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Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH Review

The Ball Trainmaster is Ball’s most iconic collection. Throughout this collection, you are reminded of Ball’s train-filled history. Today, we are going to review one of the most popular Ball Trainmasters, the Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH. At first glance, I am struck by the sleek and sexy white dial which is in complete contrast to the black Arabic numbers. This outstanding men’s watch is the perfect example of a men’s dress watch that can also be worn as a sport watch. This luxury watch is 39.5 mm in diameter and is beyond comfortable on the wrist. The watch even comes with a luxurious box to hold it in. Being one of the best watch brands, this may quickly become one of your favorite watches.

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH

The History

The basis of this watch goes all the way back to the year 1833, before the adoption of Standard Time. In this time period, time was dependent on the position of the sun. This resulted in every city having its own uniques time zone. This complicated system made it impeccably hard for the railroad companies to have synchronized railroad timetables. The U.S railroad companies soon changed this system, and since  1833, the way of ‘Standard Time’ has been used in almost every city across America. The Standard Time rule separates the country into four different time zones. This change has made the use of the sun to tell time seem like a vintage tactic, and has since led to the disappearance of more than 70 official time zones, and has continued as the official time system to the present day.

The Price

The Ball Trainmaster Standard Time NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH price is $2,499, which is considered a great price point for this timepiece. In comparison with its fellow Trainmaster watches, the watch is on the lower side of the price range. Watches such as the Ball Trainmaster Kelvin Celsius Scale and the Ball Trainmaster Kelvin Fahrenheit Scale just top it at a price of $3,899. And then theres watches such as the Ball Trainmaster Royal Blue White Dial Limited Edition and the Ball Watch Trainmaster Moon Phase Ladies that beat it by $300 at $2,199. It may seem as if it might be a little expensive after hearing this, but when compared to the Ball Trainmaster Manufacture Limited Edition ($8,999), it is said to be more of a cheap watch. All in all, the watch has a very competitive price compared to other watches like it.

The Case

The case is a gorgeous 39.5mm stainless steel case. It has fine finishes of satin and polished edges, giving the watch a clean look. The case also has a smooth finish making it extremely comfortable for everyday wear.

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH close up

The Crystal

The crystal is antireflective convex sapphire crystal which serves to eliminate glare when staring into this beauty. The case back also features a convex sapphire crystal for viewing of the intricate structure.

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH back

The Dial

The date at ‘3’ is very readable as is the entire watch. The markers are luminescent as are the beautiful blue steel hands which make for great reading at night. These hands are heat treated to provide the rich looking blue color. The small seconds indicator at ‘6’ is a tradition of the more classical watches. The white, enamel dial makes the black Arabic numbers stand out in contrast.

The Crown

The view of the stainless steel screwed-in crown also gives a glimpse of the slimness of the watch, for a 11.15 mm thick watch is very thin which adds to its wearability and comfort. This view also shows the fine finishes of satin and polished edges of the stainless steel. The combination of finishes provide a very impactful appeal.

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH crown

The Caliber

This beautiful Ball watch is an automatic movement and I am immediately struck by the precise winding of this movement, which after about 10 winds starts up this wonderful engine. Setting the watch is a breeze, simply unscrew the crown and set the time and date. The crown proved very easy to unscrew.

Best of all, the Trainmaster has great accuracy in telling time.

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Chronometer NM3888D-LL1CJ-WH caliber

The Strap

The black alligator leather strap is the perfect color for this white dial. The buckle is a polished steel tang buckle. The exhibition case back provides an insight into the beauty of the decorated movement. The blue screws and jewels that are visible add to the elegance of this movement.

The Features


  • Automatic caliber BALL RR1105-C
  • Chronometer certified COSC


  • 14 micro gas tubes on hour and minute hands and dial for night reading capability
  • Hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds and date

Shock resistance

  • 5,000Gs

Water resistance

  • 30m/100ft


  • Stainless steel
  • Diameter 39.5mm, height 10.5mm
  • Anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal
  • Convex sapphire crystal case back
  • Screwed-in crown


  • Crocodile leather strap with standard buckle


  • White enamel

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