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Your ULTIMATE Guide to Oris Diver 65

Your ULTIMATE Guide To The Oris Divers 65 Collection

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five is a captivating timepiece inspired by vintage Oris dive watches from the 1960s. Carrying the echoes of history, whispers of courage, and the pulse of exploration, this popular watch pays homage to the brand’s rich diving heritage.

Join us on a horological adventure as we delve into the fascinating ancestry, precision craftsmanship, and enduring appeal of a striking reissue. Today, we uncover the extraordinary features that make this timepiece a true icon in the world of watch enthusiasts.

This article also contains the most popular Oris Divers 65 models! You’re welcome.

About The Oris Divers 65

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five is a remarkable timepiece that exemplifies the art of blending vintage aesthetics with modern engineering. To understand how a vintage reissue caused ripples that resonated far beyond the watchmaking industry, let’s start from the beginning.

Oris’s first diver’s watch was released in 1965. Two timepieces, one with the text “Waterproof” on the dial and the other with the words “Super”, were released at the same time. Both cases measured 36mm in diameter, and the design is quite similar to what we have today.

The watch had a unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous hands, and markers and used in-house movements from Oris. Inside the Waterproof version was an in-house movement, the Oris caliber 654, while the Super was powered by the caliber 484 movement. 

The Oris Divers 65 collection was introduced in 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of these original dive watches from the 1960s. The reissue is a faithful interpretation of this icon and quickly gained popularity among watch enthusiasts and adventurers worldwide.

The standout piece maintains the retro charm of its predecessors after over five decades, except for a few contemporary tweaks, including new sizes. It comes with a domed sapphire crystal, coin-edged bezel, and elegant dial designs.

There are editions in bronze or stainless steel, all robustly constructed, as we’ll see in more detail later. The watch is a reliable companion for underwater exploration and carries the nostalgia of a bygone era of diving adventures.

History of Oris Watches

Oris is a Swiss luxury watchmaker with a rich history dating back to 1904. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the watch company in the town of Hölstein, Switzerland. The company started as “Lohner & Co”, but in 1906, it became known as “Oris” after a nearby brook.

Initially, Oris specialized in producing high-quality pocket watches. In the 1920s, they expanded their offerings to include wristwatches, which gained popularity during World War I. Oris established a reputation for creating accurate and durable timepieces.

Throughout the years, Oris continued to innovate and expand its product line, embracing advancements in watchmaking technology. The brand gained recognition for producing reliable and affordable mechanical watches, earning them a loyal customer base.

In the 1970s, during the quartz revolution, like many traditional watch manufacturers, Oris faced challenges due to the popularity of quartz watches. However, they persevered and stayed committed to mechanical watchmaking, which proved wise as the mechanical watch resurgence began in the 1990s.

Today, Oris is known for its diverse collection of high-quality mechanical watches, including aviation, diving, motorsport, and cultural-themed timepieces. The brand is also known for its commitment to environmental and social causes, such as supporting marine conservation projects and collaborating with various charities.

Oris continues to thrive as a respected Swiss watch brand, combining tradition with modern innovation to create exceptional timepieces.

Oris Divers 65: In-Depth Review

It’s no news that Divers Sixty-Five is a steadfast beacon of style, authenticity, and functionality. The secret recipe is found in the details. Let’s take a look at the components that contribute to producing an enduring allure from this well-crafted timepiece.

Case Sizes & Materials

The case of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five is well-regarded for its quality and design. Models come in 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm case sizes, with 40mm being the standard case size.

Some chronograph versions, e.g. Ref.01 771 7744 4354-07 5 21 45, measure 43mm in diameter. Case thickness is typically around 12.5 to 13 millimeters. The most common material used for the case is stainless steel, providing durability and a classic aesthetic.

Oris also offers some models with bronze cases, which develop a unique patina over time, giving the watch a distinctive, weathered look. The cases feature highly polished and brushed surfaces with a unidirectional rotating bezel, essential for timing dives accurately. 

You’ll find an oversized crown at three with no crown guards, which is very easy to operate. There are also options with two-tone cases, such as Ref.01 733 7707 4355-07 8 20 17, which combines stainless steel and bronze elements for a striking visual contrast.

Overall, the cases are very well constructed with sharp, simple lines that make them elegant and appealing.


The bezel of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five is an essential part of its design, contributing to its popularity among watch enthusiasts.

The bezel is unidirectional, meaning it rotates only counterclockwise to prevent accidental adjustments. It comes in stainless steel with an aluminum, bronze, or ceramic insert and features a 60-minute scale with clear and prominent markings.

The design varies depending on the model and edition. Some versions are bronze-accented, while others have more adventurous color combinations for a vintage-inspired appeal. Again some bezels of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five include a knurled edge or grip pattern to aid in easy rotation.

Like most quality dive watches, the bezel on the Divers Sixty-Five is engineered to provide a satisfying and precise clicking action for each rotation.


The dial of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five evokes a sense of timeless adventure and nostalgia as it is a splendid blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. That said, each dial features a minimalistic design with large, lumed hour markers and hands, ensuring readability even in low-light conditions. 

Dial color options are rich deep hues. Depending on the model, they include midnight black, a calming ocean blue, vintage-inspired gray, and soft, pastel shades of pink, sky blue, and wild green.

A date window is placed at the 3 or 6 o’clock position for added functionality, while a domed sapphire crystal protects the dial and adds a touch of retro charm. The only text on the dial of the Divers Sixty-Five is ‘Oris’  at 12′ and the water resistance information at 6′.


Oris is known for its dedication to mechanical watchmaking, and the Divers Sixty-Five models reflect this commitment. Some of the movements used in the Oris Divers Sixty-Five watches include:

Oris Caliber 733: This is a modified version of the Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. It provides reliable timekeeping with a power reserve of approximately 38 hours. 

Oris Caliber 771: This is a chronograph movement based on the Sellita SW 510. 27 Jewels serve as bearings to reduce friction and wear between the moving parts, and it has a power reserve of 48 hours. 

Oris Calibre 400: This is an entirely new self-winding movement made by Oris, with an instantaneous date function. It is accurate to -3/+5 seconds per day and provides a five-day power reserve through twin barrels.

As a prestigious Swiss watch brand, all the delicate gears, wheels, and springs are of very high quality. The Divers Sixty-Five Caliber 400 12H even allows us to peer through the exhibition case back, drawing us into a world of the intricate beauty and engineering marvels of Oris.


One of the reasons why Divers Sixty-Five appeals to different audiences can be traced to the strap material, color, and design. Oris knows how much straps significantly impact a watch’s aesthetics and offers a variety of strap materials, such as stainless steel, leather, rubber, and fabric in different colors and patterns.

Recycled Perlon straps in sky blue, wild green, and lipstick pink add to the versatility of the collection. The straps also feature a quick-change system, allowing customers to personalize the watch to their preferences.

Most Popular Oris Divers 65 Models

With so many variations of the Oris Divers 65, it’s definitely no easy task to pick the best ones. But, there are a few specific models that are very popular among different types of watch enthusiasts:

1. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Blue Dial (ref. 01 733 7707 4055-07 8 20 18)

The Divers Sixty-Five Blue Dial is a symphony of craftsmanship and emotion, a tribute to the past that resonates with every glance at its finely detailed face.

Priced at US$2,350, the 40mm watch comes on a sleek stainless steel bracelet with a rich blue dial that exudes a captivating aura of tranquility and depth.

Reminiscent of the serene ocean on a calm day, this watch is powered by the Oris Caliber 733.

A bubble-curved sapphire crystal protects the dial, allowing excellent vision of the lumed hands and markers beneath.

2. Oris Divers Sixty-Five “Cotton Candy” Bronze

The Oris cotton candy watch is a whimsical masterpiece that evokes a sense of joy and nostalgia. Its soft, pastel hues delicately blend, reminiscent of a summer sunset or a child’s favorite candy.

The timepiece flaunts a 38mm bronze case and Oyster-style bracelet. Bronze is known to develop a distinct patina over time, giving each watch a one-of-a-kind look. 

The warm, vintage appearance of bronze also adds a classic and rugged aesthetic that many watch enthusiasts find appealing.

The watch retails for US$2,900 and is powered by an automatic Swiss Made mechanical movement; the Oris Caliber 733.

3. Oris Divers Sixty-Five 12H Caliber 400 (ref. 01 400 7772 4054-07 8 20 18)

This one is a game-changer with Oris Caliber 400, a reliable in-house automatic movement with an impressive 120-hour power reserve. This 40mm stainless steel beauty pays homage to the past but has modern tech running the show. The stainless steel case and see-through sapphire glass back showcase the intricate workings of the movement – a treat for any watch enthusiast.

The black dial exudes elegance and, paired with Super-LumiNova® BG W9 indices and hands, ensures legibility in any condition. With a multi-piece stainless steel bracelet, this watch combines functionality and style. You can have this gem for US$3,900 – a worthy investment for a reliable and stylish dive companion.

4. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Two Tone (ref. 01 733 7707 4355-07 8 20 17)

Crafted from both bronze and steel, this masterpiece beautifully marries tradition and modernity.

The bronze elements exude a warm, earthy charm reminiscent of bygone eras and adventure. 

Over time, the bronze develops a unique patina, narrating the wearer’s journey and experiences. Contrasting this, the steel components here signify strength and resilience, embodying the watch’s contemporary vibes.

The blue dial is classy, and the bronze outer ring on the rotating bezel adds a dash of uniqueness. With a 40mm diameter, it’s a perfect fit for almost anyone, and the trusty Oris 733 automatic winding movement keeps it precise and reliable. 

What more could anyone ask for? It costs US$2,550 MSRP.

5. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph (ref. 01 771 7744 4354-07 5 21 45)

Again we find a combination of stainless steel and bronze in the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph. 

These materials have created for us a timepiece that not only tells the time but also tells a story. This watch is a harmonious blend of history and innovation, elegance and ruggedness.

The chronograph function, powered by the Oris 771 movement, adds practicality and fun. Plus, the brown leather strap gives it a touch of elegance, perfect for those who love to make a statement both in and out of the water. Get ready to dive in with this gem for US$4,300.

6. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Vintage Reissue (ref. 01 733 7707 4064-07 4 20 18)

The Divers Sixty-Five Vintage Reissue is a bridge that transports you to moments long cherished and forever etched in memory. As you fasten the 40mm stainless steel around your wrist, you are bound to feel the nostalgia of generations past.

The black rubber strap is there to connect you to a time when life moved at a different pace and makes it perfect for underwater adventures. The tried, tested, and true Oris 733 movement keeps it ticking accurately, making it a reliable companion for every journey, from swimming to classy nights out. For US$2,100, this vintage-inspired beauty will surely make a splash wherever you go!

7. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Movember Edition (ref. 01 733 7707 4084-Set LS)

The Oris Movember Edition watch is a meaningful tribute that extends beyond timekeeping. The watch’s features are not just about style; they represent a commitment to raising awareness and supporting the Movember Foundation’s initiatives.

With its distinctive design and details, it serves as a reminder of the importance of men’s health. This reference is a statement of compassion, a conversation starter, and a call to action for a vital cause. The stainless steel case measures 40mm across, and the watch is powered by the reliable Oris 733.

The original retail price for the Movember Edition was US$2,200, but you may be able to find it for cheaper if you shop around.

Should You Buy An Oris Divers 65?

The decision to purchase the Oris Divers Sixty-Five comes down to personal preference, style, and specific interests.We have already established that the Oris Divers Sixty-Five is a versatile and attractive timepiece that appeals to a wide range of watch enthusiasts. 

The Divers Sixty-Five has watches with a water resistance rated for 100 meters. They are only suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities but cannot be considered a proper diver’s watch.

That said, if the vintage-inspired design, robust construction, and allure of diving heritage resonate with you, then it is a timepiece worth considering.

Folks who have a fondness for watches with a classic and retro designs and enjoy water-related activities like swimming and snorkeling should certainly buy the Oris Divers Sixty-Five.

Again if you appreciate well-built, affordable luxury watches from reputable Swiss brands, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five is an excellent choice.

Oris Divers 65 Pricing & Availability

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five is considered an affordable luxury watch and can be purchased from any of the brand’s authorized retailers globally. 

New and pre-owned models in very good condition are also widely available in the secondary market and can be gotten for lower rates. However, ensure you carry out thorough research and verify the authenticity before buying from the gray market.

Prices for watches in the Divers Sixty-Five collection typically begin from 2,250 USD for entry-level models and go up from there to above 3,000 USD. Set aside around 4,000 USD for the Chronos Limited Edition and the 12H Caliber 400 models.

Pre-owned models in mint condition with a stainless steel bracelet can be gotten from the secondary market for around 1,450 USD. Models with a textile or rubber strap are slightly cheaper and cost approximately 1,200 USD. Set aside around 3,000 USD for some limited pre-owned versions.


Whether you’re drawn to its vintage charm, technical prowess, or profound symbolism, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five offers an experience beyond mere timekeeping. 

It invites you to step into the world of watchmaking artistry, appreciate the fusion of history and innovation, and wear a piece of heritage on your wrist in a world where trends come and go.

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