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Tudor Vs Omega

Tudor vs Omega

Even in the digital age of technology, the luxury watch market filled with analog watches is one of the world’s most competitive markets. With brands like Rolex, Omega, Tudor, and Tag Heuer, there are multiple watches to choose from in every price range and every category. One of the reasons this industry is so competitive is its rivalries between different watch brands. In the world of luxury watchmaking, every brand is trying to capture the same market of customers, which allows the industry to innovate rapidly and bring new designs and new movement systems to the table. One such rivalry which has been a hot topic in the industry for a long time is Tudor and Omega. While both brands are top-tier and endorsed by various celebrities, the customers still compare watches launched by both brands to see which one comes out on top.

The History of Tudor and Omega:

When it comes to the timepiece industry, every luxury watch brand has garnered a reputation and has a legacy and rich history they have left behind. Tudor and Omega are no different, as they both have strong roots.


The foundation for Tudor watches as a luxury watchmaking brand was laid in 1926 by a Swiss watchmaker, Veuve de Philippe Hüther, which translates to “Widow of Philippe Hüther.” The reason why this name was given to her was that she took over the company after her husband died. In 1926, Veuve de Philippe Hüther trademarked the name “The Tudor” and reached an agreement with Hans Wilsdorf for the exclusive rights of the name. By 1932, the first watches adorned with the Tudor insignia were launched in the Australian market. At that time, the rectangular shape and beveled edges of the watch were unique.

Tudor watch

Since Hans Wilsdorf was involved in Tudor’s establishment, multiple Tudor watches also bore Rolex’s symbol and/or name to make the association of the two brands clear. Hans Wilsdorf is even reported to have said that he launched Tudor as a brand that offers the same standard of dependability that Rolex offers, only at a more modest price. The current Tudor watches result from the rebranding and refocusing they did in 2013 when they returned to the US market. While they still have Rolex’s name attached to their watches, the modern Tudor watches take a lot of inspiration from classic Tudor watches and combine that with modern-day technology and materials.



Alongside being one of the world’s most renowned brands, Omega is one of the most historically prominent luxury watch brands. Established in 1848, Omega has been producing watches for over 170 years and almost two centuries. For 30 years. Louis Brandt, the founder of Omega, maintained it as a family business and workshop, selling watches to customers from various countries. After his passing in 1979, his sons took over the company and saw just how promising their dad’s work was. Soon after, they decided to expand the business and began manufacturing parts in-house. They were able to relocate the workshop to Bienne, the same region where the Omega headquarters is currently located.

omega watch

Sixty-three years after Omega developed its first mass-produced movement system, Labrador, Omega launched its most iconic watch collection, the Seamaster, in 1948. The 20th century proved to be extremely successful for the brand as Omega also got an endorsement from NASA after Wally Schirra wore a Speedmaster on the Sigma 7 mission, and Buzz Aldrin wore it to the moon. After this, the Speedmaster became the official chronograph for all space missions at NASA. Today, Omega is one of the biggest luxury watch companies, and the quality of their watches has only gotten better alongside their reputation.

Which Watch is More of a Household Name?

Tudor vs Omega? In the watchmaking industry, being a household name suggests that a brand has a great following in the market, and one of the first names that come to mind when people think of luxury watches is that brand’s name. While there can be more than one household name, naturally, a difference in popularity and brand awareness would put one brand over another.

When comparing Tudor and Omega, Omega would have to be considered as more of a household name in the industry. Not only is this because Omega has a richer history, but it is also because Omega is one of Rolex’s competitors, and Rolex’s name often overshadows Tudor’s. While Tudor still has a significant following, Omega’s popularity, legacy, and awards/accolades, such as winning the Snoopy Award in 1970, suggest that Omega is more of a household name.

Which Watch Has a Better Warranty Policy?

One of the most important aspects of luxury watches is the warranty they offer. The policy’s significance can be seen from the fact that there is even a European law that sets the minimum warranty for luxury watches at two years. While several watchmaking companies meet the minimum, both Tudor and Omega go above and beyond in this regard. In 2018, Tudor and Omega entered the five-year club as they started offering five-year warranties on all of their new watches. In that regard, there is no disparity between the two brands.

Tudor or Omega: Who Has More Collectible Pieces?

Tudor vs Omega? A luxury timepiece brand cannot be considered exclusive if its watches’ cannot function as collectible items. For watch enthusiasts and collectors, the luxury watch industry is a gold mine, and only a few brands act as the gold in that mine. Both Tudor and Omega are brands endorsed by a variety of A-list celebrities. The two most popular collections of these brands that have gained popularity even amongst the elites are the Seamaster and Black Bay collection. While the Seamaster is an essential item to complete Agent 007 James Bond’s attire, Black Bay fans include popular celebrities like David Beckham and Will Smith. It is a close call when it comes to celebrity endorsements, but Omega retains its value better than Tudor. While Rolex has the industry in the bag when it comes to value retention, Tudor doesn’t get nearly the same treatment. Not only do Omega watches have a richer history, such as traveling to the moon, but Omega is also generally a more prominent and more popular brand. Since it is a more popular brand, more of Omega’s watches retain their value, which means more of their watches serve as collectibles later on.

Which Watches Have a Superior Design?

While this category is very subjective, one can make some objective observations. Let’s start by comparing the two most popular collections of the brands, Black Bay and Seamaster. The Black Bay collection by Tudor features watches that are 41 mm in size and have a vintage approach to them. They have a satin finish on the lugs and have polished sides alongside large winding crowns.

Tudor vs Omega? On the other hand, Omega’s Seamaster watches are comparatively bigger with a 42 mm case diameter, which means they are best for medium to large-sized wrists. Simultaneously, they are available in a variety of builds ranging from steel and titanium to gold. Although their design approach is a classic one, the watches have been given a modern finish with clean lines and neutral tones.

Designs put forth by both brands are stunning, but when looking at them objectively, Omega offers more variety and choices for customers. In that regard, Omega would take the cake and come out on top in this comparison.

Which Watches Have Better Specifications?

Specifications or inner-workings are a category where Omega would even give Rolex a tough competition, let alone Tudor. Omega is one of the only watches that went to the moon and withstood rigorous NASA testing, which no other watch has done. Simultaneously, the Caliber 2500 movement system used in the Seamaster collection post-2015, for instance, is both METAS and COSC certified. It also offers a 60-hour power reserve alongside functions such as a coaxial escapement, which requires no lubrication.

While the Caliber MT5602 by Black Bay on the opposite end offers a 70-hour power reserve, it only has a COSC certification and not a METAS one. Side by side, this is the first movement system they made in-house in 2015, while Omega has been making its movement systems for years. Whether it be the experience in designing specifications for watches or the efficiency of those specifications, Omega edges out Tudor in this regard as well.

Who Wins?

Tudor vs Omega? Conclusively, while Tudor is by no means a low-tier brand, it simply has not reached Omega’s level yet. While Omega competes with the Patek Phillipe and Rolex brands, Tudor hasn’t entered that league of luxury watches. Whether it be popularity, design, or what’s under the hood, Omega beats Tudor by a long margin in some categories and close calls in others.



Omega vs Breitling

With so many options on the market, it’s hard for watch enthusiasts to pick the best watch that meets their needs. As a watch enthusiast, you have to compare different watchmaking brands. Which is better, Omega or Breitling? When comparing these two brands, we show you the essential things to look for when purchasing a new watch. When comparing two brands, people will have different opinions, that’s why our team of experts is giving you a detailed review of these two big brands, Omega vs Breitling.


Omega Factory

Both Omega and Breitling have a rich history in the watchmaking industry. Omega was founded in 1848, four decades earlier than Breitling, which was founded in 1884. The two brands for more than a century have been known for innovations and making high-quality watches. Despite this similarity, the two brands have their differences. Breitling has a rich history in aviation, making reliable and high-quality chronographs, which have gained massive popularity among watch-connoisseurs. On the other hand, Omega has been very diverse with its creations, the most notable being the moon collection, which has a watch model that was worn to the moon.


Omega vs Breitling: Style and Movements

The movements are arguably the most important part of any watch. Different top brands are always trying to upgrade their movements. The movements are the heart of the watch, and all watch connoisseurs are impressed and attracted to the best movements a brand can offer. Having an in-house watch movement is an excellent achievement in the watchmaking industry. The two brands both have in-house movements, but they also have some of their models using externally sourced movements.

Compared to Breitling, Omega produces its own in-house movements, which are more complicated and have the best technology. For this, Omega has gained a reputation for making the best watches compared to Breitling. For many years, Omega has worked hard in making unique movements, which are extremely complicated, something that Breitling hasn’t focused on. Breitling has been focusing on the mass production of unique and innovative watches.

Omega Coaxial Movement
Omega Coaxial Movement

When looking at innovations of Omega vs Breitling, Omega stands out compared to Breitling. Since it started operating more than a century ago, Omega has made impressive innovations in the watchmaking industry. One of the iconic innovations that have been produced by Omega includes the “Master Co-axial anti-magnetic.” The Omega brand has also created a watchmaking culture where they experiment with new and unique materials, like different types of titanium and gold and liquid metals. Breitling has also tried to be innovative in its watchmaking processes, experimenting with new materials like carbon fiber.

When it comes to externally sourced movements, Breitling uses more externally sourced movements in their models than Omega. Many watch enthusiasts prefer Omega because of their in-house movements used in most models. They concluded that Breitling models with externally sourced movements don’t give you enough value for your money. When you look at the style and design, it’s evident that these two brands offer different products to the market.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

The Omega Speedmaster model is considered the most iconic watch model from Omega, while the Navitimer is the most iconic watch from Breitling. Due to their distinctive design, the two models have gained respect and global recognition from watch connoisseurs. Even though the two watch models are chronograph watches, taking a closer look at the watches, you will notice the Breitling Navitimer has a much busier dial compared to the Omega Speedmaster. If you are focusing more on the chronograph rather than getting a diver’s watch, you will most likely compare the Omega Speedmaster with the Breitling Navitimer.

The other evident thing when you look at the Omega and Breitling models is the watches’ size. While most watchmaking brands like Omega make averagely sized timepieces, Breitling is known for making very large watches. Thanks to the overall big size of the Breitling watches, the brand has been able to appeal to a specific audience, compared to the averagely sized Omega watches universally accepted by many people. The two brands have an extensive collection of models and variants. Each year, more advanced models are released. For instance, the Omega Speedmaster has many variants, just like the Breitling Navitimer. 


Omega vs Breitling: Development

When it comes to digital watches, the watchmaking industry has seen very impressive inventions and variations. Omega and Breitling have developed several digital watches meant to be worn differently depending on the wearer’s preference. Breitling has a rich history in aviation, which has played an important role in its watch models. Breitling has created models to be used mostly by pilots. The most famous and innovative model from Breitling is the Breitling Emergency model, which has been described to be quite revolutionary. The timepieces from Breitling are considered to be professional watches. Omega has also released a few models which have been described as professional watches. One professional watch from the Omega brand is the Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200m with a water resistance of 1,200 meters.

Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M
Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M

Both brands are trying to exceed the current standards in the watchmaking industry. Both Omega and Breitling use innovative new technology to make brand new watches, which are beautiful and functional for watch enthusiasts.

Omega vs Breitling: Warranty

A warranty shows how proudly a brand can stand behind its models. When comparing different watch brands, the warranty is used to determine the highest quality watch brand. As of July 1, 2018, Omega offered a five-year international warranty on all their watches after initially only offering a three-year warranty. The Breitling watches offer a five-year warranty for models equipped with the mechanical manufacture Breitling in-house movement, while the rest of the models have a two-year warranty.

The difference in the Breitling watches’ warranty period can be seen as an issue by some watch enthusiasts. Omega uses in-house movements for all their models, so they don’t need to offer different warranties for their models. Omega extended their warranty period after they had an improvement in the components of their models. The new, improved materials used in-house by Omega are known to make more durable and high-quality movements.

The warranty offered by both brands is important since they both provide unique innovations. Whether you buy Omega or Breitling, you are guaranteed to get a top-notch Swiss brand.


Omega vs Breitling: Pricing

Most watch enthusiasts use price as one of the guiding factors when comparing two brands. When comparing Omega vs Breitling pricing, they both have relatively the same price for their models. Due to their relatively close price range, most watch lovers tend to compare the two brands. You can purchase an entry-level Omega watch at Exquisite Timepieces, and at the same price, get an entry-level Breitling watch.


Omega vs Breitling: Conclusion

It’s evident that Omega has more popularity than Breitling because Omega sells more watches compared to Breitling. Both Omega and Breitling are deemed to be among the top Swiss watchmaking brands in the world. The two brands both play an essential role in the Swiss and global watchmaking industry. The two brands are ranked in the top 50 Swiss watchmaking brands in the world. However, when you look at the ranking, Omega ranks higher compared to Breitling. Omega ranks at #7 most recognized Swiss company worldwide, and #2 most recognizable Swiss watch brand. Omega has 70% brand recognition globally. Breitling is #41 most recognized Swiss company worldwide and #15 most recognizable Swiss watch brand.

Omega also has a much bigger global recognition compared to Breitling. Omega’s popularity has been enhanced thanks to the brand being associated with big names like George Clooney and the James Bond movies. Breitling has its ambassadors, but associating a timepiece with James Bond is a big deal.

Omega James Bond Watch
Omega James Bond Watch

When comparing the two brands, one might find it hard to come to a definite conclusion. It also narrows down to the personal preference of the buyer. However, Omega stands out to be a much more powerful brand in the global watchmaking industry compared to Breitling. Getting an Omega watch will guarantee you a top-quality watch crafted with an in-house movement and creations from a highly respected watchmaker. At Exquisite Timepieces, you can find your preferred Omega model and many Breitling models.

oris vs omega

Oris and Omega are two competitive brands known for manufacturing luxury watches in today’s market; watch enthusiasts consider these brands to be the best. Both brands have achieved considerable successes in terms of technology, watchmaking art, and innovations, which makes the Oris vs Omega debate a difficult one to answer.

Oris and Omega are among the legendary and iconic Swiss watch brands, and because of their outstanding reputations, the two are always compared. In this article, we will compare the two brands and find out the most luxurious among them. But first, let’s take a quick look at the history of both brands.


History of Omega

This well-known brand was established in 1848; the year alone will give you a clue of how reputable it is. It is mostly considered an upper echelon of the watch industry. Throughout the 1800s, Omega focused on building and spreading its brand with its high-quality handy watches. The company had managed to maintain an incline in its customer trust and reputation in the watch industry.

Omega Olympics

The brand is well-known for perfecting watchmaking and delivering the most outstanding watches in the market both functionally and aesthetically. In 1932, Omega further welded their name by being the official timekeeper of the Olympics in Los Angeles, California. In 1948, during their 100th anniversary, the brand introduced the Seamaster, one of their most flagship watch series. The Seamaster is considered one of Omega’s most popular series to date.

In 1962, the brand introduced Speedmaster, another famous watch line and the first to reach outer space when Wally Schirra wore it during the Mercury Sigma 7 mission. In 1969, the brand earned more reputation when an astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, wore it during the historic moon landing. The brand’s reliability and resiliency were further reinforced when the Speedmaster watch played an integral part in the rescue mission of the Apollo 13 crew.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

However, the company didn’t hit mainstream popularity until the ‘90s. At that time, Omega becomes the official watch of the 007 franchise, and it was used in the James Bond film. This significantly helped in increasing Omega’s brand recognition.


History of Oris

Founded in 1904, the Swiss-based watchmaking brand forms its reputation exponentially within one year. Within this period, the company further boosted its productivity by expanding its number of employees to over 300. The company entered the big market in the year 1938 after launching their Big Crown model. A decade later, Oris introduced Oris Caliber 601, their automatic watch, one of their most popular models.

Oris Big Crown
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Steel

However, they didn’t spend much time in the limelight before the ‘70s came in with the quartz movement technology. This sudden change hit Oris hard as brands like Seiko quickly beclouded it. Oris didn’t come into the limelight again until the early ‘80s, when the company gained its independence after management buyouts. By 1999, that brand became more popular after launching their automatic BC3 pilot watches. Their modern, accurate, and designer sleek watches helped Oris to get back on track.

Lately, the company has made good prestige with its impressive dive watches. Their signature rotation safety system designed explicitly for divers has made them the number one watch brand to those who engage in water sports.

These days, Oris is one of the most trusted brands in terms of luxury and dive watches. Indeed, their big shift to a new direction has paid off.


An In-depth Comparison Between the Two Swiss Watch Brands

People often argue between the best among Oris and Omega, but better can mean different things to different people: better accuracy, better waterproof resistance, better resale value, or better design. This article will look deeply into the differences between the two renowned, reputable Swiss watch brands.


Oris vs Omega: Brand Recognition

People often argue which brand is more famous between Oris and Omega. Well, the more popular brand of the two is Omega. Of all the Swiss watch brands, only Rolex can best Omega when it came to international recognition. Unlike Omega, Oris is a privately owned company that is not owned by a multinational watch conglomerate. So if you want people to notice your watch and make compliments, choose Omega!


Oris vs Omega: Value

You can get a good mechanical watch from Oris for considerably less than Omega. While many think the value of a watch can be measured from what comes in the box, many variables either add to or take away from the watch’s value.

An excellent way to compare the two brands’ value is how Oris has a two-year warranty, but all Omega watches have a five-year warranty. On the other hand, Oris also offers a lot of value in their watches because you can get more watches to suit your preference.


Oris vs Omega: Resale Value

Which among the two brands have more resale value? Though most of those that can afford Oris or Omega will hardly think of selling their product, it’s good to compare the resale value. The fact is that Omega will deliver a higher resale value. Mostly, when people buy luxurious watches for the first time, they’re looking forward to starting a collection or looking for something good to pass down from generation to generation. Omega is far more reputable and stylish and has a higher resale value.


Oris vs Omega: Craftsmanship and Innovation

Have you been wondering which among the two respected brands have the best innovations and craftsmanship? Omega is among the first, if not the first, in significant innovations in the watch industry. It has made the most progress in fighting the foe of a mechanical watch: electromagnetic force (EMF), which is the most known hazardous thing for an analog timepiece.

Omega offers a level of magnetic resistance that no other brand offers, not even Rolex! Likewise, Omega has received recognition from third-party testing facilities for mechanical movement, a certification from COSC and the Master Chronometer designation from METAS. This means that Omega watches offer outstanding accuracy, expected water resistance, and resistance against the harmful effects of magnetic fields.


Oris vs Omega: Brand Prestige

You might have heard people arguing on which among the two reputable watch brands is more prestigious. Well, the prestige of a brand has a lot to do with its history, positioning, and brand marketing. The more you market your business, the more it is recognized, and the more prestigious it will be. Omega is an older and more predominant brand; it has been in the limelight even before Oris opened its business’s first door. And since then, Omega has been at the forefront of the watch industry.


Oris vs Omega: Water Resistance

In this aspect of water resistance, Omega reigns over Oris. Oris does have dive watches,  but it’s important to remember the Omega Seamaster. While Oris has excellent diving watches, the Omega Seamaster has better water resistance than Oris watches.

Omega Seamaster Diver Chonograph
Omega Seamaster Diver Chonograph in Blue

While Oris diving watches like the Oris Aquis are equipped for extreme diving expeditions, the collection offers considerable water resistance for light diving and is limited to water resistance between 100 meters to 1,000 meters. The Omega Seamaster Ploprof has a water resistance of 1,200 meters/4,000 feet (1.22 kilometers) of water.


Oris vs Omega: Mechanical Movements

Both Omega and Oris makes good mechanical watches. But there are still variations between the mechanical movements each brand offers. While Oris uses only mechanical calibers in their timepieces, Omega offers both mechanical and battery-powered quartz movement.


Oris vs Omega: Conclusion

By now, I think you’ve finished analyzing and have fully made your mind about the best among the two reputable Swiss watch brands. While both Oris and Omega are high-class and prestigious brands, Omega has better brand recognition, higher average resale value, unbeatable craftsmanship and innovation, high water resistance, and a perfect mechanical movement. Omega is the watch that will make a fashionable statement and earn the wearer compliments. Oris is still a good brand, but when compared to Omega, Omega comes out ahead.

longines vs omega

In today’s world, and as ever before, a luxury watch is essential to a watch connoisseur. It is expected to last a lifetime and work impeccably in contrast to any other competitor. People want to spend their money on something that can stand the test of time and deliver the best and most reliable watch that they can ever hope for. One does not go into the market to buy multiple luxury watches. Every luxury watch has its qualities, but the truth is that just one perfect watch can last you forever. You need to find the timepiece that will meet your expectations regarding the basic functions, design, and quality. Today, we will be comparing the two renowned luxury watch brands, Omega vs Longines.

 In terms of collections and technology, both brands have won hearts all over the world. They have achieved what any classic luxury watch brand is expected to. The brands have reliable watches, attractive designs, and top modern facilities embedded in their products. Both brands care deeply about customer satisfaction and how they can best appeal to today’s generation and their lifestyles.

Of course, choosing a watch is ultimately based on personal tastes and preferences. However, we will clear the air between Omega and Longines and determine which brand is better for buying luxury watches. We will dive deep into the designs, manufacturing, models, price points, and more. So buckle in and take notes for your next luxury watch purchase.

Omega Watch Factory
Omega Watch Factory


Beginning with the Basics 

Both Longines and Omega are Swiss brands creating luxury watches for people all over the world. Both are recognized as trustworthy and classy brands that can be relied on in terms of watch build and design. Omega is recognized in the seventh position as the world’s most famous Swiss luxury watch brand. In comparison, Longines holds a place at the 24th position on the same scale. Omega is also the world’s second-most recognized Swiss watch brand, and Longines is fifth. While these rankings say a lot about Omega’s popularity in comparison to Longines, the latter is also a very well renowned and loved brand for luxury watches. These statistics fall mainly into the mechanics, working, and the recognition for each brand.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you wear an Omega watch, it is more likely that it will get noticed wherever you go. On the other hand, a Longines might not attract attention in comparison to Omega. This is mostly due to the branding and marketing strategies used by Omega to popularize their image and products. They have various advertising campaigns that run internationally for extended periods, and hence, get noticed by a larger public audience.

However, Longines makes excellent watches as well. For a smaller price tag and a bit less recognition, you can still get a great watch from Longines. With all of that popularity of Omega, though, there are a few added features that add to the price tag, ultimately making it tick the box of popularity and reliability at the same time.


Omega vs Longines: Price Ranges

This is the category where Longines wins the hearts of the public, with a smaller price tag than Omega. While there is nothing wrong with making a big investment in a luxurious and gorgeous watch, people do tend to purchase Longines timepieces just for the price tag at times. As Longines watches are still high-quality, this adds up with the benefits of a smaller price tag when pitted against a slightly more expensive brand like Omega.

But in all the truth, Omega is the brand to go for. It falls right in the middle of Rolex, an expensive luxury watch brand, and Longines, the more affordable competition. Omega provides a healthy balance between the two. With its heftier price tag, you do not merely reap the benefits of the brand’s popularity, but also the aesthetics, great wear, impeccable designs, and timeless quality.

The More Affordable Pieces

Longines Conquest
Longines Conquest

The most affordable Longines watch is the Conquest Quartz, 43 mm, 33 mm, or 29.5 mm, priced at $800. However, Longines is known to create watches with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of up to $16,500, like the Longines Weems Second-Setting. This product falls perfectly in the luxury category. By all means, Longines is a great brand to buy luxury watches from. Speaking in terms of luxury alone, we cannot say for certain that Longines falls into the realm of luxury watches like Omega or Rolex. It does have a few products with a price point of luxury watches, but in terms of getting a watch from a true luxury watch brand, Omega is the place to go.

Omega Aqua Terra Quartz
Omega Aqua Terra Quartz

For Omega, their entry prices are about $2,750 for the Aqua Terra Quartz 30mm for ladies and 38.5mm for men. It is clear that Longines is much more affordable, but let’s take a look at what makes Omega a better yet pricier luxury watch brand.

The Longines mechanical watches are great with a chronograph, as they do more than tell you the time. However, Omega comes with COSC certified chronometer movements, such as the Speedmaster Moonphase. This gives Omega the highest designation a mechanical watch can have the ability to hold, and it is also the most accurate and reliable watch than any other mechanical watch you can find on the market. Looking at these perspectives, you can put two and two together and conclude how Omega’s price points are justifiable for their immaculate watches.


Omega vs Longines: Resale Values

Resale value cannot be determined simply by looking at a watch on hand. It depends on the model, the year, the buying price, the watch’s condition, original documents, and warranties. Many different aspects play a significant role in determining a watch’s resale value. All that aside, Omega has better resale value for its watches anywhere in the world. It might be because of its popularity, which is excellent as their popularity reigns due to the quality and reliability of Omega watches.


Omega vs Longines: Features

While, for the most part, both brands offer comparable features in their watches, there are a few aspects where it is accurate to say that Omega does make better luxury watches. They provide better water resistance on their dive watches and the impeccable accuracy of their COSC certified Chronometers. They are also the only brand that offers timepieces that have COSC certified Chronometer designation. Omega is also a holder of the METAS certified Master Chronometer designation.


Their renowned CoAxial escapement is loved as it requires minimal service in return for an extended warranty period. The Si14 silicon balance spring is a prime component of Omega watches as it is highly resistant to magnetic waves compared to the standard balance springs found in other watches. The value in their sale prices is no doubt equal to the quality. Therefore, it is understandable that the general public leans more towards Omega for a reliable, lifetime luxury watch.

Omega Coaxial Movement
Omega Coaxial Movement


Why Would Someone Still Choose Longines Over Omega?

We have established that Omega is the better brand to buy luxury watches. However, one might still be attracted to Longines watches because of the appearance of the watch. They may like the design that Longines offers more than Omega’s design. Another factor could be the slightly lower price ranges Longines offers. They have no doubt very affordable watches for excellent quality.


Why Choose Omega as Your Luxury Watch Brand?

If you are looking for a respected and renowned brand with functional and valuable watches, Omega is the brand to choose. If you are willing to pay a bit more for added value and the extended warranty period, Omega is the brand for you. The classic and beautiful designs of Omega are one of the key features that attract most watch enthusiasts to Omega. With the right information and research as given through this article, you will never skip over an Omega watch for another brand.

In this video, Sean from Exquisite Timepieces showcases the Omega Seamaster 300m Professional in Ceramic and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe in Ceramic to show how the two are comparable yet completely different. Which do you prefer?

1. Omega Seamaster 300m Professional in Ceramic
2. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe in Ceramic

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