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Gevril is one of the famous watchmaking companies in Switzerland. Gevril is the main brand of the Gevril Group that makes timepieces for other companies in Switzerland. Gevril nearly went extinct some years back, but thanks to new management, this famous brand bounced back to its previous glory.  Jacques Gevril founded the Gevril company in the mid-18th century. Jacques Gevril was a gifted Swiss watchmaker who, after successfully presenting a collection of complicated musical automata to the famous Spanish ruler, King Ferdinand VI, decided to remain in Spain to perfect his watchmaking.  Gevril's traditional watchmaking traditions were used by future Gevril watchmakers like Daniel Gevril and Moyse Gevril. Due to its rich historical culture and connection to watchmaking, the Gevril pocket watches are highly collectible. One Gevril pocket watch is part of the Wilsdorf family collection, who are the founders of Rolex. The Museum Genève also owns one Gevril pocket watch.

The Gevril brand was undertaken by new management in 2000. Gevril watches for sale are produced in a Swiss factory, and the annual production is 600 pieces. The Gevril watches are made up of limited editions, meaning pre-owned Gevril watches are highly in demand. The Gevril watches with gold cases are more limited than the Gevril watches with stainless steel cases. The pre-owned Gevril watches with gold cases tend to be highly sought after by watch collectors.  Gevril watches are of high quality, with different styling and features. The Gevril watch prices are broad since the Gevril watches are produced with various features and functionality, which meets a broad range of watch buyers' needs.


The Quality of Gevril watches

The Gevril brand has been in the market for many years, meaning it has plenty of antique pre-owned Gevril watches. Even the modern Gevril watches still have the founders' aesthetic and Swiss watchmaking origins. Gevril has combined modern technology and innovation with its rich and lengthy history to develop a brand of timepieces that show the founder's success.


The Build

The Gevril watches have an impressive build. The cases come in two colors: 316L stainless steel or yellow gold.  Gevril uses the sapphire crystal, which is rock hard and scratch-resistant on most of its models, to protect the watches' faces. Compared to other high-end watches in the market, Gevril watches seem to have a higher water resistance than most. Most Gevril watches have water resistance levels between 150-165 feet. Before taking a deep dive with your new or used Gevril watch, it's important to check the water resistance level.


The Gevril Watches Movement

The Gevril watches are sold with Swiss-made quartz and automatic mechanical movements. Both of these movements come with a broad range of prices. That's why you might opt to get a used Gevril model if the watch has a higher price tag when it’s new. Gevril has other unique models with both the Swiss-made quartz and automatic mechanical movements. These models are much more costly since they have additional features. One of the amazing unique features found in Gevril watches is a moon phase complication.

Gevril has been using traditional Swiss watchmaking art to create its various models. The watches have more elaborate and stylish features. The brand is still trying to fully reclaim its glory by coming up with stylish models that are high quality and capable of competing with watches falling in the price range of $500 to $10,000.


Styling and Features of the Gevril Watches

Gevril uses a wide range of features and styling aesthetics on its watches.  Both new and used Gevril watches offer diversity in styling. There are several models available for both men and women. Pre-owned Gevril watches for sale are trendy because the brand has limited editions. Gevril produces 500 stainless steel watches and 100 gold watches. This means the company has a limited production of 600 watches annually.

Besides being beautified with gold, there are female models of the Gevril watches adorned with diamonds located at the edge of the watches' bezel. Gevril watches have a wide variety of colors, including the expected white, black, gold, or silver. The various Gevril models can be worn during sporting events, as official wear, or for something casual. The unique complications you will find on the Gevril models include moon phase and chronographs. The models also have standard features as the date feature, and the bracelets are either leather straps or stainless steel bracelets.


Gevril Pricing

The price range for the Gevril models is very broad. The Gevril watches can start from an affordable $500, like the Gevril GV2 brand with a price in the mid-hundreds of dollars. Buying a used Gevril watch will be much better for the more elaborate models, like the ones with the gold casings. Gevril models with a price range of $2000-$12,000 have elaborate features, like gold cases, mechanical movements, and diamonds.  If you want the prestigious Gevril models and can’t meet the Gevril watch price, you can opt to buy a used Gevril watch of the model you want. Gevril also offers discounts through specific retailers.



Both new and used Gevril watches are available globally from various online and offline retailers. Even though Gevril watches are luxurious and high-end, unlike other high-end watch brands, Gevril doesn't exclusively sell from a specific retail network.  Since the company has limited editions, it might be hard to find new Gevril watches as easily as used Gevril watches. At Exquisite Timepieces, you will find a wide range of used Gevril watches at discounted prices.