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Pre-owned Girard Perregaux Watches

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Pre Owned Girard Perregaux Watches

About Girard Perregaux

You can't talk about the oldest and most esteemed fine watchmaking manufacturers in Switzerland without mentioning Girard Perregaux. For more than two centuries, the company has embarked on a quest for fineness and stands true to its history and watchmaking values in every timepiece it produces. The brand's exquisite creations have successfully bridged functionality and aesthetics.

The brand has audaciously stunned the watchmaking world, literally and figuratively. Watch enthusiasts love its fusion of iconic design and technical mastery. As a master watchmaker, the company has elevated the science of precision engineering to new heights. For instance, the Three Gold Bridges tourbillon transformed watchmaking notions from mere technical work to visual art.  And by the way, NBA star Kobe Bryant loved his Girard Perregaux watch.

As you plan to own a watch brand that Pierce Brosman of James Bond enjoys on his wrist, Exquisite Timepieces gives you a chance to stand out with used Girard Perregaux watches. Go ahead and browse our store for multiple watches. Let's now highlight some of the things that keep Girard Perregaux watches in the Haute Horlogerie league.


The History of Girard Perregaux Watches

In 1791, Jean Francois Bautte, a goldsmith and watchmaker, founded the company to create timepieces. At that time, his company operated in Geneva, Switzerland. At its early stages, the company successfully assembled all the timepiece making essentials for engineering, hand polishing, and assembly. In 1832, the leadership of the company changed. Jean Samuel Rossel succeeded Jean Francois Bautte as head of the company operations.

Unfortunately, Jean Francois Bautte didn't have an heir to succeed him upon retirement. A merger with Constant Girard Gallet saved the company. Within a few years, the brand had established a reputation across the globe. Constant Girard Gallet's aesthetic and technical masterpiece, Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges, was undoubtedly his most significant accomplishment as a watchmaker. The watch was such a success that it won two gold medals at the Universal Exhibitions held in Paris in 1886 and 1889.

In 1856, following the merger of Constant Girard and Marie Perregaux, the brand Girard Perregaux came into being. The 19th and 20th centuries worked well for the company, and they unveiled multiple collections that watch enthusiasts still crave to add to their collection today. The collaborations, through partnership and sponsorship, made the brand even more prominent. Some of these models include the Three Gold Bridges and Art Deco-inspired Gyromatic HF, which embraces a self-winding movement.

From the beginning of the new millennium, Girard Perregaux hasn't slowed down its production. New releases and limited editions keep coming in, something you'll notice in their Competizione and HAWK line. During his life, Constant Girard dedicated his time to development and research in watchmaking. The innovative tradition continues to be perpetuated to date by Girard Perregaux watches.


What Makes Girard Perregaux Watches Exquisite?

Girard Perregaux is a leading innovator and has acquired hundreds of patents over the years, producing luxury watches with perfect specifications.  From tourbillons to repeaters to jeweled masterpieces, you'll love their watchmaking prowess. Here's why you'll find Girard Perregaux watches appealing:

Incredible Craftsmanship: Apart from boasting a rich history, Girard Perregaux watches are a tonic for sore eyes. Some watch critics have described Girard Perregaux watches as "wonderful to behold" due to their manufacture's incredible craftsmanship. From the interior mechanical, self-winding movements that keep advancing with time to external cases and straps, Girard Perregaux used watches are a true manifestation of high skill and expertise passed down from one generation to the other.

Every Girard Perregaux watch is put together with incredible skill and attention to fine details. But before that, the company invests in research to perfect everything they do. The precision and power in these watches have enabled them to function even after hundreds of years of manufacture.

All Girard Perregaux watches are crafted from the finest quality materials. In different collections, you'll find watches with metals like platinum, gold, and stainless steel. They also have the strongest rubbers and leathers when compared to other watches. The materials define the true luxury and beauty in these watches. It's not just about owning a beautiful timepiece but a watch built to withstand the test of time and the elements. The high-quality materials extend to Girard Perregaux preowned watches to enhance their precision and elegance.

Cutting Edge Innovation: Many watch connoisseurs have hailed the Girard Perregaux brand as a brand rich in sophistication and design. The reputation has been with the company since its early days.  Thanks to the watchmaking team, they're always at the forefront of embracing new technology and changes in the watchmaking industry. In 2019, the company dazzled watch lovers by offering the Neo Bridges Tourbillon with a sapphire crown and a complete sapphire casing, something we tech-savvy watch connoisseurs can't ignore.


Why Should You Own a Preowned Girard Perregaux Watch for Sale?

You probably know that the best way to make a style and personality statement is by owning a good luxury watch. For a true connoisseur, a used Girard Perregaux watch is a pinnacle of style and luxury. While designers at Girard Perregaux observe current watchmaking trends, they set themselves apart by creating watches that appreciate age. With that, you have access to preowned Girard Perregaux watches you'll love. When it comes to a preowned Girard Perregaux watch price, you'll get the value for your money. Check out our listing for prices.

Besides the preowned Girard Perregaux watches having a timeless style that will not fade away anytime soon, they've also maintained a true generation of expertise. Girard Perregaux has been in the watchmaking business for over 200 years. The boundless expertise of the brand continues to manifest in Girard Perregaux watches for sale.  Note that the brand remains true to the quality of the watches produced. All the watches are designed, integrated, and produced in house.

Enjoy the most outstanding collection of preowned Girard Perregaux watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces today. We're dedicated to offering you a variety of vintage, limited editions, and used Girard Perregaux watches you've been looking for at the most competitive prices

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