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20 Best Solid Gold Watches (To Add Some BLING In Your Life!)

Rubber? No, too casual and looks cheap. Stainless steel? Maybe, but it seems that every watch out there is made of this metal. Silver? Feels great but just has no significant difference in terms of looks with stainless steel. Bronze? Looks cool initially but quickly gets old and “rusty”. But gold? YES PLEASE. 

Do you want something that shows personality but yet stays elegant and classy? Gold. Do you want something that lasts you forever and that doesn’t ever corrode? Gold. Want to look like a badass like Tony Soprano or Michael Corleone? Gold watches are your answer. 

The attractiveness of the color gold is undeniable. When made well into a watch, it has the best combination of a luxury jewelry look and a time-telling tool that we all know and love. Not only does it exert an aura of confidence to the wearer, but the longevity and value of a gold watch also allow this confidence to be passed down to generations. In this article, we’ll list the 20 best solid gold watches you can buy.

Why Are Solid Gold Watches Cool and Why You Should Buy One

The first ever solid gold wristwatch was made by Girard-Perregaux in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a city in Switzerland. It was believed that the watch was made for the German Emperor William I in 1879 as he wanted to commission them for Naval officers. 

The material gold was used as it is corrosion-resistant, particularly useful for Naval officers to do their duty guarding the sea. It might look a little extravagant for officers and soldiers, but at that time, stainless steel was not discovered, and thus, gold was the most suitable material despite looking a little out of place. 

Fast forward to the current generation, gold watches are worn to show luxury, elegance, and status. It can be worn with a suit to show class and elegance, enhancing your individuality; it can also be worn casually, paired with a collar T-shirt and jeans to provide a sophisticated yet vintage look. 

Gold watches are also often featured in famous Hollywood movies, particularly Mafia movies such as Scarface, Godfather, and The Sopranos. When you see Al Pacino wearing a black suit with a gold watch, the watch really stands out, perfectly showing off his personality as a badass Mafia.

There are often misconceptions about gold watches as there are several different types, such as gold-plated, PVD-treated, or blended gold (also known as two-tone). In this article, we focus solely on solid gold watches – which means they’re fully constructed with gold, inside out. 

There are also different types of gold used, such as yellow, white, pink, and red gold. Some manufacturers go a step further and mix gold with another alloy to improve its properties while maintaining the looks, such as the Everose gold and the Sedna gold. 

Gold being gold, never loses value because it is a precious material often sought after. Thus, despite being a time-telling piece, a gold watch’s value, durability, and fashionable aspect is truly timeless. 

The Best Soild Gold Watches

1. Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 (ref. 4200H/222J-B935)

Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 (ref. 4200H/222J-B935)

First released in 1977, the Vacheron Constantin 222 was to commemorate their 222nd anniversary as a company. The watch came in stainless steel and gold with an integrated bracelet, released to compete with the ever-so-famous Patek Philipe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. March 2022 marks the return of the iconic 222, arguably one of the best releases in Watches and Wonders 2022. 

The new 222, in yellow gold, carries over a lot of the original design, including the very cool hexagonal central links, integrated bracelet, Pd150 white gold Maltese cross placed at 5 o’clock of the case, and a few tweaks to its movement. 

The new movement is their in-house caliber 2455/2 and has a power reserve of 40 hours. With a 37mm diameter case size and 7.95mm thickness, it definitely retains its vintage size and design while implementing contemporary touches by improving the comfort of the bracelet, making all of us feel like the Vacheron Constantin 222 has never really left our side. 

Price: $109,000

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50th Anniversary Rose Gold (ref. 16202OR.OO.1240OR.01)

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 50th Anniversary Rose Gold (ref. 16202OR.OO.1240OR.01)

The Royal Oak is probably one of the most sought sports watches in the world and for good reason. It was first released in 1972, designed by the very talented Gerald Genta (who is like the Picasso of designing watches). 

With the introduction of the integrated bracelet and the iconic hexagonal case in stainless steel, Genta essentially changed the watch industry forever. At that time, the Royal Oak was one of the first few watches to introduce a stainless steel watch commanding luxury prices. But today, clearly, everyone is on the same wavelength with this outrageous (at that time) idea. 

The Royal Oak 50th Anniversary was released in 2022. It maintains much of its original design, but with the material rose gold and a smoked slate gray dial, you get a sporty and elegant look on your wrist with excellent contrast. Housing the new in-house caliber 7121 with a power reserve of 50 hours is a familiar hexagonal-shaped 39mm case and a thickness of 8.1mm, making it fit onto many wrists comfortably. 

Price: €72,500

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus (ref. 5811/1G)

Patek Philippe Nautilus (ref. 5811/1G)

Arguably the most wanted, most sought after, most hyped watch in the world is the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711. The name and design of the Nautilus were inspired by a novel called “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”. From the octagonal yet square-looking case resembling a submarine’s glass window and its deep ocean-blue dial, we can see where the design was inspired.

Patek Philippe did not stop the legacy and introduced the 5811/1G in 2022. It stays true to the identity and design of the 5711 while improving on it with white gold, making the timepiece exude elegance and sophistication. 

The 5811/1G also comes in the 41mm classic submarine-window case that seamlessly blends in with the beautifully designed integrated bracelet, along with the same iconic and instantly recognizable horizontally embossed deep blue dial. Powering the 5811/1G is their self-winding caliber 26-330 SC with 45 hours of power reserve, ensuring accurate and reliable time-keeping.

With its exceptional craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and iconic design, the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5811/1G represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, making every avid watch collector drool. 

Price: €69,200

4. Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Green Dial (ref. 116508)

Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Green Dial (ref. 116508)

Remember when I mentioned the word ‘arguably’ in the previous section? Well, that’s because of this watch. The Daytona. The watch that created hype, the watch that everyone wants, the watch that created the controversial phenomenon of the ‘waiting list’. 

The ref.116508 has all the Daytona features that we all know and love: the iconic tachymeter bezel that gives a flare of sportiness, the mickey-mouse looking subdials (I know most people associate it with panda but not me), and the screwed pushers. What makes the ref.116508 stand out from other Daytonas is its vibrant green dial paired with a 40mm solid 18k yellow gold case, creating a visually-striking but not obnoxious aesthetic to the watch.

Equipped with their in-house caliber 4130 with a respectable power reserve of 72 hours, it is more reliable than ever, ensuring accurate timekeeping, along with a useful chronograph function for the wearer to time their favorite coffee-brewing activity (or time anything you want).

Thanks to its complicated movement, amazing wearability, and stunning looks, this watch truly represents Rolex’s excellence and commitment to horology. However, with great innovative and beautifully designed watches comes great sacrifices in the watch community. Let’s just say that if you can get one at the original price, consider yourself the luckiest person on earth.

Price: €38,600

5. A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Honeygold “Lumens” (ref. 142.055)

A. Lange & Söhne is a brand that often flies under the radar of many watch collectors just because it is not made in the fairytale land of watch-making — Switzerland. It was founded in Germany back in 1845, and focused on making remarkable and elegant dressy timepieces with impeccable craftsmanship.

The “Lumens” is made in their proprietary gold called “Honeygold”. What a peculiar name for a gold material, but it is catchy, so it works! That said, the warm glow of the 41.9mm gold case paired with the sophisticated, semi-transparent dial showcasing its intricate mechanics and Arabic numerals is nothing I’ve seen before in other watches.

You could really spend the whole day staring at the dial and wait for the next minute (or hour if you have lots of time) to pass as you witness the minute indices move intricately.As you turn the watch to its back, the stunning in-house caliber L043.9 will leave you in awe, questioning every other movement that exists and putting them in their place.

It features a manual winding movement with a power reserve of 72 hours and is finished to the highest of standards that will no doubt cause watch collectors to be jealous, making it extremely desirable for those who appreciate craftsmanship and horology.

Price: €114,000

6. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar Pink Gold (ref. Q1302520)

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar Pink Gold (ref. Q1302520)

All watches tell you the time, most of them tell you the date, and some tell you the day, but very few watches tell you the day, date, month, year, moon phase, and even accounting for leap years, with an adjustment required only once every 100 years! This feature is also known as a Perpetual Calendar.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is nicknamed ‘the watchmaker’s watchmaker’ and for a very good reason. Other than providing movements for goliath watch brands such as those mentioned above (Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe), the movement in this watch is incredibly complicated to make, let alone make it ultra-thin, just as the name suggests.

Encasing the caliber 868 with a power reserve of 38 hours is a beautiful 39mm 18K pink gold case that is only 9.2mm thick. To put this into context, most traditional watches are around 10mm thick, and the only feature most of them have is telling the time and date. Jaeger-LeCoultre can make a complicated perpetual calendar movement and fit into such a slim case, making it 100 times more impressive. 

With its slim case and a subtly textured cream-white dial, along with pink gold indices and dauphine hands, this makes the perfect tuxedo-paired watch.

Price: $37,700

7. Cartier Tank Louis (ref. WGTA0011)

Cartier Tank Louis (ref. WGTA0011)

Sure, Cartier isn’t well known for its watchmaking and mostly for their jewelry, but we cannot take away the credit they deserve for creating one of the most iconic watch cases and dials in all watches. 

The dimensions of this watch are an unorthodox 33.7 mm x 25.5mm, 6.6mm thick because of its rectangular shape. However, this watch would fit perfectly on the wrist with a really thin rose gold case that really says class and elegance. 

The modern Cartier Tank Louis stays loyal to its predecessors by featuring a silver opaline dial along with vintage-looking Roman numerals as their indices. This is then paired with subtle yet classy blued steel hands and a railroad track minute scale, creating a timeless and iconic design. 

Featuring the movement is their Cartier caliber 1917 MC, which is a hand-wound movement and has a power reserve of 38 hours, adding more vintage touches to the watch but with contemporary specifications. 

With its slim and elegant, timeless design, you could easily share this watch with your partner. If you want to snag yourself a bargain, this is it, one watch for two! 

Price: €13,300

8. Girard-Perregaux Laureato Pink Gold (ref. 81010-52-3118-1CM)

Girard-Perregaux Laureato Pink Gold (ref. 81010-52-3118-1CM)

Girard-Perregaux has slowly risen in the past few years thanks to their focus on creating more sporty aesthetic watches. The new GP Laureato is no different and is their take on luxury watches with an integrated bracelet. 

The watch comes in a 42mm solid pink gold case and an integrated bracelet with two different kinds of finishing, beautifully executed — satin and polished. 

The main star of the show is the handcrafted black onyx dial that requires the expertise of highly skilled craftsmen, and to complement the dial are the pink gold indices, baton hands, and their GP logo. To complete the package, the iconic octagonal bezel really adds a distinctive flair to the watch design, making it extra sporty but also elegant with the use of gold. 

Powering the Laureato is the caliber GP01800 with a power reserve of 54 hours, entirely in-house with meticulous finishes and a pink gold oscillating weight that you can appreciate at the back of the watch. 

The Girard-Perregaux Laureato combines sportiness in its design, elegance with the use of gold and a stunning black onyx dial. It certainly succeeded in creating a contemporary luxury sports watch that can easily be dressed down or up. 

Price: CHF 51,800

9. Chopard Alpine Eagle Yellow Gold (ref. 295363-0001)

Chopard Alpine Eagle Yellow Gold (ref. 295363-0001)

The Chopard Alpine Eagle is Chopard’s re-celebration of its iconic St. Moritz watch and its take on luxury sports watches commemorating the magnificent nature. 

The Alpine Eagle features a 41mm round 18k yellow gold case, accompanied by the inclusion of screws on the bezel to give it a more athletic look. Tapering down the case is the popular integrated bracelet, also in solid yellow gold. 

To finesse its sporty-chic aesthetic with a touch of nature, the Alpine Eagle’s dial resembles the radial, irregular texture of an eagle’s iris, and the counterweight of its second hand resembles an eagle’s feather. Its crown is also worth mentioning, as it is engraved with a compass rose, where Chopard has endowed it with a meaning that symbolizes contemporary eagles navigating their destiny and an invitation to nature exploration.

Inside the watch is the caliber 01.01-C, which has a self-winding mechanical movement that is COSC certified, proving that it is reliable and functional with a respectable 60 hours of power reserve.

Most gold watches combine gold with other colors, but not this watch. This goes all in on gold. That includes the dial, the screws, the bezel, the case, and some parts of the indices. If you want a reliable, sporty watch that really makes a statement and holds deep value, this is the watch to go to. 

Price: $55,800

10. Piaget Polo Date Rose Gold (ref. G0A47010)

Piaget Polo Date Rose Gold (ref. G0A47010)

The Piaget Polo has been the staple of their collection as of late in representing their popular category of luxury sports watches. Most sports watches tend to go for an integrated bracelet, but not the Piaget Polo Date Rose Gold, which has a green leather strap, giving it an elegant and dressier look. 

The rose gold cushion case with a green guilloché, horizontal grooves, and dial adds even more to the level of elegance. The 42mm case size might be big for some, but with a thickness of 9.4mm, it still wears well under the cuff. However, don’t let that dressy look fool you. While it looks dressy, you can still take it to a water polo game easily with a water resistance of 100 meters (although look out for its leather strap).

Additionally, you can also enjoy looking at its in-house 1110P automatic movement with a power reserve of 50 hours from the open case back of this watch, along with the engraved Piaget coat of arms on the oscillating weight.

Its rose gold construction paired with the green leather strap and the dial is a joy to look at, with both colors complimenting each other, making this an easy watch to recommend for everyone who loves green. 

Price: $47,300

11. Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF Micro Rotor Rose Gold (ref. PFC914-2020001-200182)

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF Micro Rotor Rose Gold (ref. PFC914-2020001-200182)

The Tonda PF is part of Parmigiani Fleurier’s Tonda collection and is perhaps the flagship collection of the brand, oozing elegance, class, and also sportiness. This particular model is no exception, featuring a 40mm rose gold case and integrated bracelet that adds a touch of warmth and luxury to the watch.

Zooming into its uncluttered warm gray, matte guiiloché dial is an exceptional ‘grain d’orge’ finish (which means ‘grain of barley’ in French), showing a drastic contrast from the rose gold that allows the dial to really pop. Their new PF703 movement that comes with a 48-hour power reserve and 100m water resistance is revolutionary with a thickness of just 3mm (case thickness of 7.8mm), achieved with the use of a full platinum micro-rotor (hence the name).

Parmigiani Fleurier brilliantly integrated the diminutive and brilliantly finished oscillating weight into the movement instead of lying on top of it like other brands. Thanks to its minimalist dial and ultra-thin case, the 18K rose gold skeletonized delta-shaped hands really complete the watch, creating a stylish yet exquisite look perfect for many occasions. 

Price: $56,800

12. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonshine Gold (ref. 310.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonshine Gold (ref. 310.

The Speedmaster marks a monumental achievement for mankind, being the first watch on the moon in 1969. From then, Speedmaster earned its profound nickname of the “Moonwatch”, an iconic timepiece that will always resonate with NASA’s Apollo mission for being chosen to wear to the moon. 

The new Speedmaster features a 42mm 18K gold case and bracelet. But not just any gold. Omega calls it the “Moonshine™ Gold”. Inspired by the shining moonlight, Moonshine™ Gold is slightly paler than traditional yellow gold, giving it a more subtle and serene look. 

Besides the different hue, this gold alloy also has a higher resistance to fading in color and luster over time, making this watch more durable. To contrast with the Moonshine™ Gold is the black subdials, indices, and ceramic bezel that give the watch a really sporty but not in-your-face look.

Powering the Speedmaster is the highly dependable, manual winding Co-Axial Master Chronometer Caliber 3861 with 50 hours of power reserve. Flip over the watch, and you will lust at the beautiful movement shown on the open case back of the Speedmaster. Oh, and Omega obviously has engraved this Speedmaster with “THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON”, just in case you forget.

Price: $41,400

13. Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW252

Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW252

“Roses are red, violets are blue; there is always an Asian, better than you.” Grand Seiko represents this meme phrase perfectly, as it is the only brand that is founded in Japan on this list and is definitely comparable with other Swiss watches.

The SBGW252 is a recreation of the first-ever Grand Seiko launched back in 1960 and has successfully stayed faithful to the model that inspired it aesthetically. Like its elder brother, the dial features a classic, vintage design – emphasized with a cream-white dial, simple-looking indices, and dauphine hands. And to accentuate the ‘Elegance’, is the unique and elegant lettering of the Grand Seiko logo at 12. 

Encapsulating this lovely dial is a 38mm 18K yellow gold case with 10.7mm thickness, which perfectly captures the spirit and design of the 1960 version of Grand Seiko. What really takes this to another level is the finishing of the watch — razor-sharp edges on the hands, flawless polishing on the case, and I could go on and on. 

What’s not so vintage is the advanced in-house manual winding movement 9S64 with a 3-day power reserve, strong antimagnetic properties, and is regulated to a highly accurate of -3 to +5 seconds a day. 

A timeless design with impeccable finishing, innovative in-house movements that are reliable and accurate, and a reasonable price are what make Grand Seiko truly grand.

Price: $17,200

14. Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold (ref. 541.OX.1181.RX)

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold (ref. 541.OX.1181.RX)

As the infamous Nico Leonard spread his hate for Hublot around the globe, we tend to misunderstand Hublot as this company that only makes large, ostentatious watches with unusual materials and basic movements. This is not the case for the Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold. 

The watch comes in a proprietary 42mm King Gold case (a fusion of several precious metals), adding a warmer shade than the traditional 18K gold. Additionally, a very un-Hublot-like move is the elegant, simple-looking deep black dial, featuring two subdials and simple indices, making it very uncharacteristic of Hublot, who often have skeletonized dials.

Completing the look is the use of a black rubber strap, nicely contrasting with the color gold, giving it a sportier look. Powering the watch is the HUB1153 Self-winding Chronograph Movement, which has a power reserve of 42 hours. Perhaps something that is worth noting and contrasting its sporty look is its water resistance of just 50m, a very un-sporty amount if you ask me. 

Hublot’s take on contemporary sport watches to make them look elegant with the use of precious metals is very respectable, and if you are someone who likes wearing rubber straps yet wants to maintain a refined look, this might be it. 

Price: $28,300

15. Breguet Tradition (ref. 7097BB/G1/9WU)

Breguet Tradition (ref. 7097BB/G1/9WU)

Perhaps the most under-the-radar watch in this list is the Breguet Tradition. Unlike the use of yellow gold or rose gold in other watches, this watch uses white gold to create a more subdued and toned-down look. What’s not toned down is the dial, showcasing 70% of the contraption-looking movement, a traditional-looking dial with Roman numerals, and blued cathedral hands. 

The dial that tells time is, in fact, smaller than usual, stationed at the top part of the dial. The other part reminds me of the organs of a clock tower, consisting of a bunch of gears and levers working simultaneously together.

Under the 40mm white gold case is Breguet’s caliber 505 SR1, featuring an automatic movement with 50 hours of power reserve plus a retrograde seconds hand. However, with this watch being an ultra dressy-looking piece, it only features 30m of water resistance, but not to worry because you won’t likely swim with your tuxedo on. 

Price: $35,400

16. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Sedna Gold (ref. 5000-36S40-O52A)

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Sedna Gold (ref. 5000-36S40-O52A)

Blancpain was founded in 1735, making it the oldest watch brand in the world. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms was also the first dive watch, and since then, it has branched out into several different styles of watches, such as the Bathyscaphe. 

The Bathyscaphe takes a lot of the features of a dive watch, including a rotatable diving bezel, a large case for legibility, and a whopping 300 meters of water resistance. The rework of its dial is what sets it apart from other dive watches, with a sleeker design with simple indices, a stunning sunburst dark blue dial, and rose gold accents on the bezel, hands, and indices. 

The rose gold is made with Swatch Group’s (Blancpain is part of the Swatch Group) proprietary gold called Sedna Gold, which is used on the 43mm case, color-matching the indices, hands, and bezel. 

Powering the dive watch is their in-house caliber 1315, an automatic movement with an insane 120 hours (5 days) of power reserve, so you don’t have to do your daily chore of winding your watch. Through the open case back, the beautifully finished caliber 1315 can be seen, especially with the oscillating weight engraved with the Blancpain logo, which is also made in Sedna Gold.

Price: $26,300

17. Breitling Chronomat 36 Red Gold (ref. R10380101A1R1)

Breitling Chronomat 36 Red Gold (ref. R10380101A1R1)

Breitling is a brand that has a rich history, particularly with technical aviation (the Navitimer) and racing (the Top Time). However, they often have a gap in their collection, lacking smaller-sized watches with simple-looking dials watches. Thankfully, Breitling rebooted their Chronomat collection in 2020 and definitely filled the missing puzzle.

This Chronomat has a vintage-inspired look – featuring a paper-white dial with simple indices and baton hands in red gold and a date window at 6. Adding more luxury and elegance to the watch is the use of 18K red gold found on the 36mm case, bezel, and bracelet.

The Chronomat achieves an iconic look through its distinctive “Rouleaux” bracelet, which resembles a string of machine gun bullets sitting comfortably on your wrist, and a robust bezel that enhances its sporty character. 

Their movement is the Breitling 10, a COSC-certified chronometer with 42 hours of power reserve and a self-winding mechanical movement that brings back the vintage touch.

Breitling really proved me wrong this time: they are not just about chunky, sporty-looking watches and are more than capable of making a stylish yet elegant watch with the introduction of the new Chronomat 36. I’m definitely glad to be proven wrong on this occasion.

Price: $27,500

18. Tudor Black Bay 58 18K Gold (ref. M79018V-0001)

Tudor Black Bay 58 18K Gold (ref. M79018V-0001)

Tudor being Rolex’s sister brand for many years (since 1926), has really kept them in the shadows. But not until 2012 when Tudor released the Black Bay model that took the world by storm and put most Swiss watches at bay. Inspired by the original Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ref.7922, the Black Bay took a lot of the vintage designs of the 7922 and added their own touches to it. 

The Black Bay 58 was then introduced in 2018, shrinking the case size from 41mm to a more compact 39mm, adding more retro aesthetics and sizing. Using 18K yellow gold on the case and the iconic “snowflake” hand and indices, contrasting it with the olive-green dial and bezel, and pairing it with a dark brown alligator leather strap, just makes the watch shouts RETRO and CLASS. 

Surprisingly, unlike other Black Bay 58 models (except the 925 Silver model), it features an open case back, showcasing the caliber MT5400 movement, a respectable COSC-certified self-winding mechanical movement with 70 hours of power reserve and 200 meters of water resistance. 

It’s fair to say that if Hans Wilsdorf (founder of Rolex) was alive today to witness Tudor’s success, he would be very proud, like an elder brother seeing his little sister graduate from university kind of moment. 

Price: $17,400

19. Panerai Luminor Due TuttoOro (ref. PAM01182)

Typically creating sports watches and dive watches, the Italian-made Panerai is well known for its rugged, huge cases with excellent legibility and specifications, perfect for the Italian Royal Navy to wear on their missions. Today in a more peaceful era, Panerai decided to branch out and move forward to creating more elegant pieces such as the Luminor Due TuttoOro.

For the first time in a long time, the Due TuttoOro comes in a tiny (for Panerai’s standard) 38mm Goldtech case. The Goldtech is used on the case, with unmissable crown guards, hands, and bracelet, featuring a slightly red tone, giving it a deeper and richer look. Aligned with Panerai’s typical fashion, the blue sun-brushed dial has huge Arabic 12 and 6 numeral indices with fascinating lume, a small seconds hand at 9, and a date at 3, staying true to Panerai’s iconic dial design. 

Powering the watch is the automatic mechanical movement P.900 caliber with a power reserve of 3 days and a water resistance of just 30m, which is considered atypical from Panerai. However, with this piece being a much dressier-looking timepiece, the Luminor Due TuttoOro definitely suits someone going out for a nice dinner rather than doing military work.

Price: $37,200

20. Accutron Spaceview Electrostatic Watch 18K Gold (ref. 2ES7A001) 

Accutron Spaceview Electrostatic Watch 18K Gold (ref. 2ES7A001) 

Do you think that watches in this list are too predictable and not shouting any personality enough? Have a look at this watch. The dial started simple — luminous indices and hands (gilt hour and minute hands and a red seconds hand, also luminous).

But why would Accutron release a watch to commemorate its 60th anniversary of watch-world-changing technology stop there? Similar to other Accutron watches, the rest of this dial is left open to showcase the crazy-looking movement of the Spaceview.

To properly fit the movement is a 43.5mm 18K gold case that will be individually numbered to kindly remind you that you are one of the exclusive and lucky 60 individuals in the Accutron Spaceview gang. The new Spaceview recalls the original Spaceview from 1960, exposing the cyberpunk back to the future, aircraft engine-looking movement. Its movement is truly one of a kind.

Simply put, it uses electrostatic energy, and with the help of human motion, it can power the movement for at least 2 years and, most importantly, see the satisfying seconds hand sweep fluidly. An unorthodox design with an extremely innovative movement on your wrist is the perfect conversation starter, but if you are an introvert, you could simply just stare at this. 

Price: $19,600

Final Thoughts

Solid gold watches offer lots of advantages with their exceptional craftsmanship, representation of luxury and status, and high value. All of that captivates many watch enthusiasts and collectors. Whether it is to get a gold watch for its durability or value or looks or all together, there is never a bad option. 

Not really a gold watch kind of guy myself, mainly because of my bank account; compiling this list just changed my mind, and I might potentially get one myself in the, hopefully, near future. I certainly hope this list inspires you the same too.

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