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BEST Garmin Watches for Women

15 BEST Garmin Watches for Women (Sporty & Fashionable!)

Garmin watches barely need an introduction, as you can see them on the wrists of explorers to fitness fanatics. While some mechanical watch enthusiasts will scoff at the idea of wearing ‘a glorified toaster’, there are some who wouldn’t leave their home without one! I mean, if you like toasted bread, you’re gonna need a toaster! 

With that said, you may perhaps not know that the female watch industry is a bit lacking. For centuries, watches were only worn by men, and even when women eventually got the opportunity to wear them, they were hidden in jewelry! Not going to work for someone whose idea of a Sunday date is climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town? 

I make that reference because I live in Cape Town and have seen someone wearing a meteorite Daytona while hiking – makes total sense, bro; who doesn’t wanna wear a $50,000 watch on a hike? Jokes aside, here are the 15 best Garmin Watches for Women. 

About Garmin Watches

Garmin, originally called ProNav, was founded in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, and started a business selling GPS units. The company would soon change its name to Garmin, an amalgamation of its two founders, Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao. 

From the get-go, business was booming! The US Military was their first customer, already purchasing GPS units in 1991, and by 1995, their overall sales units reached $105 million.  

The company kept innovating and implementing new and exciting technologies, and in 2003 they finally released their first watches – the Forerunner series – forerunner usually being a term used for something (or someone) running the course prior to the real deal. 

Models 101, 201, and 301 were all released and welcomed with open arms by the community. The latter two models were slightly improved, incorporating the ability to upload gathered data to a PC. 

Since then, Garmin has really driven innovation and technology to develop some incredible smartwatches, some with a keen focus on a specific niche. Others are more utilitarian and designed to be worn daily; however, they all feature a robust nature and a can-do attitude. 

What To Look For in Garmin Watches For Women?

As you might expect, when browsing for Garmin watches, there are things you might want to consider above others. If you’re a keen runner, you don’t need a 2,000m water resistance rating, do ya? Conversely, if you prefer the company of aquatic life, a run tracker might not be used very often… So, let’s look at a few considerations you should be taking. 

Different Activity Modes

Perhaps these watches do not offer the same complications as a grande perpetual calendar; however, they do offer a ton of different features. 

Some watches were designed to be lookers, offering the most basic sports tracking capabilities, like steps, heart rate tracking, etc. Some even provide a stress tracker, reminding you to relax from time to time. You get to preload workouts, record workouts, and even get a ‘running coach’ to program your activities! 

Another nifty feature is the ‘Music Feature’, which on specific models allows you to download music before you go running, allowing you to take the music wherever you go. 

Do you really need all of this? Well, that depends on you! 

The more features and ‘tricks’ your watch has, the more expensive it’ll be, so choosing the one that has the necessary but limits the unnecessary is the wise thing to do. Most watches will still include an abundance of sensors to actually be able to function. 

Women’s Health Tracking

Biologically, the female hormonal system is quite a lot more complex than the male system, and so, in recent years, a lot of females have become more and more concerned with tracking and managing their hormonal system. 

Garmin took notice of this and wanted to grant females and those who have an abundance of female hormones the ability to track their hormones effectively. But what exactly does this entail? 

For one, it allows you to track your menstrual cycle with ease. You can log symptoms, effects, receive tips on pain and nutrition management, and a lot more. There is even a function to allow you to track your pregnancy. 

Comfort & Wearability

Lastly, we have to consider one of the most significant factors – wearability. Being able to wear something with ease is key to … actually wearing it. This is more than just the right dimensions or the right color; no, this includes the materials used as well.

With an abundance of different models, it’s hard to recall them all. However, some are fashioned from steel – cost-effective, and have a classic look. Some are constructed in titanium, are lightweight, and have a subtle tone. 

Most models are also offered in various sizes and different colors as well. Most are offered on a silicone strap, but the strap industry has grown so much there are probably 20 different options one click away for you to purchase from a third party. 

15 Best Garmin Watches For Women

Garmin offers plenty of dedicated wearables for women, depending on their preferred activity. Here are 15 of the best Garmin watches for women you can get today:

Garmin Lily Sport Edition

Aptly called the ‘Lily’, this petite offering might look rather classic but does sport some impressive offerings and functions. Measuring 34.5mm in diameter and only weighing 24 grams (0.85 oz), it offers the wearer a robust 5 days of battery life. Designed to be subtle and functional at the same time, it hits all the marks. 

Firstly, color options include white, ‘light sand’, deep orchid, and dust rose. All are offered with a ‘gold’ case and a silicone band to match. Functions include a ‘body energy’ reader, heart rate tracker, stress tracker, women’s health tracker, hydration tracker, pulse OX sensor, and advanced sleep monitoring. 

Other than these, you also get typical smartwatch tools like notifications, safety features, and a morning report. You get to preload your workouts, as we mentioned before, so this first watch really hits all the marks from the get-go. And, you can get it for just $200.

Garmin Forerunner 45S

As we mentioned, the Forerunner was the first wrist option offered by Garmin, and the term forerunner typically means something that comes ahead of ‘the main’ one, not so much when it comes to Garmin. This latest model, the 45S, the forerunner, literally refers to a running watch and one that promises ‘not to weigh you down’. 

Measuring either 39 or 42mm, this offering was designed to be lightweight and not impact your running while you’re out and about. Offered in various different strap colors, all perforated to help your wrists breathe. Paired with Garmin’s proprietary ‘running coach’ program, allowing expert coaches to help you on your journey. 

It offers all the typical features you might expect from a Garmin and a smartwatch but with the addition of features like a GPS tracker, a ‘body battery’ tracker, and music functionality. The Garmin Forerunner 45S comes with a retail price of $130

Garmin Vivosmart 5

If you’re looking for something a bit sleeker (and certainly smartwatchy), then perhaps the Vivosmart 5 is the option to go for. Designed to look more like a step tracker from the old days, this cost-effective offering still grants you plenty of functionality. This sleek watch is offered in either a small, medium, or large offering, all giving the same capabilities. 

This was certainly designed to be a sports watch, offering heart rate monitoring, body battery measurement, blood oxygen rating, sleep monitoring, stress and hydration tracking, and women’s health tracking.

That’s a lot of features for a watch of around $150. A slim design might limit the screen you have, but it makes for easy-wearing dimensions and will fit into the lives of those who want something to slap on and forget about. 

Garmin Venu Sq 2

The Venu is perhaps one of the most capable options offered by Garmin, granting the wearer up to 11 days of battery life between charges – that’s a doozy! Alongside this capable statistic, the watch offers the wearer 25 sports features, allowing you to use it for several different sports. 

Just like the other offerings, you get to preload your workouts and do them when you’re in the field. You also get to create workouts with the watch (via the Garmin Connect app) and do them with the aid of the timepiece. As with the other offerings, you get the capable connectivity we all know that smartwatches grant us, as well as safety and tracking features. 

A nifty little trick the Venu has is the Garmin Pay contactless payment, which allows you to pay with your Garmin at particular places. You can get the Venu Sq 2 for $250.

Garmin Forerunner 255S Music Edition

11 days wasn’t enough for you? Well, this Forerunner offers 12 days! How about that!? Apart from this impressive statistic, this Forerunner is also remarkably robust while offering exceptional wearing ergonomics.

What’s more, it’s a looker as well. Sure, it’s a sizable looker (41 and 46mm), but both the white and black options are visually intriguing. Bonus, it’s only 39g (or 1.38 oz).  As far as functions go, yet again, it’s packed to the brim. How packed, you may ask? 

Well, the list includes being able to see your heart rate, respiration rate, sleep score, women’s health, all the various GPS readings you might expect from Garmin, Bluetooth connect, music storage, step counter (obviously), different gym trackers, physio setup functions, a run coach, and and and. The list is enormous. If you want everything, this is the one to go for. And it only costs $400.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Despite the sport part of the name, this offering is rather pretty if I do say so myself. Offered as a mint, black and slate, cocoa and peach, and ivory and peach combinations, there are plenty to choose from. Offered as a ‘hybrid’ sports watch, this was designed to be somewhat elegant and even has an analog flair as well. 

Beneath the ‘normal’ watch hands, you find your electronic watch display, allowing you to see all the different features the watch has to offer. This might not be the best option to go for if you’re a true athlete, seeing as it was designed to accommodate those that are lightly active, and there are better offerings available in the Garmin catalog. That said, it’s certainly still an exceptional watch regardless, especially for its modest $180 price tag.

Garmin Lily Classic Edition

We have another Lily, which, if you may recall, is a rather sweet but classic watch. This ‘Classic Edition’ is a combination of both an elegant and sports watch. Still sporting a 34mm case, the display can shift from your typical two-hander, understated look to displaying your sports features. It might not offer some of the features the real utility units do on the list; however, it’s still more than enough to keep the sports-lady within you happy. 

Both the website and the reviews exclaim just how good this watch is for daily wear, and the ability to slide under any dress or jacket cuff proves this wholeheartedly. Slap this on a nice leather strap, and you might even be able to call this one elegant. The Classic Edition of the Lily can be yours for $250.

Garmin Vivomove Style

The Vivomove Style is another offering that combines an analog or ‘normal’ display with a sports watch’s functionality. You have the ability to have the latter on display or not. As is customary with Garmin, at this point, you get plenty of different options! Light gold aluminum case, rose gold aluminum, silver aluminum, and graphite aluminum. Personally, the graphite strikes a beautiful balance of sleek and stealthy. 

Firstly, you get the typical smartwatch features like notifications, etc. What’s more, you get several different sports features as well. Hydration tracking, step tracking, sleep monitoring, the whole shebang. As always, you also get women’s health tracking as customary! This is a slightly ‘sporty’ step up from the previous Lily Classic, if you will, for not a lot more money at $300. 

Garmin Instinct 2S Standard Edition

Perhaps you want something with a bit more presence on the wrist? Well, the Instinct 2S Standard Edition certainly offers that, coming in 40mm. You can also opt for a solar option, harvesting the power of the sun to power your wrist (damn, that sounds like something out of Marvel). 

Engineered for the worst, it features a 100m water resistance rating as well as thermal and shock resistance. You can still get plenty of colors to choose from, meaning you won’t have to sit with bland black or white. 

Features that stand out include GNSS support (you’ll have access to multiple global navigation satellite systems) and some more sensors like a barometer. Another nifty feature is the ‘backtrack option’, which, as the name suggests, allows you to backtrack your journey. 

This excludes pretty much every single other feature we’ve mentioned so far. This is Garmin flexing its technical prowess, really. You can get the Instinct 2S Standard Edition for $300.

Garmin Venu 2S

The Venu 2 is perhaps one of the strongest releases from Garmin. As you might expect, it comes in several different configurations to suit your fancy, including 45mm, 43mm, and 40mm with the Venu 2S. The case is crafted from fiber-reinforced polymer, while the bezel is steel – a handy and robust combination. 

Within the watch, computers and sensors allow the wearer immense capabilities, ranging from your typical smartwatch features to even a barometer altimeter. 

Another interesting addition is the golfing features, allowing you to easily track your game. Other sports features include cycling readings, swimming features, and even kid-tracking abilities, although I’m not quite sure how that last one works… 

This is more expensive than other options covered, at $400, but once again, with Garmin, you get what you pay for. 

Garmin Forerunner 265S

So, for the really sporty among you, we present the Forerunner 265S, presenting itself unapologetically as sporty – really sporty. From the beginning, you’re presented with a 15-day battery life, just in case you decide to run across the backbone of Africa… 

With training in mind, the watch was designed with several sports features, such as a race widget, advanced training metrics, music storage, and various GPS features. You can even have daily workouts sent to you, including recovery tips and tricks. 

Something you won’t see on every Garmin is the HRV status, which offers the wearer a deeper understanding of their overall health. As the website states so elegantly, the watch was designed to help you plan, prepare, perform, and then connect with your PC (and with your smartphone!). The Garmin Forerunner 265S presents a great all-around option at $450.

Garmin Approach S70 42mm

The S70 is not some cool vintage Volvo, but it surely prices like one. This 42mm offering was designed with the sport of golf in mind, and boy, will it elevate your game. First things first, it’s still a smartwatch, so you can expect a lot of what other smartwatches offer in terms of connectivity. 

When it comes to golf, the Approach comes equipped with 43,000 preloaded courses, a ‘virtual caddy’, a distance tracking feature, a slope sensor, and even a wind sensor. Compared to other offerings on the market, reviews state this is an extremely cost-effective option with plenty of usability and essential golf features for just $650.

Garmin Fenix 7S Solar Edition

The Fenix is an odd offering in the Garmin lineup but comes with a solar charge function. In case you’re not aware, this means the watch is powered by sunlight and essentially creates a ‘limitless’ power source. 

It also has a built-in LED flashlight, which makes it a usable option for those looking to go into the darker parts of the world. You also get a ‘Hill Score’, which measures your capabilities for hill running – which sucks, btw. You also get an endurance score, securing this offering as one of the best endurance Garmin offerings. The 7S Solar Edition from the Fenix collection retails for $700.

Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) Sapphire Edition 42mm

‘Designed for the Bold’, the Epix Pro (Gen 2) is another exceptional piece by Garmin. Constructed in lightweight Titanium, the Sapphire edition is an elevated version of some other offerings in the Garmin lineup. 

It still features exceptional functionality in the sense of RacePro technology, a ClimbPro feature, and various other functions designed to help the explorer in you. This watch certainly has a twin-personality, seeing as it is both elevated and luxurious, but offers incredible functionality. Probably the closest you’ll come to a perpetual calendar field watch. You can get the Epix Pro (Gen 2) Sapphire Edition for $1,000.

Garmin Descent Mk2S

Lastly, we have a diver to complete things. The Descent Mk2S is a 43mm diver designed to help you on your deep-diving adventures. You get several dive modes, including GNSS, a dive log, and an ‘inReach’ feature. 

You still get plenty of sports and smartwatch features, as you might expect. Performance metrics, ski info, surfing features, and even a recovery advisor! Unfortunately, it only has 100m of water resistance, so, not really a dive computer as such… But, if you’re interested in one, it can be yours for $1,000.


Wow! So many different options to choose from, and since they all kinda spill into one another, it’s hard to determine which is best. Overall, they all offer similar features and it really comes down to size, style, and some utilitarian features. 

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