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Pre-Owned Seiko Presage Watches

Pre-owned Seiko Presage watches carry the unique blend of Japanese watchmaking artistry in both quality and durability. Each timepiece is made as a clear representation of  Japanese aesthetics with perfect harmony, bold practicality, and unhindered elegance.

You can browse through an extensive pre-owned Seiko Presage Collection at Exquisite Timepieces to discover a whole new meaning of the word ingenious as offered by the Seiko brand.


Seiko Presage Watches

Starting from its humble beginnings in Japan, Seiko has grown to become a worldwide known brand that has evolved to grant a glance at some of the most amazingly crafted timepieces. From its inception, Seiko has striven hard to reflect total perfection in every part of its product. Coupled with its earlier stand on quartz watches, it has also included mechanical timepieces in its enclave, intending to give its clients the best. Pre-owned Seiko watches reflect each of Seiko’s special qualities.

Pre-owned Seiko Presage Collection involves a range of Seiko mechanical watches inspired by its 1913 watchmaking origins. Sixty watches are featured in this all-mechanical product line, including dials made with enamel and other improved features.


Exquisite Calibers and so much more

Collective excellence permeates every feature of this collection. Each pre-owned Seiko Presage Timepiece carries a show of Seiko's mechanical calibers, starting from the 4R to 6R right through to the intricately special 8R.

The 6R27 power reserve piece, which features a multi-hand offering and the 4R57 caliber, highlights this impressive collection. The 4R57 Caliber is Seiko's new addition as a first-ever caliber with a centralized power reserve indicator. The timepiece is displayed in a five-design series, which also features a limited edition.

Each pre-owned Seiko Presage Watch is built with a 10 bar water resistance and sapphire crystal. The ambiance and special features in pre-owned Seiko Presage watches can be attributed to Seiko's origins in Japan. The rich, unbroken history of the Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking is fully featured in the Presage collection.

Details of the models include intricately designed movements and elaborate details. Some of the Seiko Presage collection's rich textures include caliber movements with manual winding capabilities.

Traditional Japanese skills dating back 130 years have been implemented in the making of each Presage timepiece. Such antecedence of beautiful watch creations has ensured that each pre-owned Seiko Presage watch is nothing but the very best.

Over the century, Seiko has tweaked and modified each Presage timepiece to bring out each in the most wonderful package possible. The Presage collection has achieved an excellent reputation with its smashing success celebrated in Japan and worldwide. The Presage line of watches has taken a firm center stage as one of the best widely-acknowledged mechanical watch collections in history.


Presage: A Living Heritage

As a celebration of Japan's finest watchmaking history, Seiko offers the Presage collection reminiscing over 100 years of excellence, starting from Seiko's first watch. You can take part in this amazing work of history with an exclusive offering of pre-owned Seiko Presage Watches, all at Exquisite Timepieces. Every piece features the best the Seiko watches have to offer.


The Pre-Owned Seiko Presage Sarw047

This stainless steel timepiece embodies a 47.8 mm casing, with a deep blue dial that is further enhanced with wonderful Roman numerals. Also included are a 6R27 automatic caliber movement and a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

The Pre-Owned Seiko Presage Sary107

This timepiece represents the classic Seiko spirit in a leather strap with an off-white dial with a super retro feel. Coupled with that is a caliber 4R57 movement mechanism, which promises 41 hours or more power reserve. Added to that is a variety of functions, including a stop second-hand function and a date sub-dial.

The Pre-Owned Seiko Presage SARY111

This stainless cased beauty of 45.8 mm attracts lots of attention with its graceful curves and eyecatching elegance. Coupled with that is a black leather strap that fits your wrist perfectly.



Any pre-owned Seiko Presage Watch is wrapped with the perfect chronology experience, and rich history of elegance and class is shown in each timepiece. You have the stand-out opportunity to be part of a broad clientele, including royals, astute people in business, and more, all starting from the past until now. You could even get lucky by owning a Seiko pre-owned Presage watch that might have gone to the moon or been owned by a royal of ancient history. If you've got a taste for fine historical pieces, then a pre-owned Seiko Presage watch is the right choice for you. At Exquisite Timepieces, we offer various unique Seiko Presage timepieces in our collection. We know quite well that you deserve nothing other than the best. 

Every used Seiko Presage timepiece is certified to be original and perfect before being displayed for sale. You get to enjoy exquisite sophistication at a reduced price as you own a pre-owned Seiko Presage Watch. Exquisite Timepieces offer multiple variants of used Seiko Presage models ranging from leather straps to model chain straps.

So if you desire to enjoy exclusivity and finesse all in a timepiece, then unique used Seiko Presage timepieces offered by Exquisite Timepieces are the best for you!

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