Perrelet Watches

Perrelet Watches

Perrelet is a watchmaking front-runner and influencer. Right from its origins, almost 250 years ago, the brand was considered a pioneer and a pillar of Haute Horlogerie. As the inventor of the automatic or self-winding watch, Perrelet has consistently cultivated an avant-garde spirit teamed with complete mastery of the elaboration of its timepieces.

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Brand Review: Perrelet Watches

Abraham-Louis Perrelet was a Swiss horologist who invented the Perrelet automatic watches almost 250 years ago. He began learning how to make watches when he was around 20 years old. At around 1777, Perrelet invented a self-winding mechanism for automatic watches which was designed to wind as the owner walked. He later trained his grandson, Louis-Frederic Perrelet who went into business in Paris and invented marine watches with measuring instruments. The Perrelet watch brand was later acquired by Miguel Rodriguez (Festina Group), which has continued to successfully pioneer the development of the luxurious brand timepieces.
The Perrelet brand makes different types of watches. From a traditional automatic caliber to a tourbillon or a patented double rotor movement, the Perrelet brand has a broad and rich variety to offer. All Perrelet watches are equipped with automatic movement. The watches are crafted, decorated, adjusted and assembled in their own workshops by highly skilled craftsmen, guaranteeing precision, originality, and quality in the end product. The Perrelet brand low-end luxury watches range from as low as 1000$ whereas the high-end Perrelet luxury watches can range from approximately 50,000$. Modern-day Perrelet watches come at a tempting price for what they have to offer.

Perrelet Turbine

Perrelet turbine is an interpretation of the Perrelet patented double rotor that was designed in 2009. The turbine is fitted with 12 blades made of aluminum which covers the whole of the dial and slips beneath an inner bezel ring. The case material is made of stainless steel and has a see-through case back. The timepiece has an automatic caliber and is resistant to water. The under-dial of the Perrelet turbine watches can be of different colors such as red, silver, black or blue. Over the years, the turbine model has continued to pave the way for promising future developments.

Perrelet Seacraft

The Perrelet seacraft collection is interesting and appealing. The collection consists of the seacraft, seacraft GMT and seacraft chronograph. The case material of the watch is made of stainless steel and it also has a see-through case back. Specially designed for divers, the seacraft watches have special features that enable it to accommodate a wetsuit. The timepiece is water-resistant, up to 800 meters and has a power reserve of up to 40 hours. The watches have different dial colors, either black, white or blue.

Perrelet Moonphase

The Perrelet moonphase watch collection makes for a spiffy look for a man or a woman, with its sophisticated formal looks. The watch has a moon phase window which takes up almost half of the dial making it the main attraction of the watch. The watch has a stainless steel, 40mm width, with automatic movement and a 40-hour power reserve. The centralized moonphase has been accurate for over 100 years.

Perrelet Double Rotor

The Perrelet double rotor collection reflects the technical sophistication and exclusive nature of the double rotor providing a dual side-view of the automatic winding mechanism. The double rotor watch has a stainless-steel titanium case and a calendar display visible at the 6 o’clock position when the double rotor is in action. The exclusive Perrelet rotor can be seen through the sapphire crystal.

Perrelet Turbine XL

Sensational, bigger and more powerful, the Perrelet turbine XL astounds observers with its generous proportions. The case material can either be titanium middle case, stainless steel bezel and back with black PVD coating. The watches have a see-through case back and automatic movement. The Perrelet turbine XL is water-resistant too. The black turbine on the dial has 12 blades although the under-dial can come in different colors for the watches (black, blue, red or silver). The strap is made of black rubber whereas the buckle is made of stainless steel.

Perrelet Turbine Poker

The Perrelet turbine poker models are a very interesting version of the Perrelet brand. It invites players to play poker according to its own rules. The cards are displayed beneath the 12-blade turbine although the arrangements could vary. The collection offers a chance to reinvent poker. The case material is made of stainless steel and it has a see-through case back. The watch is water-resistant and has an automatic movement.

Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph

The Perrelet skeleton chronograph model has automatic movement and its black skeleton dial features the chronograph dial, hours, minutes, seconds and calendar wheels. The ten-blade wheel with a skeleton movement is revealed when the turbine fitted over the dial turns freely and at full speed. The watch is water-resistant and the exclusive Perrelet rotor can be viewed through the see-through case back.

Perrelet 1777

Perrelet 1777 watches have been full of life for the longest time, thanks to their outstanding dual-rotor design. The Perrelet poker watches come in three distinct models with the difference being the cards displayed under the turbines. One version has random poker cards and a pair of sevens, the second one has a pair of sevens, three kings, three jacks and other random cards. The last version has a pair of sevens and two royal flushes.
The seacraft 777 is water-resistant up to 777 meters and is equipped with automatic helium escape valves. Each seacraft timepiece has a different and unique case back engraving. There are several versions of the Perrelet skeleton watch. Each has a different color skeleton dial that features chronograph dials. The collection has a 44 mm-diameter case in steel.
The Perrelet turbine watch, an interpretation of the Perrelet patented double-rotor, has stripes on the dial surface which accentuate the optical effect making this model even more sensational. Something outstanding with the Perrelet watch price is that it guarantees you value for your money. Perrelet watches amazon gives you a glimpse of the cost of the original Perrelet luxury timepieces.

Perrelet Skeleton

Perrelet Skeleton watches have an automatic winding mechanism with ball bearing-mounted oscillating weight and an anti-shock system on the balance wheel. Each collection has different models of the Perrelet automatic timepieces. Perrelet prices vary with each model because of their unique specifications and details.

Perrelet Turbine Skeleton

The Perrelet turbine skeleton model combines the turbine with a manufacture-made skeleton movement. The steel case of the watch can either have a black PVD coating or a precious 4N rose gold bezel. The Perrelet chronograph is a unique horological compilation that further demonstrates the brand's technical expertise. The Perrelet seacraft chronograph has a functional style designed for exploring the ocean depths. With a water resistance of up to 800m, the piece has a chronograph with a small seconds subdial.

Perrelet Turbine Blue

The Perrelet turbine blue has a black turbine with 11 blades and a blue and yellow dial ring. The watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters and it also has a stainless-steel case material and a see-through case back. Another unique model is the tourbillon, which debuts a refined turbine curved out of noble sapphire. With transparent blades, the design of the tourbillon embodies a blend of power and elegance expressed in a very modern spirit.

Perrelet Moonphase Men’s Watches

The Perrelet moonphase men’s watch has a centralized moon phase, which is the main draw to the piece. The watches either have alligator straps or steel bracelets giving it a distinct look. The Perrelet a1029 model is a double rotor tonneau men’s watch with its unique features. The piece is water-resistant and has alligator leather straps and a stainless-steel case material.

Perrelet Double Rotor Automatic

The Perrelet double rotor automatic watch is powered by an in-house manufactured double rotor movement, distinguished by the date display visible at 6 0’clock when the double rotor is in action. The exclusive nature of the double rotor provides a dial-side view of the automatic winding movement. Several models such as the Perrelet poker watch, Perrelet turbine automatic watch as well as the Perrelet double rotor skeleton timepiece also feature the double rotor automatic movements.

Perrelet Turbine Sung Kang

Inspired by the renowned actor, Sung Kang’s genuine passion for engines and watchmaking, Perrelet turbine Sung Kang is the ideal model for automobile drivers. The turbine blades rotate at the slightest movement of the wrist creating a unique optical effect. Perrelet a1010, skeleton chronograph dual time-zone has a solid steel case with an automatic winding movement. With this timepiece, the exclusive Perrelet rotor can be viewed through the sapphire crystal. Perrelet turbine prices can be as low as 1000$ depending on the model you wish to acquire. The brand provides a variety of interesting and unique timepieces that offer a lot of ‘bang for the buck’. Buy Perrelet watches with guaranteed value for your money. The Perrelet turbine black is a classic black on a black masterpiece. With a black turbine (12 blades), black under the dial, black rubber strap and a stainless-steel folding clasp with black PVD coating, the water-resistant piece is classic and fascinating.

Perrelet 1777 automatic watches have a lot to offer in terms of quality and aesthetic detail. With this timepiece luxury brand, visual pleasure is the chief priority. Other than technical prowess and creativity, the Perrelet spirit is reflected in its distinctive designs and unique aesthetic details. The patented double rotor clearly gives a starring role to the ingenious winding system and enhances the performance of the different models. The Perrelet brand continues to express its intense passion for horology in both present and future tenses through its elaborate timepieces.

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