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With its creative inspiration rooted deeply in aviation and space travel, Bell and Ross synchronize design elements from cockpit control panels and traditional watchmaking to create some of the most eye-catching and unique timepieces on the market. By sticking to four basic principles of legibility, functionality, reliability, and precision, Bell and Ross has taken the world of horology by storm with their now famous square and chunky case shapes, and ultra-legible aviation-inspired dials.
Pre owned Bell & Ross watches are popular due to the immense value to be had for the price, and oftentimes, pre owned Bell & Ross mens watches sell for nearly half off retail in the secondary market. This allows one to own one of these future classic watches for much less and still in great working order. The BR 01, BR 03, and BR 05, with their distinctive square cases, are the models synonymous with the brand and pull the most demand in the used market. Naturally, collectors gravitate towards these models as they encapsulate the mission of the brand in the most pronounced manner, and there are very few similar designs on the market today to rival them.

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Bell and Ross Watches

The secondary market is a valuable resource for watch collectors, as it allows one to enjoy timepieces from various brands without committing to the price tag of a new one. Bell and Ross is a prime example of a brand that is available for much less than retail price on the used market, and collectors can enjoy nearly half off most models.
Because the brand does not hold value well, enthusiasts can take advantage of lower prices and own a piece of horological history for much less than if they went to a dealer and bought it new. Bell and Ross is famous for high quality, and timepieces from the brand do not simply deteriorate over time; they are heirlooms built to be passed on for generations. Used Bell and Ross watches are capable of performing just as well as when they left the factory due to the level of craftsmanship that went into its conception.
The brand prides itself on quality, and that level of quality has been designed to last for decades; those interested in a used Bell and Ross can rest assured that their timepiece will continue to serve them for years to come.

Best Place to Buy Used Bell and Ross Watches

For decades, Exquisite Timepieces has been a proud authorized dealer of dozens of brands. Naturally, we are a preferred used Bell and Ross dealer, and our skilled team of professionals would be happy to guide you to the timepiece you desire. When buying a used watch, the quality of the seller is just as important as the watch itself.
Any time one purchases a timepiece that has been owned previously, it is good practice to have a watchmaker determine its flaws and potential barriers to its longevity. Exquisite Timepieces simply does not sell sub-par watches, and any pre-owned timepiece we display on our website or in our store has been rigorously tested for quality and authenticity. When one decides to buy a used Bell & Ross watch, the occasion should be exciting and memorable, not one that brings anxiety and uncertainty.
Exquisite Timepieces removes the stress involved with buying used, and collectors prefer the services we offer due to our continued dedication to customer satisfaction and overall excellence. Some other places to purchase used Bell and Ross watches include online forums and marketplaces. However, with any second hand Bell & Ross watch, it is important to purchase from a reputable seller to avoid any heartbreaks regarding authenticity, condition, or false advertisement. Buyers should always go to a trusted dealer when possible and use caution when buying online.

How Much is a Used Bell and Ross Worth?

Used Bell and Ross men's watches sell for an average of around $2,500 on the secondary market, with a range of timepieces starting at $1,000 up to over $6,000. A few of the common factors that drive price in the secondary market include rarity, complications, bracelet or strap options, and material choice. Watches that are harder to find are naturally going to command a higher price due to their collectability.
More complicated timepieces watches made with more luxurious materials, and watches on bracelets also sell for more on the used market. Bell and Ross' now famous square-cased watches are the most popular watches on the secondary market, and this is for good reason, as this blocky, aviation-inspired design has become synonymous with the brand. Timepieces such as the BR 01, BR 03, and BR 05 are the most commonly traded secondhand, and different iterations of these models make up much of the used market.

Bell and Ross Pre-Owned Prices and Values

When searching for a used Bell & Ross for sale, enthusiasts will be pleased to see that secondary market prices are significantly below retail. Over the past 180 days, the market index for used mens Bell & Ross watches has fallen by 1.6%, and watches from the brand typically sell for between $1,500 and $6,000 depending on model, materials, complications, and availability. The market index for a brand explains how the brand's watches are performing in the secondary market compared to their retail prices. Brands with higher market indices generally produce fewer watches and have more demand overall.
A brand like Bell & Ross, which has a lower market index, produces more watches, and the demand for new timepieces has been sufficiently met by the company, leading to lower used prices. Market index is not a measure of brand prestige in the slightest, in fact, most brands do not hold resale value.
Brands that hold value in the used market are generally more sought after due to lower supply, and hype surrounding particular models. This does not mean these brands produce higher quality timepieces, they are simply more lucrative investments, and to most enthusiasts, watches are not meant to gain value but are meant to be enjoyed and worn for generations.

Model Market Price (Approx.) Retail Price
Bell & Ross BR 05 Stainless Steel ref. BR05A-BLU-ST/SST $3,000 $5,100
Bell & Ross BR0392 Phantom Ceramic $2,200 $4,200
Bell & Ross BR0392 Diver Stainless Steel $2,200 $3,800
Bell & Ross BR0394-RS17 $3,800 $6,100
Bell & Ross BR02 92 Rose Gold and Carbon $3,700 $10,800
Bell & Ross BR 123 Original Black $1,200 $2,500
Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Steel $1,900 $3,600
Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Heritage Chronograph $2,000 $4,100
Bell & Ross BR 03 92 Commando Ceramic $2,100 $3,700
Bell & Ross BR 03 94 Steel Chronograph $800 $4,900

Does Bell and Ross Hold Resale Value?

Bell & Ross is not a brand that holds resale value, and most of their watches depreciate by 40% or more below retail. The main reason is that these watches are produced in quantities that fulfill their demand in the market. Unlike some brands that produce very few watches or have long queues of customers waiting to purchase, Bell & Ross timepieces can be found relatively easily at authorized dealers.
This does not mean that Bell & Ross is an inferior brand in the slightest, in fact, most brands do not hold resale value either. Wristwatches were designed to be worn and enjoyed, and their use as an investment is not a particular focal point for watchmakers in general when considering business operations.
Bell & Ross is focused on the constant mechanical improvement of their timekeeping devices, not what they sell for second-hand. This is good news for collectors, as one can enter the Bell & Ross market for significantly less than they normally would if they decided to buy new.

About Bell & Ross

Founded in 1992 by two friends Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo, Bell & Ross sought to challenge the watch industry with striking aviation-inspired timepieces. Best known for their blocky and square-cased watches, Bell & Ross as a brand is constantly challenging the world's perception of how a tool watch can look. No other watchmaker has taken gauge clusters from the cockpit of an aircraft and synchronized such utilitarian design into a timepiece that is both sporty and surprisingly elegant.
Each watch is crafted with the user in mind, and are meant to be lifelong companions ready to serve their owners through thick and thin. Whether it be through a complicated, tool-oriented chronograph or a simple three-hand sports watch, Bell & Ross' unique design language always shines through. Not only do Bell & Ross watches possess some of the most unique design elements in the market, but they perform to professional standards and are crafted as tools meant to assist those who rely on a durable and reliable timekeeping device in their endeavors.
The company constantly strives to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, durability, and practicality, and their motto of functionality over form shines through with every timepiece that leaves the factory.
Produced at their state-of-the-art Swiss headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, each timepiece is expertly finished to levels of craftsmanship seen on watches much more expensive. It is no coincidence that the brand has taken the watch world by storm, and the ability of Bell & Ross to innovate and challenge design norms that have existed for decades has not gone unnoticed by collectors and enthusiasts.

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