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The Hublot Masterpiece watch collection is well-known on the global stage for pushing boundaries with its unique geometric designs. The Hublot Masterpiece watch line focuses on perfectly depicting innovative engineering and exceptional aesthetics. The mastery of watchmaking is clearly evident in each timepiece, all of which are limited editions. If you are interested in remarkable timepieces, Hublot Masterpiece wristwatches deserve your attention. Trying to find genuine Hublot Masterpiece watches for sale can be troublesome when you do not know where to start. If you are looking for the best place to buy Hublot Masterpiece watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a Hublot Masterpiece authorized dealer.


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Hublot Masterpiece Review

Hublot watches are known for actually pushing boundaries and current understood limits with their every collection. This article talks about the recent and innovative Hublot Masterpiece Collection. Breaking records, as soon as it hit the market, this Hublot Masterpiece Collection is worth adding to your watch collection.

History of the Hublot Masterpiece Collection

Hublot was long known in the market for its forward-thinking and unique collections i.e. Big Bang, King Power Models, and Classic Fusion. Amidst these collections, Hublot introduced yet another mastery of craftsmanship with its Masterpiece Collection in the trade show at Geneva in January 2011. The Masterpiece Collection was unveiled by their first timepiece of the collection, MP-01. Jean-Claude Biver, the Hublot’s chairman made a statement about this Masterpiece Collection, “More watchmaking, more mastery, more innovation..” which is rightly depicted in the collection. A team of 30 engineers and developers named “Confrere Horlogerie” geared up to produce the Hublot Masterpiece Collection with extraordinary complications and out-class movements.


Hublot MP-01 Masterpiece Watch

The first one in the incredible Masterpiece series of Hublot is the MP-01 timepiece. The limited-edition watch, with only 100 timepieces, was barrel-shaped, made with titanium and a mono-pusher curved chronograph. The movement HUB5100 Calibre with 43 jewels and 384 components in MP-01 is the in-house sophisticated production by Hublot’s team of designers that provides 10 days’ power reserve with its three barrels. The case of the watch displayed a sub-dial from the back and had various extra apertures made with a sapphire at the front.
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Hublot MP-02 Masterpiece Watch

The Key of Time, “La Cle du Temps” is the second timepiece of Hublot Masterpiece Collection referred to as MP-02. Designed with innovation, the very motto of Hublot watches, MP-02 has an adjustable running speed of time on the display of the watch. There is a separate crown on the timepiece with the marking of -1/4x to reduce the speed and also the 4x to elevate it. The hands again come back to the normal time with the intermediate position. At 6 o’clock, the Masterpiece Hublot MP-02 houses flying tourbillon fitted vertically. The case of the timepiece is titanium PVD and despite its huge size, it is extremely comfortable and light.
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Hublot MP-02 Key of Time King Gold

Gold watch lovers, the Masterpiece Hublot MP-02 of Hublot comes in a stunning Gold model. The reference for this model is 902.OX.1138.RX and is available in the outer casing of 18K gold which is Microblasted and satin-finished.
The inner casing of the timepiece is given an anti-reflective treatment and is made of Sapphire. The dial of the watch is black matt and also multi-layered. Like the outer case, the dial also comes in a Satin finish and is micro-blasted. Appliques are gold-plated with the red luminescent. The hands-on dial is also black and micro-blasted and to match with the overall look, they come with red luminescent and are nickel-plated.
Straps attached to the timepiece are made with rubber and finished with a matt black. The clasp is pure 18K gold, made of titanium PVD, micro-blasted, and with a satin finish. The watch features a Deployant buckle clasp. The price of this MP-02 model is 272,646 USD.
Talking about the inner workings, MP-02 King Gold has a HUB900 movement of Hublot. The movement is manually wound with a column wheel. The timepiece features a Tourbillon power reserve of 100 hours.
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Hublot Masterpiece MP-03 Watch

A little surprise thereby Hublot, the masterpiece MP-03 is not actually a wristwatch but a pocket watch and in bullet shape that comes with the chain and the holster. The time in the watch is displayed by a side aperture by rotating numerals representing digital display. The top part is bullet-like which can be lifted while the bottom forming the casing of the shell. The bottom part of the timepiece contains the flying tourbillon which is set and wound by raising the top i.e. the bullet.
The movement housed in the MP-03 is the HUB9003 Calibre by Hublot with 219 components and a fine power reserve of 120 hours.
The timepiece MP-03 comes in different variants including the one studded with 193 diamonds in total. Also, there is a titanium version which is a stealthy black PVD. Other than that, there is one more ostentatious with the in-laid row of a total of 949 diamonds. The timepiece is actually not that big, very close to the .44 magnum bullet.
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Hublot MP-05 La Ferrari Masterpiece Watch

A new addition to the Masterpiece Collection of Hublot in 2016 is the MP-05 model. Hublot stands as the official watch partner of the Ferrari, Scuderia Ferrari, and Ferrari Challenge. In this regard, 905.JX.0001.RT reference of MP-05 echoes sports cars from a distance with its complex designed sapphire crystal and the titanium PVD black back of the case. Making a world record of whooping power reserve up to 50 days, MP-05 is sure to turn some heads like the Ferrari race car.
The movement housed in the iconic La Ferrari MP-05 is the in-house production of Hublot HUB9005.H1.PN.1 Calibre. The tourbillon in the movement is vertically statured coupled with an elongated series of 11 barrels which gives the timepiece its huge power reserve. The case of the sapphire crystal makes the movement visible. Made with 637 components and 108 jewels, operating at 21,600 BPH and indicating the time along with seconds, Hublot MP-05 movement gets the work done like no other. Due to the complexity of the movement and the large amount of torque required to manually wind the timepiece, it does not feature any traditional crowns on the case rather possesses an electric drill. The length of the case is 45.8 mm with 39.5 mm width and 15.3 mm thickness. The whole case of the timepiece is given an overall look of a LaFerrari engine with the movement inside being mechanical, representing the engine.
The MP-05 by Hublot also marks the top when it comes to the price with more than 300,000 USD. The 2014 model of MP-05 in yellow and titanium is 345,000 USD.
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Hublot MP-06 Masterpiece Watch

This timepiece of the Masterpiece Collection is studded with high-end jewels. The reference 906.OX.9000.LR.9904 of Hublot MP-06 has an outer case covering of gold polish and setting of Clou de Paris with a total of 412 white ravishing 28.3 cts diamonds studded all over it. The crystal on the inner casing is sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both the exterior and interior and metalized logo of Hublot.
The dial of the timepiece is King gold, anti-reflective, sapphire, and also studded with 75 diamonds of 3.47cts. The dial is treated as the logo of Hublot and printed on the inner. The strap of the timepiece is just as fancy as the case. Rubber strap in black color, Alligator, and stitching come with the clasp of jewelry in gold. Whereas, the strap also features polished gold screws and 36 white diamonds of 4.87cts. The movement of this Mp-06 is a hand-wound Tourbillon with skeleton manufacturing.
The price of this heavily studded timepiece is 706,884 USD. You can grab this fancy timepiece from the Exquisite timepieces store.


Hublot MP-06 Senna Masterpiece Watch

Following the successful footsteps of their Senna watches, the Hublot MP-06 Senna is produced under the Masterpiece Collection of Hublot. The timepiece has a Tonneau case, an open-worked case of sapphire revealing the in-house movement of Hublot HUB9006 made with 155 components. The watch offers a power reserve of 5 days and comes in a special Hublot case in a miniature reproduction representing the helmet design of Ayrton Senna in 88, 89, and 91. The Hublot MP-06 Senna is available in three versions Titanium, black Titanium PVD, and King Gold with the logo of the brand colored according to the version at 9 o’clock.
MP-06 Senna is available at a retail price of 138,000 USD. You can grab yours at Exquisite timepieces.


Hublot MP-08 Masterpiece Watch

This timepiece by Hublot also pushes boundaries with its unique design. Hublot Mp-08 comes with an outer case of a satin finish, 18K gold polish, and micro-blasted. The circular bezel features the H-shaped four screws made of titanium with a satin finish. The crystal in the inner casing is sapphire made anti-reflective. The dial is circular and color plated with silver and black, also houses the gold plated satin finish hands with the black luminescent, giving the signature moon and sun hands of Hublot MP-08. Appliques are with a satin finish, black colored with white luminescent white. The Hublot Mp-08 comes with rubber straps and an 18k gold satin finished clasp. HUB9008 Calibre movement in the MP-08 is Tourbillon with manual winding and a power reserve of 105 hours. Hublot MP-08 price is 292,851 USD.
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Wrap Up: Hublot Masterpiece Watch Collection Review

If you are someone who is intrigued by the intricate complexities in the watch but paired with an out of the world unique design, Masterpiece Collection by Hublot is definitely a must-have for you!

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