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The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch collection is inspired by Ferrari, one of the world’s top luxury automobile brands. The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch series focused its attention on creating groundbreaking timepieces that continue to impress expert watchmakers on the global stage. From bold, skeletonized styles to striking, three-tone dials, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch will definitely turn some heads. If you admire high-end, luxury wristwatches, consider Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches. The search for Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches for sale can be stressful when you do not know where to start. If you are looking for the best place to buy Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches, Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Hublot Big Bang Ferrari authorized dealer.


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Hublot Ferrari Review

The History of the Hublot Ferrari Collection

The Hublot Ferrari Collection is a collection from the partnership between Hublot and Ferrari, the two most luxurious and top-quality manufacturing corporations across the globe. This collection includes some of the best limited-edition designs with timeless finishing. The Hublot Ferrari Collection has been combining the ideologies of these two brands since 2011. There have been some huge changes in the designs and technology which have resulted in some revolutionary timepieces since the start of this collection. The Hublot Ferrari collection focuses on creating a series of exceptional watches with groundbreaking standards. The record-breaking timepiece, MP-05 La Ferrari is a prime example that shows the relationship and coming together of Hublot timepieces with the world of Ferrari automobiles.

The Hublot brand itself was founded by Carlo Crocco around the year 1980 in Geneva. Carlo Crocco was born in an Italian watchmaker family originally. The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari was a huge success. Every single timepiece in the Hublot Ferrari collection is a limited edition with all exclusive designs. Since the creation of this collection, the expectations of the customers have also been very high. Being two of the biggest brands in the world, it was no surprise that the Hublot Ferrari collection watches were some of the most outstanding pieces of art. ‘The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari limited edition collection’,’ The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT’ and ‘The Ferrari Engine Watch’ which is the MP-05 LaFerrari are some of the best timepieces in the Hublot Ferrari Collection.


The Start of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari

The fellowship of Hublot and Ferrari has led to the creation of some unique and powerful pieces ever. The very first timepiece was created in 2012, which was labeled as Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold. The Ferrari Big Bang collection was originally released in 2005 and the Ferrari edition was an evolution of the 2005 design. It was a 45.5mm 18k magic gold polished watch with 6-H shaped black PVD titanium screws and countersunk with a polished and locked bezel. This timepiece was the start of the Hublot Ferrari collection, and it became a new sign of the collection’s recognition.
The distinct features like built-in rotary system, indexed crown with Hublot’s “H” logo, 70 plus hours of power reserve, elegant push buttons, and the rotating axis like car pedals made every single watch in ‘The Hublot Ferrari’ collection one of its kind. This was the very first watch created in the ‘Big Bang collection’ which was a limited edition and is only available as second-hand now.

The Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic was also introduced right after the Magic Gold edition which was also limited-edition as only 1000 pieces were produced. It was created keeping the traditional red-colored Ferrari in mind, including the Ferrari red-tinted sapphire crystals, and Ferrari red straps. This model was the inspiration that inspired the Big Bang models that are available today like the ‘Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic'.


The Limited Edition Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari

Inspired by Ferrari and the design of its engine, this legendary timepiece is revolutionary and one of its kind. It has a wide Micro blasted black PVD Titanium Case with a skeleton dial. The hour and minutes are displayed on the right side of the barrels and the power reserve indicator is on the left. Both displays are cylindrical with reinforcing bars on the sides. The engine replica in the center and the Ferrari red color makes this watch a signature piece of the Hublot Ferrari Collection. This watch is more than just a collector’s item as it has great value.

There is a total of 637 different components in this timepiece which in itself is a record in the history of watchmaking. The inner casing includes sapphire crystals which are created with anti-reflective treatment. It also includes a smooth black rubber strap and satin-finished Micro blasted PVD Titanium Deployant buckle clasp. The record-breaking 50 days power reserve powers up its inner workings which has never been achieved by any other watch. The movement inside the case is known as HUB 9005 which is made by manual-winding suspended vertical tourbillon 11 series-coupled black-coated barrels.


The Latest Hublot Ferrari Collection

The latest collection includes some classic timepieces inspired by the original designs and newly added features. The traditional manual windings, the classic all-black, and Ferrari red colors can be seen on every timepiece.


Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary Platinum Watch

The latest piece in the collection is the all-new Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary platinum watch with a 45mm case size and a record-breaking 72 hours power reserve. This is also a limited-edition watch. Quality control at every step during the assembly of this timepiece is carried out. The case is made of Micro blasted Platinum which is satin finished, and the Bezel is Carbon Ceramic which is the same material used in the creation of Brake Disc in a Ferrari. The Dial is made up of sapphire crystals and each one of them goes through anti-reflective treatment. The strap has black rubber and calf leather options. The clasp is made of black ceramic and titanium Deployant buckle. The movement that is responsible for the inner workings is known as HUB 1241 which has UNICO manufactured self-winding Chronograph Flyback Movement with column wheel.


Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary 3D Carbon Watch

Another variant of this timepiece is “The Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary 3D Carbon” timepiece with perfectly matched wrist bracelets. This is a 45mm timepiece with a Carbon 3D Fiber case and carbon-ceramic bezel. It also has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial and a 72 hours power reserve. It has a black outline design with a Ferrari red interior. The strap is black rubber and it has Nomex straps with dark grey stitching. The clasp is available in black ceramic and black-plated titanium deployant buckle. Like the platinum edition, it is also powered by HUB 1241 movement.


Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary 3D Sapphire Watch

This is another variant in this series that has a sapphire outline and interiors. The Red Ferrari touch and the polished sapphire case makes it stand out from the collection. It is an elegant timepiece with a carbon-ceramic bezel and anti-reflective treated sapphire crystals. The Strap is black rubber and Kevlar pattern fabric with light grey stitching. The clasp is a titanium deployant buckle clasp. Like the above pieces, it also has a record-breaking 72 hours power reserve and HUB 1241 movement.


Hublot Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic Watch

This is a beautiful timepiece with a 45mm case size and Ferrari red exterior. The interior is all black and the case is unidirectional carbon fiber. The Bezel is polished red ceramic with 6 H-shaped Black-plated Titanium Screws. The dial has anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The strap is black rubber and Alcantara. The clasp is Black ceramic and Black-plated Titanium Deployant buckle clasp. The movement is powered by HUB 1241.


Hublot Ferrari Unico Magic Gold Watch

This 45 mm timepiece is one of the best golden pieces in the Hublot Ferrari Gold Edition. The record-breaking 72 hours power reserve, a sexy golden exterior, all back interiors, and that classic look of the Ferrari collection. The case and bezel are made up of polished 18K Magic Gold which is 75% Gold and 25% ceramics. The bezel is accompanied by 6 H-shaped black plated Titanium Screws. The dial has sapphire crystals, and the strap is black rubber with red stitching. The clasp is black ceramic, black plated Titanium Deployant Buckle, and the movement is again powered by HUB 1241.


Hublot Ferrari Unico Titanium Watch

Another great addition to the Hublot Ferrari collection isTitanium piece with all titanium look and Ferrari red linings on the boundaries. The entire case and bezel are made up of pure Titanium. The Bezel lug is black and red composite resin. The inner casing includes a sapphire crystal, Ferrari applique, and rhodium plated. The hands are faceted polished, rhodium-plated, aluminum APS, Micro blasted, and created using black nickel. The Strap is made of black Alcantara with red sewing and black rubber. The clasp is satin-finished titanium and the movement is powered by UNICO manufactured Automatic Flyback Chronograph with column wheel. With 1000 pieces created, this is a limited-edition watch that has been one of the best-selling pieces in the Hublot Ferrari Collection.


Wrap Up: Hublot Ferrari Watch Collection Review

Customer expectations have always been exceeded by Hublot Ferrari Collection as providing the best ever products has been the top priority of Hublot. The attention to detail and the construction process of each model is carried out with utmost precision. To ensure authenticity, every single watch is certified by the watchmaker with its initials at the back and the Ferrari logo at the front. The 50-day power reserve is also an exceptional feature that was only introduced by Hublot. The classic designs and shape of each timepiece in this collection have been a tribute to Ferrari which is now known as The Hublot LaFerrari.
After creating such outstanding pieces, the partnership of Hublot and Ferrari is more than just a watch collection. Hublot has been the official timekeeper of Ferrari in all types of agreements and sponsorships. This has created a mixed customer base for both these brands with common motives and beliefs.

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