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The Hublot Classic Fusion collection represents the brand’s Italian roots when it was established in 1980. The collection comes in various diameters, with the most popular being the Hublot Classic Fusion 38mm and the Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm. Within the Hublot Classic Fusion collection, there are a plethora of features. The most common feature seen in the Hublot Classic Fusion collection is the Hublot Chronograph. The Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph allows the user to have a stopwatch function. Another feature commonly found is the Hublot Skeleton dial. The Hublot Skeleton dial is commonly found in the Hublot Orlinski watches, a collaboration with artist Richard Orlinski.
The Hublot Fusion Collection also offers a range of luxurious materials with the most popular being Hublot Titanium. The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium watch is known for being extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Following the Hublot Titanium, is the Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold, which is Hublot’s proprietary name for Rose Gold. The Hublot Classic Fusion Rose Gold is less durable than the Hublot Titanium, yet it offers beauty like no other. The collection also offers Hublot Cassic Fusion diamond watches for those who live lavishly. In addition to its materials, Hublot Geneve offers a range of colors including the Hublot Classic Fusion blue and the Hublot Classic Fusion black.


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Hublot Classic Fusion Review

One of the most popular manufacturers in recent years is Hublot. A brand that is supportive, luxurious and that does not draw for clear contrasts. One of Hublot's specialties is the fusion of materials. The latest in the line of innovations is a fusion between gold and ceramic materials, resulting in a watch that is completely rope-free.

Hublot makes watches that stand out and stand out. But Hublot watches offer more than just a sporty and challenging surface. The company has, among other things, developed advanced watches and technical solutions such as a new type of housing for the diving watch Oceanographic which is close to 4000 meters deep!


Hublot Watches In USA

As one of the few companies, we can offer both sales and service of Hublot watches in the USA and other luxury watches in the USA. Our watchmakers are trained by the largest Swiss manufacturers and have the expertise for most makes. Visit our website to buy Hublot watches at the best prices.


Hublot Watches History

Hublot manufactures its watches in the idyllic city of Nyon, north of Geneva. In the beginning, Hublot was called MDM Geneve, and Hublot was only the name of one of its models. Italian designer Carlo Crocco founded the company in 1980 and presented the world's first rubber strap watch in Basel. However, Crocco's history dates back to 1967, when he conceived his first watch. In 2004, the president of Omega, Jean-Claude Biver, began a new stage in Hublot, and a year later, the firm began to reap success with the new Big Bang. His fame rose in such a way that, in 2008, he attracted the attention of the prestigious group of the luxury sector LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton SA, to which brands such as TAG Heuer belong and decided to buy Hublot.

Since 2012, Ricardo Guadalupe directs the brand, while Biver maintains his position as chairman of the administrative council. Both previously worked together for the Blancpain brand.


The Sobriety of the Classic Fusion Collection

The Classic Fusion collection presents a much more sober and conventional line than the MP series. It offers boxes of 45, 42, 38, and 33 mm with three needles, central seconds and date indicator, very purist, and classic features for the style of the house. However, Hublot adds its particular touch with the 6 screws that hold the bezel of the watch. Among the functions offered by the various variants of this collection, we highlight the series with chronograph movement and indicator of the moon phase or the power reserve. The Ultra-Thin series offers extra-thin boxes.

The Hublot Classic Fusion edition with a minute repeater and tourbillon is also a complicated clock on a technical level. In addition, this collection offers a wide range of materials. For example, Italia Independent models are available with spheres and straps made of fabrics used in the production of suits, while the Classic Fusion Berluti features spheres and leather straps.


Hublot Classic Fusion Ceramic Watch

With the new Classic Fusion All Ceramic, Hublot offers a series of versions that can perfectly meet the needs of those looking for the "perfect" versatile watch.

Hublot presents the new Classic Fusion All Ceramic, a whole series of new versions of its most classic collection. It's great news for those of us who admire Hublot, but we don't have a powerful morphology, which practically forces us to dispense with the Big Bang, its star clock.

The first is the most obvious. They belong to the Classic Fusion collection, which implies that Hublot offers them in different sizes, in this case, 42 and 45 millimeters. With these two diameters, almost all morphologies and personal preferences are perfectly covered.

The second characteristic of the new Classic Fusion All Ceramic is as or more transcendental than the first and is also decreased from its name; They are completely made of black ceramic.


Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium

Hublot watch from the Classic Fusion collection in collaboration with Ferrari, launch a light and elegant copy related to the "Gran Turismo" universe. The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT watch, whose boldly innovative design integrates the new patented UNICO mechanism, into a 45mm titanium case. It is an automatic loading flyback chronograph movement. Rubber and leather strap with folding clasp.


Hublot Classic Fusion Blue Watch

The Hublot Classic Fusion blue men's watch is a fabulous option to add to your accessories because this incredible design has a magnificent chronograph operation, so you will get a unique accuracy, in addition to this Hublot men's watch Classic Fusion 521.NX.7170.LR blue has a unique style thanks to its incredible extensible leather, 3 main hands, 2 sub-spheres, bar indicators, date, and water resistance of 50 m; you will love every detail that this model has to maximize your bearing.



Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Watch

The Classic Fusion Automatic is the simplest and most affordable model in the collection. With a 33 and 45 mm diameter case, these watches are aimed at both men and women. Hublot uses ceramics, titanium, King Gold, or the combination of titanium and King Gold, as well as ceramics and King Gold to make the boxes.


Hublot Richard Orlinski Watch

Richard Orlinski is famous throughout the world for his animal sculptures with geometric shapes and a volume that rescues the strength of each species. Now, he has joined his talent with Hublot to create a special edition that honors Mexico, not only for the green of the piece but for details that exalt Independence and Hope.

Orlinski is a lover of color, and the resins of his sculptures have always shown that fascination. Still, we had never had a piece that carried green in the way that this Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Mexico does.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, noticed a detail that makes sense when he sees the back of the piece: “(Orlinski) already counts among his most famous sculptures the two icons of the strength of the Mexican flag: the snake and the eagle.


Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Watch

Skeleton watches bring the art of watchmaking to shine in a new light by allowing the user to admire the inner workings of his watch. Hublot has completely reinterpreted this centenary watchmaking style, created in the 18th century, during the French Enlightenment, adapting it to the context of the 21st century and in harmony with the concept of the "Art of Fusion." With manufacturing capable of imagining concepts of skeleton watches never before seen with a unique modern architectural aesthetic, Hublot offers skeleton watches with completely different styles, such as the elegant Classic Fusion Classico Ultra-Thin or the artistic and complicated Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skull.


Detailed Prices of Hublot Watches

A new Hublot Classic Fusion with a 42mm titanium case costs about 5500 dollars. The Classic Fusion Racing Gray variant offers a "sunburst" effect that is very suggestive. Hublot Models with a blue or green dial are more beautiful and modern. Crocodile leather straps have the same color as the dial; that is, they are available in gray, green, or blue.

If you want to buy one of the 45mm diameters automatic watches in this collection, you must invest a few hundred dollars more. The Classic Fusion Titanium Blue costs roughly around 5000 dollars. Made in King Gold, this luxury sports watch costs, again, about 15000 dollars, while the used models are around 12,800 dollars. Unworn, Classic Ceramic Blue Ceramic Fusion costs approximately 6500 dollars.

The 38 and 33 mm versions are a bit more affordable. Those of titanium cost, if brand new, around 4700 dollars. Due to their size, these two versions are perfect for ladies. The Hublot Classic Fusion Diamond, for example, sets numerous diamonds on the bezel and is, therefore, the ideal jewel for female dolls. However, we must also bear in mind that it is much more expensive: new models made of titanium with a quartz movement cost at least 6500 dollars. The versions of King Gold and diamonds are around the price range of 17,000 dollars.

The Classic Fusion collection also includes chronographs. These watches offer 42 or 45 mm in diameter and, therefore, are aimed at men. The boxes are available in titanium, King Gold, ceramic and two-color versions. A 45mm Titanium Classic Fusion Chronograph costs around 7500 dollars in new condition. The ceramic version is a bit more expensive and costs about 8000 dollars. Finally, the unused Classic Fusion Chronograph copies manufactured in King Gold are around 21,000 dollars.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion is another of the most popular luxury watches in manufacturing. One of its most remarkable features is the skeleton movement that is contemplated through the sapphire crystal dial. This 45mm watch is available in titanium, ceramic, King Gold, and also offers diamond-set versions. Unworn, a copy of titanium reaches 10000 dollars, while the used models cost 1000 dollars less. The gold version with a link bracelet made in King Gold amounts to 35000 dollars. Ceramic Aerofusion costs around 12,500 dollars.

The design of the Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinskistands out among the chronographs in the series. In collaboration with Richard Orlinski, the French artist known worldwide for his wildlife sculptures, he gave these models a faceted style. The blue ceramic version is the one that attracts the most attention, and its price, without brand new, exceeds 17,000 dollars. In a similar price range are the black ceramic or titanium versions. The models manufactured in King Gold cost more than 25,000 dollars and are the most expensive watches of this edition.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater is probably the most complicated watch in the series. Thanks to its minute repeater function, it indicates, on request, the acoustic time. The tourbillon, positioned at the height of 6, guarantees excellent accuracy. The case is available in titanium, gold or carbon. The latter cost, in a new state, around 200,000 dollars. The red gold versions exceed 215,000 dollars and are one of the most expensive watches in the collection. The most affordable version of this trio is that of titanium that costs approximately 200,000 dollars.

The Classic Fusion Tourbillon does not incorporate a minute repeat function and, therefore, the titanium version costs around 30,000 dollars. The model manufactured in Gold King reaches 37,000 dollars, and the versions that include a chronograph function amounts to 55,000 dollars.

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