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Pre-Owned Oris Watches

History of Oris Watches

In the business of luxury watchmaking, historical relevance and pedigree are essential to branding. This pedigree is one of the edges that Oris has over many industry competitors. Oris is a Swiss watchmaker established in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. These men bought a watch factory that formerly belonged to Lohner and Co and named the company Oris after a brook in Holstein, a town in Switzerland.

At the inception of the company, the owners put a lot of hard work and dedication into their watch manufacturing. They acquired another watch factory and an assembly plant within ten years. In 1929, which was fifteen years after its establishment, Oris had six watch factories and was the largest watchmaker in Holstein.

By the early 1960s, Oris joined the league of industry leaders in watchmaking, producing about 1.2 million watches per year. As a way to carve a niche for itself, Oris focused on making mechanical watches only. As a result, it ranked as one of the few Swiss watchmakers known for their excellent mechanical watches.

One of the stand-out features of Oris watches is the red rotor symbol that is always present on its watches. The red rotor symbolizes the mechanical approach used by Oris to make their timepieces. Another impressive feature that has allowed Oris watches to stand out in recent times is the cost. While Oris watches are not cheap, they are not as expensive as their counterparts, such as Tag Heuer and Longines. Despite the price difference, there is no difference in the quality of these timepieces.


Pre-Owned Oris Watches Collections

Oris has numerous collections and a series of timepieces. These collections are divided into four categories: Diving, Motor Sport, Culture, and Aviation. Let's examine the collection of timepieces in these categories.


Oris Diving Timepiece Collection

Under this category, there are three main watch collections. These are Oris Aquis, Oris Diver, and Oris Prodiver.


Oris Aquis

One of the most popular products under this series is Ocean Project Limited Edition. With this timepiece, Oris found a way to combine the love of nature with luxury and innovation. The watch was designed based on the Aquis collection, which aims to increase the world's awareness about threats and dangers posed to the oceans and other water bodies worldwide. According to a company statement, the Ocean Project Limited Edition will directly support the coral reef restoration/planting activity planned by an Australian NGO, known as Reef Restoration Foundation.

The Ocean Project Limited Edition has a 43.5 mm stainless steel case with an enticing blue gradient dial. It also has a circular date window and a bezel that rotates in a uni-directional manner. The timepiece is water-resistant up to about 300 meters, and being a limited edition timepiece, has only 2,000 pieces available for sale.

Another outstanding timepiece from the Aquis series is the Oris Aquia GMT Date, a luxury timepiece featured in the 2019 edition of Baselworld. This watch uses its 43.5 mm stainless steel case to show three different time zones. The watch's dial has a blue sunburst color, and its hour markers are filled with Super LumiNova. The Oris Aquis GMT Date runs on an Oris caliber 798 and has a 38-hour reserve.

You will also find a chronograph version in the Oris Aquis collection. The chronograph version features a 45.5 mm stainless steel case, a rubber strap, a uni-directional rotating crown, and a black ceramic dial.


Oris Diver 65

The Oris Diver 65 Collection is one of the oldest timepiece collections around the world. The series has been in production as far back as the 1960s. Thus, the watches under this collection have undergone lots of design and manufacturing improvements over time. The collection now combines innovation and the ancient aesthetics the brand was known for.

Under this series, the most popular timepiece is the Oris Divers Sixty Five. This watch is an upgraded version of the timepiece that ushered in the series in 1960. The watch features a 40 mm stainless steel case that has anti-corrosive features. Due to its water-resistant feature, you can swim or snorkel with this timepiece.

You also get a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and an anti-reflective coating that allows you to read the watch clearly, even underwater. There is also a chronograph version that possesses all of the features of the Sixty Five, except its case, which is 43 mm.

There is also Movember Edition, which was an attempt by Oris Watches to collaborate with NGOs, in this case, a men's health group known as Movember Foundation. This timepiece comes with sleek leather and NATO straps with buckles.


Oris Prodiver

This series is the last collection under the Oris Aquis series. It is most suitable for professional divers or people that spend a lot of time around large water bodies, as it is water-resistant to about 1,000 meters deep.

This collection also uses the in-house RSS Bezel Locking system and consists of three timepieces. These include the ProDiver GMT and the ProDiver Chronograph. The former uses a titanium case, while the latter uses the rotation safety system.


Oris Culture Collection

Under the Culture collection, you have numerous watches, including Oris Artelier, Oris Calibre 113, and the Oris Classic Date.


Oris Aviation Category

Under this series, there is the Oris Big Crown Propilot, Oris Big Crown, and many more.


Oris Motor Sport Category

The collections under this category include the Oris Williams Series, Oris Artix GT, and many others.


Why Purchase Oris Used Watches?

Pre-owned Oris watches are impressive additions to your luxury watch collection. The watches come with exciting designs and a historical pedigree. As one of the few mechanical watches from Switzerland, the luxury and exotic taste exuded by Oris pre-owned watches is unmatched.

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