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About Daniel Roth Watches

For many years, watchmaker Daniel Roth has created some of the most outstanding and authentic timepieces the world has ever seen. The brand has received immense global recognition from collectors and connoisseurs of complications. The style, shape, fine details, and general aesthetic of these timepieces define this brand's luxury and inventive nature.
Daniel Roth’s uniqueness sets it apart from competitors. That explains why new and used Daniel Roth watches have attracted athletes, celebrities, and watch enthusiasts who value innovative watches with distinctive luxury designs.

History of Daniel Roth Watches

The Daniel Roth watch company was founded in 1989, and soon after its establishment the watchmaker began to receive recognition for its original works of art. Led by passionate and talented craftsmen, Daniel Roth then launched the twin-face Tourbillon, which made the brand quite famous. Since then, Daniel Roth watches have maintained a stellar reputation.

However, by 1994 Daniel Roth was on the verge of collapse following economic hardships. Thankfully, a timely investment by the Tay Family from Singapore saved the company. Unfortunately, the Tay Family was soon met with impecunious circumstances that caused them to sell the Daniel Roth Company. The Hour Glass, a luxury watch retail company, then acquired Daniel Roth in 1995. After the completion of the sale, founder Daniel Roth relinquished his shares.

Fast forward to 2000 and the Daniel Roth Company joined with Bulgari, an international watch group that focuses on luxury timepieces. That was the beginning of a new era for the brand. Bulgari involves multiple companies and focuses on producing exceptional products. Daniel Roth watches continue to show prowess in quality and technical capabilities.

The watches are crafted at Le Sentier, where an experienced and skilled production team designs the meticulous features of these highly coveted Daniel Roth watches. Only around 1,500 Daniel Roth watches are produced annually, making pre-owned models highly sought after.

Daniel Roth Watches for Sale at Exquisite Timpieces

Quality Design and Production: Daniel Roth is revered in the watchmaking field. As a young watchmaker, founder Daniel Roth acquired a wealth of experience at Audemars Piguet. By the time he created his own company, Roth had found his niche in the watchmaking field. The company has since invested in highly competent designers and engineers to develop perfect movement, among other features, in-house. The production of these timepieces is coupled with high-end modern machinery to perfect the process.

All Daniel Roth watches are constructed using the finest materials. The precious high-end steel metal and unique alloys play a key role in the construction process. They come with sizable and well finished Daniel Roth watch cases, 18 karat gold dials, and fashionable hands that indicate hours, minutes, and seconds.

Quality Movements: Daniel Roth watches have complex movements and complications to power the timepieces and ensure accuracy. The first twin-faced Tourbillon launched in 1989 had a caliber 187 movement. With advancements in technology and changes in customer demands, the movement changed over the years. Caliber 147, then self-winding caliber 167, 189, and 317 were later launched. In 2002, an 8-day power reserve Tourbillon was launched and incorporated into Daniel Roth watches.

Daniel Roth has won awards for these advancements in watchmaking, including a 2009 Watch of the Year award. Most Daniel Roth watches have Tourbillon movements that are operated manually using the two-minute Tourbillon (meaning after every two minutes, the two-minute Tourbillon spins once). Perfect Reputation: Daniel Roth watches are designed to invoke the interest of serious connoisseurs. The level of refinement and polishing is marvelous. Winding and holding a Daniel Roth watch is an absolute pleasure, and watch enthusiasts know that.

Why Should You Own Pre-owned Daniel Roth Watches?

On our website you will find several pre-owned Daniel Roth watches for sale. Daniel Roth watch prices vary based on the edition you choose. Because it is possible to find some pre-owned Daniel Roth watches for sale at very friendly prices, they are a wise investment for someone looking to start or contribute to a collection. For instance, the 38mm silver DANIEL ROTH METROPOLITAN sells at around $6,500. Watch brands such as Daniel Roth have a great return on investment in the long-term. The timeless appeal and features keep their demand high. In addition, the maker of these premium watches has taken years to perfect the watchmaking craft. As a keen observer, you will notice the excruciatingly detailed craftsmanship. This timepiece is capable of functioning an entire lifetime.

Need a used Daniel Roth timepiece to add to your rich historical collection, dress up for your upcoming occasion, reward a loved one, or pass down to your children? Look no further- EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES is your certified home to buy pre-owned Daniel Roth watches.

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