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Read this Before Buying Vintage Oris Watches

ULTIMATE Guide to Vintage Oris Watches (READ Before Buying!)

Oris is a watchmaker who encompasses the epitome of excellence in timekeeping and is a testament to the longevity of Swiss watchmaking. Founded in 1905 in the Swiss town of Holstein, Oris has developed some of the most recognizable and high-performing timepieces globally. 

It did not take long for the brand to catch traction in the young watch market then, and Oris soon propelled itself into the forefront of conversation in the world of horology. In its early years, Oris capitalized on recent innovations in aviation and the expansion of flight technology by producing mainly pilot watches.

This focus on aviation timekeeping spawned the Big Crown pilot’s watch, which is still synonymous with the brand and is the model that personally comes to mind when thinking of Oris. As time went on, the Swiss juggernaut developed numerous timepieces for countless applications; the brand has timepieces for scuba divers, fighter pilots, Marines, and even race car drivers.

It is rare to find a watchmaker with a vintage catalog as impressive as Oris, and the brand has simply so many amazing watches that I naturally must omit some from this selection. However, I will dive into some of the most famous and best-value vintage timepieces from one of my personal favorite Swiss brands and provide some insight into the market for these timepieces. 

About Vintage Oris Watches

When it comes to vintage watches, it is hard to go wrong with a trusty Oris. The brand has an incredible selection of timepieces to choose from and relatively cheap service costs, meaning one can own a functional piece of horological history without breaking the bank.

One of the most admirable things about vintage Oris watches is their dedication to remaining true to the brand’s roots, and the design and quality of each model reflect this. During the infamous quartz crisis of the 1970s where cheap battery-powered watches took the watch world by storm and snatched up large portions of market share, Oris refused to go against their mission and identity.

While other Swiss brands tried to keep up with the quartz trend, Oris continued investing in their mechanical movements. Because of this refusal to conform to trends, vintage Oris watches from the 1960s and onward represent some of the greatest mechanical timepieces and are a shining example of persistence and grit through difficult times.

Watches like the Diver 65, Big Crown, and Chronoris are all fantastic models that have continued to be produced into the modern era and inspired countless timepieces from other brands as well. Possibly, my favorite distinguishing factor about Oris is its ability to remain true to its design roots while simultaneously continuing to innovate into the modern era. The brand offers incredible value for money in the pre-owned vintage market, and enthusiasts will appreciate the quality available for less than $2,000.

What to Look For in Vintage Oris Watches

As with any vintage watch purchase, it is imperative to consider several factors that relate to overall timepiece quality and consumer satisfaction. Unlike some other watchmakers, Oris is a brand with countless vintage models on the market, and there is no shortage of watches available for purchase. This large quantity can be both a good thing and a bad thing. 

On one hand, this keeps prices low, parts remain cheap due to high supply, and servicing is also relatively affordable. On the other hand, the high amount of unique watches created by the brand opens a prime opportunity for counterfeiters and scammers to take advantage of unaware buyers who may not know the difference between a genuine, fake, or rebuilt watch. Below are four crucial factors that future vintage Oris owners must consider.


In today’s world, we, as watch enthusiasts, must be hyper-vigilant in detecting counterfeit timepieces, and this is especially true for a brand such as Oris. As mentioned before, the sheer quantity of watches on the market allows scammers to either produce completely fake timepieces or take parts from multiple watches to create an infamous and abominable “franken-watch”. 

The easiest way to counter this issue is to buy from highly reputable sellers and avoid shady online marketplaces that do not offer an authenticity guarantee. Exquisite Timepieces is a proud dealer of all things Oris, including vintage timepieces from the brand.

It is wise to use a service such as ours to avoid any heartbreak related to authenticity, and one can be assured our team will stop at nothing to ensure every timepiece available is of the utmost quality and authenticity. 

Watch Condition

Nobody wants to buy somebody else’s problems, especially when those problems can lead to expensive repairs in the context of vintage timepieces. Before purchasing a vintage Oris, one should carefully review the condition of the watch case, crystal, bezel, if applicable, and especially the movement.

If possible, taking the watch to a service provider before purchasing it is ideal; however, this is increasingly rare with the current trend of online shopping. Obviously, it is impossible to foresee everything wrong with a vintage timepiece as the nature of the object itself is delicate. Some of these timepieces can be over fifty years old, and mechanisms may naturally deteriorate over time.

It is certainly common practice to invest some money into a vintage watch to revive it and truly bring it back to its full form, but that does not mean there are no excellent condition timepieces on the market. I understand that it may sound repetitive, but purchasing from highly reputable sellers is the most reliable and effective way to avoid discrepancies regarding watch condition.


Pricing for vintage Oris timepieces is incredibly reasonable, with most falling into the $1,000 to $2,000 range. When considering the brand’s history, incredible quality, and instantly recognizable swagger, I believe there is no better brand for the money in this tier.

That being said, consumers should avoid deals that appear to be “too good to be true” and always use a reputable seller when shopping for a vintage Oris.

Seller Reputation

As mentioned extensively, the best way to experience vintage watches how they were intended is to purchase them through a seller who knows what they are doing and cares about watches, not just profits.

Because there are so many vintage Oris watches out in the wild, the brand has become a prime target for nefarious activities. Avoid heartbreak and spend the extra money to buy your vintage Oris from a reputable seller. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Most Popular Vintage Oris Watches

If I were to mention every notable vintage Oris, this piece would begin to read more like an encyclopedia. Luckily, I will spare your time and sanity and mention only a few of my personal favorite and most popular vintage models from the brand.

I believe these pieces represent the vintage offerings of the brand comprehensively and highlight the design language and innovation that have made the brand into the Swiss powerhouse it is today.

Vintage Oris Diver Watches

Perhaps my favorite line of vintage watches from Oris is its extensive collection of divers, particularly the Oris Star, also known as the Diver 65. Created during the early stages of dive watch development and popularity, the Diver 65 is one of those timepieces that oozes nostalgia and simple elegance that so many brands have tried to recreate in the modern era.

As one of the brands that produced some of the earliest divers, Oris is proud of its aquatic roots. This can be seen today in their modern catalog with models such as the innovative Aquis. Made in countless iterations, there are plentiful deals to be had on the vintage market. This line of simple, clean, and functional dive watches was launched in 1965, hence the name Diver 65.

Its small case, simple dial layout, and rugged functionality have made the Oris Diver 65, and all vintage Oris divers, for that matter, simply unbeatable value for money in the used market. One look at an online marketplace and the beginner collector will soon realize there are very few vintage divers that can compete with Oris in the $1,500 price range.

Vintage Oris Pilot Watches

The most famous and recognizable line of watches ever produced by Oris is its pilot’s watches. The brand can thank the introduction of air travel and air combat for its early successes, and to this day, Oris continues to innovate and impress in the pilot watch market.

I am not unique in selecting my favorite pilot watch from the brand, as the Big Crown is probably the most recognizable timepiece that Oris has ever produced. The art-deco style hands and dial layout of this line of timepieces is synonymous with Oris, and the brand’s pilot’s watches are both incredibly elegant and classy, as well as legible and functional.

Vintage Oris Motorsport Watches

If chronographs and racing-inspired watches are your bread and butter, allow me to introduce you to the world of vintage Oris motorsport-inspired timepieces. The Oris Chronoris is a particularly intriguing offering from the brand with its bulbous and sporty case shape and gorgeous dial layout, which is one of my favorites on any chronograph.

Oris, as a brand, has always had an affinity for auto racing, and their numerous motorsport-inspired timepieces reflect this passion. In a market that is over-saturated with chronographs and racing watches that all take heavy inspiration from the infamous Rolex Daytona, Oris gives consumers a breath of fresh air with unique design paired with high performance and reliability.

Should You Buy a Vintage Oris Watch?

If I did not already make it incredibly obvious, one should consider picking up a vintage Oris. The brand’s remarkable value for money, inspiring history, captivating design, and instantly recognizable status make it a no-brainer for an enthusiast looking to experiment within the vintage sector.

There is quite simply a vintage Oris for everyone, as the brand has produced uncountable amounts of watches throughout its extensive and illustrious history. While Oris as a brand has much to offer on the vintage side of things, it is important not to forget about their new offerings as well.

As mentioned before, Oris is a brand that is incredibly true to itself and refuses to stray from what they believe is perfection in watchmaking. At an entry-level price point that very few, if any, brands can match, Oris has something quite special that many attempt to replicate but none duplicate.


If you find yourself wondering, “Should I pull the trigger on that vintage Oris?”, chances are the answer is a resounding yes. It is hard to go wrong with any timepiece from Oris, and one may quickly find themselves on a slippery slope attempting to collect them all.

From divers to pilot watches, racing chronographs to dress watches, there are simply too many intriguing vintage Oris watches to choose from. Some may perceive you as a fool for purchasing a vintage mechanical watch due to the implicit risks and costs associated with its upkeep, but I say, who cares; more watches for the rest of us!

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