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Pre-Owned Bell and Ross Watches

Story of Bell & Ross

He gifted himself a stunning Bell & Ross watch as a reward for his company's outstanding success. I'm talking about Carlos A. Rosillo, the owner of Bell & Ross, who started this company with his friend Bruno Bellamiss with an investment of only USD 2,000 in 1992.

At just ten years old, he became obsessed with watches, and his passion gradually grew. During that period, he became friends with Bruno Bellamiss, a die-hard timepiece enthusiast.

Together they went to college and assembled their first watch as an academic project. The occasion ultimately proved to be the foundation of the Bell & Ross. They decided to produce well designed, durable, and functionally accurate timepieces.

They hired experienced engineers to ensure their product's durability. Focused on quality and design, they ultimately started producing watches inspired by aviation history. Bell & Ross introduced watches with visually clear pointers and functions, a bold step of targeting only aviation and military personnel.


History of Bell & Ross

Headquartered in Paris, France, the company was founded on four fundamental principles high precision, functionality, visibility, and reliability.

Combining beauty and simplicity, they designed the company logo like a wristwatch and began a never-ending demonstration of creativity.

The company appointed expert watch designers and aeronautical control specialists to the core team. Under Carlos A. Rosillo, CEO, and Bruno Bellamiss, director of creative design, Bell & Ross started producing durable watches designed for extreme conditions. And you will be surprised to know, only two years later, astronauts going into space had Bell & Ross watches on their wrists.

The four basic principles of the company proved to be the need of every individual. The watches designed for specialists got popularity among general consumers, which led to the company's success. Receiving a tremendous public response, the company consistently produced new models, and this journey of success continues.

Astronauts, pilots, bomb disposal squads, divers, military personnel, police officers, office workers, and most importantly, the watch enthusiasts joined the caravan and took the company to the heights of success.


Quality of Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross always exceed Swiss standards of manufacturing. The slogan, "the essential is never compromised by the superfluous," tells the complete story about the brand.

The brand never compromises upon the design or durability factor of their products. Precision, functionality, visibility, and reliability are the words most used to describe the brand by their clients.

Bell & Ross prioritize the best user experience. To exceed user expectations, the brand has brought together experts, including designers, engineers, and experienced watchmakers. After production, a team of specialists analyzes different factors of the product to ensure consistent product quality. Bell & Ross earned a reputation for functionality and legibility due to a strict quality assurance system.


The Reputation of Bell & Ross Brand

For the last 28 years, Bell & Ross has never disappointed their clients and always provided good value for the money. The brand has successfully distinguished themselves from their competitors and maintained their reputation around their core values.

Today, Bell & Ross is the official contractor of the French air force, the Space Lab Mission, and many other professional organizations. In a short period, Bell & Ross produced a wide variety of quality watches to meet different industries' needs.

Vintage, Instrument, and Experimental are the main product categories of the brand. Every product category has various models produced to meet industry-specific needs. By purchasing a Bell & Ross watch, you attain quality as well as the company's reputation. It will serve a lifetime of pleasure and reliability.

Extraordinarily comfortable and trend-oriented are two features you will notice after wearing a Bell & Ross watch. In short, Bell & Ross watches offer a beautiful blend of science and art.


Why Used Bell & Ross Watches

Value, variety, and convenience are the three main reasons you should prefer pre-owned Bell & Ross watches over new ones.

Buying a Bell & Ross pre-owned watch will help you escape value depreciation. Unlike cars and other luxury items, watches immediately depreciate. In some cases, the value depreciation of new devices is more than 50%. Meaning, if you buy a luxury watch and walk out of the store, it will lose more than half of its value. Additionally, investment in Bell & Ross watches is ideal due to their longer life span.

Most of the brands only offer their recent models at their stores. But opting to buy a used one, you will have a wide variety of previous models to choose from. Besides, Bell & Ross discourages mass production, so their watches hold value. Limited production is the main factor that the market demand for this specific brand keeps growing.


Where to Buy Pre-Owned Bell & Ross Watches

To ensure a better purchasing experience while exploring pre-owned Bell & Ross watches for sale, you need an experienced person to provide proper advice, knowledge about your desired watch, and a reliable retailer to provide the best possible product.

Most of the retailers only work online and often turn your hopes upside down. These online stores cannot be reached in such circumstances. Considering these factors can ensure your safety and let you enjoy the best investment experience.


How Exquisite Timepieces Can Help

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