity Retrograde and Orient Celebrity World Time, are full of complications without being cluttered or noisy. In my opinion, they pull off this slew of features better than most of Seiko.


Seiko vs Orient: Water Resistance

Orient: The Ray II is only marked as water-resistant 200 m. Even though this is a good rating, it’s technically now not an ISO 6425-compliant dive watch.

Seiko: The SKX007 is noticeable as diver’s 200 m. This makes it a water-tight ISO 6425 waterproof watch. This indicates it may be used for expert scuba diving all day long.



Seiko vs Orient: Design

Seiko: The Cocktail Time layout is lovely, yet nevertheless conservative. It follows minimum dress watches’ traditions, keeping the dial enormously uncluttered, simple, and elegant. The cocktail time is meant for extremely formal occasions.

Seiko Cocktail Time
Seiko Cocktail Time

Orient: The Solar & Moon is something conventional. It pushes the bounds of what is a dress watch with a medley of subdials wealthy with complications. The Solar & Moon is accomplished with sophistication, and the complete format could be very contemporary and eye-catching. The Orient is a good deal more versatile and may be worn with any outfit.


Conclusion: Seiko and Orient – Which Brand is Better?

Both Seiko and Orient make dazzling watches. Once you get a flavor for these horological masterpieces, you may find it tough to wear a “cheap” Seiko or Orient ever once more.

Every brand chooses to focus on unique aspects of watchmaking, the same as their low priced counterparts. Orient Star doubles down on present-day sporty complications, while Seiko focuses on perfecting conventional designs with a cutting-edge Eastern effect.

In the long run, it may be hard to choose between the two brands. The restricted marketing performed by way of Orient Star in the US ensures that the general public doesn’t recognize the logo as compared to Seiko. As such, buyers are less willing to purchase an Orient watch.

Orient has been below the Seiko brand for a long time, but they still manage to maintain excellent traits. Orient is a well-known watch logo, but Seiko is by far the better choice. Seiko has earned its spot as one of the choice watchmakers worldwide. Orient might not be at the same level as Seiko, but they still are a genuinely good brand.

Seiko vs Bulova

If you want to learn about two excellent luxury watch brands, Seiko and Bulova, you are just a few steps away from getting all the information you need. Both brands in the Seiko vs Bulova match up are well known for their classy and sleek watches. If you are confused about which brand to purchase from, this article’s information will be helpful. Seiko and Bulova have spent almost 140 years making quality timepieces. We will start with a historical overview of each company.


Seiko vs Bulova: History

Seiko and Bulova both started in the nineteenth century. Their historical perspective is the testament of their quality products. These brands have made several masterpieces since they were founded.

Seiko History


Seiko’s Brief Historical Overview

  • Seiko started with a jewelry shop in 1881, founded by a young Japanese man, Kintaro Hattori. He was the son of a trader established in Tokyo, and he established this shop in central Tokyo at the age of 22. After a decade, Seiko decided to make clocks. Their first clock was called Seikosha.
  • Seiko’s first watch came into the market in 1924. In 1969, Seiko produced the Astron, the world’s first quartz watch. Its price was equal to a small size car at that time.
Seiko Astron
Seiko Quartz Astron 50th Anniversary SBXD002
  • Then in the late ‘70s, Seiko brought in the idea of solar power watches. In the last decade of the 20th century, they started the spring dive movement technology revolution. This patent was specially designed for space travel.
  • In 2012, Seiko reintroduced the Astron GPS solar watch.
  • Seiko is a Japanese word that means “success” or “exquisite.”


Brief History of Bulova’s Emergence

Bulova History

  • Joseph Bulova started J. Bulova Company in 1875. This company started mass-producing timepieces in 1919.
  • In 1923, they changed the company name to Bulova Watch Company. The space race, in collaboration with the US government in the ’60s and ‘70s, uplifted the company image. They made space travel time passes alongside NASA.
  • Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut, used the Bulova Accutron timer in space.
  • Its lunar surface journey was accomplished when David R. Scott wore it during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.
  • In 2008, Bulova launched the Bulova Precisionist and claimed it as the most accurate quartz watch in the world.
  • In 2016, Bulova revealed the first CURV chronograph wristwatch. Now Bulova is owned by Citizen Watch Co.


Seiko’s Salient Features and Benefits


The most liked feature of the Seiko watches is their water resistance, which allows you to dive and swim while wearing a Seiko watch. The depth of water resistance for Seiko watches varies from product to product.

Stainless Steel Fitting

Seiko uses stainless steel material in most of their products. This material is lightweight, outclass in quality, and matchless in durability.

Power Reserve

The well-appreciated feature of the Seiko watches is the massive power reserve. Seiko watches can work for 40 hours below the waterline because of their excellent power reserve.

Date and Time

Seiko watches have date and time features, making them perfect for watch enthusiasts with busy schedules.

Markers and LumiBrite Hands

The marker feature provides excellent readability even in darkness because of the glowing dial. It also has a broad daylight visibility solution.

Hardlex Crystal

Hardlex crystal makes the watch more durable and assures scratch resistance, which depends on the quality and quantity of sapphire crystal used in the watch’s manufacture. This feature is also cost-effective.

Automatic Watches

Seiko watches are automatic, which means they do not require batteries. The watches can charge the power with the movement of your arm.

Quartz Movement

The durable Japanese quartz movement mechanism is used in Seiko watch manufacturing. This assures you of your timepiece’s accuracy. It also follows the Japanese automatic 21-jewel movement in production. Because of these features, Seiko’s products are precise and reliable.

Popular Models

  • Seiko SKX-011J1 sports automatic diver watch is well-known for its underwater use. It has a 200 m depth sustaining capacity with 40 hours of power backup.
  • Seiko’s Astron GPS solar watch is the latest in its technological advancement revolution. It provides auto time zone adjustment. If you have frequent travels in different time zones, you don’t need to adjust your Seiko watch time because they feature location time zone fetching and synchronization.
  • Seiko’s Prospex Field Master digital watch is an elegant digital watch. It is solar-powered, and one complete recharge keeps the watch active for up to five months. This watch has a power-saving module that extends its power up to 20 months. It can be used underwater up to a depth of 200 m.
  • Some other popular Seiko models are Seiko 5, Seiko LX Line, and the Seiko Presage collection.

Bulova’s Salient Features and Benefits


Bulova’s watches are also water-resistant up to 200 m depth.

Sapphire Crystal

Bulova’s watches use non-reflective sapphire crystal instead of Hardlex crystal. Sapphire is considered more scratch-resistant than Hardlex crystal.

High-Performance Quartz

Bulova makes high-quality quartz watches like Seiko. They also claim that they have the world’s most accurate watches.

Lumibrite Hands/Markers

Bulova watches do possess the LumiBrite hands and markers feature. You can easily see the time in both darkness and daylight.

Power Backup

Bulova’s watches also have a good power backup of around 50 hours.

In-House Calendar

You don’t need to reset the time and date in Bulova watches because their in-house calendar keeps everything up to date.

Popular Models

  • Bulova’s Sea King watch contains all the necessary underwater features. It has a luminous dial, and it comes with a strap extension, which is adjustable with diving suits.
  • The Computron LED digital watch is also popular. It follows the blueprint of the 1970’s Computron digital watch. It has an energy-efficient bright LED display, and it comes in silver, black, and gold variations. This watch has dual time zone capability with two years of battery life.
  • Some other popular models are Chronograph C, Classic, Crystal, CURV, Frank Lloyd Wright, Futuro, GRAMMY, Harley Davidson, Lunar Pilot, Marine Star, Oceanographer, and Precisionist.


Seiko vs Bulova: Comparative Overview

Seiko is a traditional timepiece brand. Customers’ feedback about Seiko watches often mentions their precision and quality. Seiko has also done a lot in mechanical movements, and Seiko is the only watch company in the world with a merger of mechanical and quartz technologies. On the other hand, Bulova does versatile experiments in the design of their watches. 

The choice between these two watch brands can depend on taste. Seiko provides traditional, stylish, functional, and innovative timepieces that all come from its revolutionary mindset. Bulova has unique and loud designs, and the brand stands out for its style and accuracy. However, Seiko’s sleek and classy design earns more respect than any other in the competitive market. After looking at all the pros and cons, we can say that in the Seiko vs Bulova debate, Seiko is the winner with its outstanding experience and traditional touch.

Seiko Astron Introduce their New Line with Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

The Astron dress watch has arrived.

Like all Astron GPS Solar calibers, 8X42 offers the remarkable ability to adjust to local time, anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button and using just the power of light. With the addition of the big date window, the inclusion of a dual-time dial at the six o’clock position and new, slimmer hands, the new designs have a refinement that makes them as perfect for an evening out as they are for international travel. With several versions featuring roman numerals for the first time in any Astron design and with more components having mirror- finished surfaces, the Astron dress watch has truly arrived.

The 8X42 core collection comprises four models in stainless steel and three in titanium, but all offer a remarkable level of scratch resistance thanks to their ceramic bezels, sapphire crystals and the superhard coatings that they all share. Indeed, a new coating technology allows even the rose gold tone designs to be highly resistant to scratches, ensuring that the luxury look of every Astron 8X42 watch lasts as long as possible.

The 8X42 collection is completed by a very special limited edition made in honor of one of the great sporting achievements of our time. By winning the 2016 French Open, Seiko’s partner Novak Djokovic joined the small and very select group of players to have won a Career Grand Slam in tennis. In fact, Novak held all four titles at once, an even rarer feat. We are delighted to use the new caliber as the base for a design that celebrates Novak’s remarkable achievement.

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