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Pre-owned Bulgari Watches

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Pre-Owned Bulgari Watches

Bulgari started its journey in 1884 with high-end jewelry and watches. It has consistently been a top choice for people who like to wear accessories with a combination of history, innovation, and boldness.


A Brand That Runs in The Family’s Blood

After the founder’s death, his two sons took over the business and set out to maintain Bulgari's reputation as a luxury brand. The family takes great pride in the fact that the business has remained in the family; today, the founder’s great grandson now looks after the company his family built.

Bulgari has long had a dedicated celebrity following, including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly. Used Bulgari, including some of the same styles worn by celebrities, in factory conditions are available at Exquisite Timepieces. Each Bulgari release is a depiction of what Bulgari represents. The brand produces bags, jewelry, watches, and fragrances. The quality speaks for itself as even Preowned Bulgari watches are sought after by collectors. Exquisite Timepieces acquires Used Bulgari watches in premium condition for you to add to your collection.


 The Beginning - Semiprecious Stones Were Added to Watches

Until the late 1920s, the brand earned its name in the industry by selling silver pieces influenced by Byzantine design. The brand quickly evolved into crafting jewels into their timepieces, combining the Italian school of design with Swiss watchmaking techniques. This marked the beginning of the existence of Bulgari watches that were evocative of the contemporary Art Deco trend.


Bulgari Bulgari– Creating a Brand Name in watchmaking

In the 1940s, Bulgari released uniquely crafted wristwatches for women that were a representation of jewelry-making traditions from the old Roman and Hellenistic time periods. The brand began to receive recognition from superstars around the world, enabling its expansion throughout Europe and the US. In particular, the Bulgari Bulgari collection became quite famous.

Before the Bulgari Bulgari release, the brand produced 100 limited edition pieces of a watch named Bulgari Roma, a gold digital wristwatch, and presented it as a Christmas gift to the brand’s most loyal clients. Incredibly, you can buy these Bulgari watches preowned. After the release of the Roma, the Bulgari Bulgari watch took the brand to new heights. This watch has a perfectly cylindrical case with no frills and fuss. With their success, the watchmaking department of the brand opened their very own watchmaking business unit known as Bulgari Time in Switzerland. The year 1982 saw the beginning of Bulgari Time production, located in Neuchatel, Switzerland.


A Special Place in The Haute Horology

Bulgari Bulgari was an incredibly brilliant release from Bulgari that defined how well one can engrave the name of a product around the bezel while taking inspiration from classical antiquity. Bulgari watches are a good investment for collectors and a source of joy. This brand's watch collection has progressed into a massive selection with exclusive products for both men and women. You can find many of these preowned Bulgari watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces.


Other Bulgari collections include:

The Bulgari Octo collection, which offers all the watches in octagonal design.

The Bulgari Serpenti Collection, made from 18kt gold and offering changeable bracelets. The movement used in this collection of watches is usually 27mm quartz, and all timepieces are at least 50m water-resistant.

Showcasing how Bulgari integrates aesthetics and functionality, the Divas’ Dream collection is one to look out for. These watches usually come with automatic winding calibers.

You can find several preowned Bulgari watches from the above collections, mastered and obtained in their most refined form.


Record-Breaking Brand Writes Its Destiny

 Bulgari filled the record books with a remarkable achievement in 2014- they produced the world’s thinnest tourbillon, the Octo Finissimo. In 2016, the thinnest minute repeater, at a mere 1.95mm, was released and left everyone spellbound. The brand that initially not known for its watchmaking is now a competitor to the top 10 Swiss brands. Bulgari aims to be in the top five, and not long ago, many would have stated that it was just a dream. However, watch enthusiasts now wonder what will come next from the Italian Swiss watchmaker.

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