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Pre-Owned Hublot Watches

The Hublot brand was born in 1980, and the name Hublot (porthole in French) has been synonymous with luxury Swiss watchmaking and innovation. The founder, Carlo Croco, a visionary Italian that came from a family of watchmakers, combined traditional watchmaking with novel materials. He positioned the Hublot brand instantly and became a worldwide sensation with a never before seen rubber strap.

Hublot can set trends in luxury watches, unlike any other brand. Using a classic design with modern cases and materials, Hublot is well known for "The Art of Fusion."


The first Hublot Launch – 1980

Hublot's first launch revolutionized the industry by creating a luxury watch that paired gold and rubber. The bezel design, a classic ship's porthole shape, was as unique as its material combinations. The original watch with the gold case and rubber strap became one of Hublot's trademarks.

The novelty of mixing precious metals, such as gold, and casual materials was a unique combination that launched Hublot to commercial success.


The Marketing Genius - 2004

The arrival of Jean-Claude Biver in 2004 as CEO transformed the future of the company. Deemed as the Hublot brand's marketing genius, Biver made the decisive step to focus on the "Art of Fusion" that reflected Hublot's history and impact on the luxury watch industry.

Much of Hublot's success is the combination of materials that could appear not to go well together.


Hublot Big Bang Series - 2005

Certain luxury watch models can withstand time and fashion trends; in Hublot's case, it is the Big Bang Series. This legendary flagship collection was inspired by its predecessor Hublot watch launched in 1980.

Winner of the Best Design prize at the "Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve," this collection has expanded to many subcollections over time. In 2006, Hublot launched the Big Bang All Black, which revolutionized the industry with a luxury watch that was all black.

The King Power collection later followed them. In this collection, Hublot integrated a proprietary chronograph movement with an integrated column-wheel known as UNICO. This breakthrough was possible due to the manufacturing capacity of a new production site in Nyon.


Hublot opens its first Boutique in Paris – 2007

Hublot expansion continued, and in 2007, they opened their first Boutique in Paris in Rue Saint-Honoré and a second boutique the following summer in the Hotel Byblos in Saint Tropez.

In 2007, Hublot presented the first Big Bang ever produced in-house, which reflected the "3M" concept: Monomaterial, monochromatic and micro-blasted. This particular model was awarded the vote for Best Technological innovation in Bahrein.

Another Hublot creating a commotion was the One Million, a masterpiece of invisible stone setting and awarded the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie.


Hublot Classic Fusion – 2008

The Hublot Classic Fusion watches were introduced in 2008 and have inspired sport elegance until this day. Featuring the traditional Hublot design with modern elegance, these striking designs make for a stylish timepiece.

This collection features expert watchmaking, from the Aerofusion, with its black rubber and alligator leather strap and showcasing the intricate mechanism, to a variety of chronographs with classic and contemporary twists.


Hublot Magic Gold – 2011

Hublot's continuous investment in research and development has contributed to the brand's success, with Matthias Buttet at the head of the R&D division. Hublot has managed to produce skillful material combinations, such as gold and platinum. These vanguard watches can be made from titanium and zirconium, and high-tech alloys that have been developed within the company.

When they joined forces with the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology, they developed what is now known as "Magic Gold" and introduced it to the public in 2011. Hublot's Magic Gold is a pure gold and boron carbide fusion (also used in tank armor), producing a tough ceramic. Other alloys developed in-house include "Hublonium," which is composed mainly of magnesium and aluminum.


Hublot – Beloved by Stars and Athletes

A major investor in marketing, Hublot became the Official Watch of FIFA in 2010. It was also the official Timekeeper in the following two World Cups.

It is the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1, partnering with Ferrari in 2012. Hublot releases two Ferrari special series each year and is ever-present at all international Ferrari events. The Hublot Ferrari is undeniably one of the most famous watches of the brand due to the successful partnership with this luxury car company.

Some of our time's greatest athletes have served as brand ambassadors, such as Usain Bolt, Pelé, Diego Armando Maradona, and the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Celebrities loyal to the Hublot brand include members from the Royal Family and world-class performers, such as Lionel Richie and Jay-Z, who collaborated with Hublot and created the Classic Fusion Shawn Carter timepiece.

The Hublot brand is also associated with wonderful charities. An excellent example is the Hublot watch campaign with the legendary band Depeche Mode, who joined forces for clean drinking water.


Why buy a Hublot preowned watch?

Hublot is a Swiss company that produces high-end luxury watches of the highest quality and production standards, with a magnificent array of materials. The Hublot brand has extreme awareness of client's expectations when it comes to exclusive and luxurious watches.

Hublot preowned watches include a mix of unconventional designs, made with absolute precision and quality.

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