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Pre-Owned Bremont Watches

A British chronometer rated watch, inspired by a passion for flying historic aircraft, these timepieces appeal to those that appreciate a beautiful mechanical wristwatch. Bremont was established in 2002 by the brothers Nick and Giles English, who, after losing their father in a flying accident, decided to pursue a passion for crafting beautifully engineered timepieces.

All Bremont watches are exact, unfailing, and durable as they are hand-built in limited numbers. The company's mission is to produce watches that will bring its total customer satisfaction and offer a three-year warranty on every piece.

Great Britain has an undeniable history of remarkable watchmaking, and Bremont is determined to continue this legacy with these impressively crafted pilot's watches that can endure the test of time.


A Brief History of Bremont

After their father's death, Nick and Giles didn't consider wasting life flying, so they decided to craft exquisitely engineered mechanical devices. Bremont has won multiple awards for providing quality, precise, and astonishing automatic device usage in their watches. Bremont watches are convincing everywhere, whether it's your bedroom or physical world.

Bremont launches its Ionbird design when it becomes a timing partner of Rolls Royce, the world's fastest electric plane. Fantastic technology and anti-reflective layers make the Bremont watches more effective, scratch-resistant, and more rigid than the competitors.


The Bremont Name

Nick and Giles have a story that dates back to the late nineties, which gave origin to the Bremont name. As they flew across the French countryside in their 1930 biplane, they had to make an emergency landing. They were in dire need of help, and to avoid the French authorities, they encountered a farmer close to their landing site.

The farmer gave the brothers shelter and hid their aircraft in his barn. As it turned out, their host had flown an aircraft during the war and was an engineer. He was a collector of clocks and had half restored devices all over his house. The farmer honored the memory of his father by wearing a watch that had belonged to him.

The brothers never forgot the help and hospitality they received from this farmer, Antoine Bremont.


British Innovation in Watch Making

Perhaps you did not know that Great Britain has played a pivotal role in watchmaking. Thomas Tompion (1639-1713) was called the "Father of English Clock-Making," and Thomas Mudge (1715-1794) invented the lever escapement, which is still used in most watches. Many more illustrious names have contributed to this industry, including John Arnold and George Daniels. Their headquarters are located in Thames, England.

Bremont watches are produced in their entirety in England, including their luxurious and unique leather packaging. A Bremont watch case is harder and seven times more scratch-resistant than the opponents.


What Makes a Bremont Timepiece Special

Every Bremont watch is chronometer tested and subjected to a stringent quality control program. Every Bremont piece has a performance certificate, detailing all the tests that certify that the watch can carry a chronometer designation established by ISO 3159 standards. Bremont's craftsmanship is of the highest level and is often described as one of the finest watches in its price range.


Bremont Pilot Watches

In 1995, Nick and Giles English, founders of Bremont, lost their father in an accident that forever marked their lives. Nick and his father Euan were flying a 1942 WWII Harvard Aircraft. When it crashed, their father was killed, and Nick was critically injured.

Nick and Giles were up in the air, six months after this life-changing tragedy. At this point, they decided to pursue what mattered most to them, their passion for flying and beautifully engineered mechanical timepieces. This was the inspiration for Bremont.

Their father had a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering and taught Nick and Giles to construct and restore all types of devices. They helped him build an aircraft that is still fully functional to this day. Euan was also a collector of mechanical timepieces and would often bring pieces from auctions. They spent many a day restoring and bringing back to life all these exquisite timepieces. This passion for craftsmanship can be seen on the classic curve of any Bremont watch.

Their most iconic pieces from the Bremont collection are their pilot's watches. Throughout aviation history, a pilot's wristwatch was a vital part of their navigation equipment. Through the years, they have evolved with technology and remain at the core of Bremont's collection.

The English brothers honor the memory of their father, who served in the Royal Air Force. This is also why the brand has collaborated with the military by providing their unique and exclusive chronometers that serve specific needs to their forces stationed worldwide. This partnership has allowed the Bremont brand to continue working close to their core values.


Why buy a Pre-owned Bremont Watch?

Bremont watches are limited editions, which makes them both rare and exclusive. If you are looking for that special and unique timepiece, we are sure you will find the Bremont brand to be that and more.

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