25 BEST Skeleton Watches for Men (Gear Aesthetics in Full Glory!)
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Best skeleton watches for men

25 BEST Skeleton Watches for Men (Gear Aesthetics in Full Glory!)

Skeleton watches combine various worlds to keep art, movement, and technology in one piece. People who cannot do without art, mechanical movements, and analog timepieces can use these watches because they contain these qualities. 

Skeleton watches are stylish and reveal timepieces’ complex, tiny, and breathtaking mechanical workings. If you appreciate the complexities and intricacies of watches, you would love to own one of these. However, you will not enjoy these watches if you don’t have a knack for craftsmanship. 

In our review, we consider the 25 best skeleton watches for men. This list is for you if you need timepieces where you can see the gears. Additionally, we include a buying guide to help you obtain the best affordable skeleton watches you can find on the market. Are you new to luxury skeleton watches but want to understand what they are and how to appreciate them better? You can keep reading our post, and you will have your answers in a few minutes. 

What Is A Skeleton Watch?

We will first explain skeleton watches to help you understand and appreciate them. Simply put, a skeleton watch is a mechanical watch that allows you to see all the moving parts through the front, back or a small cut through the watch’s dial. 

These watches are called skeletons because they trim away non-essential metals on the plates, bridges, wheel trains, or any other mechanical parts of the watch. Hence, you will only see the bare minimalist skeleton required for full functionality. 

One thing you will notice about all skeleton watches is that they are usually limited to mechanical movements. These watches use mechanical movements because their tiny wheels turn and move inside. Although first introduced in the 18th century, skeleton watches have come back in our day.

Now that you have understood what skeleton watches are, we will look at the 25 best skeleton watches for men in 2022. For your convenience, we will classify these watches under several categories based on their prices. 

Best Skeleton Watches Under $200

You can obtain several cheap skeleton watches that do not cost much. We will look at some of them to give you some perspective on some of the best budget skeleton watches under $200.

Fossil Men’s Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Automatic Watch

Fossil Men's Townsman

This skeleton watch is a bit sophisticated for the price. Additionally, the watch offers a class to lovers of vintage style. The watch comes with a classic leather strap and a stainless steel case. Furthermore, the see-through dial provides an exciting view of the watch’s internal design. You can use this watch for a weekend or office outing. 

The watch has a case size of 44m and a band size of 22mm. Additionally, the watch has an automatic mechanical movement with an analog display. The cut-out skeleton dial allows you to enjoy the inner workings of this beautiful timepiece. 

If you love water-resistant watches, this timepiece is for you. The timepiece has a 50m water-resistant feature, which makes the watch your best option for short recreational swimming activities. You can also use this watch in the shower without issues. However, you should not use this watch for deep diving or snorkeling. 

Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch

Fossil Men's Grant

Like other Fossil watches you will find on the market, the Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph watch has a timeless style. The timepiece improves the beauty of your personality and outfits with its classic design. One thing you will love about this watch is its accents and new materials. 

The Fossil Grant has navy blue and rose dial pops and a sunny design that makes it suitable for formal occasions. The chronograph movement and shiny rose gold-tone case are why we love this watch so much. The Roman Numerals artistically balanced on the dial help to bring out the watch’s aesthetics. 

Like our previous choice, this watch has an analog three-hand display with automatic movement. Your watch will remain scratch-resistant due to the hardened mineral crystal lens used in the watch design. Your comfort remains guaranteed with the genuine brown leather band used. 

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Watch

Invicta Men 8926

The Pro Diver Watch is one of Invicta’s best skeleton watch designs. The watch offers a bold design with a poised and calm ambiance. If you love high levels of technical innovation, you will love this skeleton watch. The watch has a Japanese Quartz movement for accuracy and reliability. 

The Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Watch has a unidirectional stainless steel bezel. Thus, you can only rotate the bezel in one direction (counter-clockwise). The watch also has a Flame Fusion Crystal, ensuring it remains scratch-free for longer. 

Another feature you will love about this watch is its 100m water-resistance feature which beats the other two watches we reviewed. Also, the watch comes with a chronograph which matches its bold and classic design. The watch also has a push/pull crown for easy adjustments. If you love accuracy with a touch of class, this timepiece is the best for you. 

Invicta Men’s 17185 Specialty Analog Display Mechanical Hand Wind Watch

Invicta Men 17185

This watch is an excellent example of a classic leather-styled strap watch. The watch has Roman numerals, providing a timeless design appeal. On top of that, the see-through center is fascinating and clear but not overbearing. 

The watch has a light gray gearing and a white environment to offer a complex look. It should be no surprise that this watch only has a 30m water resistance. Additionally, the watch has a simple hand-wound movement and a synthetic sapphire crystal that adds to its beauty. 

The piece is not too big or small, with a case size of 42mm made from stainless steel. You also enjoy an analog display type with a leather band material with a comfortable buckle clasp. The watch has a stationary bezel with a silver-colored dial and a second hand for easy readability. You can wear this timepiece with a near-perfect weight (13.33 ounces) without feeling it. You can go for this timepiece if you love simple and elegant Chinese watches. 

Thomas Earnshaw Westminster Automatic Skeleton Watch

Thomas Earnshaw Westminster Automatic Skeleton Watch

Thomas Earnshaw’s Westminster Automatic Skeleton Watch is unlike the other watches you will find in this review. Due to its features, you will definitely notice this timepiece from a mile away. The watch has a sub-dial for seconds and nicely designed Roman numerals on the markers. The entire dial design screams “look at me” from the moment you notice this timepiece. 

This timepiece is classy, classic, and unique, mixing black, gold, and metal moving parts. Although not very water resistant, we can excuse the timepiece because it has other enticing features for a watch of its price. The watch comes with a leather band and a Tang buckle, so you cannot use it for diving.

Additionally, the black-colored dial combined with the mineral dial window material makes the watch a perfect pick for casual and official outings. On top of that, the watch has a mechanical hand wind that works well with its analog display. Overall, this round-shaped piece of craft is one you will want to pick if you have less than $200 budgeted for a skeleton watch. 

Carlien Automatic Gold Tone Watch

Carlien Automatic Gold Tone Watch

Carlien watches always find themselves at the top of the skeleton watch market due to their casual and unique designs, ingenuity, and American creativity. This timepiece offers you a decent, clean look that will never go out of style. The brand uses a self-wind mechanism for this watch. 

Due to its luxury gold tone, this watch fits almost all outfits and suits every occasion. The watch is designed for men’s business, fashion, and casual outfits. You will find genuine leather bands which offer comfort even when you wear them for extended periods. Furthermore, the buckle closure makes adjusting easy.

You will enjoy a scratch-resistant watch due to the stainless-steel watch case. Also, the 30m water resistant feature ensures that your watch remains waterproof from brief immersions and minor splashes of water. However, you should not use this watch for diving or swimming.

Carrie Hughes Men’s Steampunk Skeleton

Carrie Hughes Men's Steampunk Skeleton

If you love sporty watches, the Carrie Hughes Men’s Steampunk Skeleton watch is just what you need. The all-metal case and band provide a sporty look. However, the gold-colored mechanism with a black bezel and face makes this watch stand out. 

This watch is one of the least-priced pieces on our list. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you that it only has a 10m water resistance feature. While the watch may not be up there regarding water resistance, it’s still a reasonable buy for a budget skeleton watch. 

The watch has an automatic mechanical movement. However, you have to wind up the watch before each usage. The watch also marks the movement of time with a series of gear mechanisms that work with your wrist movement. Also, the timepiece combines color and light for its photochromic glass (magic crystal glass) feature. Hence, the color of the glass automatically changes with the intensity of sunshine. 

You will notice that the dial colors become different when viewing from different angles and under different lighting conditions. Furthermore, the timepiece has a classic vintage dial with a Steam Punk appearance and a hollow skeleton design. 

Skagen Men’s Holst Automatic Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Skagen Men's Holst Automatic Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Like other Skagen watches, this timepiece has an aesthetically decent and straightforward design. The simple design works well with every style you choose. The watch has a chronograph movement, stainless steel case, and a slim sunray dial. 

The automatic movement has a built-in rotor that is motion-activated. Thus, you do not need a battery to power this watch. All you need to do is move your wrist, and the watch begins to work. The genuine leather hands allow for a comfortable feel. Furthermore, the 30m water resistant feature protects your watch from potential damages caused by immersion in water and little splashes. 

Forsining Retro Watch for Men

Forsining Retro Watch for Men

Forsining Retro watch is one of the practical watches you can wear. The watch has a retro design with ancient Roman numerals on the dial. Additionally, the South African diamonds used on the watch produce the full retro style.

You will also find a precision laser engraving 3D technology on the dial. The 3D flower engraving dial has a unique pattern that makes it shinier and more retro. This self-winding watch does not require a battery to function. All you need to do is keep winding it after a few hours to maintain the precision.

Best Skeleton Watches Under 300

Swatch Men’s Stainless Automatic Watch

Swatch Men's Stainless Automatic Watch

This timepiece is an entry-level invention with a black stainless steel case with a diameter measuring 42mm. You can think of this watch as a semi-skeleton watch. The watch has a central cutaway that exposes some parts of the watch’s movement under the dial. While it is not the best on the market, it’s one of the most affordable budget skeleton watches you can buy.

The watch has curved plastic glass with automatic movement. Additionally, this timepiece comes with a brown leather strap for comfortability and a pin buckle to ensure easy adjusting. The black dial on the watch contains black Arabic numerals and hands together with luminescent hands and a date display to match. 

Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Watch

This timepiece offers some of the best features in a budget skeleton watch. The watch has a GMT dual-time zone on the smaller time dial. Additionally, you will find an AM/PM indicator that differentiates the time of the day and a lasting self-winding movement. 

The watch also has crocodile leather, which matches the watch’s gold and silver body. Also, you can enjoy a shatter-resistant watch due to the Krystenrna Crystal feature used in its design. For all its goodness, this watch isn’t big on the hand. You will find that the case size is only 41mm, which fits perfectly on your wrist. 

Charles-Hubert, Paris Men’s 3874 Premium collection

Charles-Hubert, Paris Men's 3874 Premium collection

The Charles-Hubert watch is another budget skeleton watch you will love to own. One outstanding feature about this timepiece is that it contains a 17-jewel mechanical movement that offers style and precision at the same time. In addition, the watch can resist splashes of water and rain with its 30m water resistance feature. 

The stainless-steel case ensures that you enjoy durability, while the skeleton dial allows you to see the moving parts. This round 2011 mineral-dial window skeleton watch has a case diameter of 48mm. Hence, the watch is suitable for people with big wrists. 

Seagull Doble Skeleton M182SK

Seagull Doble Skeleton M182SK

This Chinese timepiece uses a Seagull movement and is one of the best-looking pieces in this price range. The watch uses the automatic ST1602 movement for precision and accuracy. Also, you can see the rotor and other components through the exhibition case back. You will just love how the brand decorates each visible part. 

The timepiece has an entire chapter ring that helps with legibility. Additionally, the blued hands also ensure you can read time perfectly. However, the brand ensures that the hands remain thin to maintain the skeletal outlook. This watch suits individuals with small wrists as it has a case size of 38.5mm.

Best Skeleton Watches Under $500

Maserati Men’s R882111900

Maserati Men's R882111900

This watch has everything you need – from style to class to comfort. The Maserati Men’s R8821119003 comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty tells you how much confidence the brand has in this product. One outstanding feature you will love about this skeletonized watch is its design.

The watch has a white silver dial color that matches the brown leather strap. In addition, the leather strap makes it easier to wear this skeleton watch for more extended periods. You can also enjoy the analog display while wearing this 44mm watch.

Invicta Men’s 24707 Coalition Forces

Invicta Men's 24707 Coalition Forces

This timepiece is your pick if you need a standout skeletonized watch with a bit of bling. The watch has a thick silver-colored bezel that makes it pretty hard not to notice. Additionally, you can enjoy the visible mechanics with lum-coated gold hands that make it easy to tell the time.

This watch has you covered if you want to enjoy some serious outdoor sports with water. This timepiece offers 200m water resistance and a rubber band, making it suitable for swimming and shallow diving. On top of that, the watch has a well-protected crown, making it almost impossible to damage.

Bulova Men’s Automatic Open Aperture Watch

Bulova Men's Automatic Open Aperture Watch

This watch is one from the classic automatic collection. Its stainless steel case, exhibition case back, and silver and blue skeleton dial are some of its standout features. Other features you will find enticing are its shatter-resistant mineral glass, excellent self-winding movement, and a steel bracelet that has a double-press deployable closure for comfort. 

Also, the watch is a fully skeletonized timepiece with three hands and an automatic movement. The silver-tone stainless steel matches any outfit you pick, while the mineral crystal preserves the watch by increasing its durability. A good feature you will love is the 100m water resistance, and the resistance makes this skeletonized timepiece suitable for swimming.

Relic Round Automatic Skeletonized Watch

Relic Round Automatic Skeletonized Watch

This timepiece is an all-stainless invention from this brand. One outstanding feature of this watch is that it allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds – dive and style. The skeleton’s interior has a complex and multi-colored outlook. Hence, the watch stands out well from its monochrome gray dial exterior. 

The stainless steel band matches the watch style and color, while the automatic movement provides precision. Furthermore, the stainless steel case contains a fixed bezel with a case size of 42mm. You can also enjoy the view through the mineral crystal window. However, this watch only has a water resistance feature of 50m, making it suitable for light water activities. 

Best Skeleton Watches Under $1,000

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Skeleton Watch

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Skeleton Watch

This watch ensures that everything you see beneath its sapphire crystal face remains organized. The overall presentation of this watch speaks of tightness and density. Also, the timepiece has a well-demarcated chapter ring and clean circular repetitions of “Hamilton Viwmatic” under the indices. 

There’s also a gray bridge that curves and cuts across the movement, joining the dark outer ring to the metallic tones of the movement. Many of the components used in this watch have distinctive H-shaped patterns. The decorations used in this timepiece echo the manufacturer’s name, thus giving the watch a unique flair. 

Another outstanding feature is the bevels where th lugs meet the case side. This arrangement gives off an eye candy outlook under the perfect lighting and adds some body to the skeletonized frame. Additionally, you will enjoy the H-10 movement, which has an 80-hour power reserve. What could go wrong while using this skeletonized beast of a watch?

Best Skeleton Watches Above $1,000

We have considered some budget-friendly watches, and we have also included some luxury watches in our roundup. Here are some timeless pieces you can obtain if you have some extra cash to spare.

Zenith DEFY El Primero 21 Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch

Zenith DEFY El Primero 21 Chronograph Automatic Men's Watch

The very first thing you will notice about this watch is its design. With a 44mm case design, this watch stands out with its black case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window. The watch uses a deployable clasp combined with a Cordura Effect rubber band to ensure class and longevity while used in water. 

You can use this watch for swimming due to its 100m water resistance feature. Also, the watch has an analog display type and an automatic movement to match. The watch has the lightest chronograph caliber on the market today (15.9g). An exciting feature of this watch is that it contains only 31 jewels and 328 working parts.

Hublot Classic Fusion Classico

Hublot Classic Fusion Classico

If there’s anything you should know about Hublot, they always show up with the best. Their Classic Fusion timepiece is a wonderful one for modern aesthetic lovers. Additionally, the brand adds a tradition to the timepiece to ensure a close balance between contemporary and vintage life. 

The movement comes in a 45mm satin-finished titanium-covered case. Also, the watch has an intimidating 90-hour power reserve. For a watch this pricey, it is disappointing to see that it only has a 50m water resistance feature. However, the design’s black leather strap and deployable clasp tell you the watch wasn’t made for diving.

Raymond Weil freelancer

Raymond Weil freelancer

Everything about this timepiece screams class. The brand combines its mainspring, escapement, and train into a greatly-designed watch case. On top of that, the watch has a nice contrast and blue hands, which offer legibility against the white-colored dial. The watch comes with a rose-colored band and a fold-over clasp, making easier adjustments. Additionally, the timepiece has an automatic movement and a 100m water-resistant feature. 

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre

The first thing you will notice about this skeletonized watch is its mechanical precision inspired by high-performance motorsports. The timepiece has a modern masculine design comprising 39 jewel movements for complexity. Also, the watch has a black and white dial with a lovely touch of red. 

The movement comes well packaged in a modular case obtained from several layered materials. Additionally, the brand uses a beautiful black titanium-coated stainless steel case for a truly modern finish. The watch has a water resistance of 100m and combines a black rubber band with a deployment clasp.

Tissot Men’s T0704051641100

Tissot Men's T0704051641100

There’s everything to love about a Swiss-made Tissot skeleton watch, and this timepiece is not any different. The Tissot T-Complication is another outstanding timepiece you will find at the budget end of your luxury watch collection. This timepiece comes with the best modern aesthetics that showcase exquisite details. 

The hand-wound movement fits perfectly into the 43mm case. Furthermore, this beauty comes with a black leather strap that goes with any outfit you pick. The scratch-resistant sapphire, analog display, and fixed bezel material work hand-in-hand for a perfectly finished skeleton watch.  

Oris Manual Wind

Oris Manual Wind

This watch can become everything you want it to be, from sporty, elegant, modern, and complex. How the watch remains a practical timepiece with a nice variation is impressive. This timepiece contains a 44mm titanium case, and the titanium makes the watch lightweight though it may seem big on the hands. 

The watch comes with an in-house Caliber 115 movement and a whooping 10-day power reserve which is the best you will find on the market today. In addition, you will find a visible mainspring at the top side of your watch display. Another striking thing is the finishing, dominated by dark greys and silvers, which offer an almost spartan style.

Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart Men’s Watch

Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart Men's Watch

Rado’s timepieces are some of the best quality skeleton watches you can buy. This automatic skeleton watch offers as much visual content as the movement itself. One thing you will first notice about this watch is the dial design. The dial forms a connection of bridges that help you to focus on the caliber. 

The caliber contains a well-placed balance, circular cutaways, a jewel bearing, and a wheel. Additionally, the integrated bracelet and case come from ceramic. Hence, you will enjoy a scratch-resistant and lightweight design with this product. The watch also has four colorways you can consider: black and white, black and yellow, white and tan, and dusty blue. 

Buying Guide for Men’s Skeleton Watches

There are several things you can consider when looking for skeleton watches for men. We will quickly go over these guidelines to help you understand how to make your pick.

Gear Exposure

You can buy your watch based on the gear exposure. You can consider three types of gear exposure: partially exposed gears, watches with complete skeletonized movements, and watches with small cutaways. The kind of gear you go for depends on your preference.

Watch Movement

Skeleton watches have mechanical movements. However, you can pick between manual or automatically winded watches. An automatic watch only needs you to rotate your wrist for it to create energy to wind the mainsprings. The manual movement is quite the opposite – you must wind it yourself.

Material Used

Picking the watch material should be of your topmost considerations. Some watches cost much due to the materials used in their production. Such materials may include platinum, gold, and others. You can pick gold, platinum, or other expensive materials if you have the money. Chances are that these watches will last longer. However, you can go for a stainless steel material if you have a tight budget.

Purchase Objective

You need to know why you buy a skeleton watch to help you make the best pick. For example, it would be wrong to pick a watch with a 50m water resistance feature if you want to dive with your watch. In such case, you must search for a skeleton watch with a higher water resistance feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are skeleton watches expensive?

You can find skeleton watches for different budgets. Thus, you can get a skeleton watch depending on the budget you have at hand. There are skeleton watches for $100 or less, $200, $500, and even others that cost as much as $20,000+. The type of material used for the timepiece and other factors determine the watch’s price.

What are skeleton watches called?

Skeleton watches are simply skeleton watches. However, some people call these timepieces skeletonized watches or mechanical watches. The most famous name you will find on the market is skeleton watches.

Are there skeleton watches for women?

Indeed, there are outstanding skeleton watches for women. However, we have focused on skeleton watches for men in this article. Perhaps we will consider the best skeleton watches for women in our next article.

What do you call a watch where you can see the inside?

Watches, where you can see the inside, are generally referred to as skeleton watches. These watches have lean trimmings that allow you to see the inner movements through the back, front, or some cutaways in the dial.

How long do skeleton watches last?

The longevity of a skeleton watch depends on several factors. First, it depends on the material used in producing the watch. Additionally, the handling also matters. If you handle your skeleton watch with care, it will last for many years.

What is the best skeleton watch?

There are many exciting skeleton watches you can find on the internet. We have highlighted 25 of the best men’s skeleton watches for you to consider. You can review our detailed list again to pick your desired product.

Are skeleton watches fashionable?

You can find fashionable skeleton watches depending on your taste. Some of these skeletonized watches suit classic outfits, while others have a sporty outlook. You will have to consider each watch to pick the one that works best for you.


We have outlined the 25 best skeleton watches for men in our article. The watches we have outlined come from reputable and trustworthy brands. Thus, you can expect the best products from the names on our list. We have outlined watches from different budget categories on our list. 

You can find the cheapest watches if you want a budget watch. Additionally, you can go for the more expensive luxury skeletonized watches we have included in our list. We also added a buying guide and a FAQ section to give you more perspective on the best skeleton watches for men. 

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