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Pre-Owned Jaquet Droz Watches

This history-rich Swiss watch brand takes its name after Pierre Jaquet Droz, a genius Neuchatel watchmaker and inventor whose work has become appreciated worldwide.

The year 1738 saw Pierre Jaquet Droz open his first watch-making studio. He began his career as a clockmaker, creating ingenious designs for longcase clocks with increasingly complex movements. Since Jaquet Droz had attached automata and music to his mechanisms, they quickly attracted the interest of an affluent clientele, and real fame came to him. The Swiss clockmaker introduced his timepieces to the Spanish Court in 1758, assisted by Neuchatel's governor, George Keith. The odd-but-gold mechanisms impressed King Ferdinand VI, and he paid a tremendous amount of money for all the clocks that Jaquet Droz brought to Spain.

Pierre Jaquet Droz teamed up in 1774 with his son Henry-Louis and his neighbor's son, Jean Frederic Lescho, to make something more out of the clockmaking business. That marked the start of a successful relationship that brought new heights to the Jaquet-Droz Group.

In only a few years, countries such as Switzerland, India, Spain, France, England, China, and Japan were all surging for Jaquet Droz timepieces. Some of the most popular Jaquet Droz pieces included automatic clocks, singing birds, automata, and skillfully decorated pocket watches.

The company's wealth and popularity peaked in 1788 as the Jaquet Droz name became synonymous worldwide with intricate complexities, musical mechanisms, and automatons.

Today, Jaquet Droz wristwatches still draw influence from the early timepieces of Pierre Jaquet Droz. His insatiable quest for invention has duly translated to the most extraordinary Jaquet Droz watch designs today.


Jacquet Droz Watches Today

One of the most identifiable Jaquet Droz luxury watches today is the Grande Second. The off-centered hours, minutes dial marks, and the seconds counter mounted at 6 o'clock contribute to this watch's unique look.

Inspired by the classic style of the Jaquet Droz pocket watch designed in 1784 by Pierre Jaquet Droz, this exquisite timepiece first came out in 2002. What makes the Grande Seconde so popular today includes its avant-garde lines, enameled dial, and sophisticated design. It's no surprise why both men and women are continually looking for luxury watches from this collection, including used Jaquet Droz watches.

Among other Jaquet Droz masterpieces is the Eclipse distinguished by a charming moon-phase indication, the Bird Repeater featuring a fantastic automaton that epitomizes the company's heritage, and indeed the Ateliers D'art collection that represents the art of luxury in all its beauty.

At Exquisite Timepieces, used Jaquet Droz watches are available in various designs to meet your taste. All timepieces produced under this brand can impress even the most demanding clients. By owning a pre-owned Jaquet Droz watch, you get in touch with ageless delicacy and intriguing antiquity.


Spotlight: The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Pre-Owned Watch

Jaquet Droz launched its iconic Grande Seconde concept in 2002, where the lucky number eight comes into focus. The Grande Seconde forms the basis of the daily-wear range of Jaquet Droz, aside from the Petite Heure Minute.

The emblematic Grande Seconde line of Jaquet Droz originates in a 1784 pocket watch made by Pierre Jaquet-Droz himself.

In his usual dial designs, it was probably no accident that he selected the ideal elegance of figure 8 to express dualism and balance: the hour-and-minute circles and the large second subdials on the dial shape a striking and proportionate 8. This detailed effusion also is included in pre-owned Jaquet Droz watches, all striking in their modern minimalist simplicity.

One of the fascinating features of the Grande Seconde pre-owned watch is the Grande Seconde Deadbeat. That name implies intelligent mechanisms that make the second-hand turn the same way as a conventional high-precision clock. That is a rare, efficient, and precious addition to the watch caliber, all at a reduced Jaquet Droz watch price.


Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Deadbeat Pre-Owned Watch Specifications

Watch cage: 43 x 13.79 millimeters

Movement: Automatic Caliber 2695SMR with dead beat seconds and silicon balance spring; 40 hours power reserve

Frequency: 21,600 vph

Price: $19,000 without VAT


The Pre-Owned Jaquet Droz Charming Bird

Watch cage: 47 mm

Movement: Automatic Jaquet Droz Caliber 615 with silicon balance spring and pallets; a second manually wound movement powers the bird automaton

Limitation: 28 pieces

Functions: Hours, minutes, singing bird

Price: $18,000


The Pre-Owned Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly

Watchcage: 43 x 16.63 millimeters.

Movement: An automatic Caliber 2653 ATI with silicon balance spring and pallet lever, 68-hour power reserve plus spring barrel activated manually wound automation, coupled with a double-barrel spring

Dial: Onyx or Polynesian black mother-of-pearl dial

Functions: hours, minutes, cherub-and-butterfly automaton

Limitation: 28 pieces in each case metal

Price: $12,600


Why You Should Purchase a Pre-Owned & Used Jaquet Droz Watch

Uniqueness is a rare quality. The mixture of age and tested hardiness enhances the unique beauty of a used Jaquet Droz watch. Due to the company's elite clientele, a pre-owned Jaquet Droz watch might have been to some pretty cool places, including the moon.

At Exquisite Timepieces, we provide only verified pre-owned Jacquet Droz timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces gives you the best offer on all types of pre-owned Jaquet Droz watches, no matter the category. Tap into your unique antique side; own a used Jaquet Droz Watch today!