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Zodiac Sea Wolf

From its launch back in the 50s to where the brand is currently, this is a watch that has it all going on. Let us focus on the Sea Wolf Collection. The sea wolf collection has made the Zodiac brand what it is today, and we are pleased to share the history of this iconic collection and some of its key pieces.

History of the Zodiac Sea Wolf Watch

In 1953 the Zodiac Sea Wolf was launched. At the time, it was the first purpose-built dive watch manufactured and marketed to the everyday watch wearer. When released at 35mm, it was one of the production’s most minor, if not the most petite diving watch.

With an affordable price point, rivaling some of the largest watch manufacturers at the time (Rolex being one of them). This watch was cheap, but they did not avoid making it durable and being able to cover depths of up to 200 meters.

Fast forward to the 1970s, the Super Sea Wolf was released. Super Sea Wolf was the ‘older brother’ to the sea wolf and had addressed some of the issues of the original. A different case back design, a new crown, and a stem system improved the watch from being able to perform at 200-meter depths to 750 meters—a marked improvement on the older model. 

Nearly 40 years have passed, and in 2015 Zodiac decided to re-release the Super Sea Wolf. Still sticking to the watch’s heritage that gave this brand a foothold in its market, the 2015 model featured a 44mm diameter case and better lug-to-lug spacing so it would accommodate a smaller or larger wrist size.

When the Sea Wolf was first introduced to the market, the styling was very different from where it is now. The face of the watch used to have highlighted 2,4,6,8, unlike in today’s eyes which denote 3,6,9,12.

The watch’s bezel has also changed significantly in the sixty-plus years it has been available. The look was released initially with an early countdown bezel; however, during the late 1950s, this changed due to plated brass’s raw material. Making what they call “normal” bezel edition very much a rare find. 

Also, when first advertised, the Zodiac Sea wolf was shown to have men and women sizing. This is even rarer than a “normal” bezel, as so few ladies’ pieces were ever made in the 1950s.

A play on words for advertising also meant big things for Zodiac in the past. An advert took the headline “most popular watch in 3⁄4 of the world”.

The play on words comes from the fact that 3⁄4 of the world is underwater. Just this advert put Zodiac on the highest pedestal, to the point where in the 1970s, the Navy Seals adopted the watch as suitable for service.

Why a Zodiac Sea Wolf?

The brand itself has gone through a modern era change. It updated its flagship watch, which propelled it into the market and has added modern qualities to make it appeal to every generation of watch fanatics. Hidden behind this watch is a brand with an incredible back story. Released during the time of some of the world’s largest brands, this is a testament to how well the Zodiac brand has established itself.

The Zodiac Sea Wolf collection is the pinnacle of the brand itself. A stainless sports watch must encompass all the Sea Wolf collection has. Class, Elegance, and Character.

Looking through the collection, be that either the Sea Wolf 53 skin with its basic and contemporary design or the Sea Wolf 68 Limited Edition with its larger double casing or its color straps. This collection has a place for the everyday watch wearer teaming it with his suit for the office or relaxing with a glass of wine in hand at the weekend. This watch can do it all.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Price

With the Zodiac Sea Wolf collection ranging from $1000 to $2300, they have created a highly finished timepiece for a competitive market. For this price, you get a stainless-steel watch with various straps (Fabric and Leather). Most important is eye movement, and a Swiss-made Automatic movement makes this the perfect look for daily wear. 

The Zodiac is back on the rise in terms of holding its value! As the brands establish their roots again after a takeover from Fossil, the earlier pieces are becoming highly collectable in the marketplace. A limited-edition range (Super Sea Wolf 68) has sold out directly through the brand, showing how this watch manufacturer makes high-quality pieces.

Zodiac Sea Wolf: Key Pieces

Over time the Super Sea Wolf collections have become somewhat iconic for the brand. The introduction of a varied style but still sticking with its original heritage has made it a best seller for the company. Some of the most famous pieces of this style are:

1. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf (ZO9266)

Price: $1395.00

This watch may look like others in the collection, but there’s a slight chance you will notice. The first thing you will see with the timepiece is a change in the color palette and bracelet. This design combines a dark blue and bright orange palette that calls out to watch lovers.

Also, the dark theme allows the watch to adapt to dressier situations. Although this is a dive watch, the colors make it suitable for use in more casual scenarios. 

The color-matched date wheel also adds glamor to this watch’s radiant profile. This watch features a stainless-steel case with a matt blue dial and stainless steel five-link bracelet. C3 SuperLuminovahands and indexes make this watch stand out when exposed to the darkness.

The case size comes as 40mm, with a thickness of just 13mm, meaning it fits very close to the wrist. An automatic movement compliments this piece. This version suits individuals who love retro-modern designs. Thus, if you want a comfortable and capable watch, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9266 is your best bet.


  • Case Size and Thickness: This watch has a case size of 40mm x 49mm. Also, you will find a case thickness of 13mm on this piece, and the look also has a lug width of 20mm.
  • Exciting Bracelet Design: Looks aside, one thing that sets this watch apart is the bracelet. The jubilee makes this watch super comfortable, and the expansion springs on each side of the clasp ensure your comfort knows no bounds.
  • Water Resistant: This deep-dive watch has a water resistance of 20ATM. Although it does not entirely protect you from water and other fluids, you get a good drag on this piece.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9266 has a two-year international warranty. The warranty speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in this device. You can return the watch if you notice any irregularities within this period. Note, however, that user terms and conditions apply when considering the warranty policy.
  • Automated Movement: You will get an STP 3-12 automatic movement when you purchase this watch. The automatic movement gives room for high-level precision.
  • Water Resistant: This watch suits serious surface sports and professional marine activity. However, it may not be too suitable for diving. The watch is water-resistant at 200m (660ft).
  • Free Shipping: You can enjoy free standard shipping when you order this product. It will take three business days for this watch to get shipped to you.


  • Excellent bracelet design
  • Built-in bracelet stretching
  • Automated STP 3-12 movement
  • Water-resistant


  • Poor integration of bracelet to end link

Customer Reviews

Customers loved the design spotted on this watch. A satisfied customer commended the dial and bezel used on the eye. In addition, they appreciated the bracelet, which fit perfectly.

Other users loved the customer service for its friendliness. Several customers found the watch helpful and would recommend it to others.

2. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Limited Edition (ZO9507)

Price: $1995.00

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Limited Edition is a watch that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the company. The Super Sea Wolf 68 is a limited edition as only 182 pieces of this watch were ever made.

It has a double casing consisting of a 44mm wide tonneau-shaped case that lies atop a 49mm body. The watch’s overall design is similar to sports watches of the early 70s. 

This piece has a bubble-style back, meaning you can’t feel the clock on your wrist. The case construction and finishing give it a distinct Zodiac look.

The precise details and polishes are exquisite. Also, the bezel has a sapphire crystal implant and overlays over a black background. Both the rotating bezel and the solid case are products of steel.


  • Unique Specifications: This model comes with a 44mm by 49mm steel body that houses the watch’s components. The body has a thickness of 16mm with a 20mm lug width.
  • Bracelet Design: The bracelet design on this piece is quite different from our first product. Unlike the ZO9266, this watch comes with a distinct black coloring. It also has an 18mm buckle width with a steel clasp material.
  • Water Resistant: Surprisingly, this model of the Super Sea Wolf can handle more water pressure than the ZO9266 design. This watch can handle pressures of up to 100atm, 1000 meters below sea level.
  • STP 3-13 Movement: This model houses an STP 3-13, which controls the watch’s automatic movements. This piece of hardware ensures high-level precision.
  • Free Shipping: You will enjoy free shipping for this piece once you purchase it. The estimated time for your delivery is between 1-3 working days, and deliveries are made from Mondays to Saturdays between 8 am and 6 pm.


  • Free shipping
  • Dive 1000m below sea level
  • Two-year warranty 
  • STP 3-13 movement
  • Water-resistant


  • Only 118 pieces are available

Customer Reviews

Customers were thrilled with the dept this model could handle, reaching up to a thousand meters below sea level. In addition, a customer picked out the bubble style back as their focal point.

Another customer found the site excellent, especially with the display price tags for all types of watches. Generally, customers loved the timepiece and the experience they had buying it. 

3. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin (ZO9201)

Price: $1295.00

The release of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin served as a time machine as it is a faithful reproduction of the original model. The wolf 53 stands to be the most famous watch in the Super Sea collection. The timepiece has a size of 40mm with excellent finishing.

The bracelet attached to this masterpiece is a five-link jubilee-style bracelet. The center links add flair to the watch as they are well polished. It has a classic taper that narrows from 20mm at the lugs to 16mm at the clasp.


  • Excellent Finishing: This device has an excellent finishing with a 0mm size. The watch also spots a 16mm clasp and 20mm lug.
  • Five-link Jubilee-Style Bracelet: The bracelet of the Wolf 53 Skin is a five-link jubilee-style bracelet. The butterfly clasp on the watch makes it reasonably easy for the bracelet to release quickly.
  • Water Resistant: The Sea Wolf 53 can go as far as 200 meters under sea level. This level compares to the ZO9266 model but not the ZO9507 edition. The ZO9507 edition has more resistance and covers 1000m below sea level.
  • STP 1-11 Automation: The STP 1-11 is the series powering the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin.
  • Free Shipping: All orders over a thousand dollars qualify for free shipping within the US. International orders are shipped through FedEx and may take up to a week to deliver.


  • Quality finishing
  • Free shipping
  • 200m water resistance
  • Top-notch styling
  • Butterfly bracelet design


  • The color scheme doesn’t match

Customer Reviews

Customers were delighted with the solid build the watch had. The price was also a point of discussion for most customers as it was the best price to get such quality. The motion of the bezel and the hands made the watch all more lovable for customers.

4. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression (ZO9274)

Price: $1395.00

Inspired by the blue tone of the sea, the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression houses everything the Zodiac brand holds dear. At a width of 40mm, the Sea Wolf 53 is much larger, and the watch is 14mm thick but appears thinner due to its bubble-style case back. 

The more extended lugs on the compression make the 40 mm wide case of the watch appear slightly more extensive. The jubilee-style bracelet goes nicely with the retro sporty theme of the timepiece.


  • Larger Design: The case is a product of a stainless-steel material that shines with a brushed finish. The case has a width of 40mm with a thickness of 14mm.
  • Smaller Bracelet Design: The design of the bracelet allows people with smaller wrists to also appreciate the beauty of the design. The bracelet was designed to accommodate a range of wrist sizes. Also, the bracelet fits seamlessly into the lugs allowing the watch to hang slightly but firmly attached to the wrist.
  • 200m Water Resistance: It’d be a shame that this masterpiece wouldn’t be able to handle some depth. This model can hold its ground 200 meters under sea level.
  • STP 3-13 Movement: The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression is home to the STP 3-13 series.
  • Free Shipping: Like other models of the Zodiac, shipping for the Sea Wolf 53 Compression is also free.


  • STP 3-13 movement
  • Bracelet suitable for people with smaller wrists
  • Free shipping
  • Suitable for any occasion


  • The bracelets don’t suit an individual with big wrists

Customer Review

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression is one of the rarest models in the Sea Wolf collection. Customers were delighted to finally find a dealer they could purchase from, as this very piece is rare. Users were generally satisfied with the delivery system and their packages’ time frame. The extended warranty on the timepiece with the extra guarantee was a tie-breaker for some clients.

5. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation (ZO9503)

Price: $1495.00

The Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation Z is where the modern elements of this watch brand come to life. With its statement orange rubber strap and navy-blue face, this watch is sporty through and through. A 50mm x 44mm double casing set this watch off, and with a 16mm thickness, it is one of the biggest watches in this collection. As with most other watches, this comes fitted with an automatic Swiss-made movement.


  • Sporty Design: The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation Z watch piece has a sporty design. The design brings to life a sporty yet classic outlook. Thus, you can use this watch for diving and other purposes.
  • Combined Colors: The watch has a navy-blue face and a statement orange rubber strap that adds more color and glam.
  • Double Casing: This piece spots a 40mm double casing that complements its 16mm thickness. The specifications make the watch one of the biggest in the collection.
  • Easy to Use: The device has easy-to-understand features. You should go for this piece if you love simple but classic watches.


  • Orange and navy-blue color combination
  • Double casing
  • Easily accessible
  • Fairly affordable
  • Classic design


  • The colors may not sit well with other users

Customer Reviews

This watch is relatively scarce, and users are yet to review the piece. However, owing to the positive reviews on their other products, we are sure you will enjoy this piece if you decide to purchase it.

6. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression (ZO9276)

Price: $1395.00

The 53 Compression Z09276 is the first model from the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression collection to be blacked out. The watch is popularly called the “Super Sea Wolf 53 Black”. It comes in a stainless-steel case with a bracelet thoroughly coated in black, but it retains the iconic Zodiac finish. 

This model played a little with the dial colors and created a high contrast region that is easy to read. The 40mm wide casing goes well with the bracelet on this piece.

The iconic Zodiac sapphire crystal sits over the dial of the watch. The thickness of this model is 13mm, and as a diver’s watch, it can reach depths of up to 200 meters below sea level.


  • Stainless Black Design: The case of this timepiece is 40mm wide and 13mm thick. The case is made of stainless steel and is fully coated in black. The bracelet on the Compression Z09276 fits just right with the 40mm head.
  • STP 3-13 Movement: This watch’s automatic movement is powered by an in-house-made caliber STP 3-13.
  • Free Shipping: Shipping is free for this masterpiece, but due to covid, the shipping process might get delayed. Deliveries to international locations may take up to 21 business days..


  • Easy to tell time
  • Stylish design
  • Two-year international warranty
  • Can stand pressures up to 200 meters under sea level
  • Free shipping


  • It only comes in black
  • Delayed shipping

Customer Reviews

The blacked-out version of the Compression series took the market by storm. Many customers went for the all-black because it was a new design for Zodiac, and they weren’t disappointed. The classy finish on this timepiece made the watch ever more lovable. Customers were generally happy with the watch.

What is next for this iconic collection?

With the rise in sports watches becoming notoriously hard to get, Zodiac has found its gap in the market. The brand is pushing to build its name in the market again, but this is more aimed toward the general watch enthusiast, not the hard-core collector.

One sure thing is that the brand has undergone massive changes. But with this change, they have kept their heritage which produced the Zodiac Super Sea in 1953.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to Purchase a Zodiac Sea Wolf

Exquisite Timepieces, based in Florida, are authorized dealers of the World’s Finest Timepieces. As a Jewelers of America and Better Business Bureau member, we always aim to give our customers the best service possible. 

We are deeply interested in the Zodiac collection due to its heritage and placement in the watch marketplace. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information on the Zodiac brand or to speak to us about purchasing a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. Or visit us at https://www.exquisitetimepieces.com/.

2. Which is the best Zodiac Sea Wolf to buy?

There are many Zodiac Sea Wolf pieces in the collection. We have reviewed some of the best choices you can consider. You can check our product roundup to select the design that works best for you.

3. Does the brand have a refund policy?

The brand has a 2-year warranty that allows users to return their products within that period if they find any issues. Note, however, that terms and conditions of return apply in such instances.

4. How long does it take to ship each Zodiac Sea Wolf Product?

It takes anything between 3 to 21 days, depending on the watch you desire to purchase. It would help to confirm from customer service before purchasing to help you understand when you will get your product.


The Zodiac Sea Wolf has many interesting pieces. We have reviewed some of the best products from the collection. Thus, you can use these products for sea diving and other marine activities. Due to their design, you may fancy these watches for other sports and regular activities.

Each product in our review has a unique design that appeals to different users. Hence, you can choose any product depending on your taste.

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