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Pre-Owned DeWitt Watches

A lot can be said about DeWitt, but one thing is for sure, this brand was founded by a man who prioritized mastery in his fine watchmaking. Jerome DeWitt founded the company in 2003, and over the years, the company evolved into a spirit of innovation and authenticity. Count Jérôme de Witt is a believer of classic historical heritage, instilled into him by his ancestors, the European kings, and emperors. Since 2002, Jerome gathered some of the passionate experts of that time, and as a result, made his dream come true. Watch enthusiasts worldwide look in awe at the brilliance of DeWitt watches, and getting hold of a pre-owned DeWitt watch is the goal of many enthusiasts.

In 2005, DeWitt released the Tourbillon Differential and registered its patent. It provided the winding a spherical differential system to perform. The differential was a winner at Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève of a prize in the Innovation Category. The company has recruited excellent craftsmen and built a state of the art manufacturing facility, developing both its movement and dial in-house. DeWitt is headquartered in Geneva, and it is the same place where more than 60 hardworking employees work in harmony to create the most exciting, brilliant, and innovative timepieces.


A Brand For the Privileged

DeWitt watches are arguably the most innovative, perfect, and ultimate luxury. However, even acquiring a used DeWitt puts you right there in the list of people who seek the last word in perfection. This impressive brand has a class of its own and does shy away from bringing luxury at a competitive price. The aim always has been to have everything under one roof, and the brand is an epitome of manufacture. The avant-garde of timepieces in the 21st century is the famous brand among the elite.

Mr. DeWitt claims to have freedom as the guiding light of the entire process and his manufacture's raison d'être. The freedom to make decisions of their own at any point always gives the company a running edge to make changes if necessary. Imagine having a cycle chain, and out of context material, crafted into a movement to constantly create the famous force. With the help of the latest tech and ultra-modern machinery at their disposal, DeWitt dives deep into the world of micromechanical solutions to develop exclusive timepieces.

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Short History of Dewitt

Shortly after its birth in 2005, the brand registered its patent for a prominently faster winding connected to the power reserve to enable pinpoint accuracy. This was called the differential tourbillon, which unleashed itself into the world as the beginning of the brand's extraordinary journey. In 2008, Dewitt invented conceptual timepieces named Concept watch, the WX-1 with gears to extend power reservation to 21 days. In 2010, Dewitt incorporated pendulum movement like Automatic Sequential Winding (AWS) in the watches. This growing brand added hands of hours and minutes on the dial showcasing chronographs. Over four years, handmade auto movement Concept Watch No 4 Academia Mathematical was added in 2011 and 2015, respectively. 2017 saw the release of premium products innovated with supreme dials, extravagant structure, and calculated mechanisms with a new addition of Academia Skeleton.

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Why Purchase DeWitt

The answer lies in the unconventional watchmaking brand identity and what it believes in. So when they say 'It is what's in our DNA,' you have to believe it. The instinct of unrivaled and bold watchmaking comes from within, says the owner himself. As an authentic work of art, Dewitt comes from immense patience, skill, and knowledge, all put to work to transform the passage of time into a form that enthusiasts can appreciate.

The brand has policies to tolerate no imperfections that may occur at any point during the manufacture. One of the company's fundamentals is a quest for absolute perfection, and when you go for it, you achieve it. The company focuses on bringing high-end finishing, attention to detail, and technical sophistication while respecting the traditional Swiss watchmaking skills.  The company scrutinizes each point in the process, achieving what we know as Dewitt watches. The brand is successful because of the excellence of character and innovation brought into each timepiece to shine the brightest amongst the watchmaking jewels. Each Used Dewitt timepiece denotes the care devoted, the technical efforts expended, modern and traditional values blended to craft a wonderful timepiece.

Moreover, using hand engraving on timepieces is an art performed on 18th and 19th century rose engines, known as guilloché-work. An etching technique, Guilloche, is applied mechanically to engrave little but rhythmic patterns with every minute detail onto the material laid under it. In the quest to keep its traditional values alive, Dewitt follows this style's principle to create sophisticated calibers and timepieces.


A Sublime Addition To Your Collection

The company aims to master technology and manufacture movements for the generations to come. With creativity, DeWitt's vision is to introduce timepieces that depict the concept and history that the brand represents. The company already has around five patents, not bad for a 20-year-old company. DeWitt already has a whole world of admirers. If you have a chance to add a used DeWitt to your collection, you should go for it. 

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