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Ernst Benz Chronoscope PVD GC10176N

Ernst Benz Chronoscope PVD GC10176N





Pre-Owned Ernst Benz Watches

Ernst Benz is a prestigious Swiss brand name and a legend in the watchmaking industry. With most watch enthusiasts willing to spend any amount of money on quality, stylish, and fine timepieces, Ernst Benz knows what luxury watch lovers want and continues to draw luxury attention worldwide.

Energized by the Swiss tradition, passionate in-house production experts, and the famous slogan "Precision instruments for timekeeping," Ernst Benz has demonstrated craftsmanship that values accuracy, durability, and legibility. Ernst Benz watches surpass the metrics and features that most watches embrace. If you've been following Ernst Benz closely, you already know that it's a go-to choice for professional aviators, celebrities, and travelers.

Wondering where to buy and what to know about pre-owned Ernst Benz watches? Worry less because besides the multiple used Ernst Benz watches in our listing, we guide you through every bit of the brand's rich history and the relevant watch details to ease your buying experience. Let's do this!


History of Ernst Benz Watches

The Swiss watchmaking legend Ernst Benz dates back to 1960. The founder's desire for accurate and legible timepieces motivated him to design exceptional timepieces. As an engineer who had worked on aircraft devices and produced some jewels for individual watch companies, Ernst Benz had all it takes to make quality watches. In 1990, Ernst Benz launched an aviation model chronograph wristwatch, resembling a cockpit gauge. The watch became the most preferred choice for planes and military personnel.

It didn't take long before the debut of the 47mm 'Great Circle' Chronoscope, which expanded the company's client reach. In 2000, Ernst Benz spread its wings, and this time around, the Ernst Benz watches were the talk of the town among pilots and yacht men. With the increased demand for watches and improved innovations, the company continued to produce many different watches in various collections, including the 36mm versions.

From 2005 when the Khankin Family took over, Ernst Benz didn't stop its spirit of travel and art of watchmaking. Instead, it achieved a lot, including participation in BASELWORLD 2006, the launch of traditional jewel watches, and the diver series. Ernst Benz has collaborated with notable fans and celebrities in its growth journey, appreciates its loyalists, and supports various causes. Some of them include the fashion designer John Varvatos, American football legend Dan Marino, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Ernst Benz continues to produce special limited editions, making them the most sought after even in the present day.


What Makes Ernst Benz Watches for Sale Exquisite?

Time-honored Swiss Tradition: One incredible feature of the Ernst Benz watches is the retro aviator inspired tradition. The watch performance will never frustrate. A close look at Ernst Benz watches in the various collections allows you to appreciate the unique and creative designs that fit well across generations. Thanks to the in-house designers and engineers, every part of the individual watch consist of quality materials with high-end finishing. That's not a new thing. It has been the tradition since Ernst Benz’s inception, resulting in a boost in the company's reputation globally.

In terms of durability, these watches have scored well. Whether you go for metallic, leather, or alligator straps in both standard and aviator styles, you don't have to worry about quality. With an Ernst Benz watch, you enjoy rust and water-resistant timepiece. The Swiss engineers' quality assurance guarantees the best timepiece, and quality and durability extend to the dial, steel cases, and other internal components. Simply put, the Ernst Benz watches are built for long-term endurance while assuring comfort and safety.

Classic Multifunctional Movements: Watch connoisseurs need no introduction when it comes to complications. We are talking about the day and date, chronograph, moon phase, and other lovely features that you see on the dial of multiple Ernst Benz watch limited edition models. Ernst Benz embraces the powerful and highly functioning movements like the popular Valjoux 7751 automatic movement, which has been featured in big brands like Omegas. These movements tend to vary based on the watch edition you acquire, but the quality performance remains. You can't go wrong with a mechanical self-winding movement if you want exceptional reliability and technical excellence. 


Why Should You Own a Preowned Ernst Benz Watch for Sale?

Perfect Precision and Style: Everybody wants a watch they can rely on, and an Ernst Benz watch is a timepiece worth depending on, not just for a day, but across generations. It can be frustrating when you invest in a used watch and find out it's not what you anticipated. Besides having various styles and models for men and women, our Ernst Benz preowned watches are excellent and as good as new. 

Our preowned Ernst Benz watches are rare models and an excellent investment if you're an Ernst Benz loyal dress watch enthusiast, celebrity, aviator, diver, or a collector looking forward to making a crazy sale when the right time approaches. Luckily, these used Ernst Benz watches, despite the perfect precision and style, come at very fair prices. 

Vintage Look That Compliments Modern Touch: Vintage is the new fashion, and every watch lover wants to embrace it. Sadly, some watchmakers only modify their timepieces to achieve the desired look without sticking to quality. That's not the case with every used Ernst Benz watch you see on our listing. The vintage nature with a modern touch ensures you remain fashionable with a sizable timepiece that showcases the real look. The 47mm, 44mm width and other sizes have high readability and luxury comfort on your wrist, something you don't get from most vintage watches. Did we mention the Disney font on their all-time logo? Just look at it, and you'll fall in love with the classy touch.

There you have it! Why struggle to get your preferred watch when EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES can brighten your world with a variety of quality, reliable, and highly reputed preowned Ernst Benz watches? Grab your luxury timepiece today and enjoy the feeling.