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About Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

"Each customer has his/her own idea. It's a bit like a tattoo, a lot of thought goes into it, and you have to be precise." A watchmaker in Jaeger LeCoultre watch factory. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Watches are reserved for the most elegant experts who want to turn their heads and show their exquisite tastes. Many regard the brand as an iconic celebration of everything sacred in luxurious watchmaking and held this prestigious position nearly a hundred years ago. You can see Jaeger LeCoultre watches on the wrists of the Iron Man, Robert Downy, Jr., as well as A-lists stars such as Jay-Z. 

Models are sent back every 15 virtually eternal years, and Jaeger LeCoultre's manufacture aims to keep them alive and used again and again. Any timepiece from Jaeger LeCoultre goes through a long journey to give its future owner the most pleasure as they are all made with love and expertise. Jaeger LeCoultre has a wide variety of styles, from basic to complex, from sports to dress watches, and has delivered models that cater to males and females.


History of Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

Jaeger LeCoultre's history started in 1833 with his workshop's founding by the inventor and self-taught Antoine LeCoultre. Ten years later, LeCoultre developed a monumental development: the Millionometer. The Millionometer was the first tool to measure one micron and develop the watch's measurement standard metric scale. Just three years later, in 1847, with the invention of the crown winding system, LeCoultre made further pivotal progress in watch manufacturing.

LeCoultre eventually got the recognition he deserved after years of continuous work on his inventions. London marked the advent of modern times in 1851 with the first Universal Exhibition. Here, LeCoultre was awarded a gold medal for his watchmaking finds, including his gold chronometer, and Queen Victoria bought one of its watches.

Over the next decade, LeCoultre's son would join the company to help him start converting the small workshop into a larger factory. In those days, Swiss watchmaking concentrated on small workshops, so it was a brave and creative move for LeCoultre. The brand is the first company to build a manufacturing facility in the now-famous Joux Valley, which still houses Jaeger LeCoultre.

LeCoultre was able to extend its market to create even more complex movements. In 1891, double chronograph movements began to be developed that combined repeaters and chronographs in one part. Later, this pioneering work serves as the basis for the brand's widespread Grande Complications.

LeCoultre's grandson joined the family company at the turn of this century and helped them develop an international presence. LeCoultre learned of a man who made ultra-thin movements in Paris called Edmond Jaeger. The LeCoultres wanted to approach him with a partnership instead of competing with him. By 1907, the team designed the world's thinnest mechanical movement, the Caliber 145, which was used in Jaeger LeCoultre until the 1960s.

Only three years later, Jaeger and LeCoultre collaborated with another group of experienced watchmakers to create the smallest movements, leading finally to the first wristwatches' development. After 15 years, they finally paid off their hard work and loyalty. In 1925, the world's smallest movement, the Caliber 101, was introduced by LeCoultre.

One of LeCoultre's most famous watches, the Reverso, was first developed in 1931, and the Jaeger LeCoultre partnership was made official in 1937.

In the following years, Jaeger LeCoultre continued to be an innovative spirit and pioneer in the watch industry. The first automatic watch debuted in 1946. The first mechanical alarm wristwatch, Memovox, was launched in 1956. And the thinnest quartz movement in the world, the Caliber 608, was produced in 1982.

The Reverso remained in the middle of the LeCoultre line of Jaeger in recent years. The company launched a unique model in a limited edition of 500 units to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Reverso in 1991. Another remarkable success with the Reverso took place in 2006. The Reverso significant complication triptych, the world's first watch to have three dials powered by a single movement, was developed with six unique patents.

And three years later, in the first chronometry competition for the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 and the Master Tourbillon in the 21st century, the brand won two significant awards. The Reverso was again celebrated in 2001 with the Grande Reverso ultra-thin launch on its 80th anniversary, inspired by the original 1931 versions. 


What's unique about Pre-Owned Jaeger LeCoultre Watches?

You have excellent access to a range of watches that are no longer produced if you purchase a used Jaeger LeCoultre. Exquisite Timepieces delivers the highest quality items, including new and preowned Jaeger LeCoultre watches. We're continuously looking for unique luxurious used Jaeger LeCoultre watches to make you satisfied with the timepiece. You will get exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding accuracy and precision of craftsmanship. Jaeger LeCoultre watches have impressive longevity and constant value retention. Moreover, Jaeger LeCoultre watches have a timeless design that will live as a uniquely beautiful watch.


Why Buy Pre-Owned Jaeger LeCoultre Watches?

Jaeger LeCoultre provides excellent options for the discerning watch buyer. In some instances, pre-owned watches offer an enticing opportunity for the owner to acquire a fine watch, mainly when housed in noble metals such as gold and platinum.

 Having a  used Jaeger LeCoultre watch is an essential aspect of elegance that reveals its owner's exquisite taste. This company celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2016 and proved that intricate designs and technological improvements don't slow down this brand even over time. There is a style of Jaeger LeCoultre for all kinds of watch enthusiasts, from the Master collection to the classic Reverso family.


Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Prices

Exquisite Timepieces has the best collection of the world's finest new and used Jaeger LeCoultre watches with the most competitive prices that starts from $3,350.00 for preowned Jaeger LeCoultre 1970's Chronometer Cal 906 Prototype Abstract Dial, for example. Another example is the used Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs Q178T470 for $8,500.00.

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