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Pre-Owned Bovet Watches

The story behind the brand Bovet is one that has endured the last centuries. If you're a keen admirer of Bovet, you will love to get your hands on any pre-owned Bovet timepiece. A collector's dream, a Bovet watch is a high-end timepiece with a lasting appeal, a quality few watchmakers can assert.


A Dynasty is Born

When people ask me, "Why should I buy a used Bovet?" I always try to provide them with its history, which spans from 1822 to the present day.

Swiss watchmaker Edouard Bovet embarked in 1818 to Canton, where he made a fortune just by selling four of his watches. After this fine accomplishment, he formed a partnership with his brothers, Alphonse and Frederic, in 1822.

The watches were such a tremendous success, Bovet conquered the market by selling them to high society members, even to the Emperor himself. Even to this day, Bovet is synonymous with high-end watches in the Chinese language.

The secret to their success was the exceptional timepieces with technical and aesthetic features never before seen on that side of the world. By that time, Bovet was now famous for creating the transparent case-back. This transparency revealed the expertise in its craftsmanship.

By 1849 their workshop, located in Fleurier, was dedicated to the production of pocket watches, mainly for the Chinese market. Years later, Bovet would win the gold medal in the "luxury" category at the first universal exhibition in Paris of 185 for a pair of enameled timepieces commissioned by none other than the Emperor of China. 

China had some specific tastes in watches. They had a high demand for Swiss and English watches, and in time, these producers developed what was known as the "China Watch." These were highly elaborate, decorated with enamel paintings of Western and Chinese motifs. Chinese customers preferred movements that were highly engraved and decorated. The cases also had to be as richly decorated as possible.


The Rebirth of the Bovet Brand

In the beginning, Bovet's reputation came for its pocket watches targeted to the Chinese market in the 19th century. Today, Bovet is known for its artistic watches, but collectors worldwide appreciate its uniqueness, its dials (Fleurier Miniature Painting), engraving, and a seven-day tourbillon.

Another feature that makes Bovet watches unique is that they were pioneers in the industry that introduced skeletonized watches, which showed off their decorated movements.

In 2001, Pascal Raffy became the sole owner and managing director of Bouvet. And ever since, he has integrated the history and vision of a horological pioneer into a contemporary timepiece. Raffy, who was introduced to the world of Haute Horology by his grandfather, an avid watch collector, has been responsible for the brand's rebirth.

A passionate watch collector himself, when Raffy heard in 2000 that Bovet was looking for a new investor, he didn't hesitate to jump in. His goal was to continue with the exquisite watchmaking tradition and not on building a huge brand.

The company produces its own hairsprings and dials in addition to having the movement design and production in-house. Bovet has an investment in other companies that are their suppliers, which means that not many parts are outsourced.

Under new leadership, Bovet continues its tradition of manufacturing unique and exclusive pieces and a legendary brand's rebirth.


Timepieces for Collectors

With a mindset that collectors don't want what everybody has, Raffy decided that his watches would be expensive but worthy of their cost. He spent the first two years listening to all the experts' advice, but he chose to do things his way.

Raffy's private collection includes pocket watches that have been a witness to centuries of history. These artistic timepieces manufactured over 200 years ago started the relationship between the Bovet family and the Qing Empire. They continue to be an object of desire and interest.

Raffy has devoted his efforts to gain a cult following for the Bovet brand. His exclusivity promise by keeping production down has raised the collectors' interest in the limited edition collections. Bovet produces approximately 1,800 watches a year.

All of Bovet timepieces are hand-crafted according to the highest standards. One of its iconic features is the signature "bow" atop the crown, a feature that first attracted Raffy to the Bovet brand. The Amadeo case, which converts the wristwatch into a pocket watch or table clock, is also popular among connoisseurs.

Collectors highly covet used Bovet watches, and they can be found only at the most exclusive and prestigious dealers. Exquisite Timepieces features an impressive collection of pre-owned Bovet watches that present classic watchmaking at its finest. One of the most famous and important collaborations has been the Bovet Pininfarina collection, a partnership formed in 2007.

Pascal Raffy and Paolo Pininfarina combined forces and created the now legendary Bovet by Pininfarina watch collection. These two brands shared the same values and complemented each other. They came to redefine luxury with their unique talents and meticulous attention to every single detail.

At the Exquisite Timepieces website, you can find a pre-owned Bovet Pininfarina Sergio starting at $16,000. What makes this particular timepiece is the Split Seconds Chronograph. Pininfarina is most famous for its work with such brands as Lancia, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and who can forget Ferrari.

The Bovet preowned 19Thirty Fleurier is one of the simpler models among the pre-owned Bovet watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces. And when we say simple, we mean that this model in steel launched in 2015 has a relatively simple dial and specific functions among the universe of highly-refined and ornamented. This model's price starts at $13,000.

Other pieces you can find at Exquisite Timepieces include the Amadeo convertible case. This patented construction system enables the watch to be used as a wristwatch, pocket watch, or small table clock. A pre-owned Bovet Amadeo Fleurier costs approximately $39,000.

Today, Exquisite Timepieces offers Bovet watches for sale that are unmistakably inspired by the brand's pocket-watch history. Visit the Exquisite Timepieces website to browse the remarkable collection and find the best Bovet watch price.

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