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Seiko Lukia SPB138

Seiko Lukia SPB138





Seiko Lukia SPB140

Seiko Lukia SPB140





Inspired by Japan's progressive 90s influx of financially independent women, Lukia's range of ephemeral watchcraft expresses the trailblazing confidence of challenging the status quo. Long sequestered exclusively for the Japanese market, Seiko's Lukia is now available to the international market.

Seiko Lukia - Elegant Watches For The Modern Woman

By the new millennium, the predominantly Western idea of an individualistic society had swept across the seas to the shores of Japan. The ideology shift rendered a new environment for watchmakers to classify a range of timepieces that swept beyond the idea of generational wealth.
Each watch in the Lukia range enamors its face with a geometrically floral motif, arrow-shaped hands, and diamond markers in all positions except for 4, 8, and 12. In these positions, the markers are instead Roman numerals.
The case sees two sandwiched statics dodecagons, with the top bezel's vertices filling in the gaps of the lower part of the case. They're exceptionally clean watches that rely on the color fading over the flower to stand true. All variations are manufactured in steel, allowing the diamond embellishments to command material value.

Evoking the Charm Of Ginza Throughout The Centuries

Nooked in the heart of Tokyo is Lukia's hometown, Ginza. Built from the literal ashes of devastation, the Ginza district's 1872 overhaul was a symbol of Japan's future as an enlightened civilization. With an ear to the past, Ginza's bedrock reminds us that its emergence on Tokyo's high street was nothing short of a miracle.
A few hundred years before, glamorous heels etched Ginza's new-age pavement. The area was a swampy marshland home to mythical spirits among regular muddied amphibians.
In the mid-16th century, under the Edo militarized rule, Japan's auspicious silver mint was moved from Sunpu to what was then referred to as 'Shin-Rayogae-Cho'-literally translated to 'New Money Exchange Town'. Later, the town was renamed as an adjunction of two Japanese words; 'Gin', meaning silver, and 'Za', meaning guild.
During the brain drain of everyday women to the financially dependent elite, Ginza's district evolved with the times to satisfy the needs of effeminate success. Unlike other districts in Tokyo, however, blushing floral orchids bloom from the cracks of high modernity. A city beaming with tradition and the progressive expansion of vogue innovation, Japan's eclectic high street embellishes the artistry of every Lukia piece.
Every piece in the Lukia range honors its past by swallowing its innards within a steel case. Even the SPB140's rose gold casing is a gold-plated visual rumination to protect the legacy of the Lukia range and its significance with the city of Ginza.

Seiko Lukia Watches Price Guide

While the range expresses its uniqueness, the essential formula rests on a 35mm case size, a steel construction, mother of pearl dial, and a flowering geometry worthy of a supple wrist. The majority of the range dances between earthy tones and bolder swatches that define marginal changes to their difference in price. At a starting value of $1,300, it is a tremendous value proposition for a luxury timepiece.

Model Starting Price Unique Feature
Seiko Lukia SPB133 $1,300 White Mother Of Pearl Dial
Seiko Lukia SPB137 $1,300 Kurenai Blue Mother Of Pearl Dial
Seiko Lukia SPB138 $1,350 Kurenai Green Mother Of Pearl Dial
Seiko Lukia SPB140 $1,400 Kurenai Red Mother Of Pearl Dial
Seiko Lukia SPB141 $2,350 Tsukishiro White Dial with Diamond Set Bezel

Ice Cold, Yet Sophisticated - Seiko Lukia SPB133

The SPB133 is a resolute ice queen of unique talent. Beneath the crystal-coated sapphire glass is the mesmerizingly naked Mother of Pearl - an iridescent dial with the borrowed sheen of an oyster's pearl. The divergence of nature promises each face unique, which makes this an outlier in the range. Coupled with a white alligator strap and a roundtable of diamond markers, the SPB113 is the zenith of feminine charm and sophistication.

A Watch For When You're Feeling Blue - Seiko Lukia SPB137

The SPB137 blurs the water with the depth of the deep sea. The dial's oceanic hue invigorates the geometric floral design with a darkened mystery. Keeping with the tradition of high-end watchmaking, the movement under the hood is a manually wound 24-jewel caliber with stop second and date functions.

The 34mm case is enveloped in steel and wraps around the wrist with an even deep blue alligator strap. The SPB137 is a bold watch of unsettled confidence, perfect for those who like to make a statement.

Earthy Tones With a Touch of Gold - Seiko Lukia SPB138

Fortune favors the gold, particularly when festooned in a supple, earthy palette. The etchings of the floral dial come alive in the neutral warmth of the SPB138. While the SPB138's case mirrors the range in steel, the teething outer bezel fashions a polished gold, disrupting the anodyne simplicity for something a little more exciting. The lugs meet the alligator strap again in steel for a uniform piece bursting with subtle character.

Rose Gold at Its Finest - Seiko Lukia SPB140

An exquisitely ethereal piece that sucks attention with its bewitching glow. At its epicenter, the dial ponders the iridescence of its Mother Of Pearl Dial while the rest of the face enamors with a blushed rose hue.
Encased in rose gold plated stainless steel, the SPB140 is the only watch in the Lukia range to dominate with precious metal. Even the diamond markers are pronged in rose gold in keeping with the theme.

When a Few Diamonds Aren't Enough - Seiko Lukia SPB141

Elevating the natural whimsy of the standard Mother of Pearl dial, the SPB141 is queen nobility among an already royal range. The trifecta of Roman numerals is a brandished staple of the Lukia collection, and as a result, upping the diamond count means a new bezel design to accommodate 55 diamonds set in stainless steel.
The bracing ivory sheen, a glimmering band of gemstones against its polished silver home, embodies the subtle yet unwavering presence of a high-value woman.