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About Harry Winston

Harry Winston is not a new name in the global watchmaking space. Talk of the finest jewels and watches and the first thing that comes to the mind of most aficionados is the Harry Winston brand. This brand, founded in New York, has taken jewelry, watch design, and complications to a whole new level.

For more than 30 years, the legendary Harry Winston watches have continued to inspire people who value technology, creativity, elegance, and exceptional artistry. With Harry Winston watches being some of the most sought-after ultra-luxury timepieces, owning a preowned Harry Winston watch is a dream come true.


History of Harry Winston Watches

Harry Winston watches derive their names from the founder, Harry Winston. The precious stone lover and New York resident comprehended jewelry business from a tender age because his father owned a jewelry shop. Harry was born in 1896 and passed on in 1978. During his lifetime he achieved great success through the Premiere Diamond Company, where he acquired ownership of famous gems like the Blue Diamond, Napoleon Diamond Necklace, Hope Diamond, and Oppenheimer, of which the Smithsonian Institution is now the custodian.

The Harry Winston brand got into watchmaking in 1989. At that time, they hired watchmaking virtuosos to come up with unique complications. That's when the company introduced its first-ever watch collection, known as the Ultimate Timepieces. Next was the Perpetual Bitretograde Calendar watch in 1995, which earned Harry Winston a name in the Swiss horology space.

The game then changed in 2001 under the leadership of Max Büsser, who introduced the Opus Series. The series had limited edition watches produced annually, which increased the brand's credibility immensely. The resulting demand for Harry Winston watches exposed the company internationally, giving the brand a chance to open stores worldwide.

Fast forward to 2007 and Harry Winston set up a base in the watchmaking capital of the world, Geneva. Histoire de Tourbillon 1 was launched, which was the beginning of great Harry Winston timepieces for ladies and gentlemen. Since then, multiple collections have emerged, and the company has expanded immensely. The Swatch Group noticed the potential and acquired Harry Winston in 2013. It has since maintained Harry Winston's pursuit of precious stones and exquisite timepieces.


What Makes Harry Winston Watches Exquisite?

The first thing that attracts you to Harry Winston watches is aesthetic excellence.

Timeless Quality: Harry Winston watches embrace quality artistry and flawless tradition, just like Harry Winston jewels. Harry Winston is a technical master that values stellar craftsmanship and technology to produce timeless watches that people will trust for generations. The mint condition of the watches is due to the use of Zalium, an alloy embraced in the aerospace industry which is durable and resists corrosion.

Before the production process commences, Harry Winston researches the individual stones and other materials that will be used to ensure that they are the finest quality. Top-level craftsmen and designers then work together to offer the best output. Thanks to passion and dedication to work, the pieces come out very proportional, innovative, and timeless.

High-End Movements: Harry Winston watches embrace quality complications, which is particularly evident in its Histoire de Tourbillon series. Tourbillion is known for luxury watches with sophisticated motion, power, and accuracy. Since the Swatch Group's acquisition of the brand, revolutionary models have been produced, advancing the movements and showcasing extraordinary features while maintaining the watchmaking heritage. Harry Winston believes in having custom, powerful, sophisticated mechanical movements with self-winding automatic prowess.


Why Should You Own Preowned Harry Winston Watches for Sale?

In every collection, Harry Winston watches have limited production numbers. As such, purchasing a preowned Harry Winston watch allows you to enjoy a luxury vintage watch or that limited edition timepiece you've desired for years.

Endless Styles: Harry Winston sets standards on a different level. Winston women's watches and Winston men's watches suit every style and personality. Whether you want a casual, classic, or corporate luxury look, there's a choice for you with a particular material, color, and size. There are multiple fine Harry Winston watch models from various collections like the Histoire de Tourbillon, Project Z, Avenue Collection, Ocean Collection, Premier Collection, and the Midnight Collection. Depending on the model you settle on, preowned Harry Winston watches will cost anywhere from around $8,000 to $54,000.

Unique Luxury Watch: The exceptional quality and aesthetics of Harry Winston timepieces make them stand out. Harry Winston introduces new timepieces every year. Interestingly, the particular type of watch produced in a specific year is not replicated thereafter.

Owning a famous Harry Winston watch is an honor. You can find preowned Harry Winston watches with precious materials like diamond, gold, and Zalium at EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES.