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Pre-Owned Blancpain Watches

Founded in 1735 in Villeret, Switzerland, Blancpain is the oldest watchmaking brand, defining its philosophy and operation. Blancpain has maintained the traditional mechanical movements in its timepieces, with no digital components to date.

Blancpain believes in scarcity bringing value, the reason why they focus on quality to produce only 30 watches every day, making this brand so unique and luxurious to own.

It’s for this reason that Exquisite Timepieces understands that offering used Blancpain watches could help you own one of the rare pieces. We provide different pre-owned Blancpain watches to allow you to find the luxury and the uniqueness you want.


About Blancpain

The founder of Blancpain, Jehan-Jacques, was indeed a busy man. Having worked as a school teacher and practiced animal husbandry, he decided to turn his farmhouse's upper floor into a watchmaking workshop.

The family-owned company survived several challenges, including the Napoleonic wars and stiff competition from Quartz that produced very cheap watches at the time, leaving just three (including Blancpain) out of 20 brands to survive the crisis.

In 1932, following the death of the last Blancpain, Frédéric-Emile, the brand's family ownership came to an end after being passed down to the descendants for over 200  years. Betty Fiechter became the first woman CEO and led the watchmaking company along with her nephew Jean-Jacques Fiechter; they worked together until her retirement 20 years later.

In 1961, Blancpain became part of the Societe Suisse pour I’Indusrie Horlogere (SSIH) togeter with OMEGA, Tissot, and Lemania.

In 1982, Jacques Piguet bought Blancpain and made it part of Fredric Piuget’s watchmaking movements. He later hired Jean Claude Biver as the vice-chair of Blancpain. The two, Fredric Piguet and Blancpain, became under joint ownership until 2010 when they officially merged.

In 1992, Blancpain and Fredric Piguet were sold and became a subsidiary to the Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries (SMH), now the Swatch Group. Ten years later, Marc A. Hayek became the CEO of Blancpain, leading to Fredric Piguet’s absorption within Blancpain in 2010.


The First Fifty Fathoms

The first Fifty Fathoms was the first modern divers watch to be introduced in 1953 and made available to the general public. Therefore, it is the oldest compared to other high-end luxury dive watches like Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster.

The first Fifty Fathoms used rubber to make it water-resistant rather than the previous shellac and lead seals used in other models. This new addition required some extra innovation since the rubber was good but fond of slipping away. Jean Jacques Fiechter, the nephew to the first female CEO, Emily Fiechter, designed a new case to accommodate the rubber rings. The rings fitted in a channel in the design and then were pressed down by a metal plate, creating a tight seal.


What Sets Apart Blancpain Watches

Whether you want to purchase new or pre-owned Blancpain watches, they both have something unique. Blancpain’s rich history speaks for itself as a brand that has survived a test of time. At the mention of Blancpain, what comes to mind is tradition, innovation, and its Fifty Fathoms model. But Blancpain is much more than these things. Along with the exciting history behind the brand, Blancpain pre-owned watches will give you more for your original investment. This brand is rated above many luxury timepieces and is among the leading names in the industry.

Another thing that sets Blancpain apart is its ability to blend and combine the traditional watchmaking techniques and innovative solutions to produce elegant watches. This combination will never go out of fashion and is ideal for those looking for long-lasting and fashionable, classic design.


Why Purchase a Pre-Owned Blancpain Watch?

Exquisite Timepieces offers you several options for Blancpain pre-owned watches.

Blancpain watches are limited in production, producing up to 22,000 pieces every year. Another model, the Blancpain 1735, which features a tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and a split Chrono, has a limited edition of 30 timepieces only, with just one production every year.

This limited production makes finding new Blancpain watches difficult. The best option is to purchase a pre-owned Blancpain watch that has similar top quality and mechanical features. Exquisite Timepieces is committed to finding the best quality pre-owned Blancpain watches for sale and make them available for you in our store.

We only offer authentic and legitimate used Blancpain watches so that you can feel confident about what you are buying: an original watch in perfect condition and properly working as designed.

If you want to purchase a unique timepiece, you can be confident when investing in Blancpain pre-owned watches. They are not just rare, but their movements and components are different from those of other brands. Blancpain only uses traditional components without including any digital comport when manufacturing its watches. Blancpain has maintained its tradition by producing complicated mechanical watches for a very long time, something that brought it into the light and gave it a name among high-end luxury watches.

Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to get pre-owned Blancpain watches that are authentic and in excellent condition. Besides, you only need to invest a small amount of money to make a purchase, compared to buying a new watch.

Find different pre-owned Blancpain watches from our shop and let us deliver them to you. The Blancpain pre-owned watches have lower prices, ranging from as low as $7,750.

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